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Laser Beam Shaping VI
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Volume Number: 5876
Date Published: 18 August 2005
Softcover: 40 papers (380) pages
ISBN: 9780819458810

Table of Contents
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High-brightness fiber-coupling schemes for diode laser bars
Author(s): Peter Schreiber; Bernd Hoefer; Peter Dannberg; Uwe D. Zeitner
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Optimization of the beam shaping with a dynamic phase spatial light modulator
Author(s): Byoungho Lee; Hwi Kim; Joonku Hahn; Kyongsik Choi
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Beam profiling monitors beam shaping
Author(s): Carlos B. Roundy; Larry Green
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Genetic algorithm for intracavity laser beam shaping
Author(s): Andrey Kostylev; Alexander Sobolev; Tatyana Cherezova; Alexis Kudryashov
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A new derivation of the Dickey-Romero-Holswade phase function
Author(s): John A. Hoffnagle
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Laser beam shaping by double tailoring
Author(s): Harald Ries
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Diffractive laser beam shaping for round uniform intensity and uniform phase profiles using a single diffractive phase element
Author(s): Kurt Kanzler
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Gaussian to annular beam shaping
Author(s): Yajun Li
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Characterization of Helmholtz-Gauss beams
Author(s): Carlos Lopez-Mariscal; Miguel Bandres; Julio C. Gutierrez-Vega
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Scalar representation of paraxial and nonparaxial laser beams
Author(s): G. Rodriguez-Morales; J. C. Gutierrez-Vega; S. Chavez-Cerda
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Beam shaping profiles and propagation
Author(s): David L. Shealy; John A. Hoffnagle
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Stationary temporal solitons in optical fiber and the swing effect of spatial solitons in two-dimensional devices
Author(s): Sihon Crutcher; Anjan Biswas; Manmohan D. Aggarwal; Matthew E. Edwards
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Optimized bimorph flexible mirrors for laser beam correction and shaping
Author(s): A. S. Sobolev; T. Yu. Cherezova; A. V. Kudryashov
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Effects of dispersion on the performance of a refractive beam shaper
Author(s): John A. Hoffnagle; David L. Shealy
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Comparison of infrared laser beam shaping by diffractive and refractive methods
Author(s): Andrew Forbes; Anton du Plessis; Erich G. Rohwer
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Actual performance vs. modeled performance of diffractive beam splitters
Author(s): Todd Lizotte; Richard Rosenberg; Orest Ohar
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Hybrid approach to the design of refractive beam shaping elements
Author(s): T. Kaempfe; E.-B. Kley; A. Tuennermann
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Chirped microlens arrays for diode laser circularization and beam expansion
Author(s): Peter Schreiber; Peter Dannberg; Bernd Hoefer; Erik Beckert
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Annular beam analysis of an optical trepanning system
Author(s): D. Zeng; W. P. Latham; P. F. Jacobs; A. Kar
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Design and characteristic analysis of shaping optics for optical trepanning
Author(s): D. Zeng; W. P. Latham; A. Kar
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Optical design of two-mirror beam-shaping systems. Convex and non-convex solutions for symmetric and non-symmetric data
Author(s): Vladimir Oliker
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Development of large aperture DOE for beam smoothing
Author(s): Yong-Ping Li; Wei Zhang; Xiaobo Zhang; Fangjie Shu
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Application of orientational stimulated scattering in nematic liquid crystals for beam combining and clean-up
Author(s): Hakob Sarkissian; Chang Tsai; Boris Zeldovich
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Improving the mode selection of bi-prism-like reflectors with intracavity amplitude masks
Author(s): Yurij Parkhomenko; Boris Spektor; Joseph Shamir
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Two-dimensional beam shaping using hybrid acousto-optics with feedback
Author(s): Yasser A. Abdelaziez; Partha P. Banerjee
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Optical trap quality in extended 3-D structures built using holographic optical tweezers
Author(s): Gavin Sinclair; Miles Padgett; Z. John Laczik
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Influence of beam shape on in-vitro cellular transformations in human skin fibroblasts
Author(s): Patience Mthunzi; Andrew Forbes; Denise Hawkins; Heidi Abrahamse; Aletta E. Karsten
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A thermal adaptive mode-matching telescope for interferometric gravitational wave detectors
Author(s): Volker Quetschke; Joseph Gleason; Christina Leidel; Michelle Snider; Jinho Lee; Malik Rakhmanov; Liang Zhang; Guido Mueller; David Reitze; David Tanner
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Flat top beam profile cavity prototype
Author(s): J. Agresti; E. D'Ambrosio; R. DeSalvo; J. Mackowski; A. Remillieux; B. Simoni; M. Tarallo; P. Willems
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Pockels coefficients characterization of pure and iron doped lithium niobate using adaptive optics and the Czochralski crystal growth technique
Author(s): Denise Edwards; Darayas Patel; Kurt Kanzler; Michael Curley; Sundar Bairavarasu; Hossin Abdeldayem; Curtis Banks; Tesfaye Gebre; Manmohan D. Aggarwal; Jai Ching Wang; Matthew E. Edwards
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Beam shaping of partially coherent beams by use of the spatial coherence effect
Author(s): Jixiong Pu; Xiaoyun Liu
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Application of the two-dimensional Fourier transform scaling theorem to Dirac delta curves
Author(s): Manuel Guizar-Sicairos; Julio C. Gutierrez-Vega
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Optimal design of diffractive optical elements with functional relationship between phase and amplitude modulations using nonlinear optimization methods
Author(s): Hwi Kim; Byoungho Lee
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Beam smoothing on oblique surface after focus plane
Author(s): Yong-Ping Li; Rong Wu; Xiaobo Zhang; Wei Zhang; Fangjie Shu
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Beam smoothing in the time domain by using air turbulence to disturb the refractive distribution
Author(s): Yong-Ping Li; Fang-Jie Shu; Wei Zhang; Xiao-Bo Zhang; Rong Wu
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Ince-Gaussian two-dimensional fractional Fourier transform for optical wave propagation
Author(s): Miguel Bandres; Julio C. Gutierrez-Vega
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Laser diode beam shaping using holographic grating recorded by an additional orthogonally-polarizing beam
Author(s): Duc Dung Do; Nam Kim; Sang Keun Gil; Seok Hee Jeon; Kwon Yeon Lee
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Locating of the arbitrary order real near-axial ghosts in laser system
Author(s): Lei Zhang; Guoying Feng; Jianguo Chen; Shaopeng Wang; Jinghua Han; Qihua Zhu; Xiaomin Zhang
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Different intensity distribution obtained with an axicon
Author(s): Marcelino Anguiano-Morales; M. Maribel Mendez-Otero; Sabino Chavez-Cerda; M. David Iturbe-Castillo; Ruben Ramos-Garcia
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An effective and efficient method of calculating Bessel beam fields
Author(s): Igor A. Litvin; Andrew Forbes
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