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Semiconductor Photodetectors II
Editor(s): Marshall J. Cohen; Eustace L. Dereniak

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Volume Number: 5726
Date Published: 7 April 2005

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An in situ XRF system for composition mapping of thin film IR sensors
Author(s): Sarah P. Formica; Susanne M. Lee
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Ultra-thin multi-element Si pin photodiode arrays for medical imaging applications
Author(s): Bernd Tabbert; Christopher Hicks; Ed Bartley; Hong Wu; Richard Metzler; Alexander O. Goushcha
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InP based double heterojunction phototransistor with graded emitter-base junction and base-collector junction
Author(s): Jun-Xian Fu; James S. Harris Jr.
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Thick lattice-matched GaInNAs films in photodetector applications
Author(s): David Jackrel; Homan Yuen; Seth Bank; Mark Wistey; Junxian Fu; Xiaojun Yu; Zhilong Rao; James S. Harris
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Infrared focal plane array based on MWIR/LWIR dual-band QWIPs: detector optimization and array properties
Author(s): Harald Schneider; Thomas Maier; Joachim Fleissner; Martin Walther; Peter Koidl; Gunter Weimann; Wolfgang Cabanski; Marcus Finck; Peter Menger; Werner Rode; Johann Ziegler
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Ultra low noise photodetectors with internal discrete amplification
Author(s): Krishna Rao Linga; Edward E. Godik; Wayne A. Seemungal; D. Shushakov; Vitaly E. Shubin
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Pulse response tuning of high-speed InGaAs thin film MSM photodetector using external RCL loads
Author(s): Sang-Woo Seo; Sang-Yeon Cho; Sa Huang; Nan Marie Jokerst; April S. Brown
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High speed optical signal distribution using fully embedded thin film MSM photodetectors in multimode interference couplers
Author(s): Sang-Yeon Cho; Sang-Woo Seo; Nan Marie Jokerst; Martin A. Brooke
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Improvements in silicon photon counting modules
Author(s): Carlton Jackson; Alan Mathewson
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High speed CMOS for structured illumination technique
Author(s): Tomasz S. Tkaczyk; Eustace L. Dereniak; Stephen Gaalema; William Bahn; Shunming Sun; Tyler Erickson; Jeremy D. Rogers; Todd C. Christenson; Rebecca Richards-Kortum; Michael R. Descour
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320x240 pixel InGaAs/InP focal plane array for short-wave infrared and visible light imaging
Author(s): Tara Martin; Peter Dixon; Mari-Anne Gagliardi; Navneet Masaun
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Hyperspectral imaging with MEMs integrated focal plane arrays
Author(s): Bora M. Onat; Navneet Masaun; Wei Huang; Michael Lange; Chris Dries
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Photon number resolving in picosecond laser pulses
Author(s): Josef Blazej; Karel Hamal
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Quaternary GaInAsSb 2.0-2.5 micron back-illuminated focal plane array for blood glucose monitoring
Author(s): John P. Prineas; Madhusudhana Reddy; Jonathon T. Olesberg; Chuanshun Cao; Saravanan Veerasamy; Michael E. Flatte; Edwin Koerperick; Thomas F. Boggess; Michael R. Santilli; Linda J. Olafsen
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Development and characterization of CMOS avalanche photodiode arrays
Author(s): William G. Lawrence; James F. Christian; Frank L. Augustine; Michael R. Squillante; Gerald Entine
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4x288 linear array with hybrid ROIC (CCD + CMOS)
Author(s): Fiodor Fedorovych Sizov; Victor N. Ovsyuk; Vladimir V. Vasil’ev; Tamara I. Zakhar'yash; Alexandr O. Suslyakov; Nikolai H. Talipov; Nikolai N. Mikhailov; Vasiliy S. Varavin; Vladimir P. Reva; Alexandr G. Golenkov; Yuriy P. Derkach; Vyacheslav V. Zabudsky; Sergei V. Korinets
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576x6 ROIC for MCT LWIR arrays
Author(s): Fiodor Fedorovych Sizov; Yuriy P. Derkach; Sergei V. Korinets; Vladimir P. Reva
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Photoconductivity in lateral conduction self-assembled Ge/Si quantum dot infrared photodetectors
Author(s): S.-W. Lee; C. J. Park; T. W. Kang; H. Y. Cho; K. Hirakawa
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An overview of optical receiver module performance for eye-safe range finding, and lidar applications based on novel InGaAs APDs
Author(s): Bruno Dion; Saverio Di Tommaso; Patrick Lepage; Nick Bertone
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Overview of photon counting detectors based on CMOS processed single photon avalanche diodes (SPAD), InGaAs APDs, and novel hybrid (tube + APD) detectors
Author(s): Nick Bertone; Roberto Biasi; Bruno Dion
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Simultaneous transmission of faint laser pulses and of synchronization signal at 1.55 µm for secured optical transmissions
Author(s): Bernard Journet; Chi Thanh Nguyen; Liantuan Xiao; Xuan Quyen Dinh; Doan Mien Vu; Van Luc Vu
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