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Organic Field-Effect Transistors IV

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Volume Number: 5940
Date Published: 30 August 2005

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Synthesis, optical, thermal, and redox properties of 2,3,9,10-tetrasubstituted- 6,13- dialkynylpentacenes
Author(s): John E. Anthony; Christopher R. Swartz; Chad A. Landis; Sean R. Parkin
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Novel organic photo FET using photo-sensitive gate dielectric layer
Author(s): M. Yoshida; H. Kawai; T. Kawai; S. Uemura; S. Hoshino; T. Kodzasa; T. Kamata
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Isomer-pure synthesis and preparation of FET using thieno[f,f']bis[1]benzothiophene (syn, anti)
Author(s): Brigitte Wex; Bilal R. Kaafarani; Raoul Schroeder; Leszek A. Majewski; Martin Grell; Douglas C. Neckers
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Regioregular polythiophene nanowires and sensors
Author(s): Richard D. McCullough; Genevieve Sauve; Bo Li; Malika Jeffries-El; Suresh Santhanam; Lawrence Schultz; Rui Zhang; Mihaela C. Iovu; Jessica Cooper; Prathapan Sreedharan; Joseph C. Revelli; Aaron G. Kusner; Tomasz Kowalewski; Jay L. Snyder; Lee E. Weiss; David N. Lambeth; Gary K. Fedder
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Stable semiconducting thiophene polymers and their field effect transistor characteristics
Author(s): Martin Heeney; Clare Bailey; Kristijonas Genevicius; Mark Giles; Maxim Shkunov; David Sparrowe; Steve Tierney; Weimin Zhang; Iain McCulloch
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Fast electron transport in discotic liquid crystalline semiconductors
Author(s): Hiroaki Iino; Yukiko Takayashiki; Jun-ichi Hanna; Richard J. Bushby; Dietrich Haarer
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Organic semiconductor structure and chemistry from near-edge X-ray absorption fine structure (NEXAFS) spectroscopy
Author(s): Dean M. DeLongchamp; Eric K. Lin; Daniel A. Fischer
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AFM and 2-D GIXD studies on pentacene thin films for transistor application
Author(s): Hoichang Yang; Tae Joo Shin; Mang-Mang Ling; Chang Y. Ryu; Zhenan Bao
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Correlation between structural properties and stability of pentacene field effect transistors with a polymer /high-k oxide two layer gate dielectric
Author(s): A.-L. Deman; M. Erouel; D. Lallemand; M. Phaner-Goutorbe; P. Lang; J. Tardy
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Combined Raman spectroscopic and electrical characterization of the conductive channel in pentacene based OFETs
Author(s): Beynor A. Paez S.; Ilja Thurzo; Georgeta Salvan; Reinhard Scholz; Dietrich R. T. Zahn; H. von Seggern
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Analysis of short-channel effects in organic field-effect transistors
Author(s): Joshua N. Haddock; Xiaohong Zhang; Shijun Zheng; Seth R. Marder; Bernard Kippelen
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Comparison between the charge carrier mobilities in pentacene OFET structures as obtained from electrical characterization and potentiometry
Author(s): R. Scholz; A.-D. Müller; F. Müller; I. Thurzo; B. A. Paez; L. Mancera; D. R. T. Zahn; C. Pannemann; U. Hilleringmann
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Density of gap states and defect reactions in crystalline pentacene
Author(s): D. V. Lang; A. P. Ramirez
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Meta-stability effects in organic based transistors
Author(s): H. L. Gomes; P. Stallinga; M. Murgia; F. Biscarini; T. Muck; V. Wagner; E. Smits; D. M. de Leeuw
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Transistors formed with solution-processed thin films of pentacene
Author(s): Takashi Minakata; Yutaka Natsume
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n-channel organic thin film transistors and complementary inverters
Author(s): D. J. Gundlach; K. P. Pernstich; G. Wilckens; M. Grüter; S. Haas; B. Batlogg
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Charge transportation in organic heterojunction and its application for double conducting channel field-effect transistors
Author(s): Donghang Yan
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Printable organic TFT technologies for FPD applications
Author(s): Masahiro Kawasaki; Masahiko Ando; Shuji Imazeki; Yoshifumi Sekiguchi; Shoichi Hirota; Hiroshi Sasaki; Sei Uemura; Toshihide Kamata
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Vertical organic transistors
Author(s): Liping Ma; Shenghan Li; Yang Yang
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Low-voltage organic thin film transistors and circuits with molecular gate dielectrics
Author(s): Marcus Halik
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Preparation of light-emitting organic field-effect transistors with asymmetric electrodes
Author(s): Tomo Sakanoue; Ryo Yamada; Hirokazu Tada
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Pentacene organic thin film transistors with anodized gate dielectric
Author(s): Silke Goettling; Jochen Brill; Norbert Fruehauf; Jens Pflaum; Eduardo Margallo-Balbás
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Effects of semiconductor-dielectric interfaces on polymeric thin-film transistors
Author(s): Michael L. Chabinyc; Alberto Salleo; Fred Endicott; Beng S. Ong; Yiliang Wu; Ping Liu; Martin J. Heeney; Iain McCulloch
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Printed organic transistors for low-cost RFID applications
Author(s): V. Subramanian; J. M. J. Frechet; P. C. Chang; A. de la Fuente Vornbrock; D. C. Huang; J. B. Lee; B. A. Mattis; S. Molesa; A. R. Murphy; D. R. Redinger; S. K. Volkman
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Detection of a trace amount of impurity in smectic liquid-crystalline semiconductor
Author(s): Hyonsoo Ahn; Akira Ohno; Jun-ichi Hanna
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Thin-film fullerenes for organic field-effect transistors and complementary digital logic circuits
Author(s): Joshua Haddock; Benoit Domercq; Bernard Kippelen
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An all organic field-effect transistor based on ordered film of copper phthalocyanine
Author(s): Qingxin Tang; Wenping Hu
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Optical anisotropy of pentacene molecules on a photoaligning gate insulator layer for organic thin-film transistors
Author(s): Sung-Jin Kim; Chang-Jae Yu; Chi-Hwan Kim; Sin-Doo Lee
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Energy level diagrams of optimized ambipolar organic thin film transistors used pentacene and C60
Author(s): S. J. Kang; Y. Yi; C. Y. Kim; M. Noh; K. Jeong; K.-H. Yoo; C. N. Whang
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Monolithic integration of OFETs driving organic light emitting diodes
Author(s): Michael Kröger; Eike Becker; Christian Schildknecht; Sören Hartmann; Hans-Hermann Johannes; Wolfgang Kowalsky
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Polymeric nanocomposite for memory application
Author(s): Ricky J. Tseng; Jianyong Ouyang; Jiaxing Huang; Richard B. Kaner; Yang Yang
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Metal-organic pentacene derivative with well ordered morphology for the application of low voltage organic thin film transistors
Author(s): V. A. L. Roy; Zong-Xiang Xu; Yong-Gang Zhi; Sze-Chit Yu; Chi-Ming Che
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