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Physical Chemistry of Interfaces and Nanomaterials IV

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Volume Number: 5929
Date Published: 18 August 2005

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Carbon nanotube nanocomposites: quasi 1-dimensional structures for electron transfer
Author(s): Dirk M. Guldi; G. M. Aminur Rahman; Norbert Jux; Domenico Balbinot; Uwe Hartnagel; Nikos Tagmatarchis; Maurizio Prato
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Charge separation at the modified surface of cuprous oxide thin film
Author(s): Yasuhiro Tachibana; Ryusuke Muramoto; Susumu Kuwabata
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Water-oxide interfacial control and nanomaterials design
Author(s): Lionel Vayssieres
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Single molecule study of Rhodamine/ATO nanoparticle junctions
Author(s): Wan-Hee Goh; Jianchang Guo; Rui Yuan; Tianquan Lian
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Nanostructures and Porous Silicon: Activity and Phase Transformation in Sensors and Photocatalytic Reactors
Author(s): James L. Gole; Stephen E. Lewis; Andrei Fedorov; Sharka Prokes
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Sonochemistry for the preparation of nanosized metal chalcogenide
Author(s): Jun-Jie Zhu; Vijay Singh
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Novel nanosystems enabling near and far IR multimodal imaging
Author(s): Smita Dayal; Robert Krolicki; Clemens Burda
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Self-assembly of nanoscale building blocks: an in situ study
Author(s): Xiao-Min Lin; Suresh Narayanan; Xuefa Li; Jin Wang
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Synthesis, characterization and the use of PbSe/PbS and PbSe/PbSexS1-x core-shell nanocrystals as saturable absorbers in passively switched near infra-red lasers
Author(s): A. Kigel; M. Brumer; A. Sashchiuk; M. Sirota; E. Galun; E. Lifshitz
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Transmission of quantum dot exciton spin states via resonance energy transfer
Author(s): Gregory D. Scholes; David L. Andrews; Vanessa M. Huxter; Jeongho Kim; Cathy Y. Wong
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The use of surface enhanced absorption, scattering and catalytic properties of gold nanoparticles in some bio- and biomedical applications
Author(s): Xiaohua Huang; Ivan H El-Sayed; Mostafa A. El-Sayed
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Photo-induced rotation of single molecules
Author(s): Gabriel Dutier; Vincent de Beaucoudrey; Joseph Zyss; Sophie Brasselet
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Soft x-ray spectroscopy study of nanoscale materials
Author(s): Jinghua Guo
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Investigation of the electronic structure of carbon single wall nanotube hybrid nanostructures
Author(s): Chaiwat Engtrakul; Mark F. Davis; Thomas Gennett; Anne C. Dillon; Kim M. Jones; Michael J. Heben
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Time-resolved measurements of the elastic properties of metal particles of different shapes
Author(s): Min Hu; Hristina A. Pertova; Xuan Wang; Gregory V. Hartland
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Photophysics of GaSe nanoparticles and nanoparticle aggregates
Author(s): D. F. Kelley; H. Tu; K. Mogoyrosi
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Time-resolved studies of fluorescence and band-edge charge carrier dynamics in In1-xGaxP colloidal quantum dots
Author(s): Alexander A. Mikhailovsky; Frederic S. Diana; Sangcheol Kim; Edward J. Kramer; Pierre M. Petroff; Jeffrey Gerbec; Geoffrey Strouse
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Electron relaxation in lead-salt quantum dots
Author(s): Frank W. Wise; Jeff Harbold; Stephen Clark; Byung-Ryool Hyun
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Effect of removal and change of surfactant upon the photoluminescence of carbon nanotubes
Author(s): Timothy J. McDonald; Chaiwat Engtrakul; Marcus Jones; Jeffrey L. Blackburn; Garry Rumbles; Michael J. Heben
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Tailoring interfacial properties of periodic mesoporous organosilicas by incorporation of spacious heterocyclic and thiol groups and its implication for structural changes
Author(s): Oksana Olkhovyk; Stanislaw Pikus; Mietek Jaroniec
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Studies of interface polarization and magnetization dynamics using terahertz emission spectroscopy
Author(s): Shayne M. Harrel; James M. Schleicher; Eric Beaurepaire; Jean-Yves Bigot; Charles A. Schmuttenmaer
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Electrical and Thermal Conductivities of Gold and Silver Nanoparticles in Solutions and Films and Electrical Field Enhanced Surface-Enhanced Raman Scattering (SERS)
Author(s): Yi Zhang; Adam M. Schwartzberg; Kevin Xu; Claire Gu; Jin Z. Zhang
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Electrochemical gating and molecular adsorption on carbon nanotubes
Author(s): Moonsub Shim
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Hydrocarbon-associated Si(001) surface structure: CAICISS
Author(s): J. H. Seo; C. N. Whang; K.-H. Yoo; S. S. Kim; D. S. Choi; K. H. Chae
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Cathodoluminescence of modified Porous Silicon for Field Emission Displays applications
Author(s): Azlin Biaggi-Labiosa; Luis F. Fonseca; Oscar Resto
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Conjugated polymer infiltrated silica opals and the effect of nano-confinement on the luminescent spectra
Author(s): Brandon C. Jarvis; Cody L. Gilleland; Jose M. Gutierrez; John W. Stadler; Jessica Gillespe; Michael Sampson; Alan Dalton; John P. Ferraris; Robert Glosser; Preston B. Landon
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Synthesis and characterization of novel nanostructured thermoelectric materials
Author(s): Xiaofeng Qiu; Clemens Burda
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