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Smart Structures and Materials 2005: Industrial and Commercial Applications of Smart Structures Technologies
Editor(s): Edward V. White
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Volume Number: 5762
Date Published: 5 May 2005
Softcover: 34 papers (330) pages
ISBN: 9780819457431

Table of Contents
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Commercial applications of Metal Rubber
Author(s): Jennifer H. Lalli; Richard O. Claus; Andrea B. Hill; Jeffrey B. Mecham; Bradley A. Davis; Sumitra Subramanayan; Richard M. Goff
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Active self-healing wire insulation
Author(s): B. Esser; D. Huston; G. Spencer; D. Burns; E. Kahn
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Stoichiometric study of Tb(x)Dy(1-x)Fe2 particulate composites for passive damping
Author(s): Ken K. Ho; Catherine Kerrigan; Omar Luna; Gregory Paul Carman
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A high-temperature shape memory alloy sensor for combustion monitoring and control
Author(s): Greg S. Shaw; Joseph T. Snyder; Troy S. Prince; Michael C. Willett
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Reusable shape memory polymer mandrels
Author(s): Matthew C. Everhart; Jaime Stahl
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Elastic memory composites (EMC) for deployable industrial and commercial applications
Author(s): Steven C. Arzberger; Michael L. Tupper; Mark S. Lake; Rory Barrett; Kaushik Mallick; Craig Hazelton; William Francis; Phillip N. Keller; Douglas Campbell; Sara Feucht; Dana Codell; Joe Wintergerst; Larry Adams; Joe Mallioux; Rob Denis; Karen White; Mark Long; Naseem A. Munshi; Ken Gall
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Light-activated shape memory polymers and associated applications
Author(s): Ernie Havens; Emily A. Snyder; Tat Hung Tong
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A remotely activated SMA actuated naval tie-down system
Author(s): Robert M. Shydo; Ephrahim Garcia; Jason M. Harris
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Nondestructive method to estimate moisture content in single nuts and grain from RF impedance measurements with a parallel-plate sensor
Author(s): C. V.K. Kandala; C. L. Butts
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Design and analysis of ultrasonic actuator in consideration of length reduction for a USDC (ultrasonic/sonic driller/corer)
Author(s): Zensheu Chang; Stewart Sherrit; Mircea Badescu; Xiaoqi Bao; Yoseph Bar-Cohen
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Development and optimization of novel sensors for inline measurement of sand filling and compaction stages in lost foam casting
Author(s): Matthew J. Whelan; Kerop D. Janoyan
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Structural sensor testing for space vehicle applications
Author(s): Jerry Huang; John Rose; Jason Gordon; Robert Boucher
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UAV visual signature suppression via adaptive materials
Author(s): Ron Barrett; Joris Melkert
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Post-buckled precompressed (PBP) elements: a new class of flight control actuators enhancing high-speed autonomous VTOL MAVs
Author(s): Ronald Barrett; Ross McMurtry; Roelof Vos; Paolo Tiso; Roeland De Breuker
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Optimized grouping of piezoelectric actuators on a flexible fin
Author(s): Andrew Rader; Aghil Yousefi-Koma; Fred Afagh; David Zimcik
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Adaptive wing structures
Author(s): John L. Reed; Christopher D. Hemmelgarn; Bryan M. Pelley; Ernie Havens
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Mechanical properties of shape memory polymers for morphing aircraft applications
Author(s): Michelle M. Keihl; Robert S. Bortolin; Brian Sanders; Shiv Joshi; Zeb Tidwell
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The ultrasonic/sonic driller/corer (USDC) as a subsurface drill, sampler, and lab-on-a-drill for planetary exploration applications
Author(s): Y. Bar-Cohen; Z. Chang; S. Sherrit; M. Badescu; X. Bao
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Adapting the ultrasonic/sonic driller/corer for walking/climbing robotic applications
Author(s): Mircea Badescu; Xiaoqi Bao; Yoseph Bar-Cohen; Zensheu Chang; Borna E. Dabiri; Brett Kennedy; Stewart Sherrit
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Improved design of a torque actuator based on ferromagnetic shape memory alloy composite
Author(s): Todd Burklin; Victor Cheng; Minoru Taya; Taishi Wada
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Design of synthetic jet actuator based on FSMA composite
Author(s): Yuanchang Liang; Yasuo Kuga; Minoru Taya
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Miniature thin-film NiTi hydraulic actuator with MEMS microvalves
Author(s): Geoff McKnight; Leslie Momoda; Don Croft; Dong Gun Lee; Daniel Shin; Greg Carman
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Practical issues in real-world implementation of structural health monitoring systems
Author(s): Shawn J. Beard; Amrita Kumar; Xinlin Qing; H. L. Chan; Chang Zhang; Teng K. Ooi
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Structural health monitoring of advanced grid structure using multipoint FBG sensors
Author(s): H. Takeya; T. Ozaki; N. Takeda
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Piezoelectric structural acoustic leak detection for pressurized pipelines
Author(s): Jacob v.R. Pretorius; Marthinus C. Van Schoor; Gert J. Muller; Alec W. Jessiman
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Resonant packaged piezoelectric power harvester for machinery health monitoring
Author(s): Andries J. du Plessis; Marcel J. Huigsloot; Fred D. Discenzo
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Optical table with embedded active vibration dampers (smart table)
Author(s): Vyacheslav M. Ryaboy; Prakash S. Kasturi; Adrian S. Nastase; Thomas K. Rigney
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Multimode vibration reduction concept for machine tools and automotive applications
Author(s): Reimund Neugebauer; Welf-Guntram Drossel; Burkhard Kranz; Holger Kunze
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Design and fabrication of a novel settled and laminated testing instrument for magnetorheological fluid
Author(s): Xinchun Guan; Jinhai Li; Jinping Ou
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Two-stage actuation system using DC motors and piezoelectric actuators for controllable industrial and automotive brakes and clutches
Author(s): Vijay A. Neelakantan; Gregory N. Washington; Norman K. Bucknor
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High-power Inchworm actuators for extended-range precision positioning
Author(s): Galen Powers; Qin Xu; Thomas Guidarelli; James Smith
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Development of miniaturized piezo-hydraulic pumps
Author(s): Eric G. Chapman; Scott L. Herdic; Chaz A. Keller; Christopher S. Lynch
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Hierarchical actuator systems
Author(s): D. Huston; B. Esser; G. Spencer; D. Burns; E. Kahn
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Simultaneous separation, seaming, and sealing using brazing (S3B) for sample containerization and planetary protection
Author(s): Yoseph Bar-Cohen; Jiunnjenq Wu; Ayoola K. Olorunsola; Tommaso P. Rivellini; Susan Bley; James Wincentsen; Robert Gershman
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