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Active and Passive Optical Components for WDM Communications V
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Volume Number: 6014
Date Published: 23 October 2005
Softcover: 43 papers (416) pages
ISBN: 9780819460387

Table of Contents
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Silicon Raman amplifiers lasers and their applications
Author(s): Bahram Jalali; Ozdal Boyraz; Varun Raghunathan; Dimitri Dimitropoulos; Prakash Koonath
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Broadband and short pulse amplification using bismuth oxide based erbium doped fiber and planar waveguide
Author(s): Naoki Sugimoto
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Gain and noise properties of InAs/InP quantum dash semiconductor optical amplifiers
Author(s): A. Bilenca; D. Hadass; R. Alizon; H. Dery; V. Mikhelashvili; G. Eisenstein; A. Somers; W. Kaiser; S. Deubert; J. P. Reithmaier; A. Forchel; M. Calligaro; S. Bansropun; M. Krakowski
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Current status of fiber optical parametric amplifiers
Author(s): M. E. Marhic; G. Kalogerakis; L. G. Kazovsky
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Semiconductor active devices for all-optical signal processing
Author(s): H. Kawaguchi
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A widely tunable laser using silica-waveguide ring resonators
Author(s): Hiroyuki Yamazaki; Morio Takahashi; Kouichi Suzuki; Yukari Deki; Takeshi Takeuchi; Sekizen Takaesu; Mika Horie; Kenji Sato; Koji Kudo
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Uncooled DFB lasers for CWDM application
Author(s): Atsushi Matsumura; Takashi Kato
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InP-based high-speed Mach-Zehnder modulator
Author(s): N. Kikuchi; K. Tsuzuki; E. Yamada; H. Yasaka; T. Ishibashi
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Ultra-broadband photodiodes and balanced detectors towards 100 Gbit/s and beyond
Author(s): H.-G. Bach
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Novel broadband photodetector for optical communication
Author(s): Achyut K. Dutta; M. Saif Islam
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Three-dimensional imaging with arrays of Geiger-mode avalanche photodiodes
Author(s): Brian F. Aull; Richard M. Marino
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High index contrast photonics platform
Author(s): Sai T. Chu; Brent E. Little; John V. Hryniewicz; Fred G. Johnson; Oliver King; Dave Gill; Wenlu Chen; Wei Chen
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Photonic crystal devices for wavelength-division-multiplexing and optical modulation
Author(s): Wei Jiang; Yongqiang Jiang; Lanlan Gu; Xiaonan Chen; Ray T. Chen
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Leaky wave interconnections between integrated optic waveguides
Author(s): Alastair D. McAulay
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Recent progress on athermal AWG wavelength multiplexer
Author(s): Shin Kamei; Yasuyuki Inoue; Akimasa Kaneko; Tomohiro Shibata; Hiroshi Takahashi
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Fully optical backplane system using novel optical plug and slot
Author(s): In-Kui Cho; Seung-Ho Ahn; Woo-Jin Lee; Sang-Pil Han; Jin-Tae Kim; Chun-Ki Choi; Kyung-Up Shin; Keun Byoung Yoon; Myung-Yung Jeong; Hyo Hoon Park
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A 400 Gbps backplane switch with 10 Gbps/port optical I/O interfaces
Author(s): Ichiro Hatakeyama; Kazunori Miyoshi; Jun'ichi Sasaki; Keisuke Yamamoto; Mitsuru Kurihara; Takanori Watanabe; Jun Ushioda; Yoichi Hashimoto; Ryosuke Kuribayashi; Kazuhiko Kurata
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Low cost passive and active devices for FTTH systems
Author(s): Mitsuaki Tamura
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A new architecture for board-level optical wirings applying optical pin and self-written waveguide
Author(s): Osamu Mikami
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Light-induced self-written waveguides for large-core optical fibers
Author(s): Tatsuya Yamashita; Manabu Kagami
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Large core polymeric optical waveguides fabricated by thermal replication
Author(s): Okihiro Sugihara; Hirotaka Mizuno; Toshikuni Kaino
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Self-compensating diffraction gratings in DWDM optical communications
Author(s): Stamatios V. Kartalopoulos
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Organic electro-optic glasses for WDM applications
Author(s): Larry Dalton; Axel Scherer; Antao Chen; Alex Jen; Philip Reid; Bruce Robinson; Bruce Eichinger; M. Hochberg; T. Baehr-Jones; Anna Pyajt; Jocelyn Takayesu; Philip Sullivan; Andrew Akelaitis; Rhys Lawson; Denise Bale; Marnie Haller; Jingdong Luo; Sen Liu; Yi Liao; Kimberly Firestone; Sanchali Bhattacharjee; Jessica Sinness; Scott Hammond; Allyson Sgro; Nicholas Buker; Robert Snoeberger; Mark Lingwood; William Steier
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In-service dispersion monitoring technique using dithered-filter method and its application to fast adaptive compensation in reconfigurable optical networks
Author(s): Yuichi Takushima; Yoichi Hirota; Kiichi Yoshiara
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Stable 80GHz short pulse generation
Author(s): Hao Dong; Qiang Wang; Hongzhi Sun; Niloy K. Dutta
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Supercontinuum generation and its applications
Author(s): Hideyuki Sotobayashi; Juliet T. Gopinath; Hanfei M. Shen; Jason W. Sickler; Peter T. Rakich; Erich P. Ippen
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160Gb/s OTDM clock recovery
Author(s): H. Dong; Q. Wang; H. Sun; G. Zhu; N. K. Dutta
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Novel wavelength-tunable optical filter for WDM applications
Author(s): Rami Ghannam; William Crossland
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Wavelength routing with MEMS switch and a single AWG
Author(s): J. W. Provine; Daniel T. McCormick; David A. Horsley; Norman C. Tien
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Semiconductor optical amplifier based optical logic devices
Author(s): N. K. Dutta; J. Jaques
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Numerical simulation of semiconductor optical amplifiers based wavelength converters
Author(s): Dong-Xue Wang; John A. Buck; Kevin Brennan; Ian T. Ferguson
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High speed pin photodetector with ultrawide spectral responses
Author(s): C. Tam; C.-J. Chiang; M. Cao; M. Chen; M. Wong; A. Vazquez; J. Poon; K. Aihara; A. Chen; J. Frei; C. D. Johns; Ibrahim Kimukin; Achyut K. Dutta; M. Saif Islam
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Optimization and applications of planar silicon-based photonic crystal devices
Author(s): Peter I. Borel; Lars H. Frandsen; Juan Burgos Leon; Tapio Niemi; Andrei V. Lavrinenko
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Perspectives on the application of InP-based photonic crystal waveguides for optical signal processing
Author(s): Marcelo Davanco; Aimin Xing; Evelyn L. Hu; Daniel J. Blumenthal
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Low altitude horizontal scintillation measurements of atmospheric turbulence over the sea: Experimental results
Author(s): Freddie Santiago; Christopher Wilcox; Mark Chang; Carlos O. Font; Erick Roura; Sergio Restaino
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TUTORIAL: Quantum computing with Rydberg atoms
Author(s): Robin Cote
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Multi-user quantum cryptography
Author(s): Bing C. Wang; Patrick Kumavor; Susanne F. Yelin; Alan C. Beal
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Optical properties of erbium and thulium co-doped in tellurite glasses for the S+C band optical amplification
Author(s): Yasutake Ohishi; Tutomu Fumita; Hiroki Yamauchi; Takenobu Suzuki
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Receiver sensitivity improvement using polarization insensitive semiconductor optical amplifier
Author(s): Surinder Singh; R. S. Kaler
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High efficient self-written connection between V-slot optical waveguide
Author(s): Hideaki Ozawa; Yusuke Obata; Yusuke Mimura; Osamu Mikami; Tsuyoshi Shioda
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Optical connection using tapered self-written waveguide
Author(s): Yusuke Mimura; Hideaki Ozawa; Yusuke Obata; Osamu Mikami; Tsuyoshi Shioda
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Polymer wavelength division multiplexers based on bromo-fluorinated poly(arylene ether ketone)
Author(s): Jia Jiang; Claire L. Callender; Sarkis Jacob; Julian P. Noad; Yinghua Qi; Jianfu Ding; Michael Day
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Finite element-artificial transmitting method for AOTFs with weighted coupling
Author(s): Yue-hong Zhu; Hai Qi; Li-ping Jia
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