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MOEMS Display and Imaging Systems III
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Volume Number: 5721
Date Published: 22 January 2005
: 19 papers (256) pages
ISBN: 9780819456953

Table of Contents
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Bi-axial magnetic drive for scanned beam display mirrors
Author(s): Randy B. Sprague; Tom Montague; Dean Brown
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Eye-type scanning mirror with dual vertical combs for laser display
Author(s): Young-Chul Ko; Jin-Woo Cho; Yong-Kweun Mun; Hyun-Gu Jeong; Won-Kyoung Choi; Ju-Hyun Lee; Jeong-Woo Kim; Ji-Beom Yoo; Jin-Ho Lee
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A novel 24-kHz resonant scanner for high-resolution laser display
Author(s): Steffen Kurth; Christian Kaufmann; Ramon Hahn; Jan Mehner; Wolfram Doetzel; Thomas Gessner
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Micromechanical scanning mirrors with highly reflective NIR coatings for high-power applications
Author(s): Thilo Sandner; Jan Uwe Schmidt; Harald Schenk; Hubert Lakner; Stefan Braun; Thomas Foltyn; Andreas Leson; Alexandre Gatto; Minghong Yang; Norbert Kaiser
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A high-end mask writer using a spatial light modulator
Author(s): Ulric B. Ljungblad; Per Askebjer; Tord Karlin; Tor Sandstrom; Henrik Sjoeberg
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Maskless optical lithography using MEMS-based spatial light modulators
Author(s): Rajesh Menon; Amil Patel; Henry I. Smith
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Mechanical stability of spatial light modulators in microlithography
Author(s): Ulrike A. Dauderstadt; Peter Duerr; Ulric B. Ljungblad; Tord Karlin; Harald Schenk; Hubert Lakner
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Highly reflective coatings for micromechanical mirror arrays operating in the DUV and VUV spectral range
Author(s): Thilo Sandner; Jan Uwe Schmidt; Harald Schenk; Hubert Lakner; Alexandre Gatto; Minghong Yang; Norbert Kaiser; Stefan Braun; Thomas Foltyn; Andreas Leson
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MEMS-based endoscopic optical coherence tomography
Author(s): Huikai Xie; Gary K. Fedder; Yingtain Pan
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Polyimide MEMS actuators for medical imaging
Author(s): Jason M. Zara; Patrick Mills; Paul Patterson
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Micromachined capacitive transducer arrays for intravascular ultrasound
Author(s): F. Levent Degertekin; R. Oytun Guldiken; Mustafa Karaman
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A microfabricated intravascular ultrasound scanner for intravascular interventions
Author(s): David Henchi Liang; Byong-Ho Park; Aditya Koolwal; Friedrich Prinz
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A miniature confocal optical scanning microscope for endoscopes
Author(s): Kenzi Murakami
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High-resolution microelectromechanical scanners for miniaturized dual-axes confocal microscopes
Author(s): Hyejun Ra; Il-Woong Jung; Daesung Lee; Uma Krishnamoorthy; Kyoungsik Yu; Olav Solgaard
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Performance of uncooled microcantilever thermal detectors
Author(s): Panos G. Datskos; Slobodan Rajic; Nickolay V. Lavrik
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Actively controlled diffraction grating interferometer MEMS devices
Author(s): Byungki Kim; Michael C. Schmittdiel; F. Levent Degertekin; Thomas R. Kurfess
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Integrated deformable mirror on silicon for optical data storage
Author(s): Stephane Fanget; Pierre R. Labeye; Claire Divoux; Xavier Hugon
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Fluid-actuated variable focal length polymer microlens system
Author(s): Mangilal Agarwal; R. A. Gunasekaran; Philip Coane; Kody Varahramyan
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Micromirror array theory for imaging sensors
Author(s): R. Andrew Hicks; Vasileios T. Nasis; Timothy P. Kurzweg
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