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Quantum Communications and Quantum Imaging III

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Volume Number: 5893
Date Published: 18 August 2005

Table of Contents
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A quantum key distribution system for optical fiber networks
Author(s): Richard J. Hughes; Thomas E. Chapuran; Nicholas Dallmann; Philip A. Hiskett; Kevin P. McCabe; Paul M. Montano; Jane E. Nordholt; Charles G. Peterson; Robert J. Runser; Robert Sedillo; Kush Tyagi; Christopher C. Wipf
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Quantum key distribution by a free-space mimo system
Author(s): Motty Gabi; Shlomi Arnon
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Quantum quadrature amplitude modulation system and its applicability to coherent-state quantum cryptography
Author(s): Kentaro Kato; Osamu Hirota
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Quantum stream cipher Part III: Design of keyed randomization and experiment
Author(s): Osamu Hirota; Tsuyoshi S. Usuda; Masaru Fuse
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Free-space quantum key distribution system with multi-photon quantum signal
Author(s): Li Yang; Jiwu Jing
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Pattern-function quantum tomography: a tool for experimentally investigating the real state of radiation fields
Author(s): Alberto Porzio; Virginia D'Auria; Salvatore Solimeno; Matteo G.A. Paris
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Remote state preparation: arbitrary remote control of photon polarizations for quantum communication
Author(s): N. A. Peters; J. T. Barreiro; M. E. Goggin; T.-C. Wei; P. G. Kwiat
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A microstructure fiber two photon source with conjugate laser pumps
Author(s): J. Fan; A. Migdall; L. J. Lang
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Thermal light two-photon imaging: magic mirrors
Author(s): Giuliano Scarcelli; Vincenzo Berardi; Yanhua Shih
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High-resolution ghost image and ghost diffraction experiments with incoherent pseudo-thermal light
Author(s): A. Gatti; D. Magatti; M. Bache; E. Brambilla; F. Ferri; L. A. Lugiato
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Progress in quantum lithography
Author(s): Robert W. Boyd; Hye Jeong Chang; Heedeuk Shin; Colin O'Sullivan-Hale
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Quantum probability density function (QPDF) method
Author(s): Ronald E. Meyers
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Optical quantum information processing utilizing weak nonlinearities: a little goes a long way
Author(s): W. J. Munro; K. Nemoto; T. P. Spiller; R. G. Beausoleil; P. Kok; S. D. Barrett
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Recent progresses at IENGF on studies on quantum information
Author(s): G. Brida; E. Cagliero; M. Genovese; M. Gramegna; E. Predazzi
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Quantum phase gate using single atom nonlinearlity
Author(s): Shigeki Takeuchi; Hisaki Oka; Kunihiro Kojima; Holger F. Hofmann; Keiji Sasaki
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Measurement of the spectral properties of the two-photon state generated via type-II spontaneous parametric down-conversion
Author(s): Yoon-Ho Kim; Warren P. Grice
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Quantum advantage without entanglement
Author(s): Dan Kenigsberg; Tal Mor; Gil Ratsaby
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Experimental manipulation of five-photon entanglement
Author(s): Zhi Zhao; Yu-Ao Chen; An-Ning Zhang; Tao Yang; Jian-Wei Pan
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Coherence-induced entanglement
Author(s): Han Xiong; Tiegang Di; M. Suhail Zubairy
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Photonic-crystal based single photon source
Author(s): Edo Waks; Dirk Englund; David Fattal; Jelena Vuckovic; Yoshihisa Yamamoto
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Decomposition method for solving stochastic nonlinear equations of quantum phenomena
Author(s): Ronald E. Meyers; Keith S. Deacon
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Design considerations in the realization of slow glass
Author(s): Gregory A. Konesky
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Catching the elementary step of excitation of a coherent light state by a single photon
Author(s): Marco Bellini; Alessandro Zavatta; Silvia Viciani
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Towards practical design rules for quantum communications and quantum imaging devices
Author(s): Neil J. Gunther; Giordano B. Beretta
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Non-Gaussian states of light as an offline resource for universal continuous variable quantum information processing
Author(s): Shohini Ghose; Barry C. Sanders
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Using entanglement in photonic qubit measurements
Author(s): G. J. Pryde; J. L. O'Brien; A. G. White; T. C. Ralph; S. D. Bartlett; H. M. Wiseman
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Metrology with entangled states
Author(s): M. W. Mitchell
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Generation of correlated photons in microstructure fibers
Author(s): J. Fan; A. Migdall
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A single-photon detector for high-speed telecom-band quantum communication applications
Author(s): Chuang Liang; Kim F. Lee; Paul L. Voss; Eric Corndorf; Gregory S. Kanter; Jun Chen; Xiaoying Li; Prem Kumar
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Spatial and spectral mode selection of heralded single photons from parametric down-conversion in bulk and PPLN
Author(s): Stefania Castelletto; Ivo Pietro Degiovanni; Alan Migdall; Valentina Schettini
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Concatenated quantum teleportation
Author(s): Somshubhro Bandyopadhyay; Barry C. Sanders
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Qubit channels that achieve capacity with two states
Author(s): Dominic W. Berry
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Nonlinear entangled states using slow light phenomenon
Author(s): S. A. Moiseev; B. S. Ham
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High speed fiber-based quantum key distribution using polarization encoding
Author(s): Xiao Tang; Lijun Ma; Alan Mink; Anastase Nakassis; Barry Hershman; Joshua Bienfang; Ronald F. Boisvert; Charles Clark; Carl Williams
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