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Proceedings of SPIE Volume 5763

Smart Structures and Materials 2005: Smart Electronics, MEMS, BioMEMS, and Nanotechnology
Editor(s): Vijay K. Varadan
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Volume Details

Volume Number: 5763
Date Published: 16 May 2005
Softcover: 47 papers (460) pages
ISBN: 9780819457448

Table of Contents
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Post-CMOS chip-level processing for high-aspect-ratio microprobe fabrication utilizing pulse plating
Author(s): Tinghui Xin; Pratul K. Ajmera; Chuang Zhang; Ashok Srivastava
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Charge pump CMOS circuit based on internal clock voltage boosting for biomedical applications
Author(s): Raghavendra R. Anantha; Ashok Srivastava; Pratul K. Ajmera
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Remote power delivery for hybrid integrated bio-implantable electrical stimulation system
Author(s): Venkat R. Gaddam; Jagadish Yernagula; Raghavendra R. Anantha; Satish Kona; Sunitha Kopparthi; A. Chamakura; Pratul K. Ajmera; Ashok Srivastava
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Wireless microsensor network solutions for neurological implantable devices
Author(s): Jose K. Abraham; Ashwin Whitchurch; Vijay K. Varadan
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Design and testing of flexible dipole rectennas
Author(s): Kyo D. Song; Sang H. Choi; Walter T. Golembiewski; Kevin Henderson; Jae H. Kim; Williams Craft; Glen King
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Wilkinson power divider for antenna distribution networks
Author(s): Taeksoo Ji; Hargsoon Yoon; K. A. Jose; Vijay K. Varadan
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Design of a stacked array antenna system integrated with low temperature co-fired ceramics (LTCC)
Author(s): Taeksoo Ji; Hargsoon Yoon; K. A. Jose; Vijay K. Varadan
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Design of pentacene thin film transistors on flexible substrates
Author(s): Taeksoo Ji; Jining Xie; Vijay K. Varadan
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The nanostructured Origami 3D fabrication and assembly process for nanopatterned 3D structures
Author(s): Hyun Jin In; William J. Arora; Paul Stellman; Sundeep Kumar; Shao-Horn Yang; Henry I. Smith; George Barbastathis
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Hierarchical MEMS synthesis and optimization
Author(s): Ying Zhang; Raffi Kamalian; Alice M. Agogino; Carlo H. Sequin
Evaluation of novel tooling for nanoscale injection molding
Author(s): Sung-hwan Yoon; Chinnawat Srirojpinyo; Jun S. Lee; Joey L. Mead; Shinji Matsui; Carol M. F. Barry
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Surface-enhanced Raman spectroscopy of molecular motors
Author(s): O. Inya-Agha; T. Davies; N. Elejalde; H. M.H. Chong; C. H. Batters; J. M. Cooper
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Fabrication of three-dimensional structures by micro stereolithography for electromagnetic absorber applications
Author(s): Taeksoo Ji; Vijay K. Varadan
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Aligned blank and metal encapsulated conducting polymer nanotubules
Author(s): Jining Xie; Vijay K. Varadan
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Bandgaps of zigzag finite-length nanotubes ab initio calculations: ground state degeneracy and single-electron spectra
Author(s): Mikhail Mestechkin; Vladimir Zubkov
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Functional carbon nanotube material-based enzyme biosensors for glucose sensing
Author(s): Nanyan Zhang; Jining Xie; Vijay K. Varadan
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High-performance sensor platform based on electroactive polymers
Author(s): Zhimin Li; Suiqiong Li; Z.-Y. Cheng
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Multifunctional carbon nanofiber/nanotube smart materials
Author(s): Yeo-Heung Yun; Inpil Kang; Ramanand Gollapudi; Jong Won Lee; Douglas Hurd; Vesselin N. Shanov; Mark J. Schulz; Jay Kim; Donglu Shi; J. F. Boerio; Srinivas Subramaniam
Nanostructured electrodes for efficient gas ionization
Author(s): J. P. Singh; Toh-Ming Lu; Gwo-Ching Wang; Nikhil Koratkar
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Photoconductivity of structures nanodimensional Ge/c-Si.
Author(s): Ruslana S. Udovitskaya; Sergey V. Kondratenko; Oleg V. Vakulenko
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Analysis and design of a self-powered piezoelectric microaccelerometer
Author(s): Wenli Zhou; Wei-Hsin Liao; Wen J. Li
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Ultrasoft FeAlSiBCuNb nanocomposites for GMI sensor applications
Author(s): Manh-Huong Phan; Hua-Xin Peng; Michael R. Wisnom; Seong-Cho Yu
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Power management for energy harvesting wireless sensors
Author(s): S. W. Arms; C. P. Townsend; D. L. Churchill; J. H. Galbreath; S. W. Mundell
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Analysis of a nonuniform cantilever beam MOEM accelerometer under closed loop operation
Author(s): A. Selvarajan; Jagannath Nayak; T. Srinivas; D. V. K. Sastry
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Feedback controlled nano-positioner using fiber optic EFPI sensor with novel demodulation technique
Author(s): Sang-Wuk Park; Dae-Hyun Kim; Chun-Gon Kim
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Development of an SH-SAW sensor for detection of DNA immobilization and hybridization
Author(s): Yongrae Roh; Jeongdong Woo; Youngjune Hur; Yukeun Eugene Pak
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An innovative all-polymeric drug-supply device
Author(s): Cheng Luo; Xinchuan Liu; Rakesh Poddar; John Garra; Aand P. Gadre; Edward V. Keuren; Thomas Schneider; Robert White; John Currie; Makarand Paranjape
PCR detection using nanofabricated SERS microchips
Author(s): N. Elejalde; H. M. H. Chong; O. Inya-Agha; J. M. Cooper
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Nanowire sensor array for wireless detection and identification of biohazards
Author(s): Hargsoon Yoon; Biju Philip; Jose K. Abraham; Taeksoo Ji; Vijay K. Varadan
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Optimization of microfluidic mixing using multiobjective strategies
Author(s): Tom Mautner
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Determination of compressive residual stress in a doubly clamped microbeam according to its buckled shape
Author(s): Cheng Luo; Anand Francis; Xinchuan Liu
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Lifetime characterization of capacitive RF MEMS switches
Author(s): Afshin Ziaei; Thierry Dean; Yves Mancuso
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Millimeter-wave GaAs stepped-impedance hairpin resonator filters using surface micromachining
Author(s): Ju-Hyun Cho; Tae-Soon Yun; Tae-Jong Baek; Back-Seok Ko; Dong-Hoon Shin; Jong-Chul Lee
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Applicability of holographic technique for analysis of nonlinear dynamics of MEMS switch
Author(s): Vytautas Ostasevicius; Minvydas Ragulskis; Arvydas Palevicius; V. Kravcenkiene; Giedrius Janusas
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Identification of soft drinks using MEMS-IDT microsensors
Author(s): Jose K. Abraham; Sonal Karjathkar; Stefany Jacesko; Vijay K. Varadan; Julian W. Gardner
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Stability analysis of carbon nanotubes via continuum models
Author(s): Q. Wang; V. K. Varadan; G. Y. Zhou
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Design, fabrication, and simulation of cantilever-type electrostatic micromechanical switch
Author(s): Vytautas Ostasevicius; Rolanas Dauksevicius; Sigitas Tamulevicius; Algimantas Bubulis; Viktoras Grigaliunas; Arvydas Palevicius
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Ferritin-templated quantum dots for quantum logic gates
Author(s): Sang H. Choi; Jae-Woo Kim; Sang-Hyon Chu; Yeonjoon Park; Glen C. King; Peter T. Lillehei; Seon-Jeong Kim; James R. Elliott
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