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Proceedings of SPIE Volume 5852

Third International Conference on Experimental Mechanics and Third Conference of the Asian Committee on Experimental Mechanics
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Volume Number: 5852
Date Published: 12 April 2005
Softcover: 151 papers (1012) pages
ISBN: 9780819458520

Table of Contents
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Optics-based sensor for DNA screening applications
Author(s): Wei Ming Chiang; Chu Sing Lim; Tet Fatt Chia; Wai Fun Tan; Seng Kim Lim
Structural health monitoring of smart civil structures using fibre optic sensors
Author(s): Jin Shong Leng; Darren Winter; R. A. Barnes; G. C. Mays; Gerard Franklyn Fernando
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The dynamic properties behavior of high strength concrete under different strain rate
Author(s): Hasballah Abdullah; Saiful Husin; Hamdani Umar; Samsul Rizal
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Optical large mirror design
Author(s): Jeong-ick Lee; Seong-sik Choi
Quantitative image quality evaluations of enhanced images in turbid water medium
Author(s): Gerald G. L. Seet; Andrzej Sluzek; ChingSeong Tan
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Optical image sensing through turbid water
Author(s): Duo-Min He; Gerald G. L. Seet
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Designing, manufacturing, and testing of embedded EFPI strain sensor for damage detection of smart composite beams
Author(s): Lay May Sim; Gang Zhou
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Drop-test study of parachute textile with embedded fiber optic sensors
Author(s): Min Li; Yulin Li
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Tool breakage detection in millin operations using a fiber optic sensor
Author(s): Guillermo de Anda-Rodriguez; Eduardo Castillo-Castaneda; Salvador Guel-Sandoval
Air-coupled ultrasonic measurements in composites
Author(s): Vamshi Kommareddy; John J. Peters; David K. Hsu
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Modified single lap joint (MSLJ) test configuration for the determination of adhesive fracture energy
Author(s): S. B. Kumar; I. Sridhar; S. Sivashanker; Asim Bag; S. O. Osiyemi
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Composite materials based on carbon nanotubes for aerospace applications
Author(s): S. Bellucci; C. Balasubramanian; F. Mancia; M. Marchetti; M. Regi; F. Tombolini
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Influence of high pressure water-jet-assisted machining on surface residual stresses on the work-piece of Ti-6AL-4V alloy
Author(s): Manouchehr Vosough; Inge Svenningsson
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A novel phase measurement profilometry based on linear CCD array
Author(s): Hong Zhao; Zhihua Zhao; Kejian Jiang; Yuanhe Song
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Electroholography unit for three-dimensional display using special-purpose chip and high minute LCD panel
Author(s): Tomoyoshi Shimobaba; Atushi Shiraki; Nobuyuki Masuda; Tomoyoshi Ito
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Temporal phase processing with compression in interferometry
Author(s): Kar Tien Ang; Tuck Wah Ng
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New initiatives in phase unwrapping in digital photoelasticity
Author(s): P. L. Prashant; K. R. Madhu; K. Ramesh
Simplified Carre method for phase extraction
Author(s): Lujie J. Chen; Chenggen Quan; Cho Jui Tay
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Spatially sampling effect on fringe phase-shifting detection
Author(s): Bing Zhao; Huimin Xie; Anand Asundi
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Mobile shearography
Author(s): Michael Kalms; Werner Jueptner
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A novel fiber optic sensor for the measurement of pH of blood based on colorimetry
Author(s): A. L. Chaudhari; D. D. Patil; Arvind D. Shaligram
Bar code identification of digital levels
Author(s): Jinhui Li; Liqing Geng
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Improvement of elliptically polarized white light technique for photoviscoelasticity
Author(s): Akihiro Yokota; Kenichi Sakaue; Masahisa Takashi
Measurements of the principal axis and phase retardation using a new circular polariscope and the Senarmont setup
Author(s): Jing-Fung Lin; Yu-Lung Lo; Sen-Yung Lee; Chi-Cheng Peng
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3-D stress analysis using the Jones matrix image Fourier polarimetry technique
Author(s): Souichirou Katsumata; Kenichi Sakaue; Masahisa Takashi
A new positioning and loading system for the study of the mechanical behavior of small and micro components
Author(s): Xide Li; Ye Gu
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Thermo-mechanical data bit formation of small-sized microcantilever probe tip array
Author(s): Nyok Boon Chong; Jiaping Yang; Jianqiang Mou; Guoxiao Guo
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New radiation sources from channeling in micro- and nano-structures
Author(s): S. Bellucci
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Fabrication and characterization of piezoelectric cantilever for micro transducers
Author(s): Jin Xie; Min Hu; Shih-Fu Ling; Hejun Du
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Size effect on quasi-brittle fracture
Author(s): Xiaozhi Hu; Kai Duan
Mechanical properties of lead-free solder alloys evaluated by miniature size specimen
Author(s): Yoshiharu Kariya; Tsuyoshi Asai; Tadatomo Suga
Vibration measurements on smart electronic structures by means of laser techniques
Author(s): Norbert Ruemmler; Rene Schnitzer; Bernd Michel; Juergen Auersperg; Eberhard Kaulfersch
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Measurement of blood velocity using laser Doppler method for the designing module
Author(s): Guo-Liang Chen; Jen-Ai Lee; Tung-Wu Lu; Zhao-Cheng Chen; Chien-Ming Chen
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Reactive magnetron sputtering of antinomy tin oxide films on glass substrate
Author(s): Chien-Cheng Liu; Wei-Chi Huang; Fei-Lung Lu; Chien-Tang Wang
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Methodology to study the effect of moisture on refractive index of optical adhesive
Author(s): Shimin Lim; Anish Priyadarshi; Ranjan Rajoo; E. H. Wong; Subodh G. Mhaisalkar; Vaidyanathan Kripesh
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Development of an optical interferometer for micro-components inspection
Author(s): Shi Hua Wang; Chenggen Quan; Cho Jui Tay; Ivan Reading; Zhong Ping Fang
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Fiber Bragg grating parameter estimation by using two thermally modulated intensity spectra for arbitrary distributed strain sensing
Author(s): Hsu-Chih Cheng; Yu-Lung Lo
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Finite element modeling and simulation of fiber optical based load cell (FOLC) sensor
Author(s): N. M. Shelke; Kiran Tamadaddi; P. B. Buchade; Arvind D. Shaligram
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Experimental investigation of vibration behaviors of bonded structures
Author(s): Joing-Shiun Hsu; Wei-Chung Wang
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Measurement of transparent coating thickness by the use of white light interferometry
Author(s): Mingzhou Li; Chenggen Quan; Cho Jui Tay; Ivan Reading; Shihua Wang
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Displacement measurement by phase-shifting digital holography with convolution technique
Author(s): Hirotaka Otaki; Kenichi Sakaue; Masahisa Takashi
A combined fiber optic digital shearography and holography system for defect inspection in Si-wafers
Author(s): Ganesha Udupa; Jun Wang; Bryan Kok Ann Ngoi
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Strain analysis on an Al-foam structure with ESPI
Author(s): Ronny Wegner; Andreas Ettemeyer; Raphael Schoen; Hermann Buschermoehle
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Near infrared spectroscopy based brain-computer interface
Author(s): Sitaram Ranganatha; Yoko Hoshi; Cuntai Guan
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Marking-dots digital image correlation and application to studies of spinal biomechanics
Author(s): Jinlong Chen; Cuiru Sun; Yuwen Qin; Xinhua Ji
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Image enhancement for radiography inspection
Author(s): Xin Wang; Brian Stephen Wong; Tui Chen Guan
Fatigue properties of rolled stainless steels
Author(s): Priyo Tri Iswanto; Shin-ichi Nishida; Nobusuke Hattori; Yuji Kawakami
Industrial applications of shearography for inspection of aircraft components
Author(s): Rene Krupka; Thomas Walz; Andreas Ettemeyer
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Development of an automated ultrasonic testing system
Author(s): Jiao Shuxiang; Brian Stephen Wong
Fatigue mechanism of elemental alloyed and nitrided ultra-low carbon steel sheets
Author(s): Tuan Suhaimi Salleh; Shin-ichi Nishida; Nobusuke Hattori
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Profile measurement of microwave antenna using close range photogrammetry
Author(s): Naiguang Lu; Wenyi Deng; Yongqiang Wang; Mingli Dong
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Ultrasonic weak bond evaluation in IC packaging
Author(s): Xiaoming Jian; N. Guo; Steve Dixon
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Ultrasonic attenuation studies in high Tc superconductors
Author(s): Zhong Cheng Shen; Zuo Jiang
Uncertainty principle and fringe image processing
Author(s): Bing Zhao; Huimin Xie; Anand Asundi
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A new phase shifting shadow moiré method for out-of-plane displacement measurement
Author(s): Fujun Yang; Wei Sun; Chengjun Gu; Xiaoyuan He
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High-speed imaging for evaluation of silicon wafer defects
Author(s): Jun Wang; Ganesha Udupa; Bryan Kok Ann Ngoi
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Phase shifting calibrated with digital image correlation method
Author(s): Ming Jiang; H. Y. Tam; Xiao Yuan He
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Cells and gels: implications for mechanics
Author(s): Gerald H. Pollack
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Characterization of microscopic deformation in polymeric thin films using particle image velocimetry
Author(s): Manish Soni; Moiz Diwan; Abhijit P. Deshpande
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Feasibilty of modulated optical deflection sensing in atomic force microscopy
Author(s): Tuck Wah Ng; W. S. Lee; Osami Sasaki
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Influences of strain rate on yield strength aluminum alloys
Author(s): Samsul Rizal; Hamdani Teuku Firdaus; Razali Thaib; Hiroomi Homma
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Dynamic testing of micro devices using PZT base excitation
Author(s): Min Hu; Jin Xie; Shih-Fu Ling; Hejun Du; Yongqing Fu
Force microscopy: application to soft matter
Author(s): Mounir Maaloum; Raphaël Levy
Cheap color evaluation of dye-based pressure sensitive films for plantar studies
Author(s): W. K. Yeong; Tuck Wah Ng
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Towards an ideal polymer scaffold for tendon/ligament tissue engineering
Author(s): Sambit Sahoo; Hong Wei Ouyang; James Cho-Hong Goh; Tong-Earn Tay; Siew Lok Toh
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Cyclic uniaxial strains on fibroblasts-seeded PLGA scaffolds for tissure engineering of ligaments
Author(s): Kyaw Moe; Tong Earn Tay; James Cho Hong Goh; Hong Wei Ouyang; Siew Lok Toh
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Structure analysis of the wing of a dragonfly
Author(s): Kenji Machida; J. Shimanuki
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Analysis of dynamic foot pressure distribution and ground reaction forces
Author(s): F. R. Ong; T. S. Wong
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Fluorescence photon migration techniques for the on-farm measurement of somatic cell count in fresh cow's milk
Author(s): Geoffrey Khoo; Rainer Kuennemeyer; Rod W. Claycomb
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Use of reflectance spectroscopy for early detection of calcium deficiency in plants
Author(s): Bingqing Li; Liew Oi Wah; Anand Krishna Asundi
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On-line milk spectrometry: analysis of bovine milk composition
Author(s): Kyle Spitzer; Rainer Kuennemeyer; Murray Woolford; Rod Claycomb
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Use of LANDSAT-7 ETM+ with ancillary data for soil salinity mapping in northeast Thailand
Author(s): Roengsak Katawatin; Wilaiwan Kotrapat
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Spectroscopic detection of fluorescent protein marker gene activity in genetically modified plants
Author(s): O. W. Liew; Jenny P. C. Chong; Anand K. Asundi
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A new method to measure the distance between the micro-device and the substrate
Author(s): Satoshi Kishimoto; George C. Johnson
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Laser interferometry method for measuring displacement field of crack tip of bimetal hot-dip specimen
Author(s): Jiyong Chen; Anand Asundi
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Moiré interferometric investigation on the role of hydration in the mechanical behavior of dentine
Author(s): Anil Kishen; Anand Asundi
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Micro/nano grating and its application to moiré measurement
Author(s): Huimin Xie; Zhanwei Liu; Haixia Shang; Qikun Xue; Jinfeng Jia; Daining Fang
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New optical strain method of three-beams interferometry and digital image processing
Author(s): L. A. Li; Z. Y. Wang; S. B. Wang; P. Goudeau; J. W. Tong
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Nanocharacterization of bio-silica using atomic force and ultrasonic force microscopy
Author(s): Vinaypreet S. Gill; Kevin P. Hallinan; N. S. Brar
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Preliminary work of a smart needling project
Author(s): Kaiguo Yan; Tien-I Liu; Keck Voon Ling; Yan Yu; Walter O'Dell; Ng Wan Sing
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Simple optical characterisation for biomimetic micromachined silicon strain-sensing structure
Author(s): Dedy H. B. Wicaksono; Gregory Pandraud; Patrick J. French
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The unbalanced signal measuring of automotive brake drum
Author(s): Xiao-Dong Wang; Sheng-Hua Ye; Bang-Cheng Zhang
A new method for the determination of essential work of necking and tearing
Author(s): Alexander M. Korsunsky; Kyungmok Kim; Colin Chiu
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Effect of mean stress and residual stress on fatigue strength improvement of ferritic stainless steel
Author(s): Priyo Tri Iswanto; Shin-ichi Nishida; Nobusuke Hattori
Magnetomechanical hysteresis damping in Fe-Al alloys
Author(s): Z. C. Zhou; Z. C. Shen; Z. Jiang; F. S. Han
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Fracture properties of bioabsorbable HA/PLLA/PCL composite material
Author(s): S. D. Park; M. Todo; K. Arakawa; H. Tsuji; Y. Takenoshita
The positional capture experiments of the LCM using near field fiber probe
Author(s): Chi-Fu Yen; Jen-Ai Lee; Chien-Ming Chen
Nanomechanical testing of polymeric nanofibers
Author(s): E. P. S. Tan; C. T. Lim
Automatic extraction of isotropic points using min-max scanned photoelastic images
Author(s): Terry Yuan-Fang Chen; Yu-Hsiang Fang; Han-Sheng Lin
Application of digital photoelasticity to determine stress in beam due to shear/flexural crack
Author(s): Dulal Goldar
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Ultrasonic stress analysis of a strip by the time-averaged photoelastic method
Author(s): Wei-Chung Wang; Ying-Huang Tsai
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The measurement of the flight gesture and the wing deformation of dragonfly in free flight
Author(s): Peng Cheng; Jinsong Hu; Guofeng Zhang; Boqin Xu; Xiaoping Wu
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The signal extraction of fetal heart rate based on wavelet transform and BP neural network
Author(s): Xiao Hong Yang; Bang-Cheng Zhang; Hu Dai Fu
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Experiment and analysis of the fiber shape of curculionidae cuticle
Author(s): B. Chen; X. Peng; J. G. Wang; X. Wu
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Shock characteristics obtained by nanosecond analyses for aerospace materials
Author(s): Yasuhisa Sato; Taku Ueno
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Experiment and analysis on the aragonite layer of clam shell
Author(s): B. Chen; X. Peng; J. G. Wang; X. Wu
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Enantiomeric determination of D-, L-lactate in diabetic rat urine using a column-switching HPLC
Author(s): Chien-Ming Chen; Yih-Chiao Tsai; Takeshi Fukushima; Kazuhiro Imai; Jen-Ai Lee
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