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Optical Diagnostics
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Volume Number: 5880
Date Published: 18 August 2005
Softcover: 37 papers (366) pages
ISBN: 9780819458858

Table of Contents
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AM Multipurpose High-Resolution Imaging Topological Radar (ITR): reverse engineering and artworks monitoring and restoration
Author(s): Massimiliano Guarneri; Luciano Bartolini; Giorgio Fornetti; Mario Ferri De Collibus; Luigi De Dominicis; Emiliano Paglia; Claudio Poggi; Roberto Ricci
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Simultaneous measurement of a profile shape and deformation of an object by processing projected pattern and texture pattern
Author(s): Toru Yoshizawa; Masayuki Yamamoto; Takahiro Ikeda
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Development of fringe analysis method for image in ESPI using single sheet of specklegram
Author(s): Y. Arai; S. Yokozeki
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Supercomputing in compression of temporal fringe pattern analysis
Author(s): T. W. Ng; K. T. Ang; G. Argentini
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On nonlinear wave dissipation in polymers
Author(s): I. V. Semenova; G. V. Dreiden; A. M. Samsonov
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Light scattering diagnostics for metal fatigue detection and life estimation
Author(s): Benjamin D. Buckner; Vladimir B. Markov; James C. Earthman
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Measurement of nugget size of spot weld by digital shearography
Author(s): Lianxiang Yang; Praveen R. Samala; Sheng Liu; Kah Wah Long; Yung-Li Lee
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Infrared on-orbit inspection of shuttle orbiter reinforced carbon-carbon using solar heating
Author(s): P. A. Howell; W. P. Winfree; K. Elliott Cramer
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Evaluation of microbolometer-based thermography for gossamer space structures
Author(s): Jonathan J. Miles; Joseph R. Blandino; Christopher H. M. Jenkins; Richard S. Pappa; Jeremy Banik; Hunter Brown; Kiley McEvoy
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Remote optical measurement of thermal and mechanical properties of engineering structures
Author(s): German Da Costa; Juan Enrique Parra
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Strain measurement of a mouse bone by 3D-electronic speckle pattern interferometry (3D-ESPI)
Author(s): Praveen R. Samala; Min Su; Sheng Liu; Hui H. Jiang; Hiroki Yokota; Lianxiang Yang
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A second-generation liquid crystal phase-shifting point-diffraction interferometer employing structured substrates
Author(s): Kenneth L. Marshall; Kathleen Adlesberger; Benjamin Kolodzie; Graham Myhre; DeVon W. Griffin
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Development of a non-contacting extensometer using digital speckle correlation
Author(s): Ichirou Yamaguchi; Koichi Kobayashi; Takashi Ida; Masayuki Yokota
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Resolution increase by aperture synthesis in digital holography
Author(s): Thomas Kreis; Daniel Kayser
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Deflection distribution measurement of steel structure using digital image correlation
Author(s): Satoru Yoneyama; Akikazu Kitagwa; Koji Kitamura; Hisao Kikuta
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Synchronized low coherence interferometry for in-situ and ex-situ metrology for semiconductor manufacturing
Author(s): Wojciech J. Walecki; Alexander Pravdivtsev; Kevin Lai; Manuel Santos; Ann Koo
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Wet/dry film thickness measurement of paint by absorption spectroscopy with acousto-optic tunable filter spectrometer
Author(s): Pranay G. Sinha; Xiangchun Xiong; Feng Jin; Sudhir Trivedi; Narashima S. Prasad
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Dynamic detection of species concentration and distribution in pre-combustion gases by laser spectroscopy of infrared absorption
Author(s): Anhua Mei; Kendrick Aung
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Molecular Rayleigh scattering diagnostic for measurement of high frequency temperature fluctuations
Author(s): Amy F. Mielke; Kristie A. Elam
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Visualization of hydrogen flame by differential imaging in the ultraviolet region
Author(s): Tetsuo Fukuchi; Hideki Ninomiya
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Optical diagnosis of atmospheric pressure nonthermal plasma for pollution control
Author(s): Tetsuji Oda; Ryo Ono; Kei Takezawa
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Combined multispecies PLIF diagnostics with kHz rate in a technical fuel mixing system relevant for combustion processes
Author(s): Wolfgang Paa; Dirk Mueller; Annett Gawlik; Wolfgang Triebel
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Cavity ringdown spectroscopy for soot measurement in diesel exhaust
Author(s): C. Wei; P. Farrell
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Liquid/Vapour visualization of common rail diesel sprays in different ambient conditions with visible and UV laser light scattering and PLIF
Author(s): L. Allocca; A. De Vita; S. S. Merola; B. M. Vaglieco
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Optical investigation of heat release and NOx production in combustion
Author(s): B. H. Timmerman; S. Patel; P. Dunkley; P. J. Bryanston-Cross
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New NIST reference goniospectrometer
Author(s): Gael Obein; Robert Bousquet; Maria E. Nadal
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Developments in the realization of diffuse reflectance scales at NPL
Author(s): Christopher J. Chunnilall; Frank J. J. Clarke; Michael J. Shaw
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Emissivities of ceramic materials for high temperature processes
Author(s): Wolfgang Bauer; Alexander Moldenhauer; Alexander Platzer
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Method for absolute measurements of reflectance and transmittance of specular samples with STAR GEM
Author(s): Etsuo Kawate
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Real time measurement of the refractive index of petroleum samples in a wide temperature range
Author(s): German Da Costa; Felix Mosqueda; Juan Enrique Parra
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The effect of particle image blur on the correlation map and velocity measurement in PIV
Author(s): Gerrit E. Elsinga; Bas W. van Oudheusden; Fulvio Scarano
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Single camera three component planar velocity measurements, using two frequency Planar Doppler Velocimetry (2ν-PDV)
Author(s): Tom O. H. Charrett; Helen D. Ford; Ralph P. Tatam
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Measurement method for low-contrast nonuniformity in liquid crystal displays by using multi-wavelet analysis
Author(s): Hiroki Nakano; Yumi Mori
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3D-measuring-modeling-system based on digital camera and PC to be applied to the wide area of industrial measurement
Author(s): N. Kochi; M. Yamada; H. Watanabe; H. Aoki
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A friction induced impulse noise detection of a PDP TV by using the double pulse ESPI
Author(s): Jae Hyuk Lee; Sun Il Ham; Sang Deuk Park
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Digital interferometry of symmetrical flows with inner shocks
Author(s): Igor V. Ershov; Yuri D. Babichev
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Linking fluorescence spectroscopy to the scale of spectral sensitivity: the BAM reference fluorometer
Author(s): Christian Monte; Walter Pilz; Ute Resch-Genger
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