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Penetrating Radiation Systems and Applications VII
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Volume Number: 5923
Date Published: 1 September 2005
Softcover: 25 papers (248) pages
ISBN: 9780819459282

Table of Contents
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A prototype experiment for cooperative monitoring of nuclear reactors with cubic meter scale antineutrino detectors
Author(s): A. Bernstein; M. Allen; N. Bowden; J. Brennan; D. J. Carr; J. Estrada; C. Hagmann; J. C. Lund; N. W. Madden; C. D. Winant
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Active interrogation using low-energy nuclear reactions
Author(s): Arlyn Antolak; Barney Doyle; Ka-Ngo Leung; Daniel Morse; Paula Provencio
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μ-PIXE and X-PIXE for radiological forensics
Author(s): Paula Provencio; Barney Doyle; Arlyn Antolak; Daniel Morse; Charles Richardson
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A portable active interrogation system using a switchable AmBe neutron source
Author(s): Matthew Allen; Kristin Hertz; Christopher Kunz; Nicholas Mascarenhas
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An 8-element neutron double-scatter directional detector
Author(s): Peter E. Vanier; Leon Forman
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Optimizing the gate-pulse width for fast neutron induced gamma-ray spectroscopy
Author(s): Sudeep Mitra; Lucian Wielopolski
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Fast and thermal neutron radiography
Author(s): Jay Theodore Cremer; Melvin A. Piestrup; Xizeng Wu
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Progress of focusing x-ray and gamma-ray optics for small animal imaging
Author(s): M. J. Pivovaroff; T. Funk; W. C. Barber; B. D. Ramsey; B. H. Hasegawa
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Dual modality micro-SPECT and micro-CT for small animal imaging: technical advances and challenges
Author(s): Enrique W. Izaguirre; Mingshan Sun; James Carver; Steve Thompson; Bruce H. Hasegawa
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A high efficiency small animal imaging system based on position sensitive avalanche photodiodes
Author(s): Tobias Funk; Philippe Despres; William C. Barber; Kanai S. Shah; Bruce H. Hasegawa
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Recent advances in columnar CsI(Tl) scintillator screens
Author(s): Stuart R Miller; Valeriy Gaysinskiy; Irina Shestakova; Vivek V. Nagarkar
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A new CMOS-based digital imaging detector for applications in mammography
Author(s): Mehmet A. Baysal; Emre Toker
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Prototype AEGIS: a pixel-array readout circuit for gamma-ray imaging
Author(s): H. Bradford Barber; F. L. Augustine; L. Furenlid; C. M. Ingram; G. P. Grim
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DQE of a CMOS based digital imaging detector for application in mammography
Author(s): H. Roehrig; M. A. Baysal; E. Toker
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Quantitative micro-CT
Author(s): Sven Prevrhal
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Grayscale resolution of LCD displays: 8 bits vs. 11 bits
Author(s): Hans Roehrig; Jiahua Fan; Elizabeth A. Krupinski; Kunal Gandhi
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Correction of the spatial noise of LCD using error diffusion
Author(s): Jiahua Fan; Hans Roehrig; Kunal Gandhi; Malur K. Sundareshan
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Finding threshold contrasts for human observers when viewing noise-corrected LCDs
Author(s): Kunal Gandhi; Jiahua Fan; Hans Roehrig; Malur K. Sundareshan
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Multiple scatter correction in coherent scatter computed tomography
Author(s): Axel Thran; Udo van Stevendaal; Jens-Peter Schlomka
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APD-based X-ray imaging telescope using fresnel zone plates for extremely high Spatial Resolution
Author(s): Michael R. Squillante; Richard A. Myers; Mitchell Woodring; James F. Christian; Frank Robertson; Richard Farrell; Alexander I. Kogan; Timothy C. Tiernan; Gerald Entine
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The design of direct tomographic energy-dispersive x-ray diffraction imaging (XDI) systems
Author(s): Geoffrey Harding
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Optimization of an RSD x-ray backscatter system for detecting defects in the space shuttle external tank thermal foam insulation
Author(s): Daniel Shedlock; Benjamin Addicott; Edward T. Dugan; Alan M. Jacobs
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Development of the micro-CT system for small animal
Author(s): K. Y. Nam; J. H. Lim; Y. J. Jung; K. W. Kim; J. G. Park; K. H. Yoon
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Optimizing the performance of a composite scintillation detector
Author(s): Christine Cuppoletti; John Estrada; Jim Brennan
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Performance and design study of a directional scintillating fiber detector for 14-MeV neutrons using GEANT
Author(s): W. Mengesha; N. Mascarenhas; J. Peel; D. Sunnarborg
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