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Proceedings of SPIE Volume 5776

Eighth International Symposium on Laser Metrology
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Volume Number: 5776
Date Published: 14 February 2005
Softcover: 104 papers (872) pages
ISBN: 9780819457578

Table of Contents
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Resolution enhancement technologies in optical metrology
Author(s): Wolfgang Osten; Norbert Kerwien
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Recent developments in spectral interference microscopes
Author(s): Mitsuo Takeda; Dalip Singh Mehta; Michal Emanuel Pawlowski; Takashi Kurokawa
Cartesia: automated 3-point setup for metrology instruments in 3D CAD space
Author(s): Pierre Bierre
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Technological approaches by laser beam welding of aluminium alloys and influence of errors in manufacturing process
Author(s): Marcel Sabin Popa; Calin Rus; Dan Preja; Raul Moldovan
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Multispectral phase-crossing white-light interferometry
Author(s): Michal Emanuel Pawlowski; Youhei Sakano; Yoko Miyamoto; Mitsuo Takeda
Estimation of cyclic error due to scattering in the internal OPD metrology of the Space Interferometry Mission
Author(s): Hong Tang; Feng Zhao
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Measurement of the electrical resistance of aluminium samples in sulphuric acid solutions by optical interferometry techniques
Author(s): Khaled Habib
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Absolute calibration of step height by a novel interferometric microscope
Author(s): Takuma Doi; Tomizo Kurosawa
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Stress wave amplitude measurements for calibration of structural health monitoring sensors
Author(s): Eddie W. O'Brien
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Phase manipulation and optoelectronic reconstruction of digital holograms by means of LCOS spatial light modulator
Author(s): Aneta Michalkiewicz; Malgorzata Kujawinska; Jerzy Krezel; Leszek Salbut; Xinghua Wang; Philip J. Bos
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The interferometric measurement of diffusion coefficients in transparent media
Author(s): Ignacio Lira; Juan Eduardo Gonzalez
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Algorithm for high-accuracy particle image position estimation in PIV applications
Author(s): P. Padilla-Sosa; Marcelo Funes-Gallanzi; Luis Raul Berriel-Valdos; J. Ascencion Guerrero-Viramontes; M. Moreno Hernandez
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Some measurement results for an elasto-optical force transducer
Author(s): Bernd R. Arminger; Bernhard G. Zagar
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Generalized treatment for dispersion
Author(s): Rafael Quintero Torres
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2D thermography of organic coating behaviors at high temperatures
Author(s): Khaled J. Habib; Amer al-Arbeed
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Corner cube model for Microarcsec Metrology (MAM) testbed in Space Interferometer Mission (SIM)
Author(s): Xu Wang
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Proposed methodologies to reduce measurement error impact on coordinate measurement machines
Author(s): Javier Molina
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Optical path difference in a plane parallel uniaxial plate
Author(s): Maximino M. Avendanyo-Alejo; Martha Rosete-Aguilar
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Laser interferometer for absolute distance measurement based on a tunable VCSEL laser
Author(s): Ondrej Cip; Bretislav Mikel; Josef Lazar
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The optical frequency method of distance measurement with sub-nanometer resolution
Author(s): Ondrej Cip; Frantisek Petru; Josef Lazar
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Modulated external-cavity laser for highly resolved distance measurements
Author(s): Juergen Czarske; Jasper Moebius; Thorsten Pfister; Thomas Mueller-Wirts
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Diffractive lateral-shearing interferometer for phase-shift mask measurement using an excimer laser source
Author(s): Johannes Schwider; Gerald Fuetterer; Norbert Lindlein
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A phase-shifting technique for Jamin laser interferometry
Author(s): Bing Zhao; Ruhua Fang; Zhengyuang Cao; Anand Krishna Asundi
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Energy transfer characteristics of photorefractive wave mixing in BaTiO3 at three wavelengths
Author(s): Mohammad Hossien Majles Ara; M. Shaban; J. Badraghi; A. Banaei
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Temperature surface measurements with a 3D velocity fluid flow measurement system using the same laser source and a single instrument
Author(s): Victor Rodriguez-Cervantes; J. Ascencion Guerrero-Viramontes; Marcelo Funes-Gallanzi
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Ultrashort laser pulse characterization by three optical methods: autocorrelation, optical interference, and spectral analysis
Author(s): F. E. Becerra Chavez; A. E. Martinez-Canton; Carlos J. Roman-Moreno; Miguel Garcia-Rocha; Roberto Ortega-Martinez; A. A. Rodriguez-Rosales
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Multipoint heterodyne vibrometry for measurements on unstable biomedical objects
Author(s): J. J.J. Dirckx; H. J. van Elburg; W. F. Decraemer
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Digital holographic interferometry for investigations in biomechanics
Author(s): Giancarlo Pedrini; I. Alexeenko; P. Zaslansky; Hans J. Tiziani; Wolfgang Osten
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MRI segmentation by active contours model, 3D reconstruction, and visualization
Author(s): Juan Manuel Lopez-Hernandez; J. Guadalupe Velasquez-Aguilar
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Hybrid JTC using DSP technology
Author(s): Joaquin Cornejo; Yezid Torres
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Laser metrology in food-related systems
Author(s): Patricia Mendoza-Sanchez; Daniel Lopez; Teepakorn Kongraksawech; Pedro Vazquez; J. Antonio Torres; Jose Alberto Ramirez; Jorge Huerta-Ruelas
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Fiber optic distributed velocity sensor for precision measurements in microscopic and macroscopic flows
Author(s): Lars Buettner; Juergen Czarske
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Uncertainties of the polarization parametes measurement in fiber optic devices
Author(s): Pawel Marc; Leszek R. Jaroszewicz
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Application of the FORS-II for investigation of seismic rotation waves
Author(s): Leszek R. Jaroszewicz; Zbigniew Krajewski; Lech Solarz; Roman Teisseyer
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Optical fiber sensors applications to the wear detection and fracture of cutting tools
Author(s): Guillermo de Anda-Rodriguez; Salvador Guel-Sandoval; Juan Hurtado-Ramos; Eduardo Castillo-Castaneda
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Analysis of refractometric optical fiber sensors: comparison between different forms of optical detection elements
Author(s): Katya Romo-Medrano M.; Serguei Khotiaintsev; Ariadna Garcia-Moreno
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Analyses of signal-to-noise ratio in optical-fiber heterodyne-type laser Doppler anemometer
Author(s): Serguei Khotiaintsev; Luis Alonso Vazquez-Zuniga; Heidy Beatriz Mejia del Puerto
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Optical fiber current sensor based on a magnetic structure
Author(s): J. A. Martin-Vela; C. H. Lopez May; Julian Moisés Estudillo-Ayala; Roberto Rojas-Laguna; Edgar Alvarado-Mendez; Jose Amparo Andrade Lucio; F. Ireta-Moreno; Oscar G. Ibarra-Manzano
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NO2 chemical oxidation doping effect on spin-coated poly(3-octylthiophene) thin films for NO2 sensing applications
Author(s): J. Ceron Solis; Elder De La Rosa; E. Pena Cabrera
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Photoacoustic methodologies by using diode laser as light source for precise measurements of thermal diffusivity for liquids
Author(s): J. A. Balderas-Lopez
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Photothermal radiometry analysis of charge transport
Author(s): M. A. Zambrano-Arjona; M. A. Smit; Juan Jose Alvarado-Gil
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Instrumentation of absorption spectrum of an NH3-filled cell to IR laser pulses using cavity-ring down technique
Author(s): Oday Ata Hamadi
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A novel integrated system for analysis of thermal depth profiles
Author(s): J. Bante; C. Murray; J. R. Dutcher; Juan Jose Alvarado-Gil
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Photopyroelectric method using a thermal wave resonator cavity for detection of phase transitions in agar
Author(s): R. Medina-Esquivel; J. Martin Yanez-Limon; Juan Jose Alvarado-Gil
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Testing of radiative transfer equations for biomedical applications
Author(s): Luis Marti-Lopez; Jorge Bouza-Dominguez; Rene A. Martinez-Celorio
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Measurements of changes in transmission spectra of human venous blood as a method for control of low-intensity He-Ne laser biomedical effect
Author(s): Vladimir P. Minkovich; Alexei V. Marochkov; Pavel V. Minkovich
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Analysis of dental materials by photothermal radiometry
Author(s): M. Conde-Contreras; V. Tiessler; A. Cucina; P. Quintana; Juan Jose Alvarado-Gil
Error analysis in the test of fast aspheric convex surfaces with a linear array of sources
Author(s): Manuel Campos-Garcia; Rufino Diaz-Uribe
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Testing a fast off-axis parabolic mirror using tilted null-screens
Author(s): Maximino Avendanyo-Alejo; Manuel Campos-Garcia; Rufino Diaz-Uribe
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Surface metrology using laser trackers
Author(s): Rogerio Enriquez; Cesar E. Sampieri
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3D optical measuring technologies and systems
Author(s): Yuri V. Chugui
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3D image acquisition by fiber-based fringe projection
Author(s): Tilo Pfeifer; Sascha Driessen
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Optical 3D reconstruction of retinal blood vessels from a sequence of views
Author(s): Arturo Espinosa-Romero; M. Elena Martinez-Perez
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Structured laser light and coordinate measuring systems integration for 3D metrology
Author(s): Benjamin Valera Orozco; Victor Garcia Gardunyo
3D shape detection based on a Bezier neural network of a light line
Author(s): J. Apolinar Munoz Rodriguez; Miguel Rosales Cisena; Ramon Rodriguez-Vera
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3D surface coordinate inspection of formed sheet material parts using optical measurement systems and virtual distortion compensation
Author(s): Albert A. Weckenmann; P. Gall; A. Gabbia
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Design and implementation of a system for the acquisition and three-dimensional virtual representation of the human face (tri-ident)
Author(s): Gerardo A. Idrobo Pizo; Navia-Carlos A. Ramirez; Belisario Bravo Orozco; Jaury Leon-Tellez
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Toward the automatic pose computation via registration: new results on computing edges using FPGAs
Author(s): J. R. Atoche Ensenat; L. A. Munoz; Arturo Espinosa; A. Sebastia C.
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Phase demodulation of interferograms with open or closed fringes
Author(s): Mariano Rivera
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Experimental interferogram analysis using a nonconventional genetic algorithm
Author(s): Juan Jaime Sanchez-Escobar; Pascual A. Maganya
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Fringe normalization by using an interpolation algorithm
Author(s): Francisco Javier Cuevas; Juan Humberto Sossa Azuela; G. Garnica; Juan A. Rayas; M. Carpio; O. Gonzalez
New improvements of the regularized phase tracking technique for the processing of non-normalized fringe patterns
Author(s): Ricardo Legarda-Saenz; Mariano Rivera
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Determination of forming limits of sheet metals by speckle interferometry
Author(s): C. Vial-Edwards; B. Guelorget; Manuel Francois; Ignacio Lira; M. Münzenmayer
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Measurement of residual stresses using a radial in-plane digital speckle pattern interferometer and local heating: recent advances
Author(s): Matías R. Viotti; Armando Albertazzi Gonçalves; Guillermo H. Kaufmann
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Optical measurement of mechanical stresses in diamond-like carbon films
Author(s): Ivan Ohlidal; Miloslav Ohlidal; Daniel Franta; Vladimir Cudek; Vilma Bursikova; Petr Klapetek; Milos Jakl
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Fractal analysis of vibration amplitudes
Author(s): G. Ayala-Landeros; Abundio Davila; Francisco Carrion; Victor M. Castano
Microdisplacement measurements with holographic gratings
Author(s): Mauricio Ortiz-Gutierrez; Mario Perez-Cortes; Maria Rocio Gomez-Colin; Arturo Olivares-Perez; Juan Carlos Ibarra-Torres
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Reduced dynamical model of the vibrations of a metal plate
Author(s): D. Moreno; Bernardino Barrientos; Carlos Perez-Lopez; Fernando Mendoza-Santoyo; J. A. Guerrero; M. Funes
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Young's module measurement of an elastomer using ESPI
Author(s): Fabian Mosso Solano-Edward; Luis Gallego Soltelo-Jose; Jaury Leon-Tellez
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Temperature measurements by laser beam deflection
Author(s): Pablo G. Martinez; J. Bante; Juan Jose Alvarado-Gil
Uncertainty evaluation of displacements measured by ESPI with divergent wavefronts
Author(s): Amalia Martinez; Raul Cordero; Juan A. Rayas; Hugo J. Puga; Ramon Rodriguez-Vera
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Aeolic vibration of aerial electricity transmission cables
Author(s): A. Avila; Ramon Rodriguez-Vera; Juan A. Rayas; Bernardino Barrientos
Crack inspection on tanks using shearography
Author(s): Noe Alcala Ochoa; Gabriel Mendiola Anda; Miguel Mora Gonzalez; Luis Martinez Escobedo; Celia Escamilla
Multipoint optical fiber vibrometer
Author(s): Raffaella Di Sante; Lorenzo Scalise; Enrico Primo Tomasini
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Using the wavelet transform for processing signals of a counter of speckle
Author(s): A. Ventura-Chavez; Rene A. Martinez-Celorio; Juan J. Rosales-Garcia; Luis Marti-Lopez; Oscar G. Ibarra-Manzano
Moiré interferometry for engineering and science
Author(s): Daniel Post
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Development of a horizontal interferometric dilatometer for gauge blocks
Author(s): Hector Castillo M.; Marcos Mendoza R.
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Laser scanning technique for fatigue damage evolution detection
Author(s): Vladimir B. Markov; Benjamin D. Buckner; J. C. Earthman
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Experimental study of the surface roughness in metals with different surface finishing by two-dimensional correlation of speckle pattern
Author(s): Miguel Asmad; Guillermo Baldwin; Cordula Maczeyzik; Fernando Mendoza; Carlos Perez-Lopez
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A laser optical torquemeter for measuring the mechanical power furnished by a chirale turbine
Author(s): Marco Bonfanti; Guido La Rosa; Fabio Lo Savio
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Laser diode noise impact on interferometric applications
Author(s): Lesya Blagova; Alex Gluzmann; Ivan Popov
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Integration of probe systems in a nanopositioning and nanomeasuring machine
Author(s): Gerd Jaeger; Eberhard Manske; Tino Hausotte; Rostyslav Mastylo; Hans-Joachim Buechner; Rainer Gruenwald; Roland Fussl
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Data amalgamation in the digitalization of 3D objects all over its 360 degrees
Author(s): Juan A. Rayas; Ramon Rodriguez-Vera; Amalia Martinez
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Phasing a segmented mirror using the subapertures method
Author(s): Fausto Escobar-Romero; Fermin-Solomon Granados-Agustin; Alejandro Cornejo-Rodriguez
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Asynchronous direct demodulation of spatiotemporal fringe patterns
Author(s): Juan Antonio Quiroga Mellado; Jose Antonio Gomez-Pedrero; Daniel Crespo
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Fiber optic evanescent-wave sensor
Author(s): Ezequiel Rodriguez-Rodriguez; Rogelio Barrales; Rafael Quintero Torres

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