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Proceedings of SPIE Volume 5804

Unmanned Ground Vehicle Technology VII
Editor(s): Grant R. Gerhart; Charles M. Shoemaker; Douglas W. Gage
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Volume Number: 5804
Date Published: 27 May 2005
Softcover: 75 papers (798) pages
ISBN: 9780819457899

Table of Contents
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Coordinating teams of autonomous vehicles: an architectural perspective
Author(s): Cary Czichon; Robert W. Peterson; Erik G. Mettala; Ivo Vondrak
Metric for assessing the fidelity of trajectory models for mobile agents
Author(s): Amy E. Henninger; Raj Madhavan
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A standard intelligent system ontology
Author(s): Craig Schlenoff; Randy Washington; Tony Barbera; Chris Manteuffel
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Mobile wireless network for the urban environment
Author(s): Peter Budulas; Brian Luu; Richard Gopaul
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Robotics and local fusion
Author(s): Philip J. Emmerman
The Wayfarer modular navigation payload for intelligent robot infrastructure
Author(s): Brian Yamauchi
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Acoustic sensors on small robots for the urban environment
Author(s): Stuart H. Young; Michael V. Scanlon
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Supporting the joint warfighter by development, training, and fielding of man-portable UGVs
Author(s): Kenneth A. Ebert; Benjamin V. Stratton
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Planning and modeling extensions to the Joint Architecture for Unmanned Systems (JAUS) for application to unmanned ground vehicles
Author(s): Robert Touchton; Daniel Kent; Tom Galluzzo; Carl D. Crane; David G. Armstrong; Nick Flann; Jeff Wit; Phil Adsit
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Collaborative engagement experiment (CEE)
Author(s): Robert L. Wade; Joseph M. Reames
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Development of an integrated sensor system for obstacle detection and terrain evaluation for application to unmanned ground vehicles
Author(s): Carl D. Crane; David G. Armstrong; Maryum Ahmed; Sanjay Solanki; Donald MacArthur; Erica Zawodny; Sarah Gray; Thomas Petroff; Mike Grifis; Carl Evans
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A brick-architecture-based mobile under-vehicle inspection system
Author(s): Cheng Qian; David Page; Andreas Koschan; Mongi Abidi
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Immune systems are not just for making you feel better: they are for controlling autonomous robots
Author(s): Mark Rosenblum
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Control and learning for intelligent mobility of unmanned ground vehicles in complex terrains
Author(s): M. Trentini; B. Beckman; B. Digney
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Forecasting off-road trafficability from terrain appearance
Author(s): Gary Witus; Robert Karlsen; James Overholt; Grant Gerhart
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Terrain trafficability characterization with a mobile robot
Author(s): Lauro Ojeda; Johann Borenstein; Gary Witus
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Collaborative tactical behaviors for autonomous ground and air vehicles
Author(s): James Albus; Anthony Barbera; Harry Scott; Stephen Balakirsky
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Advocates and critics for tactical behaviors in UGV navigation
Author(s): Talib S. Hussain; Gordon Vidaver; Jeffrey Berliner
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Robot path planning using Voronoi classifiers
Author(s): J. Overholt; M. Skalny; G. Fiorani; G. Hudas
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Data exfiltration from unattended ground sensors using cooperating UAVs
Author(s): Kevin L. Moore; Michael J. White; Robert J. Bamberger; David P. Watson
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Robotics in scansorial environments
Author(s): Kellar Autumn; Martin Buehler; Mark Cutkosky; Ronald Fearing; Robert J. Full; Daniel Goldman; Richard Groff; William Provancher; Alfred A. Rizzi; Uluc Saranli; Aaron Saunders; Daniel E. Koditschek
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Continuum robot arms inspired by cephalopods
Author(s): Ian D. Walker; Darren M. Dawson; Tamar Flash; Frank W. Grasso; Roger T. Hanlon; Binyamin Hochner; William M. Kier; Christopher C. Pagano; Christopher D. Rahn; Qiming M. Zhang
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The OmniTread serpentine robot: design and field performance
Author(s): Johann Borenstein; Grzegorz Granosik; Malik Hansen
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Intelligent control of a highly flexible robotic structure with hundreds of motor elements
Author(s): Selahattin Ozcelik; Michael Blackburn
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Passive perception system for day/night autonomous off-road navigation
Author(s): Arturo L. Rankin; Charles F. Bergh; Steven B. Goldberg; Paolo Bellutta; Andres Huertas; Larry H. Matthies
Constrained navigation for unmanned systems
Author(s): Laurent Vasseur; Philippe Gosset; Luc Carpentier; Vincent Marion; Joel G. Morillon; Patrice Ropars
Autonomous detection of indoor and outdoor signs
Author(s): Steven Holden; Magnus Snorrason; Thomas Goodsell; Mark R. Stevens
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Stability control for high speed tracked unmanned vehicles
Author(s): Olivier Pape; Joel G. Morillon; Philippe Houbloup; Stephane Leveque; Cecile Fialaire; Thierry Gauthier; Patrice Ropars
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Chaos, an intelligent ultra-mobile SUGV: combining the mobility of wheels, tracks, and legs
Author(s): Paul J. Lewis; Nicholas Flann; Mitchel R. Torrie; Eric A. Poulson; Thomas Petroff; Gary Witus
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Mobile robotics activities in DOE laboratories
Author(s): Ron Lujan; Jerry Harbour; John Feddema; Sharon Bailey; Jacob Barhen; David Reister
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Vehicle intelligence research at Defence R&D Canada
Author(s): Bruce L. Digney
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Human-robot teaming
Author(s): Terrance M. Tierney; William J. Protzman; Brian Samples
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A Franco-German unmanned countermine system demonstrator
Author(s): F. Le Gusquet; K. Neugebauer; F. Gerard; V. Marion; A. Kaspari; D. Hembise
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Center of excellence for small robots
Author(s): Hoa G. Nguyen; Daniel M. Carroll; Robin T. Laird; H. R. Everett
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Advances in autonomy for small UGVs
Author(s): Michael H. Bruch; Jason Lum; See Yee; Nghia Tran
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Mobile robot knowledge base
Author(s): Tracy Heath Pastore; Mitchell Barnes; Rory Hallman
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Development and testing for physical security robots
Author(s): Daniel M. Carroll; Chinh Nguyen; H. R. Everett; Brian Frederick
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Enabling technologies for unmanned protection systems
Author(s): Daniel M. Carroll; Jerry L. Harbour; Scott G. Bauer; David J. Bruemmer; Estrellina B. Pacis; Katherine D. Mullens; H. R. Everett
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Applying unmanned ground vehicle technologies to unmanned surface vehicles
Author(s): John Ebken; Mike Bruch; Jason Lum
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Greatly improved tele-operations efficiency
Author(s): Kent Massey; John Chatten; Martha Jane Chatten
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Steer assistance for teleoperation
Author(s): Olivier Pape; Philippe Houbloup; Stephane Leveque
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A simple map-based localization strategy using range measurements
Author(s): Kevin L. Moore; Aliasgar Kutiyanawala; Madhumita Chandrasekharan
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Surface shape description of 3D data from under vehicle inspection robot
Author(s): Sreenivas R. Sukumar; David L. Page; Andrei V. Gribok; Andreas F. Koschan; Mongi A. Abidi; David J. Gorsich; Grant R. Gerhart
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Minimally intrusive operator control unit
Author(s): Kent Massey; Martha Jane Chatten
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Pneumatic spring for legged walker
Author(s): Paul Muench; Joseph Alexander; Kurt Aschenbeck; Roger Quinn
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Under-vehicle autonomous inspection through undercarriage signatures
Author(s): Edward Schoenherr; Bill Smuda
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Frameworks and middleware for umanned ground vehicles
Author(s): Greg S. Broten; Simon P. Monckton
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Formation control in mobile actuator/sensor networks
Author(s): Zhongmin Wang; Pengyu Chen; Zhen Song; YangQuan Chen; Kevin L. Moore
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Software wrappers for rapid prototyping JAUS-based systems
Author(s): Bill Smuda
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Leg pairs as virtual wheels
Author(s): Russel Howe; Mark Duttweiler; Luke Khanlian; Mark Setrakian
TALON: a universal unmanned ground vehicle platform, enabling the mission to be the focus
Author(s): Peter Wells; Dan Deguire
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PackBot EOD firing system
Author(s): Pavlo Rudakevych; Mike Ciholas
Collision recognition and direction changes for small scale fish robots by acceleration sensors
Author(s): Seung Y. Na; Daejung Shin; Jin Y. Kim; Bae-Ho Lee
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