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International Conference on Lasers, Applications, and Technologies 2005: High-Power Lasers and Applications
Editor(s): Willy L. Bohn; Vladimir S. Golubev; Andrey A. Ionin; Vladislav Ya. Panchenko
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Volume Number: 6053
Date Published: 6 January 2006
Softcover: 42 papers (368) pages
ISBN: 9780819460899

Table of Contents
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Design features and problems in development of autonomous mobile cw DF laser systems of various power
Author(s): A. S. Bashkin
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Recent experiments and post-discharge modeling of the ElectricOIL laser system
Author(s): D. L. Carroll; J. T. Verdeyen; D. M. King; J. W. Zimmerman; J. K. Laystrom; A. D. Palla; B. S. Woodard; G. F. Benavides; K. Kittell; W. C. Solomon
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High power CO2 and CO lasers for industrial applications in TRINITI
Author(s): V. A. Gurashvili; K. I. Dmitriev; F. K. Kosyrev; V. N. Kuz'min; A. P. Napartovich; V. G. Naumov; A. V. Rodin
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Large aperture excimer laser system
Author(s): V. Losev; J. Liu
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Super power avalanche discharge
Author(s): V. F. Tarasenko; I. D. Kostyrya; V. M. Orlovskii; A. N. Tkachev; S. I. Yakovlenko
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Detailed gain measurements and analysis of a highly efficient supersonic COIL
Author(s): B. D. Barmashenko; V. Rybalkin; A. Katz; S. Rosenwaks
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Chemical oxygen-iodine laser with instantaneous production of atomic iodine from gaseous reactants
Author(s): V. Jirásek; O. Špalek; M. Čenský; Ja. Kodymov; I. Jakubec
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Fundamental and overtone band lasing in RF discharge supersonic CO laser
Author(s): L. V. Seleznev; W. Bohn; H. von Bülow; S. Dass; G. D. Hager; A. A. Ionin; Yu. M. Klimachev; A. A. Kotkov; J. K. McIver; J. E. McCord; R. F. Tate
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E-beam pumping and energy extraction from large-aperture KrF amplifiers
Author(s): V. D. Zvorykin; S. V. Arlantsev; V. G. Bakaev; A. O. Levchenko; A. G. Molchanov; N. N. Ustinovskii
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CO2 laser with e-beam initiated discharge in operating gas mixture under 5 atm
Author(s): S. B. Alekseev; V. M. Orlovskii; V. F. Tarasenko
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Possibilities of the technological laser with radio-frequency negative feedback
Author(s): B. V. Anikeev; N. V. Marusin; V. N. Khramov; V. N. Goudilin; A. V. Goudilin
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Dependence of plasma resistance on time in electro-discharge excimer lasers
Author(s): S. Anufrik; A. Volodenkov; K. Znosko
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Possibilities of formation of high directional laser beam in large-scale chemical cw DF lasers
Author(s): A. S. Bashkin; V. N. Beznozdrev; D. V. Polinovsky
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Burning voltage of self-sustained volume discharge in CO2 laser irradiated SF6 and mixtures of SF6 with C2H6
Author(s): A. A. Belevtsev; K. N. Firsov; S. Yu. Kazantsev; I. G. Kononov
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Efficiency of discharge XeCl laser with 30 ns pulse duration of radiation
Author(s): Yu. I. Bychkov; V. F. Losev; Yu. N. Panchenko; A. G. Yastremsky
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Self-pulsing fast flow laser with controllable depth of power modulation
Author(s): A. I. Fedoseev; M. A. Gosteva; V. A. Gurashvily; A. I. Odintsov; P. V. Korolenko; N. E. Sarkarov; I. A. Tanachev
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Numerical simulation of gas discharge CO2 lasers with conic tubes
Author(s): Ravil S. Galeev; Rafail K. Safiullin
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27.1 MHz transverse RF discharge performance in a sealed-off CO2 laser
Author(s): N. A. Generalov; V. A. Kuznetsov; A. N. Shemyakin; N. G. Solov'yov; M. Yu. Yakimov; N. A. Yatsenko; V. P. Zimakov
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All-solid-state diode-pumped multi harmonic laser system for timing fiducial
Author(s): A. V. Okishev; R. G. Roides; I. A. Begishev; J. D. Zuegel
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Influence of nonuniform heat-releasing on optical inhomogeneities of active medium turbulent flow in high power CO2 laser
Author(s): V. Ya. Panchenko; Yu. N. Zavalov; M. G. Galushkin; V. D. Dubrov; R. V. Grishaev
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Powerful source of spontaneous radiation in the spectral range 200-350 nm pumped by unidirectional current pulse
Author(s): D. V. Rybka; E. H. Baksht; M. I. Lomaev; A. N. Panchenko; V. F. Tarasenko
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Development and evaluation of fluorine-resistant coatings for windows of high-energy KrF laser
Author(s): V. D. Zvorykin; V. G. Bakaev; R. V. Gaynutdinov; A. O. Levchenko; S. I. Sagitov; P. B. Sergeev; D. B. Stavrovskii; N. N. Ustinovskii
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Dimensional and material characteristics of direct deposited tool steel by CO2 laser
Author(s): J. Choi
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Some recent studies on laser cladding and dissimilar welding
Author(s): Rakesh Kaul; P. Ganesh; C. P. Paul; S. K. Albert; U. Kamachi Mudali; A. K. Nath
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Efficient macroscopic separation of C-13 with TEA CO2 laser
Author(s): Manoj Kumar; A. K. Nath
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Channeled penetration of high power CO2 laser beam into water
Author(s): V. S. Golubev
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Studies of femtosecond pulse filamentation in glasses
Author(s): Saulius Juodkazis; Vygantas Mizeikis; Eugenijus Gaižauskas; Egidijus Vanagas; Vygandas Jarutis; Hiroaki Misawa
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Laser equipment for stripping of varnished metal sheets on an automated soldering machine
Author(s): O. Musset; J. P. Boquillon; P. Floquet; J. L. Guyot; J. Portrat
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Investigation of laser ablation of fused and crystal silica and natural silicates induced by pulsed CO2 laser irradiation
Author(s): A. F. Mukhamedgalieva; A. M. Bondar; A. A. Ionin; Yu. M. Klimachev; D. V. Sinitsyn; V. D. Zvorykin
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High power CO2 lasers and their material processing applications at Centre for Advanced Technology, India
Author(s): A. K. Nath; C. P. Paul; B. T. Rao; R. Kau; T. Raghu; J. Dutta Mazumdar; R. K. Dayal; U. Kamachi Mudali; D. Sastikumar; B. K. Gandhi
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Laser-induced excitation of target molecules as an efficient approach to control the combustion and technological chemical processes
Author(s): A. M. Starik; N. S. Titova; B. I. Loukhovitski
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Theoretical modelling and numerical simulation of laser remote welding
Author(s): W. A. Sudnik; V. A. Erofeev; E. W. Karpuchin
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Determination of the refractive index of paper with clearing agents
Author(s): Tapio Fabritius; Juha Saarela; Risto Myllyla
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Nd-150 isotope enrichment by laser selective photoionization method
Author(s): I. S. Grigoriev; A. B. Diachkov; S. K. Kovalevich; V. P. Labozin; S. M. Mironov; S. A. Nikulin; A. V. Pesnia; V. A. Firsov; G. G. Shatalova; G. O. Tsvetkov
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Application of laser generated ultrasonic pulses in diagnostics of residual stresses in welds
Author(s): A. Yu. Ivochkin; A. A. Karabutov; I. M. Pelivanov; M. L. Lyamshev; U. M. Rohadgi; M. Subudhi
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Production of high-energy multi-charged mono-atomic ion bunches from FLP: the role of pulsed laser pre-cleaning
Author(s): I. M. Lachko; A. A. Vorob'ev; V. M. Gordienko; M. S. Dzhidzhoev; B. V. Mar'in; A. B. Savel'ev; D. S. Uryupina; R. V. Volkov
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Laser-induced MW discharge
Author(s): I. Ch. Mashek; Yu. I. Anisimov; E. A. Efremova; V. A. Lashkov
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Laser microhole drilling using Q-switched radially and tangentially polarized beams
Author(s): M. Meier; H. Glur; E. Wyss; Th. Feurer; V. Romano
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Pulse shape influence in acceleration of plasma electrons by a circularly polarized laser pulse
Author(s): B. Shokri; M. Mirzaie
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Influence of gas-dynamic and energy parameters on form of laser cutting
Author(s): W. A. Sudnik; L. A. Pavele
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Computational simulation of laser fillet and tailored blank welding
Author(s): W. A. Sudnik; V. A. Erofeev
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Laser ignition of engines: a realistic option!
Author(s): M. Weinrotter; D. K. Srivastava; K. Iskra; J. Graf; H. Kopecek; J. Klausner; G. Herdin; E. Wintner
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