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Proceedings of SPIE Volume 5809

Signal Processing, Sensor Fusion, and Target Recognition XIV
Editor(s): Ivan Kadar
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Volume Number: 5809
Date Published: 25 May 2005
Softcover: 54 papers (608) pages
ISBN: 9780819457943

Table of Contents
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Passive geolocation and tracking of an unknown number of emitters
Author(s): T. Sathyan; A. Sinha; T. Kirubarajan
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Nonlinear filtering for tracking large objects in radar imagery
Author(s): John H. Greenewald; Stanton H. Musick
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Tracking groups of detections for use in surveillance tracking problems
Author(s): Peter J. Shea
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Exploiting phase transitions for fusion optimization problems
Author(s): Pontus Svenson
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Motion-based detection, identification, and tracking for missile warning system applications
Author(s): Jason F. Ralph; Moira I. Smith; Jamie P. Heather
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Employing kinematic uncertainty in EO resolution selection and information-theoretic sensor tasking
Author(s): Richard E. Cagley; David E. Beckman; Kevin J. Sullivan
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Distributed multisensor fusion with network connection management
Author(s): Ivan Kadar
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Information-based decision making over a data fusion network
Author(s): Felicity Dormon; Valerie Leung; Dave Nicholson; Ellie Siva; Mark Williams
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A distributed multisensor-multitarget tracking testbed for maritime surveillance
Author(s): D. Akselrod; A. Sinha; T. Kirubarajan; M. Farooq; Z. J. Ding
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New algorithms for estimating spacecraft position using scanning techniques for deep space network antennas
Author(s): Lingji Chen; Nanaz Fathpour; Raman K. Mehra
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Fault detection, diagnosis, and data-driven modeling in HVAC chillers
Author(s): Setu Madhavi Namburu; Jianhui Luo; Mohammad Azam; Kihoon Choi; Krishna R. Pattipati
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Data fusion: applications to the tracking and guidance of defense missiles
Author(s): Dominique Maltese; Andre Lucas
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Contextual targeting
Author(s): Jason F. Ralph; Kenneth L. Edwards; Scott W. Sims
Automated image registration with ARACHNID
Author(s): G. J. Privett; P. J. Kent
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A general theory of multitarget extended Kalman filters
Author(s): Ronald Mahler
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Performance evaluation of nonlinear filters for tracking multiple ballistic targets
Author(s): A. Sinha; N. Nandakumaran; S. Sutharsan; T. Kirubarajan; A El-Fallah; A. Zatezalo
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MENTAT: a benchmark evaluation testbed for nonlinear filtering
Author(s): Ronald Mahler; John Hoffman; Lingji Chen
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On sonobuoy placement for submarine tracking
Author(s): Michael A. Kouritzin; David J. Ballantyne; Hyukjoon Kim; Yaozhong Hu
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Unified Bayesian situation assessment sensor management
Author(s): A. El-Fallah; A. Zatezalo; R. Mahler; R. K. Mehra; M. Alford
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Unified Bayes filtering with fuzzy and rule-based evidence
Author(s): Ronald Mahler
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Unified robust-Bayes multisource ambiguous data rule fusion
Author(s): A. El-Fallah; A. Zatezalo; R. Mahler; R. K. Mehra
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Differential geometry measures of nonlinearity for the bearing-only tracking problem
Author(s): Mahendra Mallick; Barbara F. La Scala; M. Sanjeev Arulampalam
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Random set particle filter for bearings-only multitarget tracking
Author(s): Matti Vihola
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Probabilistic inference using linear Gaussian importance sampling for hybrid Bayesian networks
Author(s): Wei Sun; K. C. Chang
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Development, validation, and fusion of high resolution active and passive optical imagery
Author(s): W. Paul Bissett; Sharon DeBra; Mubin Kadiwala; David D. R. Kohler; Curtis Mobley; Robert G. Steward; Alan Weidemann; Curtiss O. Davis; Jeff Lillycrop; Robert Pope
On-line situation awareness and knowledge acquisition
Author(s): Janet Burge; Paul Gonsalves; Catherine Call
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Quantifying the performance of fused correlated multiple classifiers
Author(s): Christine M. Schubert; Mark E. Oxley; Kenneth W. Bauer
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Optical clustering for unsupervised learning using coupled microring resonators
Author(s): Alastair D. McAulay; Hua Tong
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Vehicle acoustic classification in netted sensor systems using Gaussian mixture models
Author(s): Burhan F. Necioglu; Carol T. Christou; E. Bryan George; Garry M. Jacyna
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Rapid update of odd DCT and DST for real-time signal processing
Author(s): B. G. Sherlock; Y. P. Kakad; A. Shukla
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Phase cycle-slip replacement via data fitting
Author(s): James P. LaRue; Andrew Noga
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A reconfigurable architecture for real-time rotation and scale invariant template matching algorithms on streaming images
Author(s): Peter Beukelman; Laurens Bierens
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A new image fusion algorithm of dynamic contour based on IR and visible sensors
Author(s): Peng Zhao; Ni Hong Wang; A. Chuan Wang; Sen Wang
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Contour extraction in visible image based on image fusion
Author(s): Peng Zhao; Ni Hong Wang; Zhao Bang Pu
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New technologies lead to a new frontier: cognitive multiple data representation
Author(s): S. Buffat; F. Liege; J. Plantier; C. Roumes
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Feature selection based on neuro-fuzzy networks
Author(s): Nong Sang; Yantao Xie; Tianxu Zhang
Application of a continuous wave radar for human gait recognition
Author(s): Michael Otero
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A comparative study of multiple-model algorithms for maneuvering target tracking
Author(s): Ryan R. Pitre; Vesselin P. Jilkov; X. Rong Li
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