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Multimedia Computing and Networking 2005

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Volume Number: 5680
Date Published: 17 January 2005

Table of Contents
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Verifying data integrity in peer-to-peer media streaming
Author(s): Ahsan Habib; Dongyan Xu; Mikhail J. Atallah; Bharat Bhargava; John Chung-I Chuang
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Adaptive multisource streaming in heterogeneous peer-to-peer networks
Author(s): Vikash Agarwal; Reza Rejaie
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ACTIVE: adaptive low-latency peer-to-peer streaming
Author(s): Roger Zimmermann; Leslie S. Liu
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Swarm: a multimedia delivery network for highly dynamic networking environments
Author(s): Justin C. Denney; Nicholas J. P. Race
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MediaGuard: a model-based framework for building streaming media services
Author(s): Ludmila Cherkasova; Wenting Tang; Amin Vahdat
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Loopback: exploiting collaborative caches for large-scale streaming
Author(s): Ewa Kusmierek; Yingfei Dong; David Hung-Chang Du
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Dagster: contributor-aware end-host multicast for media streaming in heterogeneous environment
Author(s): Wei Tsang Ooi
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Automated QoS support for multimedia disk access
Author(s): Joel C. Wu; Scott A. Banachowski; Scott A. Brandt
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Randomized load balancing in scalable storage systems
Author(s): Kun Fu; Roger Zimmermann
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Resilient peer-to-peer multicast without the cost
Author(s): Stefan Birrer; Fabian E. Bustamante
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Monitoring of cache miss rates for accurate dynamic voltage and frequency scaling
Author(s): Leo C. Singleton; Christian Poellabauer; Karsten Schwan
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TCP-RC: a receiver-centered TCP protocol for delay-sensitive applications
Author(s): Doug McCreary; Kang Li; Scott A. Watterson; David K. Lowenthal
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A reconfigurable on-the-fly resource-aware streaming pipeline scheduler
Author(s): Michael K. Bradshaw; Jim F. Kurose; Lela Jane Page; Prashant J. Shenoy; Don Towsley
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Efficiency and late data choice in a user-kernel interface for congestion-controlled datagrams
Author(s): Junwen Lai; Eddie Kohler
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Managing heterogeneous wireless environments via Hotspot servers
Author(s): Tajana Simunic; Wajahat Qadeer; Giovanni De Micheli
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Toward robust AV conferencing on next-generation networks
Author(s): Haining Liu; Liang Cheng; Magda El Zarki
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Bandwidth reduction for video-on-demand broadcasting using secondary content insertion
Author(s): Alexander Golynski; Alejandro Lopez-Ortiz; Guillaume Poirier; Claude-Guy Quimper
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Exploiting content-based networking for fine granularity multireceiver video streaming
Author(s): Viktor S. Wold Eide; Frank Eliassen; Jørgen Andreas Michaelsen
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Measurements-based performance evaluation of 3G wireless networks supporting m-health services
Author(s): Katarzyna E. Wac; Richard Bults; Aart van Halteren; Dimitri Konstantas; Victor F. Nicola
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Autonomous analysis of interactive systems with self-propelled instrumentation
Author(s): Alexander V. Mirgorodskiy; Barton P. Miller
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AVPUC: automatic video production with user customization
Author(s): Bin Yu; Klara Nahrstedt
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Multipath streaming: optimization and evaluation
Author(s): Bassem Abdouni; William C.-W. Cheng; Alix L. H. Chow; Leana Golubchik; W.-J. Lee; John C.S. Lui
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Service composition for advanced multimedia applications
Author(s): Jin Liang; Klara Nahrstedt
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An experimental analysis of DCT-based approaches for fine-grain multiresolution video
Author(s): Jie Huang; Wu-chi Feng; Jonathan Walpole; Wilfried Jouve
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