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Advanced Laser Technologies 2004
Editor(s): Ivan A. Shcherbakov; Anna Giardini; Vitali I. Konov; Vladimir I. Pustovoy
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Volume Number: 5850
Date Published: 7 June 2005
Softcover: 51 papers (410) pages
ISBN: 9780819458476

Table of Contents
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Absorption and photocurrent properties of low-temperature laser deposited thin-film GaAs on glass
Author(s): A. Erlacher; M. Ambrico; G. Perna; L. Schiavulli; T. Ligonzo; H. Jaeger; B. Ullrich
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Effect of laser ablation parameters on the structure and properties of multicomponent magnetic films
Author(s): A. Luches; S. Luby; S. Acquaviva; A. P. Caricato; M. Fernandez; E. Majkova; Z. Frait; D. Fraitova; R. Malych; P. Mengucci
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Light emission from erbium-doped nanocrystalline silicon/silicon dioxide layers under strong optical excitation
Author(s): Pavel K. Kashkarov; Olga A. Shalygina; Denis M. Zhigunov; Dmitri A. Sapun; Sergei A. Teterukov; Victor Yu. Timoshenko; Johannes Heitmann; Michael Schmidt; Margit Zacharias; Kenji Imakita; Minoru Fujii; Shinji Hayashi
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Investigation and application of size-dependent properties of silicon-based nanoparticles produced by laser pyrolysis
Author(s): E. Trave; F. Enrichi; G. Mattei; V. Bello; E. Borsella; F. Fabbri; M. Carpanese; M. Falconieri; C. Abate; F. Costa; L. Costa; L. Gini
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Lasers in conservation of artworks: the European Community research
Author(s): Renzo Salimbeni; Vassilis Zafiropulos; Roxana Radvan; Veronique Verges-Belmin; Wolfgang Kautek; Alessandra Andreoni; Gerard Sliwinski; Marta Castillejo; Sheikh Rafi Ahmad
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Laser ablated Sr2FeMoO6 plasma studied by optical emission spectroscopy
Author(s): A. Santagata; A. Di Trolio; G. P. Parisi; R. Larciprete
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Study of laser produced plasma in Cu-based alloys
Author(s): F. Colao; R. Fantoni; L. Caneve; L. Fornarini; V. Lazic; A. Santagata; R. Teghil; A. Giardini
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Anisotropic etching of dielectrics exposed by high intensity femtosecond pulses
Author(s): Saulius Juodkazis; Yuusuke Tabuchi; Takahiro Ebisui; Shigeki Matsuo; Hiroaki Misawa
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High precision pulsed selective laser sintering of metallic powders
Author(s): Pascal Fischer; Valerio Romano; Andreas Blatter; Heinz P. Weber
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Photophysical ablation of porous silicon as manifestation of mezoscopic force fluctuation in nanowires
Author(s): V. P. Aksenov; G. N. Mikhailova
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Waveguide nonlinear optics scaled to higher peak powers with large-core-area hollow photonic-crystal fibers
Author(s): S. O. Konorov; A. B. Fedotov; L. A. Mel'nikov; A. V. Shcherbakov; R. B. Miles; A. M. Zheltikov
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Periodic ripples produced by a scanning beam of a femtosecond Ti:sapphire laser
Author(s): E. Freysz; S. M. Pershin; G. A. Shafeev
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Laser ignition of engines: multipoint, fiber delivery, and diagnostics
Author(s): M. Weinrotter; K. Iskra; A. H. Al-Janabi; H. Kopecek; E. Wintner
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Influence of laser pulse duration on microstructuring of silicon surface
Author(s): G. D. Shandybina; G. M. Martsinovsky; S. M. Sarnakov
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Laser spectroscopy and mass spectrometry of biologically relevant systems: chiral discrimination
Author(s): Susanna Piccirillo; Mauro Satta; Marcello Coreno; Daniele Catone; Flaminia Rondino; Debora Scuderi; Alessandra Paladini; Maurizio Speranza; Anna Giardini
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Investigation of human biomarkers in exhaled breath by laser photoacoustic spectroscopy
Author(s): D. C. Dumitras; G. Giubileo; A. Puiu
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Theoretical modelling of laser induced breakdown spectroscopy in water
Author(s): A. Casavola; G. Colonna; M. Capitelli
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Global Raman imaging: a novel tool for compositional analysis
Author(s): A. Zoppi; C. Lofrumento; E. M. Castellucci
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Femtosecond time-resolved reflectometry for studying micro and nanostructured strongly scattering material
Author(s): V. M. Gordienko; K. P. Bestemyanov; A. S. Khomenko; A. N. Konovalov; A. A. Podshivalov
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Laser photoacoustic system for characterization of climacteric and nonclimacteric fruits in postharvest
Author(s): G. Giubileo; A. Lai; D. Piccinelli; A. Puiu
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Amplitude-modulated laser range-finder for 3D imaging with multi-sensor data integration capabilities
Author(s): L. Bartolini; M. Ferri de Collibus; G. Fornetti; M. Guarneri; E. Paglia; C. Poggi; R. Ricci
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Study on the fermion systems coupled by electric dipol interaction with the free electromagnetic field
Author(s): Eliade Stefanescu; Andreea Rodica Sterian; Paul Sterian
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LIPS analysis of samples of tree trunks
Author(s): F. Colao; R. Fantoni; D. Lattanzi
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Image quality in optical imaging by time-correlated single photon-counting technique
Author(s): M. Mormile; R. Esposito; R. Romano; M. Lepore; P. L. Indovina
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A combined Raman-LIBS spectrometer: toward a mobile atomic and molecular analytical tool for in situ applications
Author(s): L. Ancillotti; E. M. Castellucci; M. Becucci
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Mobile laser spectrofluorometer for natural waters monitoring in Sicily
Author(s): P. Aristipini; D. Del Bugaro; L. Fiorani; S. Loreti; A. Palucci
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Compact scanning lidar fluorosensor for cultural heritage diagnostics
Author(s): P. Aristipini; F. Colao; R. Fantoni; L. Fiorani; A. Palucci
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Form anisotrophy influence on properties of cubic susceptibility tensor in birefrigent porous silicon
Author(s): S. V. Zabotnov; L. A. Golovan; S. O. Konorov; A. B. Fedotov; A. M. Zheltikov; V. Yu. Timoshenko; P. K. Kashkarov
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Long-living meta-stable non-equilibrium states of HTSC compounds in transient four-photon spectroscopy
Author(s): Yu. V. Bobyrev; V. M. Petnikova; K. V. Rudenko; V. V. Shuvalov; A. V. Voronov
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Ultra-fast calculation scheme for small-angle multi-scattering problems
Author(s): Vladimir V. Shuvalov; I. V. Shutov; E. V. Tret'akov; Andrei V. Voronov
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Nanocrystalline diamond films: laser assisted fabrication, optical and electronic properties
Author(s): S. M. Pimenov; V. G. Ralchenko; V. I. Konov; A. V. Khomich; E. V. Zavedeev; V. D. Frolov
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Laser synthesis of nanopowders
Author(s): V. V. Osipov; M. G. Ivanov; Yu. A. Kotov; V. V. Platonov; O. M. Samatov
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Laser induced synthesis of nanoparticles in liquids
Author(s): A. V. Simakin; G. A. Shafeev; V. V. Voronov
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UV sub-ps laser pulse patterning of Mo/Si and W/Si multilayers for soft x-ray gratings
Author(s): E. Majkova; S. Luby; Y. Chushkin; M. Jergel; D. Papazoglou; A. Manousaki; C. Fotakis; G. Zergioti; J. Sobota
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Laser techniques for the fabrication of nanobiodevices
Author(s): Serena Gagliardi; Sandra Nufris; Bruno Rapone; Piero Morales; G. D'Agostaro
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Fabrication of thin wafers from nanocrystalline silicon powders
Author(s): N. N. Kononov; G. P. Kuz'min; O. V. Tikhonevitch; A. A. Surkov; E. M. Khokhlov
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Control of optical properties of human skin by embedding light scattering nanoparticles
Author(s): Alexey P. Popov; Alexander V. Priezzhev; Jurgen Lademann
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Writing the regular domain structures in ultra-thin ferromagnetic films by short trains of ultra-short laser pulses
Author(s): V. M. Petnikova; K. V. Rudenko; V. V. Shuvalov; A. V. Voronov
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Micro- and nano-structuring of brass under laser ablation in liquids
Author(s): P. V. Kazakevich; A. V. Simakin; G. A. Shafeev; V. V. Voronov
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New processing possibilities of materials by micro and nano precision laser machining for microelectronics applications
Author(s): Dumitru Ulieru; Ileana Apostol
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Direct writing of luminescent nanostructures in lithium fluoride films by x-ray microprobe scanning
Author(s): F. Bonfigli; R. M. Montereali; T. Marolo; R. Larciprete; L. Gregoratti; M. Danailov; M. Kiskinova; S. K. Sekatskii; G. Dietler
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Nonlinear optical properties of Ag nanoparticles prepared by laser ablation in liquids
Author(s): V. A. Karavanskii; A. V. Simakin; V. I. Krasovskii; P. V. Ivanchenko
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Avalanche annealing and anodization effects on structural properties of short-period C/SiC super lattices
Author(s): V. A. Karavanskii; N. N. Melnik; F. A. Pudonin; T. N. Zavaritskaya
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Optical properties of multishelled amorphous silicon nanoparticles
Author(s): S. Korovin; S. Vasil'chenko; V. E. Ogluzdin; V. Pustovoi
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Synchronization of ELETTRA storage-ring light sources with an ultrafast CR:LISAF laser
Author(s): M Ferianis; M. B. Danailov; G. Afifi; M. Coreno; B. Diviacco; G. De Ninno; L. Giannessi; M. Trovo; M. Marsi
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Excimer laser with repetition rate up to 2000 Hz
Author(s): G. P. Kuzmin; V. K. Bashkin; V. G. Dobkin; S. M. Babichenko
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Development of UV solid state laser sources based on cerium activated crystals
Author(s): Daniele Alderighi; Guido Toci; Matteo Vannini; Marina Mazzoni; Mauro Tonelli; Daniela Parisi; Hiroki Sato; Martin Niklc
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An experimental study on ultrafast lamps for an ultraviolet solid state laser
Author(s): Daniele Alderighi; Guido Toci; Matteo Vannini
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Active waveguides in lithium fluoride for color centers based optical amplifiers
Author(s): Rosa Maria Montereali; Francois Auzel; Giuseppe Baldacchini; Francesca Bonfigli
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Phase control of backward stimulated Brillouin scattering wave by a self-generated density modulation
Author(s): Seong Ku Lee; Dong Won Lee; Hong Jin Kong
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The determination of transverse pulsations of turbulent flow velocity in fast-axial flow CO2 laser by phase-conjugation method
Author(s): S. A. Buyarov; M. G. Galuskin; V. D. Dubrov; V. Ya. Panchenko; Yu. N. Zavalov
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