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Fifth International Conference on Solid State Lighting
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Volume Number: 5941
Date Published: 2 September 2005
Softcover: 44 papers (388) pages
ISBN: 9780819459466

Table of Contents
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LEDs for solid state lighting and other emerging applications: status, trends, and challenges
Author(s): M. George Craford
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Recent development of patterned structure light-emitting diodes
Author(s): Jaehee Cho; Jeong Wook Lee; Jin Seo Im; Cheolsoo Sone; Yongjo Park; Dongho Kim; Heonsu Jeon; Euijoon Yoon; Dong-Seok Leem; Tae-Yeon Seong
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Bichromatic to polychromatic photo-conversion LEDs
Author(s): William D. Kennedy; Eric C. Bretschneider
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Realizing LED illumination lighting applications
Author(s): Francis Nguyen; Brian Terao; Joe Laski
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Deep green emission at 570nm from InGaN/GaN MQW active region grown on bulk AlN substrate
Author(s): F. Shahedipour-Sandvik; J. R. Grandusky; M. Jamil; V. Jindal; S. B. Schujman; L. J. Schowalter; R. Liu; F. A. Ponce; M. Cheung; A. Cartwright
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Improved performance white LED
Author(s): Nadarajah Narendran
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Multi-chip color variable LED spot modules
Author(s): C. Hoelen; J. Ansems; P. Deurenberg; T. Treurniet; E. van Lier; O. Chao; V. Mercier; G. Calon; K. van Os; G. Lijten; J. Sondag-Huethorst
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Achieving color point stability in RGB multi-chip LED modules using various color control loops
Author(s): P. Deurenberg; C. Hoelen; J. van Meurs; J. Ansems
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ZnO semiconductors for lighting
Author(s): Jeff Nause; Ming Pan; Varatharajan Rengarajan; William Nemeth; Shanthi Ganesan; Adam Payne; Nola Li; Ian Ferguson
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Study on p-type ZnO: a potential new source of solid state lighting
Author(s): Zhi Gen Yu; Ping Wu; Hao Gong
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Linearly polarized spontaneous emission from m-plane InGaN/GaN multiple-quantum-well LEDs
Author(s): Nathan F. Gardner; James C. Kim; Jonathan J. Wierer; Yu-Chen Shen; Michael R. Krames
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Enhancement of light extraction in GaN light-emitting diodes by omni-directional reflectors with ITO nanorod low-refractive-index layer
Author(s): Jong Kyu Kim; J.-Q. Xi; Hong Luo; Jaehee Cho; Cheolsoo Sone; Yongjo Park; E. Fred Schubert
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Improved light extraction efficiency in III-nitride photonic crystal light-emitting diodes
Author(s): Dong-Ho Kim; Jaehoon Kim; Heonsu Jeon; Yoon Soo Park; Jaehee Cho; Jin Seo Im; Cheolsoo Sone; Yongjo Park
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Solid state lighting for the developing world: the only solution
Author(s): Rudolfo Peon; Ganesh Doluweera; Inna Platonova; Dave Irvine-Halliday; Gregor Irvine-Halliday
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Linear lighting systems for shelf and cove lighting
Author(s): William A. Parkyn; David G. Pelka; Andy Lipman
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An investigation on the light uniformers based on liquid guide
Author(s): Yi Yang; Shizhuo Yin
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Important interaction effects in the growth of InGaN violet light emitting diodes by MOCVD
Author(s): J. R. Grandusky; M. Jamil; V. Jindal; J. A. DeLuca; S. F. LeBoeuf; X. A. Cao; S. D. Arthur; F. Shahedipour-Sandvik
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Breakthroughs in laser bar component packaging enable a new generation of applications for self-cooled laser diode arrays
Author(s): M. Behringer; H. Koenig; A. Schmitt; S. Nagappan; R. Kojima
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Electro-ridge for large injection current of micro-size InGaN light emitting diode
Author(s): B. J. Pong; C. H. Chen; J. F. Hsu; C. J. Tun; G. C. Chi
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Nitridosilicates: a new family of phosphors for color conversion of LEDs
Author(s): Regina Mueller-Mach; Gerd O. Mueller; Peter J. Schmidt; Detlef U. Wiechert; Joerg Meyer
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A novel green phosphor for three band white LEDs
Author(s): Sivakumar Vaidyanathan; Varadaraju Upadhyayula
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YAG glass-ceramic phosphor for white LED (I): background and development
Author(s): Shunsuke Fujita; Satoru Yoshihara; Akihiko Sakamoto; Shigeru Yamamoto; Setsuhisa Tanabe
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YAG glass-ceramic phosphor for white LED (II): luminescence characteristics
Author(s): Setsuhisa Tanabe; Shunsuke Fujita; Satoru Yoshihara; Akihiko Sakamoto; Shigeru Yamamoto
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The heat dissipation performance of LED applied a MHP
Author(s): Gwo-Jiun Sheu; Farn-Shiun Hwu; Shen-Hang Tu; Wen-Tung Chen; Jenq-Yang Chang; Jyh-Chen Chen
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Novel silicone materials for LED packaging
Author(s): Ann W. Norris; Maneesh Bahadur; Makoto Yoshitake
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Stress analysis of transferred thin-GaN LED by Au-Si wafer bonding
Author(s): S. C. Hsu; C. Y. Liu
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Thermal design considerations in the packaging of GaN based light emitting diodes
Author(s): Adam Christensen; David Nicol; Ian Ferguson; Samuel Graham
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LED downlights with non-circular spots
Author(s): William A. Parkyn; David G. Pelka
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Application of solid state lighting in aerial refueling operations
Author(s): Scott Mangum; Jeffrey Singer; Richard Walker; Joseph Ferguson; Richard Kemp
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Fuselage mounted anti-collision lights utilizing high power LEDs
Author(s): John Lundberg; Nicolo Machi; Scott Mangum; Jeffrey Singer
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Development of low dislocation and strain reduced GaN on Si(111) by substrate engineering
Author(s): M. Jamil; J. R. Grandusky; V. Jindal; F. Shahedipour-Sandvik; S. Guha; M. Arif
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Red luminescence from Si quantum dots embedded in SiOx films grown with controlled stoichiometry
Author(s): Z. T. Kang; B. Arnold; C. J. Summers; B. K. Wagner
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Toward an improved color rendering metric
Author(s): Wendy Davis; Yoshi Ohno
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Impact of dimming white LEDs: chromaticity shifts due to different dimming methods
Author(s): Marc Dyble; Nadarajah Narendran; Andrew Bierman; Terence Klein
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Spectral matching with an LED-based spectrally tunable light source
Author(s): I. Fryc; S. W. Brown; Y. Ohno
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Chromatic property measurement system for LED
Author(s): Jian-bo Cheng; Quan Jiang; Jun-jian Li
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Remote temperature mapping of high-power InGaN/GaN MQW flip-chip design LEDs
Author(s): V. K. Malyutenko; O. Yu. Malyutenko; A. V. Zinovchuk; A. L. Zakheim; D. A Zakheim; I. P. Smirnova; S. A. Gurevich
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Light recycling in solid state devices
Author(s): Ling Fu; Ralf Leutz; Harald Ries
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High thermal stable and low resistance contacts to p-GaN for thin-GaN LED
Author(s): C. L. Lin; S. J. Wang; C. Y. Liu
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The transient response of poly-crystal and amorphous solar cell panels: some experimental investigations
Author(s): M. A. Slonim; A. A. Slonim
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Consideration of development field versus photoconductor layer's thickness
Author(s): J. Badraghi; A. Banaei; M. H. Majlesara
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Fabrication of p-n junctions in as-grown ZnMgO/ZnO films
Author(s): Hyuck Soo Yang; Y. Li; D. P. Norton; S. J. Pearton; Soohwan Jang; F. Ren; L. A. Boatner
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Color uniformity of the light distribution from several cluster configurations of multicolor LEDs
Author(s): Ivan Moreno; Luis M. Molinar
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Properties of phosphorus-doped ZnO and (Zn,Mg)O thin films via pulsed laser deposition
Author(s): Y. J. Li; Y. W. Heo; J. M. Erie; H. S. Kim; K. Ip; S. J. Pearton; D. P. Norton
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