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Proceedings of SPIE Volume 5752

Metrology, Inspection, and Process Control for Microlithography XIX
Editor(s): Richard M. Silver
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Volume Number: 5752
Date Published: 10 May 2005
Softcover: 148 papers (1564) pages
ISBN: 9780819457325

Table of Contents
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In-line-focus monitoring technique using lens aberration effect
Author(s): Tomohiko Yamamoto; Toshio Sawano; Teruyoshi Yao; Katsuyoshi Kobayashi; Satoru Asai
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Wafer current measurement for process monitoring
Author(s): Dmitry Shur; Alexander Kadyshevitch; Jeremy Zelenko; Carlos Mata; Victor Verdugo; Pierre-Yves Guittet; Brian Starr; Craig Duncan; Stefano Ventola; Jan Klinger
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In field overlay uncertainty contributors
Author(s): Aviv Frommer; Elyakim Kassel; Pavel Izikson; Mike Adel; Philippe Leray; Bernd Schulz
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High-resolution optical metrology
Author(s): R. M. Silver; R. Attota; M. Stocker; M. Bishop; L. Howard; T. Germer; E. Marx; M. Davidson; R. Larrabee
CD SEM metrology macro CD technology: beyond the average
Author(s): Benjamin D. Bunday; Di K. Michelson; John A. Allgair; Aviram Tam; David Chase-Colin; Asaf Dajczman; Ofer Adan; Michael Har-Zvi
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AFM measurement of linewidth with sub-nanometer scale precision
Author(s): Satoshi Gonda; Kazuto Kinoshita; Hironori Noguchi; Tomizo Kurosawa; Hajime Koyanagi; Ken Murayama; Tsuneo Terasawa
Coordinate transformation method for the solution of inverse problem in 2D and 3D scatterometry
Author(s): Sekar Ponnusamy
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Application of spectroscopic scatterometry method in hole matrices analysis
Author(s): R. Quintanilha; J. Hazart; P. Thony; D. Henry
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Characterization of gratings by Mueller polarimetry in conical diffraction
Author(s): Antonello De Martino; Tatiana Novikova; Sami BenHatit; Bernard Drevillon; Denis Cattelan
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Immersion scatterometry for improved feature resolution and high speed acquisition of resist profiles
Author(s): Fred L. Terry; Joseph J. Bendik
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New comprehensive metrics and methodology for metrology tool fleet matching
Author(s): Eric Solecky; Chas Archie; Bill Banke
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Specifications, methodologies, and results of evaluation of optical critical dimension scatterometer tools at the 90nm CMOS technology node and beyond
Author(s): Benjamin D. Bunday; Amy Peterson; John A. Allgair
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CD-AFM reference metrology at NIST and SEMATECH
Author(s): Ronald Dixson; Joseph Fu; Ndubuisi Orji; William Guthrie; Richard Allen; Michael Cresswell
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A comprehensive comparison of spectral scatterometry hardware
Author(s): Kevin Lensing; Broc Stirton; Brian Starnes; Joseph Synoradzki; Bryan Swain; Lawrence Lane
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Nano-imaging with compact extreme ultraviolet laser sources
Author(s): G. Vaschenko; F. Brizuela; C. Brewer; M. Grisham; Y. Wang; M. A. Larotonda; B. M. Luther; C. S. Menoni; M. Marconi; J. J. Rocca; W. L. Chao; J. A. Liddle; E. H. Anderson; D. T. Attwood; A. V. Vinogradov; I. A. Artioukov; Y. P. Pershyn; V. V. Kondratenko
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Advanced mask metrology enabling characterization of imprint lithography templates
Author(s): L. Jeff Myron; Liraz Gershtein; Gidi Gottlieb; Bob Burkhardt; Andrew Griffiths; David Mellenthin; Kevin Rentzsch; Susan MacDonald; Greg Hughes
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Design of an integrated aerial image sensor
Author(s): Jing Xue; Costas J. Spanos
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Accurate alignment technique for nanoimprint lithography
Author(s): Li Jiang; Martin Feldman
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In-chip overlay measurement by existing bright-field imaging optical tools
Author(s): Yi-Sha Ku; Chi-Hong Tung; Nigel P. Smith
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Overlay mark performance: a simulation study
Author(s): Aviv Frommer; Joel L. Seligson
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Unbiased estimation of linewidth roughness
Author(s): J. S. Villarrubia; B. D. Bunday
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The application of critical shape metrology toward CD-SEM measurement accuracy on sub-60nm features
Author(s): J. Foucher; G. Sundaram; D. V. Gorelikov
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Full spectral analysis of line width roughness
Author(s): L. H. A. Leunissen; G. F. Lorusso; M. Ercken; J. A. Croon; H. Yang; A. Azordegan; T. DiBiase
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Influence of material on process focus budget and process window of 80nm DRAM devices
Author(s): Sung Won Choi; SukJoo Lee; Jangho Shin; Sang-Gyun Woo; HanKu Cho; Joo-Tae Moon
Novel CD-SEM calibration reference patterned by EB cell projection lithography
Author(s): Yoshinori Nakayama; Satoshi Gonda; Ichiko Misumi; Tomizo Kurosawa; Jun-ichiro Kitta; Hisaichi Mine; Katsuhiro Sasada; Shozo Yoneda; Takeshi Mizuno
Qualification of an integrated scatterometer for CD measurements of sub-100nm resist structures in a high-volume 300mm DRAM production environment
Author(s): Thomas Marschner; Goeran Fleischer; Stefan Fuchs; Michael Friedrich; Uwe Kramer; Matthias Voigt; Dave Hetzer
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Exploring advanced mask repair options
Author(s): Emily Fisch; Colin Brodsky; Philip Flanigan; Mark Lawliss; Jed Rankin; David Thibault
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Understanding and reduction of defects on finished EUV masks
Author(s): Ted Liang; Peter Sanchez; Guojing Zhang; Emily Shu; Rajesh Nagpal; Alan Stivers
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Wavelength dependent mask defects
Author(s): Karen Badger; Shahid Butt; Jay Burnham; Tom Faure; Michael Hibbs; Jed Rankin; David Thibault; Andrew Watts
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Comprehensive CD uniformity control across lithography and etch
Author(s): Qiaolin Zhang; Cherry Tang; Tony Hsieh; Nick Maccrae; Bhanwar Singh; Kameshwar Poolla; Costas J. Spanos
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Sampling plan optimization for CD control in low k1 lithography
Author(s): Masafumi Asano; Toru Koike; Toru Mikami; Hideaki Abe; Takahiro Ikeda; Satoshi Tanaka; Shoji Mimotogi
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Standing wave reduction of positive and negative I-line resists
Author(s): A. G. Grandpierre; R. Schiwon; F. Finger; U. P. Schroder
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Critical dimension control on I-line steppers
Author(s): Roberto Schiwon; Alexandra G. Grandpierre; Michael Kubis; Uwe Paul Schroder
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Arbitrary cross sections and stack forms measurement simulations for the semiconductor circuits by scatterometry
Author(s): Hirokimi Shirasaki
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Observation of subsurface structures using high-energy SEM
Author(s): Miyako Matsui; Syuntaro Machida; Hideo Todokoro; Tadashi Otaka; Aritoshi Sugimoto
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Optical characterization of diffractive optical elements replicated in polymers
Author(s): Sigitas Tamulevicius; Giedrius Janusas; Asta Guobiene; Arvydas Palevicius; Vytautas Ostasevicius; Mindaugas Andrulevicius
Separating cluster contribution to improve CD distribution using simultaneous dose-focus monitoring on production wafers
Author(s): Louis-Pierre Armellin; Virginie Dureuil; Olivier Guillaume; Philippe Alet; Brad Eichelberger; Michel Egreteau; Marco Polli; Berta Dinu
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Etching error analysis of dot grating array in microlithography fabrication
Author(s): N. K. Bao; Z. Y. Chen
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The performances of different overlay mark types at 65nm node on 300-mm wafers
Author(s): H. T. Tseng; Ling-Chieh Lin; I. H. Huang; Benjamin Szu-Min Lin; Chin-Chou Kevin Huang; Chien-Jen Huang
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Spectroscopic ellipsometer with the smallest measurement spot
Author(s): Akihiro Kinoshita; Fujikazu Kitamura; Masahiro Horie; Tomohiro Yoshida
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SEMATECH’s world class EUV mask blank metrology toolset
Author(s): Soon-Cheon Seo; Jan Cavelaars; John Maltabes; Sang-In Han; Patrick Kearney; Dave Krick
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Performance of measuring contact holes using the Opti-Probe 7341 3-D RT/CD technology
Author(s): Osman Sorkhabi; Heath Pois; Hanyou Chu; Youxian Wen; Jon Opsal; Won D. Kim
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Calibration of a dual probe NanoCaliper AFM for CD metrology
Author(s): Paul F. McClure; Vladimir Mancevski
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Advances in phase-grating-based wafer alignment systems
Author(s): Stefan Keij; Irwan Setija; Gerbrand van der Zouw; Earl Ebert
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From CD to 3D sidewall roughness analysis with 3D CD-AFM
Author(s): Johann Foucher
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Optical digital profilometry (ODP) feasibility studies for CD control in lithography applications
Author(s): Masahiro Yamamoto; Shoichi Iwabuchi
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Repair simulation with image processing and artificial intelligence
Author(s): Yo-Han Choi; Moon-Kyu Sung; Sang-Hyun Lee; Ji-Hyung Lee; Jin-Hong Park; Ji-Hyun Choi; Seong-Yong Moon; Sung-Woon Choi; Woo-Sung Han
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Automatic classification of microlithography macrodefects using a knowledge-based system
Author(s): Michael Darwin; Pinar Kinikoglu; Yongqiang Liu; Kristin Darwin; Jana Clerico
Camera correlation focus: an image-based focusing technique
Author(s): Greg Reynolds; Mike Hammond; Lewis A. Binns
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Advances in hardware, software, and automation for 193nm aerial image measurement systems
Author(s): Axel M. Zibold; R. Schmid; A. Seyfarth; M. Waechter; W. Harnisch; H. v. Doornmalen
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Optical metrology of patterned magnetic structures: deep versus shallow gratings
Author(s): Roman Antos; Martin Veis; Eva Liskova; Mitsuru Aoyama; Jaroslav Hamrle; Takashi Kimura; Pavol Gustafik; Masahiro Horie; Jan Mistrik; Tomuo Yamaguchi; Stefan Visnovsky; Naomichi Okamoto
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High speed reflectometer for EUV mask-blanks
Author(s): C. Wies; R. Lebert; B. Jaegle; L. Juschkin; F. Sobel; H. Seitz; R. Walter; C. Laubis; F. Scholze; W. Biel; O. Steffens
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Removal of low concentrations of acid gases: issues and solutions
Author(s): Andrew J. Dallas; Lefei Ding; Jeremy Exley; Jon Joriman; Brian Hoang; Jonathan Parsons; Kevin Seguin; Dustin Zastera
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Application of optical CD for characterization of 70nm dense lines
Author(s): Beverly Cheung; Mircea Dusa; Ton Kiers; Hugo Cramer
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Critical issues in quantifying line edge roughness
Author(s): A. Nikitin; A. Sicignano; D. Yeremin; M. Sandy; T. Goldburt
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Strained-silicon metrology using a multi-technology optical system
Author(s): Heath Pois; Stephen Morris; Jon Opsal; Ajit Paranjpe; Nyles Cody; Trevan Landin
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Cost effective CD control for DUV implant layers using the Archer MPX focus-exposure monitor
Author(s): Sean Hannon; Brad Eichelberger; Chris Nelson; Berta Dinu; Harold Kennemer; Kevin Monahan
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Critical dimension uniformity control with combined ellipsometry and reflectometry
Author(s): Jon Opsal; Jingmin Leng; Xuelong Cao
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Measurement of deep silicon trench profile using normal incidence optical CD metrology
Author(s): Zhuan Liu; Xiaodong Zhang; Jiangtao Hu; D. J. Roy
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Optical characterization of 193nm amorphous carbon ARC films
Author(s): Jingmin Leng; Jon Opsal; Heath Pois
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Improved shallow trench isolation and gate process control using scatterometry based metrology
Author(s): P. Rudolph; S. M. Bradford
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Three-dimensional measurement by tilting and moving objective lens in CD-SEM(III)
Author(s): K. Abe; Y. Tsuruga; S. Okada; T. Noma; H. Aoki; H. Fujii; H. Koike; A. Hamaguchi; Y. Yamazaki
Electron beam inspection system for semiconductor wafer based on projection electron microscopy: II
Author(s): Tohru Satake; Nobuharu Noji; Takeshi Murakami; Manabu Tsujimura; Ichirota Nagahama; Yuichiro Yamazaki; Atsushi Onishi
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Inline sidewall angle monitoring of memory capacitor profiles
Author(s): Ben M. Rathsack; Scott G. Bushman; Francis G. Celii; Stephen F. Ayres; Roman Kris
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Metrology of laser-produced plasma light source for EUV lithography
Author(s): N. R. Boewering; J. R. Hoffman; O. V. Khodykin; C. L. Rettig; B. A. M. Hansson; A. I. Ershov; I. V. Fomenkov
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Improving STI etch process development by replacing XSEM metrology with scatterometry
Author(s): Matthew Sendelbach; Andres Munoz; Pedro Herrera
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Effects of high moisture on the purification of clean compressed air
Author(s): Joe Rotter; Daniel Alvarez; Allan Tram
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Monitoring method for automated CD-SEM recipes
Author(s): Tatsuya Maeda; Satoru Iwama; Makoto Nishihara; Daniel Berger; Andrew Berger; Kazuhiro Ueda; Takenouchi Kenichi; Takashi Iizumi
Evaluation of line and hole measurement by high-resolution low-magnification CD SEM
Author(s): Chih-Ming Ke; Chi-Chuang Lee; Yu-Hsi Wang; Heng-Jen Lee; Chin-Hsiang Lin; Tsai-Sheng Gau; Burn J. Lin; Hiroki Kawada; Kazuhiro Ueda; Hiroaki Nomura; Nelson Ren; Takashi Iizumi
Characterization of E-beam induced resist slimming using etched feature measurements
Author(s): Colin Yates; Galen Sapp; Paul Knutrud
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Design-based metrology: advanced automation for CD-SEM recipe generation
Author(s): C. Tabery; L. Capodieci; C. Haidinyak; K. Shah; M. Threefoot; B. Choo; B. Singh; Y. Nehmadi; C. Ofek; O. Menadeva; A. Ben-Porath
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Developing an understanding of electron beam imaging of deep contact hole structures using Monte Carlo and spatial charge distribution simulations
Author(s): Neal Sullivan; Byoung Ho Lee; Yeong-Uk Ko
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Scatterometry measurement method for gate CD control of sub-130nm technology
Author(s): Jeongyeol Jang; Sungho Kwak; Karl Lee; Keeho Kim; Heongsu Park; James Youn; Lucas Sohn
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Evaluation of Hitachi CAD to CD-SEM metrology package for OPC model tuning and product devices OPC verification
Author(s): Pietro Cantu; Gianfranco Capetti; Chiara Catarisano; Fabrizio D'Angelo; Elena Evangelista; Ermes Severgnini; Silvia Trovati; Mauro Vasconi; Takumichi Sutani; Stephan Wahl; Robert Steffen
Impact of long-period line-edge roughness (LER) on accuracy in CD measurement
Author(s): Atsuko Yamaguchi; Hiroshi Fukuda; Hiroki Kawada; Takashi Iizumi
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Focus and dose measurement method in volume production
Author(s): Hideki Ina; Satoru Oishi; Koichi Sentoku
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Characterization analysis study of µ-bridge defect using simulation and wafer inspection tools
Author(s): Tae-yong Lee; Byoung-ho Lee; Soo-bok Chin; Do-hyun Cho; Chang-lyong Song; Jorge P. Fernandez; Domingo Choi; Luca Grella
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CD reference features with sub-five nanometer uncertainty
Author(s): M. W. Cresswell; R. G. Dixson; W. F. Guthrie; R. A. Allen; C. E. Murabito; B. Park; J. V. Martinez de Pinillos; A. Hunt
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Distance-based standard deviation analysis method for line width roughness data
Author(s): Thomas J. Bzik; Madhukar B. Rao; Peng Zhang
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Optimization of scatterometry parameters for the gate level of the 90 nm node
Author(s): Philippe Leray; Shaunee Cheng
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Overlay measurement accuracy verification using CD-SEM and application to the quantification of WIS caused by BARC
Author(s): Laurent Lecarpentier; Vincent Vachellerie; Elyakim Kassel; Yosef Avrahamov; Chin-Chou K. Huang; Frank Felten; Marco Polli; Aurelien Feneyrou; Philippe Thony; Stephane Guillot
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Use of design pattern layout for automatic metrology recipe generation
Author(s): Cyrus Tabery; Lorena Page
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Advanced macro inspection provides data to address blister defects
Author(s): Randy Smith; Sean M. Collins
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Application of through-focus focus-metric analysis in high resolution optical metrology
Author(s): Ravikiran Attota; Richard M. Silver; Thomas A. Germer; Michael Bishop; Robert Larrabee; Michael T. Stocker; Lowel Howard
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Carbon nanotube atomic force microscopy probes
Author(s): Shigenobu Yamanaka; Takashi Okawa; Seiji Akita; Yoshikazu Nakayama
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