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21st European Mask and Lithography Conference
Editor(s): Uwe F. W. Behringer

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Volume Number: 5835
Date Published: 16 June 2005

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Enabling technologies for nanostructuring
Author(s): Hermann Gerlinger
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Progress in 193nm immersion lithography at IMEC
Author(s): K. Ronse; G. Vandenberghe; E. Hendrickx; L. H. A. Leunissen; Y. Aksenov
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Influence of pellicle mounting to predicted mask flatness
Author(s): Masamitsu Itoh; Soichi Inoue; Tsuneyuki Hagiwara; Naoto Kondo
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Endpoint detection development for 70 nm technology Cr etch process
Author(s): Pavel Nesladek; Andreas Wiswesser; Oliver Loffler
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Application of PGSD (proximity gap suction development) to 70 nm NAND mask fabrication
Author(s): Hideaki Sakurai; Tooru Shibata; Masamitsu Itoh; Kotaro Ooishi; Hideo Funakoshi; Yoshiki Okamoto; Shigemi Oono; Masatoshi Kaneda; Shigenori Kamei; Naoya Hayashi
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ALTA 4700 system mask patterning performance improvements for X-architecture and wafer electrical performance interchangeability with 50kV E-beam
Author(s): Paul C. Allen; Mike Bohan; Eric R. Christenson; H. Dai; M. Duane; H. Christopher Hamaker; Sam C. Howells; Boaz Kenan; Peter Pirogovsky; Malik K. Sadiq; Robin Teitzel; Michael White
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Extending OASIS for the unification of mask data representation
Author(s): Emile Sahouria; Steffen Schulze; Toshio Suzuki; Junji Hirumi
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The interaction of mask manufacturability and alt PSM design parameters
Author(s): B. S. Kasprowicz; P. J. M. van Adrichem
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Mask modeling in the low k1 and ultrahigh NA regime: phase and polarization effects
Author(s): Andreas Erdmann
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Gaussian beam writing strategy: accuracy of using the shape beam simulator SELID for Gaussian beam systems
Author(s): J. H. Tortai; J. Thiault; R. Tiron; L. Mollard; Stephan Haefele; Sergey Vychub; John Lewellen; Peter Brooker
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Accurate aerial image simulation using high-resolution reticle inspection images
Author(s): William B. Howard; Chris A. Mack
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TRAVIT: software tool to simulate dry etch in maskmaking
Author(s): S. Babin; K. Bay; S. Okulovsky
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Exploring the fundamental limit of CD control: a measurement of shot noise induced CDU in e-beam lithography
Author(s): Ming L. Yu; Allan Sagle; Benny Buller
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Application results at 193nm: lithography emulation by aerial imaging and supplementary high resolution measurements
Author(s): Axel M. Zibold; Rainer Schmid; Klaus Bohm; Robert Brunner; Arndt C. Durr
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Results of a round robin measurement on a new CD mask standard
Author(s): F. Gans; R. Liebe; J. Richter; Th. Schatz; B. Hauffe; F. Hillmann; S. Dobereiner; H.-J. Bruck; G. Scheuring; B. Brendel; L. Bettin; K.-D. Roth; W. Steinberg; G. Schluter; P. Speckbacher; W. Sedlmeier; T. Scherubl; W. Hassler-Grohne; C. G. Frase; S. Czerkas; K. Dirscherl; B. Bodermann; W. Mirande; H. Bosse
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Actual measurement data obtained on new 65nm generation mask metrology tool set
Author(s): Jochen Bender; Michael Ferber; Klaus-Dieter Roth; Gerhard Schluter; Walter Steinberg; Gerd Scheuring; Frank Hillmann
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Application data of the electron beam based photomask repair tool MeRiT MG
Author(s): Christian Ehrlich; Klaus Edinger; Volker Boegli; Peter Kuschnerus
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Second level exposure for advanced phase shift mask applications using the SLM-based Sigma7300 DUV mask writer
Author(s): Thomas Ostrom; Angela Beyerl; Henrik Sjoberg; Tom Newman; Peter Hogfeldt
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DUV water immersion technology extends linearity: first results from the new 65nm node CD metrology system LWM500 WI
Author(s): Frank Hillmann; Stefan Dobereiner; Christian Gittinger; Richard Reiter; Gunther Falk; Hans-Jurgen Bruck; Gerd Scheuring; Artur Bosser; Michael Heiden; Gerhard Hoppen; Wolfgang Sulik; Wolfgang Vollrath
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Flare metrology used for PSD reconstruction
Author(s): Michael Arnz
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Demonstrators: a vital step forward for projection mask-less lithography (PML2)
Author(s): Christoph Brandstaetter; Ernst Haugeneder; Hans-Joachim Doering; Thomas Elster; Joachim Heinitz; Olaf Fortagne; Stefan Eder-Kapl; Gertraud Lammer; Peter Jochl; Hans Loeschner; Klaus Reimer; Juergen Saniter; Maati Talmi; Ramona Eberhardt; Klaus Kroenert
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Mask manufacture for projection mask-less lithography (PML2): MEMS-technology for a programmable aperture plate system
Author(s): K. Reimer; M. Witt; D. Kahler; J. Eichholz; L. Ratzmann; W. Brunger; H.-J, Doring; E. Haugeneder; S. Eder-Kapl; R. Nowak
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Optimization of anti-reflective coatings for lithography applications
Author(s): J. Bauer; O. Fursenko; S. Virko; B. Kuck; Th. Grabolla; V. Melnik; W. Mehr
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Defect printability and inspectability of halftone masks for the 90nm and 70nm node
Author(s): Karin Eggers; Karsten Gutjahr; Milko Peikert; Dieter Rutzinger; Ralf Ludwig; Michael Kaiser; Arndt Durr; Jan Heumann
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Pattern-induced non-uniformity of residual layers in nanoimprint lithography
Author(s): Nicolas Bogdanski; Matthias Wissen; Hella-Christin Scheer
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High productivity object-oriented defect detection algorithms for the new modular die-to-database reticle inspection platform
Author(s): Syarhei Avakaw
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Lithography trends based on projections of the ITRS
Author(s): Wolfgang Arden
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Overview of SEMATECH's EUVL program
Author(s): Stefan Wurm
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Progress on EUV-source development, tool integration and applications
Author(s): Rainer Lebert; Bernhard Jagle; Christian Wies; Uwe Stamm; Juergen Kleinschmidt; Kai Gaebel; Guido Schriever; Joseph Pankert; Klaus Bergmann; Willi Neff; Andre Egbert
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Production challenges of making EUV mask blanks
Author(s): Holger Seitz; Frank Sobel; Markus Renno; Thomas Leutbecher; Nathalie Olschewski; Thorsten Reichardt; Ronny Walter; Hans Becker; Ute Buttgereit; Gunter Hess; Konrad Knapp; Christian Wies; Rainer Lebert
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High speed reflectometer for EUV mask-blanks
Author(s): Christian Wies; Rainer Lebert; Bernhard Jagle; L. Juschkin; F. Sobel; H. Seitz; Ronny Walter; C. Laubis; F. Scholze; W. Biel; O. Steffens
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