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Enabling Photonics Technologies for Defense, Security, and Aerospace Applications

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Volume Number: 5814
Date Published: 24 May 2005

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Semiconductor optical amplifier based photonic logic devices
Author(s): N. K. Dutta; Q. Wang; H. Dong; H. Sun; G. Zhu; J. Jaques; A. B. Piccirilli
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All optical controlled large scale photonic switch matrix
Author(s): Daqun Li; Michael R. Wang
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All-optical switching and logic with an integrated optic microring resonator
Author(s): Alastair D. McAulay
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Wavelength tunable and broadband variable fiber-optic attenuators using liquid crystals
Author(s): Sajjad A. Khan; Nabeel A. Riza
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Balanced photoreceivers for analog and digital fiber optic communications
Author(s): Abhay Joshi; Xinde Wang; Dan Mohr; Don Becker; Christoph Wree
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Optically assisted high-speed, high resolution analog-to-digital conversion
Author(s): Henry Zmuda; Shane Hanna; R. J. Bussjager; M. L. Fanto; M. J. Hayduk; S. T. Johns; J. E. Malowicki; P. L. Repak
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Overview of an all-optical analog-to-digital converter, focusing: of deflected terahertz optical pulse and propagation characteristics
Author(s): Wen-Ren Yang; Timothy Renkoski; William Nunnally
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High speed multi-channel optical sampling technique for analog-to-digital converters
Author(s): Mohammad Noman; Eric Donkor; Michael J. Hayduk; Rebecca J. Bussjager
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Heterodyne serrodyne with high sideband suppression via time division multiplexing for arbitrary waveform generation
Author(s): Sarper Ozharar; Sangyoun Gee; Frank Quinlan; Peter J. Delfyett
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Hybrid modelocking of external cavity with grating-coupled surface emitting laser
Author(s): Shinwook Lee; Kyungbum Kim; Laurent Vaissie; Oleg V. Smolski; Eric G. Johnson; Peter J. Delfyett
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Three dimensional passive sensing, imaging, and visualization
Author(s): Ju-Seog Jang; Bahram Javidi
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Ultrafast lasers for coherent communications and signal processing
Author(s): S. Gee; W. Lee; S. Ozharar; F. Quinlan; H. Izadpanah; P. J. Delfyett; J. J. Plant; P. W. Juodawlkis
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Novel modulation formats for high-spectral efficiency optical transmission
Author(s): Cheolhwan Kim; Yan Han; Guifang Li
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Coherent optical MIMO
Author(s): Bahram Jalali; Rick C. J. Hsu; Akhil R. Shah
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Demonstration of coherent heterodyne detection with synchronized mode-locked semiconductor lasers for secure communication application
Author(s): Wangkuen Lee; Hossein Izadpanah; Peter Delfyett; Shahab Etemad
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Data security in high-speed optical links
Author(s): Stamatios V. Kartalopoulos
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Self calibrating wavelength multiplexed heterodyne interferometer for angstrom precision measurements
Author(s): Muzammil A. Arain; Nabeel A. Riza
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Multibanded parametric processing
Author(s): Stojan Radic
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Hybrid polarization control
Author(s): George R Gray; Edem Ibragimov; Joseph Sluz; Raymond Sova
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Super high-performance MEMS fiber optic variable optical attenuator (VOA) for aerospace and commercial applications
Author(s): Farzan N. Ghauri; Nabeel A. Riza
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All-optical regeneration of differential phase-shift keyed signals based on phase-sensitive amplification
Author(s): Kevin Croussore; Cheolhwan Kim; Guifang Li
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High-density, end-to-end optoelectronic integration and packaging for digital-optical interconnect systems
Author(s): Gee-Kung Chang; Daniel Guidotti; Zhaoran Rena Huang; Lixi Wan; Jianjun Yu; Shashikant Hegde; Hung-Fei Kuo; Yin-Jung Chang; Fuhan Liu; Fentao Wang; Rao Tummala
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High-performance surface-normal modulators based on stepped quantum wells
Author(s): H. Mohseni; W. K. Chan; H. An; A. Ulmer; D. Capewell
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Power-limiting mechanisms in VECSELs
Author(s): R. G. Bedford; M. Kolesik; J. L. A. Chilla; M. K. Reed; T. R. Nelson; J. V. Moloney
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Multiwavelength pulse amplification gain dynamics of a semiconductor optical amplifier
Author(s): Luis C. Archundia; Bojan Resan; Peter J. Delfyett
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Intracavity etalon for both optical comb frequency stabilization and super mode noise suppression of harmonically modelocked semiconductor ring laser
Author(s): S. Gee; F. Quinlan; S. Ozharar; P. J. Delfyett
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Fiberized semiconductor ring laser with passive suppression of supermode noise
Author(s): F. Quinlan; S. Gee; S. Ozharar; P. J. Delfyett
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Frequency stabilization of a mode-locked waveguide laser using the Pound-Drever-Hall technique
Author(s): M. L. Fanto; J. E. Malowicki; R. J. Bussjager; P. L. Repak; K. A. Kramer; D. Casimir; M. J. Hayduk
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Domain structure and optical properties of thin nanocrystalline arrays
Author(s): Valery Shklover; Leonid Braginsky; Heinrich Hofmann
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Performance of a photonic oversampled sigma-delta quantiser
Author(s): Bradley A. Clare; Kerry A. Corbett; Kenneth J. Grant
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Prediction of the off-axis point spread function for large field of view astronomical adaptive optics images
Author(s): Mathieu Aubailly; Michael C. Roggemann; Timothy J. Schulz
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