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Organic Photonic Materials and Devices VII
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Volume Number: 5724
Date Published: 4 April 2005
Softcover: 41 papers (380) pages
ISBN: 9780819456984

Table of Contents
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Materials and devices for ultrafast all-optical processing
Author(s): Toshihiko Nagamura; Atsushi Naito; Yasuyuki Nagai; Ryuji Matsumoto; Yasushi Yokoyama; Akihiro Furube; Shigeo Murata
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Resonance energy transfer in a novel two-component system: two-photon fluorophore and a photo-chromic acceptor molecule
Author(s): Raz Gvishi; Zvi Kotler; Garry Berkovic; Pnina Krief; Mark Sigalov; Lev Shapiro; Dan Huppert; Vladimir Khodorkovsky; V. Lokshin; A. Samat
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Optically induced gratings in azo-functionalized polymers studied by a moving grating technique
Author(s): Anna Sobolewska; Andrzej Miniewicz; Jaroslaw Kusto; Katarzyna Moczko; Danuta Sek; Ewa Schab-Balcerzak; Eugenia Grabiec; Francois Kajzar
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High refractive index photocurable resins
Author(s): Robert V. Morford; Ramil L. Mercado; Curtis E. Planje; Tony D. Flaim
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Hybrid high refractive index polymer coatings
Author(s): Yubao Wang; Tony Flaim; Ramil Mercado; Shelly Fowler; Douglas Holmes; Curtis Planje
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Impact of modulational instability of partially coherent light in photosensitive optical polymers on the fabrication of optical microstructures
Author(s): Ulrich Streppel; Dirk Michaelis; Andreas Braeuer; Richard Kowarschik
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Slab optical waveguide spectroscopy for in situ interfacial analysis
Author(s): Naoki Matsuda; Yusuke Ayato; Masami Yoshii; Jose H. Santos; Zhi-Mei Qi
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Fast VOA employing electro-optically clad silica waveguide
Author(s): Richard Ridgway; Steven Risser; David Nippa; Richard Higgins; Vincent McGinniss
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Power budget analysis of short reach optical communications based on 4x4 polymer clad fiber splitter
Author(s): Sangchul Bae; Yunsong Jeong; Woojin Shin; Kyunghwan Oh
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Telcordia qualification and beyond: reliability of today’s polymer photonic components
Author(s): Louay Eldada
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Micro-mirror formed using excimer laser processing in a polymer waveguide
Author(s): Tsuyoshi Shioda
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Fabrication and integration of micro/nano-scale polymer optical waveguides and devices for optical printed circuit board (O-PCB) application
Author(s): El-Hang Lee; Seung Gol Lee; Beom Hoan O; Se Geun Park; Kyong Heon Kim; Jin Ku Kang; I. Chin; Y. K. Kwon; Young Wan Choi
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In-fiber variable optical attenuation with ultra-low electrical power consumption
Author(s): Armen Zohrabyan; Dany Dumont; Amir Tork; Rouslan Birabassov; Tigran Galstian
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Waveguide pattern formation in the organic nonlinear optical crystal by electron beam irradiation
Author(s): Kyoji Komatsu; Toru Abe; Okihiro Sugihara; Toshikuni Kaino
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Surface enhanced SHG from macrocycle, catenane and rotaxane thin films: experiments and theory
Author(s): Imad Arfaoui; Veronika Bermudez; Celine De Nadai; Jukka-Pekka Jalkanen; Francois Kajzar; David Leigh; Monika Lubomska; Sandra M. Mendoza; Jacek Niziol; Petra Rudolf; Francesco Zerbetto
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Thiadiazole derivatives with nonlinear optical properties
Author(s): Alfredo Marquez-Lucero
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A biased push-pull technique to achieve fractional volt half-wave voltage of Mach-Zehnder modulators
Author(s): Nishant Prakash Bhatambrekar; Anna Pyajt; Jingdong Luo; Larry Dalton; Alex K.-Y. Jen; Antao Chen
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A relationship between the optical anisotropy and the optical nonlinearity of a poled polymer film
Author(s): Kazuya Takayama; Padraig A. Dunne; Kyoji Komatsu; Toshikuni Kaino
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Organic thin film phototransistors: materials and mechanism
Author(s): Yong-Young Noh; Dong-Yu Kim; Yuji Yoshida; Kiyoshi Yase; Byung-Jun Jung; Eunhee Lim; Hong-Ku Shim
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Hybrid solar cells based on organic material embedded into porous silicon
Author(s): Natalya Tokranova; Igor A. Levitsky; Bai Xu; James Castracane; William B. Euler
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Enhancement of optical extraction from OLEDs using scattering layers
Author(s): Rupert F. Oulton; Claire S. Adjiman; Keisin Handa; Shinji Aramaki
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Stimulated emission from pyrromethene 597 in holographic polymer dispersed liquid crystal structures
Author(s): Rachel Jakubiak; Vincent P. Tondiglia; Lalgudi V. Natarajan; Richard L. Sutherland; Pamela Lloyd; Timothy Bunning; Richard A. Vaia
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26dB optical gain in a rib waveguide dye-doped polymer amplifier operating at 625 nm
Author(s): Mark A. Reilly; Miguel Ramon; Claudio Marinelli; Christopher N. Morgan; Marilu Ariu; Ruidong Xia; Richard V. Penty; Ian H. White; Donal D. C. Bradley
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Effects of the electric field poling procedure on electro-optic coefficient for guest-host nonlinear optic polymers
Author(s): Joshua A. Hagen; James G. Grote; John S. Zetts; Darnell E. Diggs; Robert L. Nelson; Frank Kenneth Hopkins; Perry P. Yaney; Alex K.-Y. Jen; Larry Raymond Dalton
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Development of chemical sensors using polymer optical waveguides fabricated with DNA
Author(s): Perry P. Yaney; Emily M. Heckman; Darnell E. Diggs; Frank Kenneth Hopkins; James G. Grote
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Optical and photochromic properties of spiropyran-doped marine-biopolymer DNA-surfactant complex films
Author(s): Amane Watanuki; Junichi Yoshida; Soichi Kobayashi; Hiroharu Ikeda; Naoya Ogata
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Real-time spectroscopy to clarify the mechanism of ultrafast nonlinearity
Author(s): Takayoshi Kobayashi; Mitsuhiro Ikuta
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Oriented conjugated polymer thin films for all optical switching applications
Author(s): Ileana Rau; Pierre-Alain Chollet; Francois Kajzar; Roberto Zamboni
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Picosecond z-scan measurements of the two-photon absorption in beta-carotene solution over the 590-790 nm wavelength range
Author(s): Arkady Major; Fumiyo Yoshino; J. Stewart Aitchison; Peter W. E. Smith; Donatas Zigmantas; Virginijus Barzda
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PbSe quantum dots/polymer nanocomposite materials for optical communications
Author(s): Myung-Hyun Lee; Jung Jin Ju; Woon Jin Chung; Seung Koo Park; Min-su Kim; Hong Seok Seo; Jung Yun Do; Anisha Gokarna; Hyo Jin Kim; Ki-Won Jun; Sang Il Seok
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Nanoaggregates from oligothiophenes and oligophenylenes: a systematic growth survey
Author(s): Frank Balzer; Laxman Kankate; Horst Niehus; Horst-Gunter Rubahn
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Investigation on nanocomposites for pyroelectric infrared sensors
Author(s): Padmaja Guggilla; Ashok K. Batra; Mohan D. Aggarwal; Ravindra B. Lal
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New photochromic polyimides
Author(s): Ewa Schab-Balcerzak; Beate Sapich; Roland Hass; Joachim Stumpe
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Influence of poly(amide-imide)s structures on holographic grating recording
Author(s): Danuta Sek; Eugenia Grabiec; Andrzej Miniewicz; Anna Sobolewska
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A novel approach to achieve higher order using pseudo-discotic chromophores in electro-optic materials and devices
Author(s): Nishant Bhatambrekar; Scott Hammond; Jessica Sinness; Olivier Clot; Harry Rommel; Antao Chen; Bruce Robinson; Alex K.-Y. Jen; Larry Dalton
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Multistage polymeric lens structure in silica-waveguides for photonic functional circuits
Author(s): Atsushi Tate; Takanori Suzuki; Hiroyuki Tsuda
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Control of thermo-optic coefficients and their polarization dependence in polyimide films formed on Si substrates
Author(s): Yoshiharu Terui; Shinji Ando
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Controlling nanoparticle distribution in hydrogel by electrophoresis for gradient refractive index lens applications
Author(s): Weisong Wang; Ji Fang; Kody Varahramyan
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Fresnel lens on new photosensitive material
Author(s): M. Ortiz-Gutierrez; M. A. Salgado-Verduzco; A. Olivares-Perez; J. L. Juarez-Perez; M. Perez-Cortes; J. C. Ibarra-Torres; J. Castro-Ramos
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Polymer ring resonator made by two-photon polymerization and vertically coupled to a side-polished optical fiber
Author(s): Travis Sherwood; Cody Young; Jocelyn Takayesu; Alex K.-Y. Jen; Larry Dalton; Antao Chen
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Systematic study of polymer wideband optical modulators: transition from intrinsic material characteristics to device performance
Author(s): Raluca Dinu; Timothy C. Parker; Diyun Huang; Dan L. Jin; Mary Koenig
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