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Algorithms for Synthetic Aperture Radar Imagery XII
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Volume Number: 5808
Date Published: 19 May 2005
Softcover: 44 papers (478) pages
ISBN: 9780819457936

Table of Contents
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IFSAR processing for 3D target reconstruction
Author(s): Christian D. Austin; Randolph L. Moses
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Microlocal analysis of GTD-based SAR models
Author(s): Margaret Cheney; Brett Borden
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Extended adaptive filtering for wide-angle SAR image formation
Author(s): Yanwei Wang; William Roberts; Jian Li
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SAR imaging from partial-aperture data with frequency-band omissions
Author(s): Mujdat Cetin; Randolph L. Moses
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3-D SAR image formation from sparse aperture data using 3-D target grids
Author(s): Rajan Bhalla; Junfei Li; Hao Ling
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Mitigation of complex target Doppler aliasing artifacts in SAR imagery using stepped-frequency waveforms
Author(s): Jonathan E. Luminati; Todd B. Hale; Michael J. Havrilla
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Backhoe 3D "gold standard" image
Author(s): LeRoy Gorham; Kiranmai D. Naidu; Uttam Majumder; Michael A. Minardi
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Target surface finding using 3D SAR data
Author(s): Jason R. Ruiter; Joseph W. Burns; Nikola S. Subotic
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Three-dimensional target visualization from wide-angle IFSAR data
Author(s): Randolph L. Moses; Paul Adams; Tom Biddlecome
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An iterative method for SAR moving target detection and geolocation for staring radar applications
Author(s): Thomas L. Lewis; LeRoy Gorham; Atindra K. Mitra; Arnab Kumar Shaw
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Scanned time/angle correlation: a new method for super-resolution
Author(s): John C. McIntosh; Allis Kennedy; Candace Clary
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Multi-baseline IFSAR study using an SBR based simulator
Author(s): Rajan Bhalla; Hao Ling
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A parallel real-time computing-cluster implementation of spotlight SAR processing
Author(s): Bipin Mathew; Daniel Rabinkin
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Regularization based super resolution imaging using FFT:s
Author(s): Roland Jonsson
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Doppler-only imaging of stationary targets
Author(s): Brett Borden; Margaret Cheney
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Imaging that exploits multipath scattering from point scatterers
Author(s): Margaret Cheney; Robert J. Bonneau
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Ground moving target detection and tracking based on generalized SAR processing and change detection
Author(s): M. J. Minardi; L. A. Gorham; E. G. Zelnio
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Analysis of jamming on inverse synthetic aperture radar (ISAR)
Author(s): Zhou-an Han; Yi-ming Pi; Jian-yu Yang
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Exploiting the intensity and phase characteristics of airborne SAR data over urban areas
Author(s): Andrew J. Bennett; David Blacknell
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Experiments on wideband through-the-wall radar imaging
Author(s): Ronald Dilsavor; William Ailes; Paul Rush; Fauzia Ahmad; William Keichel; Gerard Titi; Moeness Amin
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Suppression of radio frequency inteference (RFI) for synchronous impulse reconstruction ultra-wideband radar
Author(s): Lam Nguyen; Mehrdad Soumekh
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Speckle reduction of SAR images using a physically based Markov random field model and simulated annealing
Author(s): Ousseini Lankoande; Majeed M. Hayat; Balu Santhanam
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Signal subspace change detection in averaged multi-look SAR imagery
Author(s): Kenneth Ranney; Mehrdad Soumekh
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Change detection for multi-polarization multi-pass SAR
Author(s): Leslie M. Novak
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Kernel-machine-based classification in multi-polarimetric SAR data
Author(s): Wolfgang Middelmann; Alfons Ebert; Ulrich Thoennessen
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Random subspaces and SAR classification efficacy
Author(s): Donald Waagen; Nitesh Shah; Miguel Ordaz; Mary Cassabaum
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SAR ATR using genetics based machine learning
Author(s): B. Ravichandran; Avinash Gandhe; Robert Smith; Raman Mehra
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Synthetic aperture radar automatic target recognition using adaptive boosting
Author(s): Yijun Sun; Zhipeng Liu; Sinisa Todorovic; Jian Li
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Adaptive SAR ATR in likelihood space
Author(s): Rong Duan; Ling Chen; Hong Man
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Classification of sequenced SAR target images via hidden Markov models with decision fusion
Author(s): Timothy W. Albrecht; Kenneth W. Bauer
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Comparative analysis of feature extraction (2D FFT and wavelet) and classification (Lp metric distances, MLP NN, and HNeT) algorithms for SAR imagery
Author(s): Nicholas Sandirasegaram; Ryan English
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Impact of SAR image quality on recognition
Author(s): Daniel W. Carlson; Lee J. Montagnino; Robert T. Frankot
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Machine learning in exploitation
Author(s): John F. Gilmore
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An approach to automated registration evaluation
Author(s): Derek R. Lewis
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Detection system performance metrics with scene content dependencies
Author(s): Timothy D. Ross; William E. Pierson; Edmund G. Zelnio; Kevin L. Priddy
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Probability densities and confidence intervals for target recognition performance metrics
Author(s): David R. Parker; Steven C. Gustafson; Timothy D. Ross
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Fidelity score for ATR performance modeling
Author(s): Erik Blasch; Eugene Lavely; Tim Ross
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A demonstration of the confuser and likelihood modeling benefits for target detection in SAR imagery
Author(s): Edmund G. Zelnio; Timothy D. Ross; Michael L. Bryant
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Methodology for evaluating statistically predicted versus measured imagery
Author(s): Rob Kooper; Peter Bajcsy; Dennis Andersh
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Radar signature generation for feature-aided tracking research
Author(s): Teri L. Piatt; John U. Sherwood; Stanton H. Musick
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Polarimetric backscattering behavior of ground clutter at X, Ka, and W-band
Author(s): A. J. Gatesman; T. M. Goyette; J. C. Dickinson; R. H. Giles; J. Waldman; J. Sizemore; R. M. Chase; W. E. Nixon
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Acquisition of UHF and X-band ISAR imagery using 1/35th scale models
Author(s): Thomas M. Goyette; Jason C. Dickinson; Christopher Beaudoin; Andrew J. Gatesman; Robert Giles; Jerry Waldman; William E. Nixon
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A look into AFRL/SNA’s sensor data archive and collection methodologies
Author(s): Joseph S. Wilgus; Kelly L. Miller; Kiranmai D. Naidu; Andrew C. Rice; Donna M. Fitzgerald; Angela R. Wise
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Adaptive noise radar for simultaneous bistatic SAR and GMTI
Author(s): Brian D. Rigling
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