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Proceedings of SPIE Volume 5761

Smart Structures and Materials 2005: Active Materials: Behavior and Mechanics
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Volume Number: 5761
Date Published: 16 May 2005
Softcover: 59 papers (578) pages
ISBN: 9780819457424

Table of Contents
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Automatic resistance measurement of carbon nanotube sheet actuators and the parameters influencing the resistance
Author(s): Sreedevi Lanka; Mohammad H. Haque; Ivica Kolaric; Xin Jiang
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Electric field alignment of single wall carbon nanotubes (SWNT) in polymers
Author(s): Sumanth Banda; Zoubeida Ounaies; Tyler St Clair; Jared Rud; Kristin Burney; Gary Bowlin; Cheol Park; Joycelyn Harrison
Metal Rubber materials
Author(s): J. H. Lalli; A. Hill; S. Subrahmanyan; B. Davis; J. Mecham; R. M. Goff; R. O. Claus
Dielectric constant measurements of nanoscale thickness polymeric films
Author(s): Ramazan Asmatulu; William B. Spillman; Richard O. Claus
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Corrosion protection of surfaces by nanocomposite and urethane top coatings
Author(s): Ramazan Asmatulu; Richard O. Claus; J. B. Mecham; S. G. Corcoran
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Characterization and release of surface energy in nanoparticles
Author(s): Oleg A. Aktsipetrov; Tatyana V. Murzina; J. Paul Farrell; Marina V. A. Murzina
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Solid-state actuation based on reversible Li electroplating
Author(s): William Barvosa-Carter; Cameron G. Massey; Geoffrey McKnight; Ping Liu
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Chemo-mechanical model of biological membranes for actuation mechanisms
Author(s): Vishnu-Baba Sundaresan; Donald J. Leo
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Applications of magnetically active fibre reinforced composites
Author(s): Julie Etches; Ian Bond; Philip Mellor
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Hybrid polymer matrix Terfenol-D composite/PMN-PT transducer in mechanical series configuration
Author(s): Anthony P. Mortensen; Marcelo J. Dapino
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Magnetic sensor for high temperature using a laminate composite of magnetostrictive material and piezoelectric material
Author(s): Toshiyuki Ueno; Toshiro Higuchi
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Elevated temperature aging of stress annealed Fe-Ga transduction alloys with built-in uniaxial stress anisotropies
Author(s): M. Wun-Fogle; J. B. Restorff; A. E. Clark; Eric Summers
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Effect of cyclic stresses and magnetic fields on stress-annealed Galfenol alloys
Author(s): J. C. Slaughter; J. Raim; M. Wun-Fogle; J. B. Restorff
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Magnetostriction and surface-energy-induced selective grain growth in rolled Galfenol doped with sulfur
Author(s): Suok-Min Na; Alison B. Flatau
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Dynamic property determination of magnetostrictive iron-gallium alloys
Author(s): Luke M. Twarek; Alison B. Flatau
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Integration of active fiber composite (AFC) sensors/actuators into glass/epoxy laminates
Author(s): Mark M. Melnykowycz; Xavier Kornmann; Christian Huber; Andreas J. Brunner; Michel Barbezat
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Orientation dependence of the properties of PZN-4.5%PT relaxor single crystals
Author(s): T. Liu; C. S. Lynch
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Advanced piezoelectric single crystal based actuators
Author(s): Xiaoning Jiang; Paul W. Rehrig; Wesley S. Hackenberger; Edward Smith; Shuxiang Dong; Dwight Viehland; Jim Moore; Brian Patrick
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Advanced piezoelectric single crystal based transducers for naval sonar applications
Author(s): Kevin A. Snook; Paul W. Rehrig; Wesley S. Hackenberger; Xiaoning Jiang; Richard J. Meyer; Douglas Markley
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Electric-field-induced phase transitions of <001>-oriented Pb(Mg1/3Nb2/3)O3-PbTiO3 single crystals
Author(s): W. Ren; L. Han; R. Wicks; G. Yang; B. K. Mukherjee
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High temperature piezoelectric materials for actuators and sensors
Author(s): Shujun Zhang; Edward Alberta; Richard E. Eitel; Paul W. Rehrig; Wesley Hackenberger; Clive A. Randall; Thomas R. Shrout
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Local fracture properties in ferroelectric relaxor PZN-4.5%PT single crystals
Author(s): William S. Oates; Kyle G. Webber; Christopher S. Lynch; Alain B. Kounga Njiwa; Doru C. Lupascu
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Finite element analysis of a multilayer piezoelectric actuator taking into account the ferroelectric and ferroelastic behaviors
Author(s): M. Elhadrouz; T. Ben Zineb; E. Patoor
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An experimental study of domain switching criterion for soft PZT piezoceramics subjected to coaxial proportional electromechanical loading
Author(s): Dayu Zhou; Marc Kamlah; Zhenggui Wang; Bernd Laskewitz
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Smart material/actuator needs in extreme environments in space
Author(s): Stewart Sherrit
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Properties and potential of two (Ni,Pt)Ti alloys for use as high-temperature actuator materials
Author(s): Ronald Noebe; Darrell Gaydosh; Santo Padula; Anita Garg; Tiffany Biles; Michael Nathal
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Characterization of ternary NiTiPt high-temperature shape memory alloys
Author(s): Orlando Rios; Ronald Noebe; Tiffany Biles; Anita Garg; Anna Palczer; Daniel Scheiman; Hans Jürgen Seifert; Michael Kaufman
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Hybrid micro-macro-mechanical constitutive model for shape-memory alloys
Author(s): Franklin C. Wong; Olivier Boissonneault; Patrick Terriault
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Structural applications of SMA/superelastic materials
Author(s): Eugene I. Rivin; Gautam Sayal; Prithvi Raj Singh Johal
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Dynamic buckling and recovery of thin cylindrical shape memory shells
Author(s): Mahmoud Reza Amini; Sia Nemat-Nasser
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Characterization of piezoelectrically induced actuation of Ni-Mn-Ga single crystals
Author(s): Joshua M. Chambers; Steven R. Hall; Robert C. O'Handley
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Fabrication of magnetic shape memory alloy/polymer composites
Author(s): R. Ham-Su; J. P. Healey; R. S. Underhill; S. P. Farrell; L. M. Cheng; C. V. Hyatt; R. Rogge; M. A. Gharghouri
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Reversible strain in Ni-Mn-Ga with collinear field and stress
Author(s): LeAnn E. Faidley; Marcelo J. Dapino; Gregory N. Washington; Thomas A. Lograsso
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Magnetic shape memory fatigue
Author(s): Oleg Heczko; Ladislav Straka; Outi Soderberg; Simo-Pekka Hannula
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A finite element approach for domain wall dynamics in ferroelectric materials
Author(s): Yu Su; Chad M. Landis
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Active fiber composites: optimization of the manufacturing process and their poling behavior
Author(s): Christian Huber; Doris M. Spori; Mark M. Melnykowycz; Michel Barbezat
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Effective magnetic properties of Fe-NiTi (FSMA) particulate composite
Author(s): S. Gururaja; M. Taya; H. Nakayama; Y. S. Kang; A. Kawasaki; Y. Sutou
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Finite element analysis of adaptive-stiffening and shape-control SMA hybrid composites
Author(s): Xiujie Gao; Travis L. Turner; Deborah Burton; L. Catherine Brinson
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