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Solar Physics and Space Weather Instrumentation
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Volume Number: 5901
Date Published: 18 August 2005
Softcover: 42 papers (424) pages
ISBN: 9780819459060

Table of Contents
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Low resolution three dimensional reconstruction of CMEs using solar mass ejection imager (SMEI) data
Author(s): Bernard V. Jackson; Andrew Buffington; P. Paul Hick; Cindy X. Wang
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Automatic detection of coronal mass ejections on LASCO-C2 synoptic maps
Author(s): Yannick Boursier; Antoine Llebaria; Francois Goudail; Philippe Lamy; Sebastien Robelus
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Imaging three-dimensional heliosphere in EUV
Author(s): Mike Gruntman; Mike Lampton; Jerry Edelstein
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Advanced Technology Solar Telescope: a progress report
Author(s): T. R. Rimmele; S. Keil; J. Wagner; N. Dalrymple; B. Goodrich; E. Hansen; F. Hill; R. Hubbard; L. Phelps; K. Richards; M. Warner
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High precision polarimetry with the Advanced Technology Solar Telescope
Author(s): Hector Socas-Navarro; David F. Elmore; Christoph U. Keller; Paul H. Seagraves; Kim V. Streander; Gregory L. Card; Mark Warner; Jeffrey R. Kuhn; Donald L. Mickey
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The visible spectro-polarimeter for the advanced technology solar telescope
Author(s): D. F. Elmore; H. Socas-Navarro; G. L. Card; K. V. Streander
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Coronal electron velocity and temperature from Thomson scattered visible light
Author(s): Joseph M. Davila; Nelson L. Reginald; O. C. St. Cyr
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The new 1.5 solar telescope GREGOR: progress report and results of performance tests
Author(s): Reiner Volkmer; Oskar von der Lühe; Franz Kneer; Jürgen Staude; Thomas Berkefeld; Peter Caligari; Clemens Halbgewachs; Wolfgang Schmidt; Dirk Soltau; Harald Nicklas; Axel Wittmann; Horst Balthasar; Axel Hofmann; Klaus Strassmeier; Michal Sobotka; Miroslav Klvana; Manuel Collados
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Avalanche photodiode measurements of the solar soft x-ray irradiance
Author(s): Scott M. Bailey; Erica M. Rodgers; Teresa M. Garcia; Kevin Abnett; Richard H. Ruhkick; Jay Helmericks; Steven Hill
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Silicon carbide photodiodes: future solar-blind EUV/soft x-ray detectors
Author(s): J. F. Seely; Benjawan Kjornrattanawanich; Raj Korde
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The NOAA GOES x-ray calibration program
Author(s): Steven Hill; Vic Pizzo; Alysha Reinard; Doug Biesecker; Rodney Viereck
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Low-cost multi-band ground-based imaging of the aurora
Author(s): Mikko T. Syrjasuo; Brian J. Jackel; Eric F. Donovan; Trond S. Trondsen; Mike Greffen
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Space weather capabilities of low frequency radio arrays
Author(s): Joseph E. Salah; Colin J. Lonsdale; Divya Oberoi; Roger J. Cappallo; Justin C. Kasper
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Compact FUV camera concept for space weather applications
Author(s): James F. Spann
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Imaging solar neutrons below 10 MeV in the inner heliosphere
Author(s): Ulisse Bravar; Paul J. Bruillard; Erwin O. Flueckiger; Alec L. MacKinnon; John R. Macri; Procheta Mallik; Mark L. McConnell; Michael R. Moser; James M. Ryan
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Modification of the special sensor ultraviolet limb imagers
Author(s): A. C. Nicholas; S. E. Thonnard; P. C. Kalmanson; K. M. Weldy; T. Duffey; P. Jaffe; S. P. Lynch; P. Walker; K. Dymond; S. Budzien
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Space applications of Si/B4C multilayer coatings at extreme ultra-violet region; comparison with standard Mo/Si coatings
Author(s): F. Frassetto; D. Garoli; G. Monaco; P. Nicolosi; M. Pascolini; M. G. Pelizzo; V. Mattarello; A. Patelli; V. Rigato; A. Giglia; S. Nannarone; E. Antonucci; S. Fineschi; M. Romoli
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Development and testing of EUV multilayer coatings for the atmospheric imaging assembly instrument aboard the Solar Dynamics Observatory
Author(s): Regina Soufli; David L. Windt; Jeffrey C. Robinson; Sherry L. Baker; Eberhard Spiller; Franklin J. Dollar; Andrew L. Aquila; Eric M. Gullikson; Benjawan Kjornrattanawanich; John F. Seely; Leon Golub
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Modern echelons and echelles for infrared spectroscopy
Author(s): B. Bach; K. Bach; M. Schulze
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Comparison of different algorithms and programming languages in the diffraction calculation for a coronagraph stray light analysis
Author(s): F. Landini; M. Romoli; R. C. Colaninno; A. Thernisien
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Concept for an extreme ultraviolet sensor with a Fresnel zone plate for the GOES-R solar imaging suite
Author(s): James C. Bremer; Wenbing Yun
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The optomechanical design and operation of the ionospheric mapping and geocoronal experiment
Author(s): Phillip C. Kalmanson; Janusz Wilczynski; Kent Wood; Kenneth Dymond; Stefan Thonnard; James Spann
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The solar ultraviolet magnetograph investigation: polarization properties
Author(s): E. A. West; J. G. Porter; J. M. Davis; G. A. Gary; K. Kobayashi; M. Noble
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SWAP: an EUV imager for solar monitoring on board of PROBA2
Author(s): Athanassios C. Katsiyannis; David Berghmans; Jean-Francois Hochedez; Bogdan Nicula; Gareth Lawrence; Jean-Marc Defise; Ali Ben-Moussa; Veronique Delouille; Marie Dominique; Jean-Herve Lecat; W. Schmutz; Armin Theissen; Vladimir Slemzin
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Solar Orbiter assessment study and model payload
Author(s): N. Rando; L. Gerlach; G. Janin; B. Johlander; A. Jeanes; A. Lyngvi; R. Marsden; A. Owens; U. Telljohann; D. Lumb; T. Peacock
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The NASA living with a star (LWS) sentinels mission
Author(s): R. P. Lin; Adam Szabo
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Ultraviolet spectroscopy of solar energetic particle source regions
Author(s): J. L. Kohl; S. Cranmer; R. Esser; L. D. Gardner; S. Fineschi; J. Lin; A. Panasyuk; J. C. Raymond; L. Strachan
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MTRAP: the magnetic transition region probe
Author(s): J. M. Davis; E. A. West; R. L. Moore; G. A. Gary; K. Kobayashi; J. E. Oberright; D. C. Evans; H. J. Wood; J. L. R. Saba; D. Alexander
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The Reconnection and Microscale (RAM) probe
Author(s): Leon Golub; Jay A. Bookbinder; Edward E. DeLuca; Judith T. Karpen
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Spectro-imaging of the extreme-UV solar corona
Author(s): Silvano Fineschi; J. Dan Moses; Roger J. Thomas
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Innovative designs for the imaging suite on Solar Orbiter
Author(s): Frederic Auchere; Xueyen Song; Frederic Rouesnel; Thierry Appourchaux; Jean-Jacques Fourmon; Jean-Christophe Le Clec'h; Michel Berthe; Jean-Marc Defise; Emmanuel Mazy; Pierre L. Rochus; Raymond Mercier; Marie-Francoise Ravet
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Formation flyers applied to solar coronal observations: the ASPICS mission
Author(s): S. Vives; P. Lamy; F. Auchere; J.-C. Vial; S. Koutchmy; J. Arnaud; J.-Y. Prado; F. Frassetto; G. Naletto
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Possible optical design for ASPICS, a formation-flyer solar coronagraph for close-limb visible and Lyman-α imaging of the corona
Author(s): Fabio Frassetto; Giampiero Naletto; Sebastien Vives; Philippe Lamy
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Space performance of the multistage labyrinthine SMEI baffle
Author(s): Andrew Buffington; Bernard V. Jackson; P. Paul Hick
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Interactive visualization of solar mass ejection imager (SMEI) volumetric data
Author(s): Yang Yu; P. Paul Hick; Bernard V. Jackson
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The SMEI real-time data pipeline: from raw CCD frames to photometrically accurate full-sky maps
Author(s): P. Hick; A. Buffington; B. V. Jackson
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Diffraction effects on very large space instruments: a detailed analysis to solar coronagraphy
Author(s): Fabio Frassetto; Giampiero Naletto
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High time cadence solar Magnesium II index monitor
Author(s): Martin Snow; William E. McClintock
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Experimental and numerical optimization of a coronagraph external occulter. Application to SECCHI-COR2 and GOES-R SCOR
Author(s): A. Thernisien; R. C. Colaninno; S. Plunkett; D. G. Socker; Q. Gong; F. Landini
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Near-infrared HeI 1083nm Stokes polarimeter based on liquid crystal variable retarders
Author(s): Zhiyong Zhang; Yuanyong Deng; Dongguang Wong; Yingzi Sun; Wenda Cao
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KPol: liquid crystal polarimeter for K-corona observations from the SCORE coronagraph
Author(s): Silvano Fineschi; Luca Zangrilli; Guglielmo Rossi; Luca Gori; Marco Romoli; Gianni Corti; Gerardo Capobianco; Ester Antonucci; Emanuele Pace
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Development of ultra-high sensitivity wide-band gap UV-EUV detectors at NASA Goddard Space Flight Center
Author(s): S. Aslam; F. Yan; D. E. Pugel; D. Franz; L. Miko; F. Herrero; M. Matsumara; S. Babu; C. M. Stahle
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