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Proceedings of SPIE Volume 5825

Opto-Ireland 2005: Optoelectronics, Photonic Devices, and Optical Networks
Editor(s): Gerald Farrell; David M. Denieffe; Liam Barry; John Gerard McInerney; Harold S. Gamble; Padraig Hughes; R. Alan Moore
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Volume Number: 5825
Date Published: 3 June 2005
Softcover: 74 papers (698) pages
ISBN: 9780819458100

Table of Contents
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Specifying the wavelength and temperature tuning range of a Fabry-Perot laser containing refractive index perturbations
Author(s): John Patchell; Dewi Jones; Brian Kelly; James O'Gorman
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Wide continuously tunable 1.55µm vertical air-cavity wavelength selective elements for filters and VCSELs using micromachined actuation
Author(s): H. Hillmer; A. Tarraf; F. Riemenschneider; S. Irmer; H. Halbritter; J. Daleiden; F. Romer; C. Prott; E. Ataro; A. Hasse; M. Strassner; S. Hansmann; P. Meissner
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The use of wide-bandgap CuCl on silicon for ultra-violet photonics
Author(s): L. O'Reilly; G. Natarajan; P. J. McNally; S. Daniels; O. F. Lucas; A. Mitra; M. Martinez-Rosas; L. Bradley; A. Reader; D. Cameron
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Design and evaluation of mode-locked semiconductor lasers for low noise and high stability
Author(s): Kresten Yvind; David Larsson; Lotte J. Christiansen; Leif K. Oxenlowe; Jesper Mork; Jorn M. Hvam; Jesper Hanberg
Ultrafast dynamics and near-field optics of light transmission through plasmonic crystals
Author(s): C. Lienau; C. Ropers; G. Stibenz; G. Steinmeyer; R. Muller; D. J. Park; K G. Lee; J. Kim; Q. H. Park; D. S. Kim
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Some emerging photonic technologies and their device impact: photonic crystals, plasmonics, and electromagnetically induced transparency
Author(s): Lars Thylen; Min Qiu
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Photonic molecules modes in resonantly coupled spherical microcavities with semiconductor nanocrystals
Author(s): Y. P. Rakovich; M. Gerlach; A. L. Bradley; J. F. Donegan; T. Connolly; J. J. Boland; N. Gaponik; A. L. Rogach
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Directionality of light emission in three-dimensional opal-based photonic crystals
Author(s): S. G. Romanov; D. N. Chigrin; T. Maka; M. Muller; R. Zentel; C. M. Sotomayor Torres
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Optical characteristics of ordinary and tunable 1D Si photonic crystals in the mid-infrared range
Author(s): Vladimir Tolmachev; Tatiana Perova; Ekaterina Astrova; Jyulia Pilyugina; Alan Moore; Kevin Berwick
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Sampled-grating DBR lasers: calibrated 3D simulation of tuning characteristics
Author(s): Lutz Schneider; Michael Pfeiffer; Joachim Piprek; Andreas Witzig; Bernd Witzigmann
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Phase correlation in self-pulsating distributed Bragg reflector laser
Author(s): P. Landais; J. Renaudier; G.-H. Duan
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Ultrafast coherent spectroscopy of single semiconductor quantum dots
Author(s): Christoph Lienau; Thomas Unold; Kerstin Mueller; Thomas Elsaesser
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Optical chaos communications
Author(s): Claudio R. Mirasso; Stephane Poinsot; Laurent Larger; Michael Peil; Ingo Fischer
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Delay induced excitability in VCSELs
Author(s): Tomasz Piwonski; John Houlihan; Thomas Busch; Guillaume Huyet
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Photonic crystal devices
Author(s): J. D. O'Brien; W. Kuang; M.-H. Shih; M. Bagheri; J. R. Cao; S. J. Choi; P. D. Dapkus
Experimental analysis of polarization dependence of ultrafast gain dynamics in SOAs
Author(s): B. F. Kennedy; P. Landais; A.. L. Bradley
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Liquid crystal wavefront corrector on silicon
Author(s): M. Loktev; G. Vdovin; L. Nanver
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Device design of 1.3µm AlGaInAs-InP narrow strip structure for self-pulsation operation
Author(s): Guan Hong Wu; Canice G. O'Brien; Woon-Ho Seo; John F. Donegan
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Supercontinuum sources
Author(s): John M. Dudley; Stephane Coen
Dynamics of thermal annealing of fibre gratings directly written by an infrared femtosecond laser
Author(s): A. Martinez; I. Khrushchev; I. Bennion
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Analysis of energy-band structure of 1D and 2D photonic crystals
Author(s): Hanna Laba; Volodymyr Fitio; Yaroslav Bobitski
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Resonance absorption of electromagnetic waves in the dielectric grating on metal system
Author(s): Volodymyr M. Fitio; Yaroslav V. Bobitski
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Improvement of a silicon-based non-silicon torsion micro-mirror for optical switch
Author(s): Yuan Luo; Yi Zhang
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Opal-ZnO nanocomposites: structure and emission properties
Author(s): Gennadi A. Emelchenko; Alexander N. Gruzintsev; Marina N. Kovalchuk; Vladimir M. Masalov; Eduard N. Samarov; Eugeny E. Yakimov; Carlos Barthou; Irina I. Zverkova
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Fabrication of polymer waveguides and spot size converters by UV induced refractive index modification
Author(s): Isabelle Hardy; Philippe Grosso; Dominique Bosc
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Investigation of the bandwidth of Geiger–mode avalanche photodiodes
Author(s): Aoife M. Moloney; Alan P. Morrison
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Abnormal growth mechanism of fiber Bragg gratings in high-Germanium-doped fibers
Author(s): M. J. N. Lima; R. N. Nogueira; J. C. C. Silva; A. L. J. Teixeira; P. S. B. Andre; J. R. F. da Rocha; H. J. Kalinowski; J. L. Pinto
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Epitaxial growth of ferromagnetic Ga1-xMnxN
Author(s): F. Mc Gee; D. O'Mahony; L. S. Dorneles; J. G. Lunney; M. Venkatesan; J. M. D. Coey
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FM response of a tunable laser incorporating thermal effects
Author(s): Gavin Mulvihill; Ronan O'Dowd
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Enhanced coupling of electronic and photonic states in a microcavity-quantum dot system
Author(s): M. Gerlach; Y. P. Rakovich; J. F. Donegan; N. Gaponik; A. L. Rogach
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Electron transport in bulk and multiquantum barrier AlxGa1-xInP/GaInP n-i-n diodes
Author(s): Joanne Ni Chroinin; Alan P. Morrison
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Light transport in hetero-opal photonic crystals
Author(s): S. G. Romanov; C. M. Sotomayor Torres; M. Egen; R. Zentel
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The use of free-space optical links for CATV applications
Author(s): Hakki H. Refai; James J. Sluss; Hazem H. Refai
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Pre-filtering on signal fading effect for radio-over-fiber distribution systems
Author(s): Ling Hu; Aleksandra Kaszubowska; Liam P. Barry
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Applying new data-entropy and data-scatter methods for optical digital signal analysis
Author(s): N. D. McMillan; J. Egan; D. Denieffe; S. Riedel; K. Tiernan; G. McGowan; G. Farrell
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Spectrum-sliced broadband source intensity noise reduction using semiconductor optical amplifier non-linear gain compression
Author(s): David Forsyth; Ivan Evans; Michael Connelly
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100km reach DWDM SuperPON with upstream bit rates of 2.5Gb/s and 10Gb/s
Author(s): Giuseppe Talli; Paul D. Townsend
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A study of birefringence effects in a bulk semiconductor optical amplifier and its application to all-optical wavelength conversion
Author(s): Li-Qiang Guo; Michael J. Connelly
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Effects of fiber cross phase modulation in wavelength division multiplexed systems which employ simultaneous amplitude and frequency modulation
Author(s): Sean O'Duill; Ronan F. O'Dowd
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FTTH: the overview of existing technologies
Author(s): Dawid Nowak; John Murphy
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Traffic sources for optical burst switching network simulations
Author(s): Bartlomiej Klusek; John Murphy; Liam Barry
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A new data diffraction method for digital signal analysis and optoelectronic-fiber system-digital design
Author(s): N. D. McMillan; J. Egan; D. Denieffe; S. Riedel; K. Tiernan; D G. E. McMillan; G. Farrell; David Kennedy; Greg Doyle; G. McGowan; A. Augousti; J. Mason
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Inclusion of depolarization effects in polarization-dependent loss statistics of a recirculating loop
Author(s): Claudio Floridia; Suzanne Baruh; Monica L. Rocha; Julio C. R. Oliveira; Fabio D. Simoes; Maria A. G. Martinez
The HomePlanet project: a HAVi multi-media network over POF
Author(s): Brendan Roycroft; Brian Corbett; Carmel Kelleher; John Lambkin; Baudouin Bareel; Jacques Goudeau; Peter Skiczuk
Quasi-optical beam steering using a MEMS reflector array
Author(s): V. Srigengan; S. J. N. Mitchell; V. F. Fusco; D. H. Campbell; D. Linton; H. S. Gamble
Integrated all-fibre VOA: power monitor module for fibre channel power control using a novel fibre substrate approach
Author(s): Ian P. Giles; Michael Mondanos
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Low temperature epoxy-free and flux-less bonding process applied to solid-state microchip laser
Author(s): Christophe Kopp; Karen Gilbert
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Luminescence properties of metallopolymer-gold nanoparticle composites
Author(s): Robert J. Forster; Lynn Dennany; Michael Seery; Tia E. Keyes
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Solder jet technology for advanced packaging
Author(s): C. Gallagher; P. J. Hughes; P. Tassie; K. Rodgers; J. Barton; J. Justice; D. P. Casey
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Packaging technology for high power blue-green LEDs
Author(s): Mahbub Akhter; Pleun Maaskant; Declan Casey; James Rohan; Nicolas Cordero; Brian Corbett
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Investigations on europium doped alumino-silicate xerogel incorporated in micro-channel glass and porous silicon
Author(s): S. Balakrishnan; Y. K. Gun'ko; T. S. Perova; A. Rafferty; R. A. Moore; E. V. Astrova
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Polymer optical devices made by reverse and nanoimprint lithography
Author(s): Nikolaos Kehagias; Marc Zelsmann; Clivia M. Sotomayor Torres
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Broad band infrared spectroscopy of grooved silicon
Author(s): E. Yu. Krutkova; V. Yu. Timoshenko; L. A. Golovan; P. K. Kashkarov; E. V. Astrova; T. S. Perova; B. P. Gorshunov; A. A. Volkov
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