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Proceedings of SPIE Volume 5938

Organic Photovoltaics VI
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Volume Number: 5938
Date Published: 3 October 2005
Softcover: 40 papers (378) pages
ISBN: 9780819459435

Table of Contents
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Large area polymer solar cells
Author(s): Frederik C. Krebs; Jan Alstrup; Matteo Biancardo; Holger Spanggaard
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The effect of active layer thickness on the efficiency of polymer solar cells
Author(s): Adam J. Moulé; Jörg B. Bonekamp; Alexander Ruhl; Heike Klesper; Klaus Meerholz
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Exploring the limits of hybrid TiO<sub>2</sub>/conjugated polymer photovoltaic cells
Author(s): L. H. Slooff; S. C. Veenstra; J. M. Kroon; M. M. Koetse; J. Sweelssen; M. M. Wienk
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Hybrid ZnO:polymer bulk heterojunction solar cells from a ZnO precursor
Author(s): Waldo J. E. Beek; Lenneke H. Slooff; Martijn M. Wienk; Jan M. Kroon; René A. J. Janssen
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Functional substrates for flexible organic solar cells
Author(s): M. Niggemann; D. Ruf; B. Bläsi; M. Glatthaar; M. Riede; C. Müller; B. Zimmermann; A. Gombert
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Charge carrier transport and recombination in bulk-heterojunction solar-cells
Author(s): A. Pivrikas; G. Juska; K. Arlauskas; M. Scharber; A. Mozer; N.S. Sariciftci; H. Stubb; R. Österbacka
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Surface alkylated and metal nano-dotted n-Si electrodes for efficient and low-cost solar energy conversion
Author(s): Yasuhiro Nanjo; Ryuhei Nakamura; Susumu Takabayashi; Yoshihiro Nakato
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Integrated sensors for point-of-care detection
Author(s): O. Hofmann; X. Wang; J. Huang; S. Atkins; P. Sullivan; D. D.C. Bradley; A. J. DeMello; J. C. De Mello
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New architecture for thermally stable high efficiency polymer solar cells
Author(s): Kwanghee Lee; Jin Young Kim; Wanli Ma; Alan J. Heeger
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Study of P3HT:PCBM bulk heterojunction solar cells : influence of components ratio and of the nature of electrodes on the lifetime
Author(s): Rémi de Bettignies; Jocelyne Leroy; Muriel Firon; Carole Sentein
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Chemical degradation mechanisms of organic photovoltaics studied by TOF-SIMS and isotopic labeling
Author(s): Kion Norrman; Frederik C. Krebs
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Exciton dynamics and device performance in polythiophene heterojunctions for photovoltaics
Author(s): Stephanie V. Chasteen; Sue A. Carter; Garry Rumbles
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Exciplex dynamics in a conjugated polymer blend of MDMO-PPV and PCNEPV
Author(s): Ton Offermans; Paul A. van Hal; Marc M. Koetse; Stefan C. J. Meskers; René A. J. Janssen
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Temperature dependence of the ordering of semiconducting fluorene-thiophene copolymers on rubbed polyimide alignment layers
Author(s): Lisa R. Pattison; Alexander Hexemer; Edward J. Kramer; Pierre M. Petroff; Daniel A. Fischer
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Solar cells based on copolymers of benzothiadiazole and thiophene
Author(s): Eva Bundgaard; Frederik C. Krebs
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Synthesis of oligo phenylene vinylenes for organic photovoltaic cells
Author(s): Mikkel Jørgensen; Frederik C. Krebs
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Optimizations of quasi-solid-state dye-sensitized solar cells
Author(s): Matteo Biancardo; Keld West; Frederik C. Krebs
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Syntheses of asymmetric porphyrins for photovoltaics
Author(s): Ole Hagemann; Frederik Krebs
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Synthesis of conjugated polymers containing terpyridine metal complexes: application in organic solar cells
Author(s): Virginie Duprez; Matteo Biancardo; Frederik C. Krebs
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Light harvesting and energy transfer in large multidomain molecules
Author(s): Holger Spanggaard; Frederik C. Krebs; Mikkel J&oslash;rgensen; Noemi Rozlosnik; Niels B. Larsen; Ole Hagemann
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A process-line for large area organic solar cells
Author(s): Jan Alstrup; Frederik C. Krebs; Torben Kjær; Matteo Biancardo; Holger Spanggaard
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Design of porphyrin-polyphenyleneethynylene light harvesting systems
Author(s): Kim T. Nielsen; Holger Spanggaard; Frederik C. Krebs
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Design and applications of polymer solar cells with lifetimes longer than 10000 hours
Author(s): Frederik C. Krebs
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Hybrid bulk heterojunction solar cells: blends of ZnO semiconducting nanoparticles and conjugated polymers
Author(s): Waldo J. E. Beek; Martijn M. Wienk; René A. J. Janssen
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Low band gap polymer: fullerene solar cells
Author(s): Martijn M. Wienk; Martin P Struijk; Giovanni Ridolfi; Ad A. C. Broeren; René A. J. Janssen
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Photovoltaic devices from self-doped polymers
Author(s): Qiquan Qiao; James Beck; James T. McLeskey, Jr.
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Highly efficient pentacene/C60 organic solar cells
Author(s): S. Yoo; B. Domercq; B. Kippelen
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High efficiency polarization-sensitive photovoltaic devices using oriented organic thin film
Author(s): Hideyuki Tanaka; Takeshi Yasuda; Katsuhiko Fujita; Tetsuo Tsutsui
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Monte-Carlo simulations of geminate electron-hole pair dissociation in a molecular heterojunction
Author(s): Ton Offermans; Stefan C.J. Meskers; René A.J. Janssen
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Modelling of external quantum efficiency spectra as a function of varying P3OT thickness in P3OT-C60 polymer photovoltaic devices
Author(s): A. Gopal; M. Drees; R. M. Davis; J. R. Heflin
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Cyanine-fullerene dyad for application in broad spectral response photovoltaic devices
Author(s): Fanshun Meng; Jianli Hua; Kongchang Chen; He Tian; Libero Zuppiroli; Frank Nüesch
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Solar cells based on a polymer blend with a maximum external quantum efficiency of 52% and a power conversion efficiency of 1.5%
Author(s): Sjoerd C. Veenstra; Wiljan Smaal; Lenneke Slooff; Jan M. Kroon; Marc M. Koetse; Jörgen Sweelssen; Kornel Hoekerd; Herman F. M. Schoo
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Transparent organic photodiodes stacked with electroluminescence devices
Author(s): Takahiro Komatsu; Kei Sakanoue; Katsuhiko Fujita; Tetsuo Tsutsui
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Characterization and performance of TiO2-based solar cells
Author(s): B. M. Henry; Z. Xie; H. Smith; K. R. Kirov; V. M. Burlakov; C. R. M. Grovenor; H. E. Assender; G. A. D. Briggs; P. L. Burn; Mitsuru Kano; Yusuke Tsukahara
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The effect of zinc oxide nanostructure on the performance of hybrid polymer/zinc oxide solar cells
Author(s): Ana M. Peiró; P. Ravirajan; K. Govender; D.S. Boyle; P. O'Brien; D.D.C. Bradley; J. Nelson; J. R. Durrant
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Organic solar cell optimizations in both space and energy regimes: large open circuit voltage from a &#8722;DBAB- type block copolymer
Author(s): S. Sun; C. Zhang; J. Haliburton; A. Ledbetter; C. Bonner; M. Drees; N. Sariciftci
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Nanocomposite solar cells based on conjugated polymers and PbSe quantum dots
Author(s): Xiaomei Jiang; Sergey B. Lee; Igor B. Altfeder; Anvar A. Zakhidov; Richard D. Schaller; Jeff M. Pietryga; Victor I. Klimov
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Organic photocells based on block copolymer / C60 blends
Author(s): R. P. Barber Jr.; M. Breban; R.D. Gomez; W.N. Herman; D.B. Romero
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Enhanced efficiency of polymer:fullerene bulk heterojunction solar cells with the insertion of thin pyronin B layer near the Al electrode
Author(s): J. Y. Kim; Y. C. Shin; K. M. Park; C. H. Lee
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High open circuit voltage stacked bulkheterojunction organic solar cells fabricated by the solution processing
Author(s): Kenji Kawano; Norihiro Ito; Taisuke Nishimori; Jun Sakai
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