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Technologies for Synthetic Environments: Hardware-in-the-Loop Testing X

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Volume Number: 5785
Date Published: 20 May 2005

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MIRAGE: developments in IRSP systems, RIIC design, emitter fabrication, and performance
Author(s): Paul Bryant; Jim Oleson; Jay James; Steve McHugh; John Lannon; David Vellenga; Scott Goodwin; Alan Huffman; Steve Solomon; George C. Goldsmith II
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Light emitting diode arrays for HWIL sensor testing
Author(s): Naresh C. Das; P. Shen; George Simonis; John Gomes; Kim Olver
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Plasma display technology for scene projector application
Author(s): Steve Solomon; Mikhel Hawkins; Nick Mastronardi
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Liquid crystal on silicon infrared scene projectors
Author(s): Teresa K. Ewing; William R. Folks
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A new electron beam-addressed reflective spatial light modulator and projection system for HWIL scene generation
Author(s): Yin Liu; Christian Gutleben
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Electrostatic artificial eyelid actuator as an analog micromirror device
Author(s): Scott H. Goodwin; David E. Dausch; Steven L. Solomon; Michael K. Lamvik
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Advancements in the micromirror array projector technology II
Author(s): D. Brett Beasley; Matt Bender; Jay Crosby; Sean McCall; Tim Messer; Daniel A. Saylor
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An analysis of interface requirements of target scene projectors mounted to motion simulators
Author(s): Robert W. Mitchell
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Emissive infrared projector sparse grid nonuniformity correction
Author(s): Robert A. Joyce; Leszek Swierkowski; Owen M. Williams
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Inverse sparse grid flood non-uniformity correction
Author(s): Mark H. Bowden; James A. Buford Jr.
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Accuracy of aperture irradiances from a resistor-array projection system
Author(s): David S. Flynn; Steven A. Marlow; R. Bryan Sisko; Rhoe A. Thompson
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Current efforts on developing an HWIL synthetic environment for LADAR sensor testing at AMRDEC
Author(s): Hajin J. Kim; Michael C. Cornell; Charles B. Naumann
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Hardware-in-the-loop test facility for the standard missile-3 kinetic warhead
Author(s): Robert M. Patchan
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Scene projection developments in the AEDC space simulation chambers
Author(s): H. S. Lowry III; D. H. Crider; W. H. Goethert; W. T. Bertrand; S. L. Steely
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Progress in the development of a cold background flight motion simulator mounted infrared scene projector for use in the AMRDEC hardware-in-the-loop facilities
Author(s): Thomas M. Cantey; D. Brett Beasley; Matt Bender; Tim Messer; Daniel A. Saylor; Jim Buford Jr.
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HWIL testing of smart weapon systems
Author(s): Michael Swamp; Howard Havlicsek
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Development and integration of the Army's advanced multispectral simulation test acceptance resource (AMSTAR) HWIL facilities
Author(s): Kenneth G. LeSueur; William Lowry; Joe Morris
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Air Force electronic warfare evaluation simulator (AFEWES) infrared test and evaluation capabilities
Author(s): Hank D. Jackson II; Tommy L. Blair; Bruce A. Ensor; Charles R. Deyo; Jeff A. Longbottom; Jason C. White
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Implementation of real-time input/output interfaces at the AMRDEC Advanced Simulation Center's hardware-in-the-loop facilities
Author(s): Joe Morris; David Beck; Henri Richard
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History of resistor array infrared projectors: hindsight is always 100% operability
Author(s): Owen M. Williams; George C. Goldsmith II; Robert G Stockbridge
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Real-time infrared scene generation software for I2RSS hardware in the loop
Author(s): Patrick V. Lyles; David S. Cosby; James A. Buford Jr.; Dennis H. Bunfield
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High quality 16-bit rendering for real-time hardware-in-the-loop scene generation using commercial PC graphics hardware
Author(s): Jeffrey D. Potter
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Pre-filtering synthetic imagery by three-dimensional blurring
Author(s): Timothy G. Sills
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Real-time infrared and semi-active laser scene generation software for AMSTAR hardware in the loop
Author(s): David S. Cosby; Patrick Lyles; Dennis Bunfield; Darian Trimble; Todd Rossi
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Synthetic line-of-sight algorithms for hardware-in-the-loop simulations
Author(s): Henri Richard; Alan Lowman; Gary Ballard
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