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Techniques and Instrumentation for Detection of Exoplanets II
Editor(s): Daniel R. Coulter
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Volume Number: 5905
Date Published: 31 August 2005
Softcover: 50 papers (524) pages
ISBN: 9780819459107

Table of Contents
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Terrestrial planet finder interferometer 2005: overview of system design studies and technology development
Author(s): Curt Henry
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Architecture trade study for the terrestrial planet finder interferometer
Author(s): Oliver P. Lay; Steven M. Gunter; Louise A. Hamlin; Curt A. Henry; Ying-Yong Li; Stefan R. Martin; George H. Purcell; Brent Ware; Julie A. Wertz; M. Charley Noecker
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The flight instrument design for the Terrestrial Planet Finder Interferometer
Author(s): Stefan Martin
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Beam transport for the TPF interferometer
Author(s): Martin Charles Noecker; James W. Leitch
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Progress in broadband infrared nulling technology for TPF
Author(s): J. Kent Wallace; Randall Bartos; Robert Gappinger; Frank Loya; Steve Moser; John Negron
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Current progress on TPFI nulling architectures at Jet Propulsion Laboratory
Author(s): Robert O. Gappinger; J. Kent Wallace; Randall D. Bartos; Daniel R. Macdonald; Kenneth A. Brown
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Adaptive nulling with a deformable mirror in the near-IR
Author(s): Robert D. Peters; Akiko Hirai; Muthu Jeganathan; Oliver P. Lay
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Testing exo-planet signal extraction using the Terrestrial Planet Finder planet detection testbed
Author(s): Stefan Martin; Piotr Szwaykowski; Frank Loya
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Results on the development of mid-infrared integrated optics for the Darwin Mission
Author(s): Lucas Labadie; Jean-Emmanuel Broquin; Pierre Kern; Pierre Labeye; Brahim Arezki; Isabelle Schanen-Duport; Annie Pradel; Caroline Vigreux-Bercovici; Bernard Andre; Pierre Saguet
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Achromatic phase-shifter breadboard extensions
Author(s): L. L. A. Vosteen; H. J. P. Vink; H. van Brug; H. Bokhove
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Darwin Infrared Nulling Interferometer Demonstrator
Author(s): L. L. A. Vosteen; B. Ahlers
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The Terrestrial Planet Finder Coronagraph dynamics error budget
Author(s): Stuart B. Shaklan; Luis Marchen; Joseph J. Green; Oliver P. Lay
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TPF coronagraph wavefront changes due to beam walk
Author(s): Charley Noecker
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Shaped pupil coronagraphs for planet finding: optimization, manufacturing, and experimental results
Author(s): N. Jeremy Kasdin; Ruslan Belikov; James Beall; Robert J. Vanderbei; Michael G. Littman; Michael Carr; Amir Give'on
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Polarization compensating protective coatings for TPF-Coronagraph optics to control contrast degrading cross polarization leakage
Author(s): Kunjithapatham Balasubramanian; Daniel J. Hoppe; Pantazis Z. Mouroulis; Luis F. Marchen; Stuart B. Shaklan
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Coronagraph mask tolerances for exo-Earth detection
Author(s): Oliver P. Lay; Joseph J. Green; Daniel J. Hoppe; Stuart B. Shaklan
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Characterizing edge-generated stray light sources for TPF Coronagraph pupil masks
Author(s): Daniel Ceperley; Andrew Neureuther; Michael Lieber; Jeremy Kasdin
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Evaluating the end-to-end performance of TPF-C with vector propagation models: Part I. Pupil mask effects
Author(s): Mike Lieber; Andrew R. Neureuther; Dan Ceperley; Jeremy Kasdin; Dan Hoppe; Allan Eisenman
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High contrast imaging with the JWST NIRCAM coronagraph
Author(s): Joseph J. Green; Charles Beichman; Scott A. Basinger; Scott Horner; Michael Meyer; David C. Redding; Marcia Rieke; John T. Trauger
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An optical vortex coronagraph
Author(s): David M. Palacios
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Comparison of blind imaging performance of Fizeau and Michelson type arrays for a partially resolved object
Author(s): Casper van der Avoort; Jan-Willem den Herder; Joseph Braat
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Entry pupil processing approaches for exo-planet imaging
Author(s): David C. Hyland
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Nulling interferometry and adaptive optics control system optimization
Author(s): Damien Ferrario; François Wildi
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Externally dispersed interferometry for planetary studies
Author(s): David J. Erskine; Jerry Edelstein; Daniel Harbeck; James Lloyd
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An off-axis four-quadrant phase mask (FQPM) coronagraph for Palomar: high-contrast near bright stars imager
Author(s): Pierre Haguenauer; Eugene Serabyn; Eric E. Bloemhof; James K. Wallace; Robert O. Gappinger; Bertrand P. Mennesson; Mitchell Troy; Chris D. Koresko; James D. Moore
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The Keck interferometer nuller (KIN): configuration, measurement approach, and first results
Author(s): E. Serabyn; E. Appleby; J. Bell; A. Booth; J. Chin; M. M. Colavita; S. Crawford; M. Creech-Eakman; W. Dahl; J. Fanson; J. Garcia; J. Gathright; E. Hovland; M. Hrynevych; C. Koresko; R. Ligon; B. Mennesson; J. Moore; D. Palmer; T. Panteleeva; C. Paine; S. Ragland; L. Reder; T. Saloga; R. Smythe; C. Tyau; K. Tsubota; G. Vasisht; E. Wetherell; P. Wizinowich; J. Woillez
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Final laboratory integration and test of the Keck Interferometer nuller
Author(s): S. L. Crawford; M. M. Colavita; J. I. Garcia; E. R. Ligon; B. Mennesson; C. G. Paine; E. Serabyn; R. F. Smythe; M. R. Swain; G. Vasisht
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Double stage Lyot coronagraph with the apodized reticulated stop for the Extremely Large Telescope
Author(s): Natalia Yaitskova
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Extreme adaptive optics testbed: high contrast measurements with a MEMS deformable mirror
Author(s): Julia W. Evans; Katie Morzinski; Layra Reza; Scott Severson; Lisa Poyneer; Bruce A. Macintosh; Daren Dillon; Gary Sommargren; David Palmer; Don Gavel; Scot Olivier
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The Fourier-Kelvin Stellar Interferometer (FKSI): a progress report and preliminary results from our nulling testbed
Author(s): R. K. Barry; W. C. Danchi; V. J. Chambers; J. Rajagopal; L. J. Richardson; A. Martino; D. Deming; M. Kuchner; R. Linfield; R. Millan-Gabet; L. A. Lee; J. D. Monnier; L. G. Mundy; C. Noecker; S. Seager; D. J. Wallace; R. J. Allen; W. A. Traub; H. C. Ford
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Phase diversity in an exo-planet imager
Author(s): Robert A. Gonsalves; Volker Tolls
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Exoplanet detection via stellar intensity correlation interferometry
Author(s): David Hyland
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Objective spectrometer for exoplanets based on nulling polarization interferometry
Author(s): Naoshi Baba; Naoshi Murakami; Youko Tate; Yoichiro Sato; Motohide Tamura
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Update on TPF coronagraph polarization
Author(s): Charley Noecker; Rob Bates; Nicholas M. Elias; Jennifer Turner-Valle
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Electromagnetic formation flight for the Terrestrial Planet Finder
Author(s): Daniel W. Kwon; David W. Miller
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Amplitude and phase correction for high-contrast imaging using Fourier decomposition
Author(s): Amir Give'on; N. Jeremy Kasdin; Robert J. Vanderbei; Yoav Avitzour
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Diffraction analysis of pupil mapping systems for planet finding
Author(s): Robert J. Vanderbei
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Single-mode filtering and pupil remapping
Author(s): S. Lacour; G. Perrin
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3D common-path interferometer: achromatic nulling of on-axial light
Author(s): Alexander V. Tavrov; Yukitoshi Otani; Takashi Kurokawa; Mitsuo Takeda
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Improving transit detection with collective light curves information
Author(s): P. Guterman; P. Barge; A. Llebaria; C. Quentin
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Integration and verification of the Terrestrial Planet Finder coronagraphic observatory
Author(s): Andrew M. Smith; Carl Blaurock; Michael Krim; Marie Levine; Alice Liu; Anthony J. Martino; Raymond G. Ohl; Joseph Pitman
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Graded coronagraphic masks for high-contrast near-infrared imaging
Author(s): Joseph C. Carson; Daniel W Wilson; John T. Trauger
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Alternative fringe sensor for the DARWIN mission
Author(s): Lun K. Cheng; R. Koops; A. Wielders; W. Ubachs
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Test results of the infrared single-mode fiber for the DARWIN mission
Author(s): Lun K. Cheng; Anne-Jans Faber; Wim Gielesen; Catherine Boussard-Pledel; Patrick Houizot; Jacques Lucas; Joao Pereira Do Carmo
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Science simulations for the New Worlds Observer
Author(s): Eric Schindhelm; Webster Cash; Sara Seager
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Feasibility of a self-nulling beam combiner using no external phase inverter
Author(s): E. E. Bloemhof
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Measurement of wavefront phase delay and optical density in apodized coronagraphic mask materials
Author(s): Peter G. Halverson; Micheal Z. Ftaclas; Kunjithapatham Balasubramanian; Daniel J. Hoppe; Daniel W. Wilson
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Wavefront amplitude variation of TPF's high-contrast imaging testbed: modeling and experiment
Author(s): Fang Shi; Andrew E. Lowman; Dwight C. Moody; Albert F. Niessner; John T. Trauger
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Study of high-performance coronagraphic techniques
Author(s): Volker Tolls; Michael Aziz; Robert A. Gonsalves; Sylvain Korzennik; Antoine Labeyrie; Richard Lyon; Gary Melnick; Steve Somerstein; Gopal Vasudevan; Robert Woodruff
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The four-quadrant ZOG and annular groove phase mask coronagraphs
Author(s): Dimitri Mawet; Pierre Riaud; Olivier Absil; Jacques Baudrand; Jean Surdej
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