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Data Analysis and Modeling for Process Control II
Editor(s): Iraj Emami

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Volume Number: 5755
Date Published: 17 May 2005

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Advanced method for run-to-run control of photolithography overlay registration in high-mix semiconductor production
Author(s): Anthony J. Toprac; Yang Wang
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A new run-to-run control method for oxide CMP process
Author(s): Jin Wang; Q. Peter He
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Advanced process control for deep sub-100nm gate fabrication
Author(s): Takeshi K. Goto; Mitsugu Tajima; Fukashi Harada; Takaya Kato; Takahiro Yamazaki; Takao Taguchi
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Robust control of lithographic process in semiconductor manufacturing
Author(s): Wei Kang; John Mao
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Correlation analysis: a fast and reliable method for a better understanding of simulation models in optical lithography
Author(s): Bernd Tollkuhn; Anne Heubner; Klaus Elian; Boris Ruppenstein; Andreas Erdmann
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Practical pattern recognition of high-magnification targets
Author(s): Lewis A. Binns; Greg Reynolds; Timothy Rigden
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Oxide etch rate estimation using plasma impedance monitoring
Author(s): Daniel Tsunami; James McNames; Bruce Whitefield; Paul Rudolph; Jeff Zola
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Automated yield forecasting in a high product mix ASIC facility
Author(s): Duane Barber; Mark Giewont; Jeff Hanson; Jun Shen
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Flash memory-cell characterization using two-transistor cell compact macro-model for system-on-chip design
Author(s): Changyuan Chen; Samar Saha
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Robust linear regression for modeling systematic spatial wafer variation
Author(s): James McNames; Byungsool Moon; Bruce Whitefield; David Abercrombie
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Real-time temperature characterization and monitoring as a method of fault isolation
Author(s): Paul Rudolph; Lindsey Kato
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Etch, reticle, and track CD fingerprint corrections with local dose compensation
Author(s): Hans van der Laan; Rene Carpaij; Jouke Krist; Oscar Noordman; Youri van Dommelen; Jan van Schoot; Frans Blok; Christian van Os; Sander Stegeman; Tom Hoogenboom; Craig Hickman; Erik Byers; Troy Gugel
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Bayesian networks in overlay recipe optimization
Author(s): Lewis A. Binns; Greg Reynolds; Timothy C. Rigden; Stephen Watkins; Andrew Soroka
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Full-field feature profile models in process control
Author(s): Terrence E. Zavecz
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Feasibility of improving CD-SEM-based APC system for exposure tool by spectroscopic-ellipsometry-based APC system
Author(s): Wen-Kuang Lin; Shih-Hsien Liao; Ronghao Tsai; Mike Yeh; Calvino Hsieh; Y. Yu; Benjamin Szu-Min Lin; Steven Fu; Thaddeus G. Dziura
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Automated process control optimization to control low volume products based on high volume products data
Author(s): Tatiana Levin; Issi Geier; Alex Zhivotovsky; Nilufar Aframiam; Hamutal Friedlander-Klar
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An electrostatic analysis of subthreshold behavior in FINFET
Author(s): Balasubramanian Murugan; Rama Venkat; Samar Saha
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ROI on yield data analysis systems through a business process management strategy
Author(s): Manu Rehani; Nathan Strader; Jeff Hanson
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Broadband RF process-state sensor for fault detection and classification
Author(s): Francisco Martinez; Paul Scullin; John Scanlan
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Real-time control of photoresist absorption coefficient uniformity
Author(s): Arthur Tay; Weng-Khuen Ho; Xiaodong Wu; Kuen-Yu Tsai
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Inheritance scheme for cascading lithography process control parameters technology, layer, and tool
Author(s): Christopher Gould; Abeer Singhal; Yuanting Cui
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Log data extraction and correlation miner for lithography management system: LMS-LEC
Author(s): Eiichi Kawamura; Hidetaka Tsuda; Hidehiro Shirai; Satoru Oishi; Hideki Ina
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Wafer sampling by regression for systematic wafer variation detection
Author(s): Byungsool Moon; James McNames; Bruce Whitefield; Paul Rudolph; Jeff Zola
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A flexible architecture for advanced process control solutions
Author(s): Kamyar Faron; Ilia Iourovitski
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Reduction of edge defocus by modification of chuck shape on Nikon scanner S204B
Author(s): Ying-Ku Lin; Chung-Chi Lin; Michael Tseng; Chih Chung Huang
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Real-time control of photoresist development process
Author(s): Arthur Tay; Weng-Khuen Ho; Choon-Meng Kiew; Ying Zhou; Jay H. Lee
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Optimization of multi-step development scheme to improve the critical dimension uniformity
Author(s): Hsien-an Chang; Benjamin Szu-Min Lin; Kuei-Chun Hung; Shu-Ping Fang; Te-shao Hsu
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The first intrinsic process monitoring system for 90-nm device with focus and dose line navigator (FDLN)
Author(s): Takeshi Kato; S. Nagatsuka; T. Tashiro; T. Kawachi; Hideki Ina; Koichi Sentoku
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