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Proceedings of SPIE Volume 5783

Infrared Technology and Applications XXXI
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Volume Number: 5783
Date Published: 31 May 2005
Softcover: 102 papers (1018) pages
ISBN: 9780819457684

Table of Contents
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Ultra high-speed near-infrared camera
Author(s): Brian Cromwell; Robert Wilson; Robert Johnson
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640x512 InGaAs focal plane array camera for visible and SWIR imaging
Author(s): Tara Martin; Robert Brubaker; Peter Dixon; Mari-Anne Gagliardi; Tom Sudol
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A 320x256 InGaAs camera for range gated and staring applications
Author(s): Martin H. Ettenberg; Robert M. Brubaker; Michael A. Blessinger; Vincent J. Burzi
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Megapixel InGaAs arrays for low background applications
Author(s): Alan Hoffman; Todd Sessler; Joseph Rosbeck; David Acton; Martin Ettenberg
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A novel surface preparation methodology for epi-ready antimonide based III-V substrates
Author(s): P. S. Dutta; G. Rajagopalan; H. J. Kim; A. Kumar
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High performance Type II InAs/GaSb superlattices for mid, long, and very long wavelength infrared focal plane arrays
Author(s): M. Razeghi; Y. Wei; A. Gin; A. Hood; V. Yazdanpanah; M. Z. Tidrow; V. Nathan
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Dry etching, surface passivation and capping processes for antimonide based photodetectors
Author(s): Partha Dutta; Jeffery Langer; Vinay Bhagwat; Jasbir Juneja
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Passivation of MBE grown GaInSb/InAs superlattice photodiodes
Author(s): Cory J. Hill; Sam S. Keo; Jason M. Mumolo; Sarath D. Gunapala
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Dual band LWIR/VLWIR type-II superlattice photodiodes
Author(s): E. H. Aifer; J. G. Tischler; J. H. Warner; I. Vurgaftman; J. R. Meyer; C. L. Canedy; E. M. Jackson
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InAs/(GaIn)Sb short-period superlattices for focal plane arrays
Author(s): Robert Rehm; Martin Walther; Johannes Schmitz; Joachim Fleissner; Frank Fuchs; Wolfgang Cabanski; Johann Ziegler
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Compositional variations in MBE grown InAs-GaSb superlattices for infrared detector applications
Author(s): G. J. Sullivan; A. Ikhlassi; J. Bergman; R. E. DeWames; J. R. Waldrop; C. Grein; M. Flatte; K. Mahalingam; H. Yang; M. Zhong; M. Weimer
Design tradeoff considerations for tactical cryocoolers
Author(s): Brad A. Ross; Michael L. Brest
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Virtual accelerometer for sensorless overstroking control in a linear compressor of a cryogenic cooler
Author(s): Alexander Veprik; Herman Vilenchik; Nachman Pundak
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Pulse tube cryocooler for IR applications
Author(s): H. Korf; I. Ruhlich; M. Mai; G. Thummes
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Development of the LSF95xx 2nd generation flexure bearing coolers
Author(s): J. C. Mullie; P. C. Bruins; T. Benschop; M. Meijers
Reliability optimization for IR detectors with compact cryo-coolers
Author(s): Xavier Breniere; Alain Manissadjian; Michel Vuillermet; Jean-Christophe Terme; Philippe Tribolet; Jean-Marc Cauquil; Jean-Yves Martin
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I-V and noise performance in MWIR to VLWIR large area Hg1-xCdxTe photodiodes
Author(s): A. I. D'Souza; M. G. Stapelbroek; P. N. Dolan; P. S. Wijewarnasuriya; E. Boehmer; D. S. Smith; J. C. Ehlert; J. E. Andrews
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Predicted performance of HgCdTe photodiodes for 15-25 µm detection
Author(s): M. B. Reine; S. P. Tobin; P. W. Norton; P. LoVecchio
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Advancements in HgCdTe VLWIR materials
Author(s): Angelo S. Gilmore; J. Bangs; A. Gerrish; A. Stevens; B. Starr
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Long wave HgCdTe staring arrays at Sofradir: from 9 µm to 13+ µm cut-offs for high performance applications
Author(s): Alain Manissadjian; Philippe Tribolet; Geeard Destefanis; Eric De Borniol
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Recent progress on LWIR and VLWIR HgCdTe focal plane arrays
Author(s): Muren Chu; S. Terterian; D. Walsh; H. K. Gurgenian; S. Mesropian; R. J. Rapp; W. D. Holley
ColorCam: a color-based object recognition camera
Author(s): Ralph Etienne-Cummings; Philippe Pouliquen; M. Anthony Lewis
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Operational and performance comparisons between conventional and foveating large format infrared focal plane arrays
Author(s): Mark A. Massie; J. P. Curzan; R. A. Coussa
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On-chip normal flow computation with aperture problem compensation circuitry
Author(s): Viktor Gruev; Ralph Etienne-Cummings
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Advanced image processing package for FPGA-based re-programmable miniature electronics
Author(s): Vladimir I. Ovod; Christopher R. Baxter; Mark A. Massie; Paul L. McCarley
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Dual-waveband infrared focal plane arrays using MCT grown by MOVPE on silicon substrates
Author(s): Jean Giess; Mark A. Glover; Neil T. Gordon; Andrew Graham; Mary K. Haigh; Janet E. Hails; David J. Hall; David J. Lees
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Development of two-color focal-plane arrays based on HDVIP
Author(s): Peter D. Dreiske
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Third generation FPA development status at Raytheon Vision Systems
Author(s): W. A. Radford; E. A. Patten; D. F. King; G. K. Pierce; J. Vodicka; P. Goetz; G. Venzor; E. P. Smith; R. Graham; S. M. Johnson; J. Roth; B. Nosho; J. Jensen
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Third generation focal plane array IR detection modules and applications
Author(s): W. Cabanski; M. Munzberg; W. Rode; J. Wendler; J. Ziegler; J. Fleissner; F. Fuchs; R. Rehm; J. Schmitz; H. Schneider; M. Walther
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Third generation and multicolor IRFPA developments: a unique approach based on DEFIR
Author(s): Philippe Tribolet; Gerard Destefanis
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Adaptive focal plane array: an example of MEMS, photonics, and electronics integration
Author(s): William J. Gunning; Jeff DeNatale; Phil Stupar; Robert Borwick; Rand Dannenberg; Robert Sczupak; P. O. Pettersson
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Progress in the development of vertically integrated sensor arrays
Author(s): Raymond Balcerak; Stuart Horn
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HOTEYE: a novel thermal camera using higher operating temperature infrared detectors
Author(s): Gavin J. Bowen; Ian D. Blenkinsop; Rose Catchpole; Neil T. Gordon; Mark A. C. Harper; Paul C. Haynes; Les Hipwood; Colin J. Hollier; Chris Jones; David J. Lees; Chris D. Maxey; Daniel Milner; Mike Ordish; Tim S. Philips; Richard W. Price; Chris Shaw; Paul Southern
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Reaching for the sensitivity limits of uncooled and minimally cooled thermal and photon infrared detectors
Author(s): S. Horn; D. Lohrman; P. Norton; K. McCormack; A. Hutchinson
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Photomultiplication with low excess noise factor in MWIR to optical fiber compatible wavelengths in cooled HgCdTe mesa diodes
Author(s): Ralph S. Hall; Neil T. Gordon; Jean Giess; Janet E. Hails; Andrew Graham; David C. Herbert; David J. Hall; Paul Southern; John W. Cairns; David J. Lees; Timothy Ashley
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Beyond Omega: next-generation miniature infrared camera
Author(s): Joseph Kostrzewa; William Terre; William Meyer
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First demonstration of 25 µm pitch uncooled amorphous silicon microbolometer IRFPA at LETI-LIR
Author(s): J. J. Yon; A. Astier; S. Bisotto; G. Chamingis; A. Durand; J. L. Martin; E. Mottin; J. L. Ouvrier-Buffet; J. L. Tissot
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Progress on monolithic integration of cheap IR FPAs of polycrystalline PbSe
Author(s): F. J. Sanchez; M. T. Rodrigo; G. Vergara; M. Lozano; J. Santander; M. C. Torquemada; L. J. Gomez; V. Villamayor; M. Alvarez; M. Verdu; R. Almazan; J. Plaza; P. Rodriguez; I. Catalan; J. Diezhandino; M. T. Montojo
Expanded applications for high performance VOx microbolometer FPAs
Author(s): D. Murphy; M. Ray; A. Kennedy; J. Wyles; C. Hewitt; R. Wyles; E. Gordon; T. Sessler; S. Baur; D. Van Lue; S. Anderson; R. Chin; H. Gonzalez; C. Le Pere; S. Ton; T. Kostrzewa
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Micromachined infrared sensors with device-level encapsulation
Author(s): Aasutosh Dave; Zeynep Celik-Butler; Donald P. Butler
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Tunable antenna-coupled metal-oxide-metal (MOM) uncooled IR detector
Author(s): Pashang Esfandiari; G. Bernstein; P. Fay; W. Porod; B. Rakos; A. Zarandy; B. Berland; L. Boloni; G. Boreman; B. Lail; B. Monacelli; A. Weeks
Novel low-cost uncooled infrared camera
Author(s): Ming Wu; Julie Cook; Rich DeVito; Jun Li; Eugene Ma; Rob Murano; Nikolay Nemchuk; Marvin Tabasky; Matthias Wagner
High sensitivity photomechanical MW-LWIR imaging using an uncooled MEMS microcantilever array and optical readout
Author(s): J. Zhao
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Uncooled focal plane array detector development at InfraredVision Technology Corporation
Author(s): Kenneth A. Hay; Dale Van Deusen
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Technology and application advancements of uncooled imagers
Author(s): Peter W. Norton; Margaret Kohin
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MWIR uncooled microbolometer: a way to increase the number of applications
Author(s): Bruno Fieque; Arnaud Crastes; Olivier Legras; Jean-Luc Tissot
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Hybrid micropackaging technology for uncooled FPAs
Author(s): P. Topart; C. Alain; L. LeNoc; S. Leclair; Y. Desroches; B. Tremblay; H. Jerominek
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Uncooled detector development program at SCD
Author(s): U. Mizrahi; A. Fraenkel; L. Bykov; A. Giladi; A. Adin; E. Ilan; N. Shiloah; E. Malkinson; Y. Zabar; D. Seter; R. Nakash; Z. Kopolovich
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320x240 and 640x480 UFPAs for TWS and DVE applications
Author(s): C. J. Han; Richard Rawlings; Mike Sweeney; Steve Whicker; Doug Peysha; J. Elwood Clarke; Bill Sullivan; Chuan Li; Phillip Howard
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640 x 480 pixel uncooled infrared FPA with SOI diode detectors
Author(s): Masashi Ueno; Yasuhiro Kosasayama; Takaki Sugino; Yoshiyuki Nakaki; Yoshio Fujii; Hiromoto Inoue; Keisuke Kama; Toshiki Seto; Munehisa Takeda; Masafumi Kimata
35 µm pitch at ULIS, a breakthrough
Author(s): C. Trouilleau; A. Crastes; O. Legras; J. L. Tissot; J. P. Chatard
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System integration of the XM29 combat rifle: results and program status
Author(s): Eric Brindley; Jack Lillie; Pete Plocki; Robert Volz
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Amorphous Ge<sub>x</sub>Si<sub>1-x</sub> and Ge<sub>x</sub>Si<sub>1-x</sub>O<sub>y</sub> thin films for uncooled microbolometers
Author(s): Mukti M. Rana; Donald P. Butler
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IR sensors and imagers in networked operations
Author(s): Rainer Breiter; Wolfgang Cabanski
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A COTS-MQS shipborne EO/IR imaging system
Author(s): Mark A. Hutchinson; John Lester Miller; James Weaver
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Polarization in the MWIR: a method to improve target aquisition
Author(s): Y. Aron; Y. Gronau
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Evolution path of MWS technologies: RF, IR, and UV
Author(s): Gil Tidhar; Raanan Schlisselberg
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Sense and avoid technology for Global Hawk and Predator UAVs
Author(s): John F. McCalmont; James Utt; Michael Deschenes; Michael J. Taylor
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Novel concepts for low-cost IR security sensors
Author(s): Kevin C. Liddiard
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Improving land vehicle situational awareness using a distributed aperture system
Author(s): Jean Fortin; Jason Bias; Ashley Wells; Larry Riddle; Gooitzen van der Wal; Mike Piacentino; Robert Mandelbaum
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QWIP and 3rd generation IR imagers
Author(s): E. Costard; Ph. Bois; X. Marcadet; A. Nedelcu
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Development of mid-wavelength QWIP FPA
Author(s): Kazuo Ozaki; Yasuhito Uchiyama; Hironori Nishino; Yusuke Matsukura; Nobuyuki Kajihara; Toshio Fujii
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Angular response of grating-coupled quantum well infrared photodetectors: an experimental study
Author(s): J. Le Rouzo; I. Ribet-Mohamed; N. Guerineau; M. Tauvy; H. Schneider; T. Maier
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1024x1024 pixel MWIR and LWIR QWIP focal plane arrays and 320x256 MWIR:LWIR pixel colocated simultaneous dualband QWIP focal plane arrays
Author(s): S. D. Gunapala; S. V. Bandara; J. K. Liu; C. J. Hill; S. B. Rafol; J. M. Mumolo; J. T. Trinh; M. Z. Tidrow; P. D. LeVan
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Demonstration of 256x256 dual-band QWIP infrared FPAs
Author(s): P. Castelein; F. Guellec; F. Rothan; S. Martin; P. Bois; E. Costard; O. Huet; X. Marcadet; A. Nedelcu
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Dichroic beamsplitter for a dual-wavelength camera in a long-range airborne reconnaissance system
Author(s): Dov Freiman; Zinovy Elgart; Arie Chernoborov
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VIPIR and VIPIR-S: next generation infantry thermal sights
Author(s): Chris Bigwood; Lee Eccles; Arwyn Jones; Berwyn Jones; David Meakin; Steve Rickard; Rob Robinson
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Dual f/number optics for third generation FLIR systems
Author(s): Jay N. Vizgaitis
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Umicore opens new era in IR moulded optics by opening the first high volume facility
Author(s): Y. Guimond; J. Franks; Y. Bellec; A. Bourget
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Novel high fill-factor, small pitch, reticulated InSb IR FPA design
Author(s): R. Rawe; C. Martin; M. Garter; D. Endres; B. Fischer; M. Davis; J. Devitt; M. Greiner
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Progress in negative luminescent Hg<sub>1-x</sub>Cd<sub>x</sub>Te diode arrays
Author(s): Mary K. Haigh; Geoffrey R. Nash; Neil T. Gordon; James Edwards; Alan J. Hydes; David J. Hall; Andrew Graham; Jean Giess; Janet E. Hails; Tim Ashley
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A monolithically integrated HgCdTe SWIR photodetector and tunable MEMS-based optical filter
Author(s): J. Antoszewski; K. J. Winchester; A. J. Keating; T. Nguyen; K. K. M. B. D. Silva; H. Huang; C. A. Musca; J. M. Dell; L. Faraone; P. Mitra; J. D. Beck; M. R. Skokan; J. E. Robinson
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Advanced thermal imaging system for tank sights
Author(s): Seok Min Hong; Hyun Sook Kim; Wee Kyung Yu; Guk Hwan Lee; Eon Suk Yoon; Yong Chan Park; Se Chol Choi; Joo Hyoung Lee
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Resonant cavity enhanced InGaAs photodiodes for high speed detection of 1.55 µm infrared radiation
Author(s): J. Kaniewski; J. Muszalski; J. Pawluczyk; J. Piotrowski
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Measurement of thermal time constant of microbolometer arrays
Author(s): A. J. Syllaios; Miranda J. Ha; William L. McCardel; Thomas R. Schimert
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Infrared sensing of non-observable human biometrics
Author(s): Michael R. Willmore
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Low-cost, low-power, disposable infrared markers
Author(s): Martin Pralle; Mark McNeal; Edward Johnson; Irina Puscasu; Anton Greenwald; James Melnyk
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Uncooled long wave infrared photodetectors with optimized spectral response at selected spectral ranges
Author(s): J. Piotrowski; Z. Orman; Z. Nowak; J. Pawluczyk; J. Pietrzak; A. Piotrowski; D. Szabra
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Verifying aircraft position on approach with infrared imagery
Author(s): Cynthia Archer
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Enhancement of YBCO microbolometer performances with regionally thinned microbridges
Author(s): Philippe Merel; Philips Laou; Franklin Wong
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Monolithically integrated near-infrared and mid-infrared detector array
Author(s): S. V. Bandara; S. D. Gunapala; D Z. Ting; J. K. Liu; C. J. Hill; J. M. Mumolo; J. N. Liu
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