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Laser Source and System Technology for Defense and Security
Editor(s): Gary L. Wood

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Volume Number: 5792
Date Published: 1 June 2005

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Processing technology, laser, optical and thermal properties of ceramic laser gain materials
Author(s): Mark Dubinskii; Larry D. Merkle; John R. Goff; Gregory J. Quarles; Vida K. Castillo; Kenneth L. Schepler; David Zelmon; Shekhar Guha; Leonel P. Gonzalez; Matthew R. Rickey; Julie J. Lee; S. M. Hegde; John Q. Dumm; Gary L. Messing; Sang-Ho Lee
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Modeling of Er in ceramic YAG and comparison with single-crystal YAG
Author(s): Bahram Zandi; John B. Gruber; Dhiraj K. Sardar; Toomas H. Allik
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Characteristics of AFB interfaces of dissimilar crystal composites as components for solid state lasers
Author(s): H C. Lee; O. R. Meissner; H. E. Meissner
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Modeling a diode pumped Er:Yb:glass laser with Co2+:spinel as a passive Q-switch
Author(s): John B. Gruber; Anmol S. Nijjar; Vikrum S. Nijjar; Stephen R. Chinn; Mark S. Bowers; Bahram Zandi
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High peak power, short-pulse, eyesafe fiber laser for radar applications
Author(s): Mark S. Bowers; Matthias Savage-Leuchs; Anping Liu; Eric Eisenberg; Jason Henrie; Barton Jenson; Larry Borschowa; Clint Miller
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Fiber laser with in-cavity polarization switching
Author(s): Xiaojun Li; Theodore F. Morse; Fei Luo; Stephen B. Ippolito
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Mutual injection locking and coherent beam combining of multiple Nd:YVO4 lasers
Author(s): Qiang Wang; Song Han; Li Yan; P.-T. Ho; Mark Dubinskii; Gary L. Wood; Bahram Zandi
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Quantum dot cascade heterostructure based on in-plane dipole moments for unipolar infrared cascade lasers
Author(s): Mathilde Gobet; Dennis G. Deppe
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Diamond cooling of high-power diode-pumped Nd:YVO4 and Nd:YAG lasers
Author(s): Yitshak Tzuk; Alon Tal; Sharone Goldring; Yaakov Glick; Eyal Lebiush; Raphael Lavi
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Methodology for comparing worldwide performance of diverse weight-constrained high energy laser systems
Author(s): Richard J. Bartell; Glen P. Perram; Steven T. Fiorino; Scott N. Long; Marken J. Houle; Christopher A. Rice; Zachary P. Manning; Dustin W. Bunch; Matthew J. Krizo; Liesebet E. Gravley
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Resonantly diode laser pumped 1.6=μm Er:YAG laser
Author(s): Dmitri Garbuzov; Igor Kudryashov; Mark Dubinskii
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The measurement of gain in a supersonic, combustion-driven generator for NCl(a1delta)
Author(s): Gerald C. Manke II; Timothy J. Madden; Chris B. Cooper; Gordon D. Hager
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Airborne megawatt class free-electron laser for defense and security
Author(s): Roy Whitney; David Douglas; George Neil
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Experimental measurements of radiometric LADAR calibration targets
Author(s): Alan Ames; Kathleen Meyer; David Medina
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Performance of 3D laser radar through vegetation and camouflage
Author(s): Ove Steinvall; Hakan Larsson; Frank Gustafsson; Dietmar Letalick; Tomas Chevalier; Asa Persson; Pierre Andersson
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CFD-based aero-optical performance prediction of a turret
Author(s): Y. Hsia; W. Lin; H. Loh; P. Lin; D. Nahrstedt; J. Logan
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Actively cooled SLMS technology for HEL applications
Author(s): Marc T. Jacoby; William A. Goodman; Jack C. Reily; Jeffrey R. Kegley; Harlan J. Haight; John Tucker; Ernest R. Wright; William D. Hogue
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New developments in short-pulse eye safe lasers pay the way for future LADARs and 3D mapping performances
Author(s): Guerman Pasmanik; Kevin Latone; Alex Shilov; Eugeni Shklovsky; Alex Spiro; Larissa Tiour
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Minimization of the surface non-uniformity of a Nd:YVO4 cylindrical bar grown by edge-defined film-fed growth (EFG) method, when the pressure in the furnace changes
Author(s): Liliana Braescu; Agneta Maria Balint; Robert Szabo; Stefan Balint
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