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Proceedings of SPIE Volume 5856

Optical Measurement Systems for Industrial Inspection IV
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Volume Number: 5856
Date Published: 13 June 2005
Softcover: 119 papers (1084) pages
ISBN: 9780819458568

Table of Contents
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Full-field low-frequency heterodyne interferometry using CMOS and CCD cameras with online phase processing
Author(s): Fereydoun Lakestani; Maurice Patrick Whelan; Julie Garvey; David Newport
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Reflectivity function based illumination and sensor planning for industrial inspection
Author(s): Marc M. Ellenrieder; Christian Wohler; Pablo d'Angelo
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Illumination-based segmentation of structured surfaces in automated visual inspection
Author(s): Christoph Lindner; Javier Arigita; Fernando Puente Leon
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Optical 3D sensor for large objects in industrial application
Author(s): Peter Kuhmstedt; Matthias Heinze; Michael Himmelreich; Christian Brauer-Burchardt; Peter Brakhage; Gunther Notni
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Confocal micro-optical distance sensor: realization and results
Author(s): Peter Lucke; Arndt Last; Jurgen Mohr; Aiko K. Ruprecht; Christof Pruss; Hans J. Tiziani; Wolfgang Osten; Peter Lehmann; Sven Schonfelder
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Optical high-speed 3D metrology in harsh environments: recording structural data of railway lines
Author(s): H. Hofler; C. Baulig; A. Blug; M. Dambacher; N. Dimopoulos; H. Wolfelschneider
Absolute distance metrology for space interferometers
Author(s): Bas L. Swinkels; Nandini Bhattacharya; Arno A. Wielders; Joseph J. M. Braat
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Robust high-precision 2D optical range sensor
Author(s): Markus Brandner; Thomas Thurner
High-speed and line-feed Fourier domain optical coherence tomography
Author(s): Yoshiaki Yasuno; Shuichi Makita; Takashi Endo; Gouki Aoki; Masahiro Yamanari; Yoshifumi Nakamura; Masahide Itoh; Toyohiko Yatagai
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Three-dimensional machine vision utilising optical coherence tomography with a direct read-out CMOS camera
Author(s): Patrick Egan; Fereydoun Lakestani; Maurice P. Whelan; Michael J. Connelly
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Micro-optics metrology using advanced interferometry
Author(s): Stephan Reichelt; Alexander Bieber; Bernd Aatz; Hans Zappe
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Microlenses metrology with digital holographic microscopy
Author(s): Florian Charriere; Jonas Kuhn; Tristan Colomb; Frederic Montfort; Etienne Cuche; Yves Emery; Kenneth Weible; Christian D. Depeursinge
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Development of measurement of microstructure using moiré topography in SEM
Author(s): Yasuhiko Arai; Shunsuke Yokozeki
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Dimensional metrology for the fabrication of imaging optics using a high accuracy low coherence interferometer
Author(s): Rainer Wilhelm; Alain Courteville; Fabrice Garcia
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3D measurement of human face by stereophotogrammetry
Author(s): Holger Wagner; Axel Wiegmann; Richard Kowarschik; Friedrich Zollner
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Precision inspection of diameters for circular reflecting cylinders
Author(s): Yu. V. Chugui; Yu. A. Lemeshko
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Recent issues on development of reference materials and standardized tests of optical methods of strain measurement
Author(s): Richard Burguete; Erwin Hack; Malgorzata Kujawinska; Eann Patterson; Leszek Salbut; Quasim Saleem; Thorsten Siebert; Maurice Whelan
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Polarization plane rotator used as a phase stepping device in a 2-channel shearing speckle interferometer
Author(s): Peter A. A. M. Somers; Nandini Bhattacharya
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Fast distance sensing by use of the speckle effect
Author(s): Ervin Nippolainen; Dmitry V. Semenov; Alexei A. Kamshilin; Andrey V. Belyaev; Sergei V. Andreev; Boris S. Gurevich
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The laser-scanning confocal vibrometer microscope
Author(s): Christian Rembe; Alexander Drabenstedt
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Specification of vibrational modes and amplitudes in large-scale structure by time averaging moiré technique
Author(s): Saifollah Rasouli; Mohammad Taghi Tavassoly
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Performance evaluation of a residual stress measurement device using indentation and a radial in-plane ESPI interferometer
Author(s): Ricardo Suterio; Armando Albertazzi G.; Felipe Kleber Amaral; Anderson Pacheco
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Automatic detection of the natural frequencies using digital shearography
Author(s): Y. Gan; G. Kupfer; W. Steinchen
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Interferometric optical tomography applied to dendritic crystal growth model scenes
Author(s): J-L. Dewandel; M. Heraud; S. Rex; M. Mathes; T. Lanen; L. Joannes
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Laser acoustic characterization of Ta and TaN diffusion barriers beneath Cu layers
Author(s): Jacqueline Vollmann; Dieter M. Profunser; Jurg Bryner; Jurg Dual
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Local measurements by noise in dynamic force microscopy
Author(s): Pascal Vairac; Bernard Cretin; Benjamin Joly
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Enhancement of image contrast by fluorescence in microtechnology
Author(s): Michael Berndt; Rainer Tutsch
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Digital holography microscopy (DHM): fast and robust systems for industrial inspection with interferometer resolution
Author(s): Yves Emery; Etienne Cuche; Francois Marquet; Nicolas Aspert; Pierre Marquet; Jonas Kuhn; Mikhail Botkine; Tristan Colomb; Frederic Montfort; Florian Charriere; Christian Depeursinge
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Characterisation of high-density particle distributions for optimisation of laser cladding processes using digital holography
Author(s): Volker Kebbel; Jurgen Geldmacher; Knut Partes; Werner Juptner
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Methods based on one component laser Doppler anemometer and hot film anemometer for three-dimensional turbulent measurements
Author(s): Athanasios P. Zeris
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Novel real-time infrared image processor with ADSP
Author(s): Cheng-liang Ge; Guo-bin Fan; Zhi-qiang Liu; Zheng-dong Li; Jian-tao Wu; Zhi-wei Huang; Zheng Liang
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A new approach for simple and rapid shape measurement of objects with surface discontinuities
Author(s): Sai Siva Gorthi; Kameswara Rao Lolla
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Application of super image methods in digital holography
Author(s): Janos Kornis; Balazs Gombkoto
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A compact frequency-stabilized Nd:YVO4/KTP/I2 laser at 532 nm for laser interferometry and wavelength standards
Author(s): Leonid F. Vitushkin; Oleg A. Orlov
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Liquid mirror as planarity standard: a simplified experimental approach
Author(s): M. Vannoni; G. Molesini
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Wavefront reconstruction algorithms for the adaptive Shack-Hartmann sensor
Author(s): Lars Seifert; Hans J. Tiziani; Wolfgang Osten
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A new approach for measurement of wire diameter by optical diffraction
Author(s): Yogesh C. Diwan; Kameswara Rao Lolla
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Effectible factors in optics profile testing
Author(s): Huan Ren; Xiaodong Jiang; Zuxin Huang; Hua Xu; Wei Zhong; Ke Li
A compact shearing interferometer for testing optical systems
Author(s): Jiri Novak; Pavel Novak; Antonin Miks
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500-mm-aperture wavelength-tuning phase-shifting interferometer
Author(s): Liqun Chai; Qiao Xu; Yingjie Yu; Yang Deng; Jiancheng Xu
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On-line measurements with optical scanners: metrological aspects
Author(s): Virgil-Florin Duma
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Zeeman laser for straightness measurements
Author(s): Janusz Rzepka; Grzegorz Budzyn; Wojciech Fraczek; Marcin Bielenin
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Focal spot measurement in ultra-intense ultra-short pulse laser facility
Author(s): Lanqin Liu; Hansheng Peng; Kainan Zhou; Xiaodong Wang; Xiaoming Zeng; Qihua Zhu; Xiaojun Huang; Xiaofeng Wei; Huan Ren
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Experimental studies of mechanical joints by automated grating (moire) interferometry
Author(s): G. Dymny; M. Kujawinska; L. Salbut; D. Boronski
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Close infrared thermography using an intensified CCD camera: application in nondestructive high resolution evaluation of electrothermally actuated MEMS
Author(s): B. Serio; J. J. Hunsinger; F. Conseil; P. Derderian; D. Collard; L. Buchaillot; M. F. Ravat
On-line non-contact measuring of synchronizer hubs
Author(s): Cesar Fraga; Jose M. Enguita; Ignacio Alvarez; Jorge Marina; Nestor Martinez
Utilizing a TII aspherical measurement machine in a computer controlled polishing process
Author(s): E. Pitschke; M. Schinhaerl; P. Sperber; R. Rascher
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Pulsed Nd:YAG laser beam profile analyse
Author(s): Hana Chmelickova; Hana Lapsanska; Radim Ctvrtlik
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CCD based emissivity measurements for surface characterization in heat treatment processes
Author(s): Gerald Zauner; Gerald Darilion; Daniel Heim; G. Hendorfer; Thomas Mueller
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Dedicated near-field microscopies for electronic materials and devices
Author(s): Ludwig Josef Balk; Ronald Marcus Cramer; Ralf Heiderhoff; Jacob C. H. Phang; Oleg Sergeev; Anne-Katrin Tiedemann
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