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Proceedings of SPIE Volume 5693

Optical Tomography and Spectroscopy of Tissue VI
Editor(s): Britton Chance; Robert R. Alfano; Bruce J. Tromberg; Mamoru Tamura; Eva M. Sevick-Muraca
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Volume Number: 5693
Date Published: 28 April 2005
Softcover: 65 papers (550) pages
ISBN: 9780819456670

Table of Contents
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Transport-corrected diffusion theory for image reconstruction in optical tomography
Author(s): George Y. Panasyuk; Vadim A. Markel; John C. Schotland
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Three-dimensional optical tomography of objects in turbid media using the round-trip matrix
Author(s): W. Cai; M. Alrubaiee; S. K. Gayen; M. Xu; R. R. Alfano
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Float genetic algorithm for determination of particle size distribution and refractive index in polarized LSS
Author(s): Yong Deng; Rui Hu; Qingming Luo; Qiang Lu
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Multi-dimensional time-correlated single photon counting applied to diffuse optical tomography
Author(s): Wolfgang Becker; Axel Bergmann; Adam Gibson; Nick Everdell; David Jennions; M. Schweiger; S. R. Arridge; Jeremy C. Hebden
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Three-dimensional reconstruction of electrical activity in the heart using optical parallax
Author(s): Marcel Wellner; Sergey F. Mironov; Olivier Bernus; Arkady M. Pertsov
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A dual mesh reconstruction method for simultaneous reconstruction of optical absorption and scattering distributions with ultrasound localization
Author(s): Minming Huang; Quing Zhu
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Combined optical tomographic and magnetic resonance imaging of tumor bearing mice
Author(s): J. Masciotti; G. Abdoulaev; J. Hur; J. Papa; J. Bae; J. Huang; D. Yamashiro; J. Kandel; A. H. Hielscher
Quantitative modeling of tissue images using a parallel Monte Carlo method
Author(s): Kai Li; Jun Q. Lu; R, Scott Brock; Biwu Yang; Suisheng Zhao; Xin-Hua Hu
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Frequency domain tomography in small animals with the equation of radiative transfer
Author(s): Kui Ren; Bryte Moa-Anderson; Guillaume Bal; Xuejun Gu; Andreas H. Hielscher
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A two-layer model for NIR breast imaging with the assistance of ultrasound
Author(s): Minming Huang; Quing Zhu
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Concurrent multiple-projection optical and MR mammography
Author(s): A. Kummrow; B. Ittermann; M. Moller; F. Seifert; F. Wojcik; W. Hoffmann; H. Rinneberg
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Studying brain function with near-infrared spectroscopy concurrently with electroencephalography
Author(s): Y. Tong; E. J. Rooney; P. R. Bergethon; J. M. Martin; A. Sassaroli; B. L. Ehrenberg; Vo Van Toi; P. Aggarwal; N. Ambady; S. Fantini
Studying brain function with concurrent near-infrared spectroscopy (NIRS) and functional magnetic resonance imaging (fMRI)
Author(s): A. Sassaroli; Y. Tong; B. B. Frederick; P. F. Renshaw; B. L. Ehrenberg; S. Fantini
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Frequency components in breath holding experiments
Author(s): Ata Akin; Uzay E. Emir; Serhan Kalsin; Omer Sayli
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Image reconstruction for diagnosis and prognosis of breast cancer using fluorescence measurements: phantom studies
Author(s): R. Roy; A. Godavarty; A. B. Thompson; E. M. Sevick-Muraca
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Multiple step algorithm for fluorescence-enhanced diffuse optical tomography
Author(s): A. Da Silva; A. Planat-Chretien; J.-M. Dinten; A. Gliere
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Fluorescence optical tomography using independent component analysis to detect small targets in turbid media
Author(s): M. Alrubaiee; M. Xu; S, K. Gayen; R. R. Alfano
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Three-element phased arrays to enhance the spatial resolution and achieve depth discrimination in diffuse optical imaging
Author(s): Ning Liu; Angelo Sassaroli; Max Zucker; Sergio Fantini
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A multiprojection noncontact fluorescence tomography setup for imaging arbitrary geometries
Author(s): H. Meyer; A. Garofalakis; G. Zacharakis; E. N. Economou; C. Mamalaki; D. Kioussis; V. Ntziachristos; J. Ripoll
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Quantifying adipose and fibroglandular breast tissue properties using MRI-guided NIR tomography
Author(s): Ben Brooksby; Subhadra Srinivasan; Brian W. Pogue; Shudong Jiang; Hamid Dehghani; Christine Kogel; John Weaver; Steven P. Poplack; Justin D. Pearlman; Keith D. Paulsen
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Ultrasound-guided diffuse optical tomography of shallow target with reflection boundary
Author(s): Baohong Yuan; Quing Zhu
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Blood flow and oxygen saturation changes according to pressure effect in NIR breast cancer imaging study
Author(s): Zhongyao Zhao; Jun Zhang; Shoko Nioka; Ling Dong; Juan Du; Simon Wen; Britton Chance
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Tumor angiogenesis and tumor hypoxia as diagnostic indices for differentiation of benign versus malignant breast masses
Author(s): Quing Zhu; Scott H. Kurtzman; Edward Cronin; Mark Kane; Minming Huang; Chen Xu; NanGuang Chen; Daqing Piao; Poornima Hedge; Susan Tannenbaum; Bipin Jagjivan; Kristen Zarfos
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Chemotherapeutic (cyclophosphamide) effects on rat breast tumor hemodynamics monitored by multi-channel NIRS
Author(s): Jae G. Kim; Dawen Zhao; Ralph P. Mason; Hanli Liu
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A model of hemodynamic responses of rat tumors to hyperoxic gas challenge
Author(s): Mengna Xia; Ralph P. Mason; Hanli Liu
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Adaptive finite element methods for increased resolution in fluorescence optical tomography
Author(s): Wolfgang Bangerth; Amit Joshi; Eva M. Sevick-Muraca
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Full-field time domain optical molecular imaging system
Author(s): David J. Hall; David R. Vera; Robert F. Mattrey
Picosecond time-gated Raman spectroscopy for transcutaneous evaluation of bone composition
Author(s): Michael D. Morris; Edward R. C. Draper; Allen E. Goodship; Pavel Matousek; Michael Towrie; Anthony W. Parker; Nancy P. Camacho
Experimental fluorescence optical tomography using adaptive finite elements and planar illumination with modulated excitation light
Author(s): Amit Joshi; Wolfgang Bangerth; Alan B. Thompson; Eva M. Sevick-Muraca
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Determination of particle size distribution from tissue using light scattering spectroscopy with small source detector separations
Author(s): Dheerendra Kashyap; Cole A. Giller; Hanli Liu
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An in vitro hemodynamic tissue model to study the variations in flow using near infrared spectroscopy
Author(s): Raghavender Ranga; Dheerendra Kashyap; Khosrow Behbehani; Hanli Liu
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In vivo imaging polarimeter for oral precancer detection
Author(s): Jungrae Chung; Woonggyu Jung; Petra Wilder-Smith; Zhongping Chen
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Analysis of time-domain optical mammograms recorded from more than 150 patients
Author(s): D. Grosenick; K. T. Moesta; M. Moller; H. Wabnitz; J. Mucke; B. Gebauer; B. Wassermann; G. Wubbeler; R. Macdonald; P. M. Schlag; H. Rinneberg
Near-infrared spectroscopic imaging of stimulus-related hemodynamic responses on the neonatal auditory cortices
Author(s): Kalle Kotilahti; Ilkka Nissila; Riikka Makela; Tommi Noponen; Lauri Lipiainen; Nasia Gavrielides; Timo Kajava; Minna Huotilainen; Vineta Fellman; Pekka Merilainen; Toivo Katila
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Trends in brain oxygenation during mental and physical exercise measured using near-infrared spectroscopy (NIRS): potential for early detection of Alzheimer’s disease
Author(s): Monica S. Allen; Jeffery W. Allen; Shweta Mikkilineni; Hanli Liu
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Optical tomographic imaging of vascular and metabolic reactivity in rheumatoid joints
Author(s): Joseph M. Lasker; Edward Dwyer; Andreas H. Hielscher
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fNIRS measurements in migraine
Author(s): Ata Akin; Uzay E. Emir; Didem Bilensoy; Gulin Erdogan; Selcuk Candansyar; Hayrunnisa Bolay
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Quantification of the extracerebral contamination of near infrared spectroscopy signals
Author(s): R. Mudra; P. Niederer; E. Keller
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Two-level domain decomposition algorithm for a nonlinear inverse DOT problem
Author(s): Kiwoon Kwon; Il-young Son; Birsen Yazici
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Hemodynamic variations measured with near-infrared spectroscopy in human forearm muscles in response to venous occlusion: an electrical model
Author(s): Vo Van Toi; Matthew L. Hoimes; Shalini Nadgir; Sergio Fantini
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The influence of improved interference filter performance for molecular imaging using frequency domain photon migration measurements
Author(s): Kildong Hwang; Jessica P. Houston; John C. Rasmussen; Shi Ke; Chun Li; Eva M. Sevick-Muraca
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Simulated anatomical backgrounds for objective assessment of image quality (OAIQ) in optical tomography
Author(s): Amit K. Sahu; Amit Joshi; Ranadhir Roy; Eva M. Sevick-Muraca
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Non-invasive imaging of breast cancer: synthesis and study of novel near-infrared fluorescent estrogen conjugate
Author(s): Iven Jose; Gargi Vishnoi; Kodand Deodhar; Uday Desai
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Optical tomography using independent component analysis to detect absorptive, scattering, or fluorescent inhomogeneities in turbid media
Author(s): M. Xu; M. Alrubaiee; S. K. Gayen; R. R. Alfano
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Flying spot remote sensing of ICG kinetics of undeformed tissues
Author(s): X. Wang; Z. Zhao; W. Becker; T. Troxler; B. Chance
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A spatial-temporal comparison of fMRI and NIRS hemodynamic responses to motor stimuli in adult humans
Author(s): T. J. Huppert; R. D. Hoge; M. A. Franceschini; D. A. Boas
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