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Astronomical Adaptive Optics Systems and Applications II

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Volume Number: 5903
Date Published: 25 August 2005

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NFIRAOS: TMT facility adaptive optics with conventional DMs
Author(s): Glen Herriot; Paul Hickson; B. L. Ellerbroek; David A. Andersen; T. Davidge; D. A. Erickson; I. P. Powell; R. Clare; M. Smith; L. Saddlemyer; J.-P. Veran
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Optical design for the narrow field infrared adaptive optics system (NFIRAOS) petite on the thirty meter telescope
Author(s): Brian J. Bauman; Donald T. Gavel; Richard G. Dekany; Brent L. Ellerbroek
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Adaptive optics for the Thirty Meter Telescope
Author(s): Brent Ellerbroek; Matthew Britton; Richard Dekany; Don Gavel; Glen Herriot; Bruce Macintosh; Jeff Stoesz
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Ground-based stellar interferometry with adaptive optics
Author(s): Chueh Ting; Michael K. Giles
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Phase conjugate distortion correction for astronomical adaptive optics based on wavelet ridge extraction
Author(s): Katharine J. Jones
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Survey of adaptive optic techniques
Author(s): Julie A. Perreault; Allan Wirth
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Prediction of the space-varying point spread function for reconstruction of anisoplanatic adaptive optics images
Author(s): Mathieu Aubailly; Michael C. Roggemann; Timothy J. Schulz
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H2 -optimal control of an adaptive optics system: Part I, data-driven modeling of wavefront disturbance
Author(s): Karel Hinnen; Michel Verhaegen; Niek Doelman
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H2 -optimal control of an adaptive optics system: Part II, closed-loop controller design
Author(s): Karel Hinnen; Niek Doelman; Michel Verhaegen
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Fine calibration and pre-compensation of non-nommon path aberrations for high performance AO system
Author(s): J.-F. Sauvage; T. Fusco; G. Rousset; C. Petit; B. Neichel; A. Blanc; J.-L. Beuzit
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Off-line and on-line modal optimization of the MMT-AO system
Author(s): B. Girardet; F. Wildi; G. Brusa
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FPGA adaptive optics system test bench
Author(s): Luis F. Rodriguez-Ramos; Teodora Viera; Jose V. Gigante; Fernando Gago; Guillermo Herrera; Angel Alonso; Nicolas Descharmes
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DARTS: a low-cost high-performance FPGA implemented real-time control platform for adaptive optics
Author(s): S. J. Goodsell; N. A. Dipper; D. Geng; R. M. Myers; C. D. Saunter
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Fast hardware implementation of tomography for multi-guidestar adaptive optics
Author(s): Donald Gavel; Marc Reinig; Carlos Cabrera
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FPGA developments for the SPARTA project
Author(s): S. J. Goodsell; E. Fedrigo; N. A. Dipper; R. Donaldson; D. Geng; R. M. Myers; C. D. Saunter; C. Soenke
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Testbed for extended-scene Shack-Hartmann and phase retrieval wavefront sensing
Author(s): Rhonda M. Morgan; Kirill V. Shcheglov; Joseph J. Green; Catherine M. Ohara; Jennifer Roberts; Erkin Sidick
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Speckle lifetimes in high-contrast adaptive optics
Author(s): Bruce Macintosh; Lisa Poyneer; Anand Sivaramakrishnan; Christian Marois
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Conceptual design of an extreme AO dedicated to extra-solar planet detection by the VLT-Planet Finder instrument
Author(s): T. Fusco; G. Rousset; J.-L. Beuzit; D. Mouillet; K. Dohlen; R. Conan; C. Petit; G. Montagnier
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Chromaticity effects in adaptive optics: wavelength dependence of amplitude compensation
Author(s): Laurent Pueyo; Michael G. Littman; Jeremy Kasdin; Robert Vanderbei; Ruslan Belikov; Amir Give'on
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Photon counting arrays for AO wavefront sensors
Author(s): John Vallerga; Anton Tremsin; Jason McPhate; Bettina Mikulec; Allan Clark; Oswald Siegmund
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Results of a fast pnCCD detector system
Author(s): R. Hartmann; H. Gorke; N. Meidinger; H. Soltau; L. Strueder
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Results of the Multi-conjugate Adaptive Optics System at the German Solar Telescope, Tenerife
Author(s): Thomas Berkefeld; Dirk Soltau; Oskar von der Luehe
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Off-axis adaptive optics with optimal control : experimental and numerical validation
Author(s): C. Petit; J.-M. Conan; C. Kulcsar; H.-F. Raynaud; T. Fusco; J. Montri; F. Chemla; D. Rabaud
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Anisoplanatism in adaptive optics systems due to pupil aberrations
Author(s): Brian J. Bauman
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Performance analysis of multi-object wave-front sensing concepts for GLAO
Author(s): M. Nicolle; T. Fusco; V. Michau; G. Rousset; J.-L. Beuzit
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Cone effect in astronomical adaptive optics system investigated by a pure numerical simulation
Author(s): Hai-Xing Yan; Han-Ling Wu; Shu-Shan Li; She Chen
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Deformable mirrors for the FALCON concept
Author(s): M. Puech; F. Chemla; P. Laporte; P. Jagourel; E. Gendron; F. Hammer; F. Assemat; J.-M. Conan; T. Fusco; A. Liotard; F. Zamkotsian
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Numerical simulation investigation of a new approach generating phase screens for modeling a turbulent media
Author(s): She Chen; Hai-Xing Yan; Shu-Shan Li
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Basic system design of a broad-band real-time phase contrast wavefront sensor for adaptive optics
Author(s): E. E. Bloemhof; J. K. Wallace
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