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Proceedings of SPIE Volume 5749

Medical Imaging 2005: Image Perception, Observer Performance, and Technology Assessment
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Volume Number: 5749
Date Published: 6 April 2005
Softcover: 64 papers (616) pages
ISBN: 9780819457233

Table of Contents
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Effects of the continuous and discrete confidence rating scales in ROC observer studies
Author(s): Lubomir M. Hadjiiski; Heang-Ping Chan; Berkman Sahiner; Mark A. Helvie; Marilyn A. Roubidoux
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Interpreting the ROC curve from the radiologist’s point of view: the diagnostician operating choice (DOC) curve
Author(s): Craig A. Beam; Emily F. Conant; Elizabeth A. Krupinski; Harold L. Kundel; Edward A. Sickles
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Bootstrapped MRMC confidence intervals
Author(s): Frank W. Samuelson; Robert F. Wagner
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Probabilistic foundations of the MRMC method
Author(s): Harrison H. Barrett; Matthew A. Kupinski; Eric Clarkson
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Statistical analysis of 2AFC contrast threshold measurements
Author(s): Philip Tchou; Michael Flynn
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Influence of panel size and expert skill on truth panel performance when combining expert ratings
Author(s): Nicholas Petrick; Brandon D. Gallas; Frank W. Samuelson; Robert F. Wagner; Kyle J. Myers
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The effect of feedback on performance in a fracture detection task
Author(s): Tim Donovan; David J. Manning; Peter W. Phillips; Stephen Higham; Trevor Crawford
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Using context for mass detection and classification in mammograms
Author(s): Saskia van Engeland; Celia Varela; Sheila Timp; Peter R. Snoeren; Nico Karssemeijer
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Conspicuous spatial frequency features in mammograms using a mixed-effects model
Author(s): Philip Perconti; Murray H. Loew
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Efficiency of human and model observers for signal-detection tasks in non-Gaussian distributed lumpy backgrounds
Author(s): Subok Park; Eric Clarkson; Matthew A. Kupinski; Harrison H. Barrett
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Decision strategies maximizing the area under the LROC curve
Author(s): Parmeshwar Khurd; Gene Gindi
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Evaluation of internal noise methods for Hotelling observers
Author(s): Yani Zhang; Binh T. Pham; Miguel P. Eckstein
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Evaluating Bayesian ANN estimates of ideal observer decision variables by comparison with identity functions
Author(s): Darrin C. Edwards; Charles E. Metz
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Extending the channelized Hotelling observer to account for signal uncertainty and estimation tasks
Author(s): Matthew A. Kupinski; Eric Clarkson
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Human performance for detection and discrimination of simulated microcalcifications in mammographic backgrounds
Author(s): Ingrid Reiser; Robert M. Nishikawa
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Investigation of image components affecting the detection of lung nodules in digital chest radiography
Author(s): Magnus Bath; Markus Hakansson; Sara Borjesson; Christoph Hoeschen; Oleg Tischenko; Francois O. Bochud; Francis R. Verdun; Gustaf Ullman; Susanne Kheddache; Anders Tingberg; Lars Gunnar Mansson
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Efficiency of the human observer compared to an ideal observer based on a generalized NEQ which incorporates scatter and geometric unsharpness: evaluation with a 2AFC experiment
Author(s): Iacovos S. Kyprianou; Arundhuti Ganguly; Stephen Rudin; Daniel R. Bednarek; Brandon D. Gallas; Kyle J. Myers
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Contrast-detail curves in chest radiography
Author(s): Kent Ogden; Ernest Scalzetti; Walter Huda; Jasjeet Saluja; Robert Lavallee
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A study of inter-observer variations of pulmonary nodule marking and characterizing on DR images
Author(s): Wei Song; Li Fan; Yongming Xie; Jian-Zhong Qian; Zhenyu Jin
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Shape determination of microcalcifications in simulated digital mammography images with varying pixel size
Author(s): Mark Ruschin; Magnus Bath; Bengt Hemdal; Anders Tingberg
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Evaluation of a noise-reduction contrast-enhancement algorithm for CT cardiac angiography
Author(s): Divya Khullar; Krishna Subramanyan; Peter C. Johnson
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Observer study of a noise suppression algorithm for computed radiography images
Author(s): Mary Couwenhoven; William Sehnert; Xiaohui Wang; Michael Dupin; John Wandtke; Steven Don; Richard Kraus; Narinder Paul; Neil Halin; Robert Sarno
Characterization of detector scintillator effect on interventional device visualization in x-ray fluoroscopy
Author(s): Yuhao Jiang; David L. Wilson
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Application of parametric statistical weights in CAD imaging systems
Author(s): Michael Galperin
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Visually lossless compression of digitized radiographs based on contrast sensitivity and visual masking
Author(s): Damon Michael Chandler; Nathan L. Dykes; Sheila S. Hemami
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Computer aided detection of lung cancer in the absence of the cancer on chest radiographs: effect of the computer-aided detection on radiologists’ performance on cancer-free cases
Author(s): Teresa Osicka; Matthew T. Freedman; Shih-Chung Benedict Lo; Fleming Lure; Xin-Wei Xu; Jesse Lin; Ron Zhang; Hui Zhao
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Teleradiology and screening mammography: a telemammography system evaluation and comparison to clinical results
Author(s): Joseph Ken Leader; Denise Chough; Ronald J. Clearfield; Marie A. Ganott; Christiane Hakim; Lara Hardesty; Betty Shindel; Jules H. Sumkin; John M. Drescher; Glenn S. Maitz; David Gur
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Fundamental study of compression for movie files of coronary angiography
Author(s): Takekazu Ando; Yuichiro Tsuchiya; Yoshie Kodera
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Summation and axial slab reformation of thin-section abdominal CT: How much are they different from primary reconstruction of a raw projection data?
Author(s): Kyoung Ho Lee; Helen Hong; Ji H. Yang; Kyung W. Lee; Hak J. Lee; Sang H. Kim; Dong K. Jeong
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Telediagnosis through internet on the field of complementary and alternative medicine
Author(s): Iwane Mitsui; Yoshiya Yamada; Yoko Yagi
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False positive reduction for ground glass opacities in CT by feature analysis based on a multiple region extraction technique
Author(s): Minoru Harada; Hotaka Takizawa; Shinji Yamamoto; Tohru Matsumoto; Yukio Tateno; Takeshi Iinuma; Kunio Doi
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Comparison of the diagnostic performance of a CAD system for automatic detection of pulmonary nodules with single and double reading and its dependency on nodule size
Author(s): Florian Beyer; Dag Wormanns; Stefan Diederich; Karl Ludwig; Walter Heindel
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Comparing three methods for simplifying mesh models of the lungs: an observer test to assess perceived quality
Author(s): Samuel Silva; Beatriz Sousa Santos; Joaquim Madeira; Carlos Ferreira
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Effect of CAD on radiologists’ responses in distinction between malignant and benign pulmonary nodules on high-resolution CT
Author(s): Kenji Suzuki; Feng Li; Masahito Aoyama; Junji Shiraishi; Hiroyuki Abe; Qiang Li; Roger M. Engelmann; Shusuke Sone; Heber MacMahon; Kunio Doi
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Virtual performance assessment of 3D quantification systems
Author(s): Jose Gerardo Tamez-Pena; Monica Barbu-McInnis; Amy L. Lerner; Saara Totterman
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The effect of spatial noise of LCD displays on the detection capabilities of the human observer
Author(s): Kunal A. Gandhi; Jiahua Fan; Hans Roehrig; Malur K. Sundareshan; Elizabeth A. Krupinski
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Breast screening technologists: When is a difficult case truly difficult and for whom?
Author(s): Hazel J. Scott; Alastair G. Gale
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Effects of visual fixation cues on the detectability of simulated breast lesions
Author(s): John S. Nafziger; Jeffrey P. Johnson; Jeffrey Lubin
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Comparison of three-class classification performance metrics: a case study in breast cancer CAD
Author(s): Amit C. Patel; Mia K. Markey
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An assessment of the potential for interpretation of CT images by radiological technologists
Author(s): Toru Matsumoto; Mitsuomi Matsumoto; Keiichi Nagao; Ryutaro Kakinuma; Shusuke Sone; Akira Furukawa; Yuichi Fujino; Shinichi Wada; Shinji Yamamoto; Kohei Murao; Masahiro Endo
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