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Proceedings of SPIE Volume 5774

Fifth International Conference on Thin Film Physics and Applications
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Volume Number: 5774
Date Published: 8 December 2004
Softcover: 151 papers (678) pages
ISBN: 9780819457554

Table of Contents
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Thin films in silicon carbide semiconductor devices
Author(s): Mikael Ostling; Sang-Mo Koo; Sang-Kwon Lee; Carl-Mikael Zetterling; Alexander Grishin
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Making ferromagnetic semiconductors out of III-V nitride semiconductors
Author(s): Hisao Makino; J. J. Kim; P. P. Chen; M. W. Cho; Takafumi Yao
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The second law of thermodynamics for advanced thin films
Author(s): Ji-Tao Wang; David Wei Zhang; Wei-Feng Yu
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MBE growth and properties of InN and InN-based diluted magnetic semiconductors
Author(s): P. P. Chen; H. Makino; Wei Lu; Takafumi Yao
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Formation and characteristics of quantum dots of wide-bandgap II-VI semiconductor
Author(s): Xi Wu Fan; C. X. Shan; Yujing Yang; J. Y. Zhang; Yi Chun Liu; You Ming Lu; D. Zen Shen
The characteristic criterion of the growth of metallic films from discontinuous to continuous
Author(s): Ping Fan; Hong-Ji Qi; Kui Yi; Jian-Da Shao; Zheng-Xiu Fan
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Ballistic emission spectroscopy and imaging of a buried metal-organic interface
Author(s): N. Chandrasekhar; Cedric Troadec; Linda Kunardi
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Comparative study on Al-doped ZnO films sputtered with ceramics and metal targets
Author(s): Le-Xi Shao; Xiao-Ping Liu; Huey-Liang Hwang
Monte Carlo study of Kerr effect in NixSi02(1-x) granular films
Author(s): Yanmin Yang; Yingbin Lin; Zhi-gao Huang; Youwei Du
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Size and step effects of hysteresis in mixed magnetic films
Author(s): Zhenzhen Weng; Zhi-gao Huang
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Effects of the next-nearest-neighbor interaction on the phase transition of magnetic multilayers
Author(s): Liqin Jiang; Qian Feng; Zhi-gao Huang
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Mesostructure of Fe-based ribbon influenced by inner stress
Author(s): Yun Zhang Fang; W. H. Wu; J. J. Zheng; F. M. Wu; G. J. Lin; Y. K. Wang; J. W. Pan
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Ab initio study of electronic properties of CoSi2 and NiSi2 in the fluorite structure
Author(s): Tao Wang; Yong Bin Dai; S. K. Ouyang; He Sheng Shen; Jian Shen Wu
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Formation of GaAs hollow above InAs quantum dots
Author(s): Hua Han Zhan; Jun Yong Kang
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Improve the charge stability of SiO2 films by plasma treatment and ion implantation
Author(s): Ningyi Yuan; Jinhua Li
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Photovoltaic feature of boron-doped nanocrystalline carbon films on silicon
Author(s): Z. Q. Ma; Q. Zhang
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A novel application of the solid electrolyte thin film for preparing copper nanowires
Author(s): Shuo Shi; Jia-Lin Sun; Guo-Sheng Zhang; Jian-Hong Zhang; Ji-Hua Guo; Zheng-Ping Wang
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Energy resolution in x-ray detecting microstrip gas chamber fabricated on CVD diamond films
Author(s): Minglong Zhang; Yiben Xia; Linjun Wang; Yin Yang; Lin Wang; Beibei Gu
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Deposition and characterizations of GeCN thin films
Author(s): Fuchun Xu; Jun Yong Kang
MBE growth and magnetoresistance properties of PrSrMnO3 films on NdGaO3(100) substrate
Author(s): P. P. Chen; G. J. Liu; H. Makino; Wei Lu; Takafumi Yao
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Thickness effects on microwave properties and ferromagnetic resonance of Fe-Co-B magnetic thin films
Author(s): Yi Yang; Wei Tian; Gang Lu; Baoshan Zhang; Weidong Xu; Mu Lu; Huaixian Lu
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Calculation of temperature field of CO2 laser conditioning of fused silica
Author(s): Chaoyang Wei; Hongbo He; Jianda Shao; Zhi Deng; Jian Shen; Zhengxiu Fan
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Efficient field emission from porous silicon
Author(s): Yongsheng Zhang; Ke Yu; Laiqiang Luo; Ziqiang Zhu
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Effect of high-energy ball milling on morphology and field emission properties of multi-walled carbon nanotubes
Author(s): Laiqiang Luo; Ke Yu; Yongsheng Zhang; Ziqiang Zhu; Shaoqiang Chen
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Piezoelectric PZT thin films derived by sol-gel techniques
Author(s): Jinrong Cheng; Zhongyan Meng; L. Eric Cross
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Correlation between the optical and electrical parameters of ZnSe thin films
Author(s): S. Venkatachalam; Y. L. Jeyachandran; V. SenthilKumar; Devanesan Mangalaraj; Sa. K. Narayandass; K. Kim; J. Yi
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Fabrication of SiGe-on-insulator and applications for strained Si
Author(s): Chenglu Lin; Weili Liu; Zhenghua An; Zengfeng Di; Miao Zhang
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Vanadium oxide thin films prepared by RF magnetron sputtering method
Author(s): Zhishuan Li; Suntao Wu; Jing Li; Donghui Guo; Fuchun Xu
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The nanostructures and optical properties of ZnO films by RF magnetron sputtering
Author(s): Bo Huang; Suntao Wu; Jing Li; Shigang Sun; Zhong-Qun Tian
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The study on the interface adhesion comparison of MgF2, Al2O3, SiO2, and Ag thin films
Author(s): Xueke Xu; Zhaosheng Tang; Jian Da Shao; Zhengxiu Fan
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Study on the structure and ferroelectric properties of sol-gel-derived Pb(Mg1/3Nb2/3)O3-PbTiO3 thin films
Author(s): Aiyun Liu; Xiangjian Meng; Jinglan Sun; Jun-Hao Chu
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Heat-treating effect on the properties of Pb1-xLax(Zr0.4Ti0.6)O3 ferroelectric thin film prepared by a modified sol-gel process
Author(s): Fuwen Shi; Genshui Wang; Xiangjian Meng; Jinglan Sun; Jun-Hao Chu
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Optical properties of BaTiO3 and Mn:BaTiO3 thin films deposited on fused quartz and silicon substrates using a sol-gel method
Author(s): Yawei Li; Jing-Lan Sun; Xiangjian Meng; Weifeng Zhang; Jun-Hao Chu
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Doped (AlxGa1-x)0.5In0.5P alloys grown by MOCVD
Author(s): Zhonghui Li; Hanben Niu
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Ion implantation into Si covered by HfO2 or SiO2 film
Author(s): Hao Shi; Min Yu; Ru Huang; Xing D. Zhang; Yangyuan Wang
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Influence of different bottom electrodes to microstructure and electrical properties of Pb(Zr0.52Ti0.48)O3 ferroelectric films
Author(s): Jian-Kang Li; Xi Yao; Liangying Zhang
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The preparation of the single-phase perovskite conductive LaNiO3 films on different substrates
Author(s): Jian-Kang Li; Xi Yao; Liangying Zhang
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Photoelectric properties of unsymmetrical metal-free phthalocyanine and C60 complex thin films
Author(s): Zhigang Yang; Yue Shen; Jiancheng Zhang
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Gallium phosphide protective infrared films on zinc sulphide deposited by RF-planar magnetron sputtering
Author(s): Yangping Li; Zhengtang Liu; Hu Cui
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The phase transformation and mechanical behavior of NiTi thin films
Author(s): Zhenyu Yuan; Xiulan Cheng; Dong Xu; Zhican Ye; YaFei Zhang; Bingchu Cai
Microstructure and properties of sol-gel-derived (La,Sr)CoO3 thin film with compositional fluctuation La/Sr ratio
Author(s): Wei Lu; Ping Zheng; Zhongyan Meng; Wenbiao Wu
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Thickness-dependent electrical properties of lead zirconate titanate thin films on titanium substrates
Author(s): Ping Zheng; Jinrong Cheng; Wei Lu; Zhongyan Meng
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Influence of buffer layer on dielectric properties of (Ba1-xSrx)TiO3 thin films
Author(s): Dongwen Peng; Zhongyan Meng; Wenbiao Wu
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Study on the stress of silicon nitride thin films prepared by PECVD
Author(s): Ying Yu; Zongzi Luo; Xinqiao Weng
Photoconductivity of azo-polymer-copper-phthalocyanine-diamond-like carbon films
Author(s): Yue Shen; Jiancheng Zhang; Yiben Xia; Feng Gu; Weiping Shen; Zhigang Yang
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The preparation of diamond films on new composite ceramic substrates of diamond and alumina
Author(s): Yue Shen; Yiben Xia; Feng Gu; Qingfeng Su; Jiancheng Zhang
Ferroelectricity of BiFeO3 prepared by the chemical solution deposition method
Author(s): Caixia Yang; Yinyin Lin; Ting-ao Tang
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The studies of RT electrical resistivities of LaNiO3-δ thin films by RF magnetron sputtering with different percentage of oxygen partial pressure at various substrate temperatures
Author(s): X. D. Zhang; Xiang Jian Meng; Jing Lan Sun; Gen Shui Wang; Tie Lin; Jun Hao Chu
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Formation mechanism of the VO2 polycrystalline film prepared by modified-ion-beam enhanced deposition
Author(s): Jinhua Li; Ningyi Yuan
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The transmission of organic group in solid electrolyte film
Author(s): Shuo Shi; Guo-Sheng Zhang; Jia-Lin Sun; Jian-Hong Zhang; Ji-Hua Guo; Zheng-Ping Wang
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Thickness effect of LaNiO3 buffer layer on microstructure and electrical properties of PZT thin films
Author(s): Wenjuan Du; Wei Lu; Jinrong Cheng; Zhongyan Meng
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Structural and electrical properties of Pb(Zr,Ti)O3 thin films on NiCr substrate modified by LaNiO3 and PbTiO3 buffer layers
Author(s): Liang He; Jinrong Cheng; Zhongyan Meng
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Tunable properties of PbxSr1-xTiO3 thin films
Author(s): Boyu Ni; Dongwen Peng; Wenbiao Wu; Zhongyan Meng
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Preparation and characterization of chemically deposited SnS thin films
Author(s): Jing Xu; Guangpu Wei; Weiming Shi; Pengfei Chen; Yuchun Xue
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Preparation and characterization of Nd-doped Bi4Ti3O12 thin films by pulsed laser deposition method
Author(s): Wen Biao Wu; Zhong Yan Meng; A. Shibuya; M. Okuyama
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Synthesis and applications of ordered mesoporous tin dioxide thin films
Author(s): Xiao'an Zhou; Jiancheng Zhang; Yue Shen
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Preparation and properties of hydrophobic organic-inorganic silica hybrid films
Author(s): Lanfang Yao; Guangming Wu; Zhaofeng Wu; Dian Qu; Guoqing Wang; Jun Shen; Jue Wang
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Preparation of low-density porous silica thin films by ambient pressure drying
Author(s): Lanfang Yao; Jun Shen; Guangming Wu; Xingyuan Ni; Jue Wang; Bin Zhou
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MgB2 thick film grown on stainless steel substrate with ductility
Author(s): Qing-rong Feng; Chinping Chen; Ying Lu; Zhang Jia; Jing-pu Guo; Xiao-nan Wang; Meng Zhu; Jun Xu; Yong-Zhong Wang
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Characterization of vacuum-evaporated In70Se30 thin films
Author(s): C. Viswanathan; S. Gopal; B. Karunagaran; Devanesan Mangalaraj; Sa. K. Narayandass; J. Yi
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Effect of oxygen implantation on the characteristic of Ge2Sb2Te5 phase change film
Author(s): Bo Liu; Zhitang Song; Ting Zhang; Songlin Feng; Bomy Chen
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Mesoporous silica thin films prepared by argon plasma treatment of sol-gel-derived precursor
Author(s): Jian Zhang; Al Palaniappan; Xiaodi Su; Francis E. H. Tay
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The influence of rapid recurrent thermal annealing on magnetic properties of CoFe-O thin film
Author(s): Yu Shi; Huaiwu Zhang; Yulan Jing; Huaizhong Xing; Xiangdong Jiang
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Structure and ferroelectric properties of Bi3.25La0.75Ti3O12 and Bi3.25Nd0.75Ti3O12 thin films prepared by an MOD method
Author(s): Jian Hua Ma; Xiang-Jian Meng; Jing-Lan Sun; Tie Lin; Jun-Hao Chu
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Influences of post-deposition annealing on the properties of the ZrO2 thin films prepared by electron beam evaporation
Author(s): S. Y. Shao; Jian Da Shao; D. P. Zhang; J. B. Huang; Zheng Xiu Fan
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Fabrication and characteristics of PLZT thin films derived from MOD process
Author(s): Yong Zhang; Xiyun He; Pingsun Qiu; Aili Ding
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Influence of process parameters on fabrication of PZT(53/47) thick films by a dip-coating process
Author(s): Xiyun He; Yong Zhang; Pingsun Qiu; Aili Ding
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Anisotropic optical properties of ZrO2 films by oblique deposition
Author(s): Jianguo Wang; Jianda Shao; Shuhai Fan; Zhengxiu Fan
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Plasma-implantation-based surface modification of metals with single-implantation mode
Author(s): X. B. Tian; J. T. Cui; S. Q. Yang; Ricky K. Y. Fu; Paul K. Chu
Thermal stability of metal containing diamond-like carbon thin film fabricated by dual plasma deposition
Author(s): Ricky K. Y. Fu; Y. F. Mei; M. Y. Fu; C. B. Wei; G. G. Siu; Paul K. Chu; W. Y. Cheung; S. P. Wong
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Development and applications of solar cell in China
Author(s): Guangpu Wei; Deng-Ren Jin
Organic light-emitting devices using phosphorescent dopants
Author(s): Takao Nagatomo; Susumu Nagashima; Ryosuke Sugawara
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Selective formation of porous silicon array using highly resistive silicon layer as masking materials
Author(s): Xiaohua Wang; Shaoqiang Chen; Jian Zhang; Jianzhong Zhu; Ziqiang Zhu
Field emission behavior of GaN nanoparticles and nanobelts
Author(s): Ke Yu; Yongsheng Zhang; Laiqiang Luo; Ziqiang Zhu
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Preparation and performance of phase retarder at the wavelength of 1315-nm
Author(s): Jianbing Huang; Jianda Shao; Yingjian Wang; Zhengxiu Fan
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Epitaxial growth of atomically smooth (111)-oriented MgO films on Si (111) substrate by pulsed laser deposition
Author(s): Tong Lai Chen; Xiao Min Li; Xia Zhang; Wei Dong Yu; Xiang Dong Gao
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Temperature dependence of laser-induced damage threshold of 355-nm Al2O3/MgF2 HR coatings
Author(s): Meiqiong Zhan; Tianya Tan; Dawei Zhang; Hongbo He; Jianda Shao; Zhengxiu Fan
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Characterization of ZnO films grown on different substrates by L-MBE method
Author(s): Xiaodong Yang; Jingwen Zhang; Qing'an Xu; Yongning He; Hongbo Wang; Weifeng Zhang; Xun Hou
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Influence of inhomogeneities on the spectral characteristics of anti-reflection coatings
Author(s): Zicai Shen; Yingjian Wang; Zhengxiu Fan; Jianda Shao
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Elimination of the half-wave hole for short-wave pass filter
Author(s): Xiaofeng Ma; Yingjian Wang; Jianda Shao; Zhengxiu Fan
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Properties of InGaN violet-LED structure
Author(s): Zhonghui Li; Zhijian Yang; Tongjun Yu; Guoyi Zhang; Yuchun Feng; Hanben Niu
Optical properties of Al2O3 and MgF2 coatings deposited by electron-beam evaporation in the DUV/VUV spectral range
Author(s): Shuzhen Shang; Kui Yi; Jianbing Huang; Jianda Shao; Zhengxiu Fan
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Preparation and characterization of [100]-oriented diamond films by HFCVD
Author(s): Qingfeng Su; Yiben Xia; Linjun Wang; Ling Ren; Minglong Zhang; Weimin Shi
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Generation of 32-fs pulse by use of optimized Gires-Tournois interferometer negative-dispersion mirrors
Author(s): Chunyan Liao; Jianda Shao; Zhengxiu Fan; Zubin Wu; Zhi-gang Zhang
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Study on the test of laser-induced damage threshold of multilayer dielectric gratings
Author(s): Weijin Kong; Tao Wang; Jianda Shao; Zhengxiu Fan
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Preparation of CoSi2 using microwave hydrogen plasma annealing
Author(s): Tao Wang; Yong Bin Dai; S. K. Ouyang; He Sheng Shen; Jian Shen Wu
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Charge collection properties of 1x128 array radiation detector based on CVD diamond film
Author(s): Beibei Gu; Linjun Wang; Yiben Xia; Minglong Zhang; Yanyan Lou; Qingfeng Su
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Optimization for the growth of CVD diamond on Al2O3 and the response to alpha particle irradiation
Author(s): Yanyan Lou; Linjun Wang; Minglong Zhang; Beibei Gu; Qingfeng Su; Yiben Xia
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Effects of deposition conditions and annealing process on the infrared optical properties of diamond films grown by MPCVD
Author(s): Linjun Wang; Yiben Xia; Minglong Zhang; Qingfeng Su; Beibei Gu; Yanyan Lou
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Liquid nitrogen flowrate alarm system for MBE
Author(s): Yongwei Sun; Shuying Li; Haiqiao Ni; Yun Xu; Lianghui Chen
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Deposition of microcrystalline silicon thin films for solar cells by VHF-PECVD
Author(s): Xiaodan Zhang; Ying Zhao; Feng Zhu; Yaohua Mai; Changchun Wei; Yantao Gao; Guofu Hou; Jian Sun; Juan Li; Xinhua Geng; Shaozhen Xiong
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Structural and electrical properties of Nd- and V-modified bismuth titanate thin films by sol-gel processing
Author(s): Jinrong Cheng; Liang He; Zhongyan Meng
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Study on oriented 3D mesoporous silica thin film and nano magnetic grain assembly
Author(s): Jian Cheng Zhang; Qi Liang Ni; Yue Shen; Xiao'An Zhou; Li Ming Yue
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Post-treating techniques of porous silicon thin flm
Author(s): Ziqiang Zhu; Yongfu Long; Shaoqiang Chen; Xianwen Yu; Jianzhong Zhu
Research on the fabrication of µc-Si and its incubation layer
Author(s): Juan Li; Xiaodan Zhang; Chunya Wu; Jianping Liu; Shuyan Zhao; Zhiguo Meng; Ying Zhao; Shaozhen Xiong; Lizhu Zhang
Visible photoluminescence originated from various mechanisms during step-by-step annealing
Author(s): Jiaxin Mei; Yunjun Rui; Ling Yang; Jun Xu; Zhongyuan Ma; Da Zhu; Xinfan Huang; Kunji Chen
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20-nm linewidth nanoimprint mold prepared by selectively etched multilayer thin film
Author(s): Yongjun Zhang; Guanqi Han; Xinfan Huang; Wei Li; Xiping Hao; Guobin Ma; Kunji Chen
SiCN and Ta/TaN barriers for Cu/ultra low-k integration in 0.13µm technology
Author(s): L. Y. Yang; D. H. Zhang; C. Y. Li; Peiwei Lu; P. D. Foo
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The studies of room-temperature electrical resistivity of post-annealed LaNiO3-ð thin film on Si(100)/n by RF magnetron sputtering
Author(s): X. D. Zhang; Xiang Jian Meng; J. L. Sun; G. S. Wang; Tie Lin; Jun Hao Chu
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Effects of oxygen pressure on optical and crystal properties of ZnO thin films prepared by laser molecular beam epitaxy
Author(s): Qing'an Xu; Jingwen Zhang; Xiaodong Yang; Yongning He; Weifeng Zhang; Xun Hou
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A V-shaped module technique for promoting generation photocurrent density of silicon solar cells
Author(s): Jianming Li; Ming Chong; Xiaofeng Duan; Jiadong Xu; Min Gao; Fenglian Wang
Silicon-based one-dimensional photonic crystal microcavity
Author(s): San Chen; Bo Qian; Kunji Chen; Jun Xu; Wei Li; Xinfan Huang
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Photonic crystal slab made from porous silicon
Author(s): W. H. Zheng; P. Reece; M. Gal
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Investigation of electrical, structural, and optical properties of very thin oxide/a-Si:H/c-Si interfaces passivated by cyanide treatment
Author(s): Emil Pincik; Hikaru Kobayashi; Stanislav Jurecka; Matej Jergel; Helena Gleskova; Masao Takahashi; Robert Brunner; Naozumi Fujiwara; Jarmila Mullerova
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Formation of random laser action in ZnO thin films
Author(s): S. F. Yu; Eunice S. P. Leong; S. P. Lau; Clement Yuen
Non-polarizing filter design
Author(s): Hong Ji Qi; R. J. Hong; Kui Yi; Jian Da Shao; Zheng Xiu Fan
Failure analysis of MEMS RF cantilevered beam switch
Author(s): Fangmin Guo; Xin Xu; Chengshi Li; Yuping Ge; Jianguo Yu; Peisheng Xin; Rongjin Zhu; Zongshen Lai; Ziqiang Zhu; Wei Lu
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Design and simulation of uncooled bi-material infrared detector
Author(s): Xin Xu; Fangmin Guo; Wei Lu; Shaoxin Yu; Yuping Ge; Ning Li
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Low-loss microwave coplanar waveguides realized on low-resistivity silicon wafer
Author(s): Yuping Ge; Fangmin Guo; Weiming Wang; Shaoxin Yu; Li Shao; Ziqiang Zhu; Wei Lu
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Optimized inductor and low-pass filter with low substrate loss on OPS/PS interlayer
Author(s): Yun Liu; Yanling Shi; Xiao Feng; Yong Wang; Shaoqiang Chen; Xiaojin Li; Ziqiang Zhu; Zongshen Lai
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Influence of annealing on the nanosecond laser damage resistance of the dielectric mirror coatings at 1064-nm prepared by IBS
Author(s): Tao Wang; Hongbo He; Yuanan Zhao; Jianda Shao; Zhengxiu Fan
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Porous-silicon-based oligonucleotide chips
Author(s): Li Shao; Shaoqiang Chen; Jian Zhang; Jianzhong Zhu; Ziqiang Zhu; Bin Zhu
Design of negative dispersion mirrors used in Ti:sapphire femtosecond lasers
Author(s): Chunyan Liao; Jianda Shao; Zhengxiu Fan
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The test of new-type MEMS ammonia-sensitive sensor
Author(s): Lingjie Wang; Jishen Lin
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High-isolation contact switch in MEMS phase shifter
Author(s): Wei Li; Yanling Shi; Jian Qing; Ling Jiang; Zheng Ren; Peisheng Xin; Ziqiang Zhu; Zongshen Lai
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Analysis of the tunnel junction current
Author(s): Rong-hui Guo; Zhengping Zhao; Miao Lu
ZrO2 thin films deposited on various LiB3O5 substrates by electron beam evaporation
Author(s): Tianya Tan; Jianbing Huang; Meiqiong Zhan; Guanglei Tian; Jianda Shao; Zhengxiu Fan
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Bond enhance of hydroxyapatite/silicon layers by introducing a porous silicon interlayer
Author(s): Shaoqiang Chen; Jianzhong Zhu; Jian Zhang; Xiao Feng; Yanling Shi; Xiaohua Wang; Laiqiang Luo; Ziqiang Zhu
Formation of the copper nanoparticles in porous silicon by electroplating
Author(s): Xiao Feng; Shaohui Xu; Shaoqiang Chen; Jianzhong Zhu; Ziqiang Zhu; Zongshen Lai
Resolution enhancement in optical lithography using polarized film mask
Author(s): Guobin Yu; Wumei Lin; Xianzhong Chen; Tingwen Xing; HanMin Yao
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Influence of experimental environment on the process of photo-assisted electrochemical etching process on silicon
Author(s): Yu Chen; Pingsheng Guo; Lianwei Wang
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Transfer bonding of thick silicon nitride film via split of porous silicon
Author(s): X. Q. Bao; Yan Fang Ding; Yu Chen; Ping Sheng Guo; Yan Ling Shi; Lian Wei Wang; Zong Shen Lai
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Simulation of output voltage waveform on thin film magnetoresistive sensor
Author(s): Yu Shi; Huaiwu Zhang; Yingli Liu; Yulan Jing; Baoyuan Liu; Zhiyong Zhong
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Study on DC-contact MEMS switches
Author(s): J. J. Chen; H. Z. Wei; M. L. Hu; Zong Shen Lai
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Evaluation of the mechanical properties of the materials in MEMS using an optical profiler
Author(s): Haifei Bao; Deren Lu; Minghao Zhao
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Laser conditioning of dielectric oxide mirror coatings at 1064 nm
Author(s): Yuanan Zhao; Jianda Shao; Tao Wang; Dongping Zhang; Shuhai Fan; Jianbing Huang; WeiDong Gao; Zhengxiu Fan
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Index-compatible design of multilayer film for MEMS-type variable optical attenuator
Author(s): Deyan Peng; Guodong Li; Lianwei Wang; Zongshen Lai
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Study on multi-quantum barriers for use in quantum well solar cells
Author(s): Linzhang Wu; Wei Tian; Xiaotao Jiang
Relaxation mechanism of SiGe thin film on SOI substrate
Author(s): Zengfeng Di; Miao Zhang; Weili Liu; Ming Zhu; Chenglu Lin; Paul K. Chu
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The process of low-stress silicon nitride and the application in the fabrication of MEMS device
Author(s): Hongtao He; Yongqing Xu; Yongjun Yang
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An investigation of polymer-carbon black composite gas detectors
Author(s): Xiaoxiang Sun; Haifen Xie; Qiudong Yang; Yiping Huang
Gas sensor based on nano ZSM-5 zeolite films for the nerve agent simulant dimethylmethylphosphonate detection
Author(s): Haifen Xie; Yu Ting; Xiaoxiang Sun; Zhou Jia; Yiping Huang
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Investigation on Eu<super>3+</super>-doped Gd2O3 sol-gel thin films
Author(s): Xiaolin Liu; Longqing Qiu; Mu Gu; Rui Zhang; Xin Xu
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Modification of Gd2O3:Eu3+ sol-gel luminescence films
Author(s): Longqing Qiu; Mu Gu; Xiaolin Liu; Rui Zhang; Xin Xu
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Replication of the nano-scale mold fabricated with focused ion beam
Author(s): J. X. Gao; M. B. Chan-Park; D. Z. Xie; Bryan Kok Ann Ngoi
Research for polyimide as a sacrificial layer in MEMS device
Author(s): Meili Hu; Jinjin Chen; Zhongshen Lai; Huibing Mao; Dexin Sheng
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Structural and electrical properties of high-&#312; Al2O3-ZrO2 gate dielectrics on SOI substrate
Author(s): Yan Fang Ding; G. S. Ye; N. L. Zhang; Ming Zhu; Cheng Lu Lin; Ziqiang Zhu
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