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Internet Imaging VI

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Volume Number: 5670
Date Published: 17 January 2005

Table of Contents
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Advanced SVG triangulation/polygonalization of digital images
Author(s): Sebastiano Battiato; Gianluca Barbera; Gianpiero Di Blasi; Giovanni Gallo; Giuseppe Messina
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3D medical data visualization using SVG
Author(s): Seungwan Kim; Deokgyu Park; Oubong Gwun; Kun Lee
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SVG rendering by watershed decomposition
Author(s): Sebastiano Battiato; Agostino Costanzo; Gianpiero Di Blasi; Giovanni Gallo; Salvo Nicotra
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Life between computer vision and data bases
Author(s): Simone Santini
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Occam’s razor: supporting visual query expression for content-based image queries
Author(s): Colin C. Venters; Richard J. Hartley; William T. Hewitt
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Multimodal approaches for emotion recognition: a survey
Author(s): Nicu Sebe; Ira Cohen; Theo Gevers; Thomas S. Huang
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Computer-assisted visual interactive recognition and its prospects of implementation over the Internet
Author(s): Jie Zou; Abhishek Gattani
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Improving visual data mining using analyzing editing effect of visual data
Author(s): Tae Meon Bae; Seok Jun Kang; Yong Man Ro
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Image retrieval and reversible illumination normalization
Author(s): Longin Jan Latecki; Venugopal Rajagopal; Ari Gross
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Boosting the discriminative power of color models for feature detection
Author(s): Harro M. G. Stokman; Theo Gevers
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XML-based JPIP client side cache model management
Author(s): Sachin G. Deshpande
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Secured and progressive transmission of compressed images on the Internet: application to telemedicine
Author(s): Marie Babel; Benoit Parrein; Olivier Deforges; Nicolas Normand; Jean-Pierre Guedon; Joseph Ronsin
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Video summarization with moving objects in the compressed domain
Author(s): Ramon Ll. Felip; Juan M. Sanchez; Xavier Binefa
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Model-assisted object tracking
Author(s): Frank Aldershoff; Theo Gevers; Philip Prins
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A visual tracking system using an RFID tag
Author(s): Hidekata Hontani
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Color aspects of variable data proofing
Author(s): Giordano B. Beretta
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Easy and effective virtual tour on the World Wide Web
Author(s): Ilmi Yoon; Andrew Kang; John Roberts; Sanghyuk Yoon
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Design and deployment of hybrid-telemedicine applications
Author(s): N. A. Ikhu-Omoregbe; A. A. Atayero; C. K. Ayo; O. O. Olugbara
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Web tools to support image classification
Author(s): F. Odone; A. Barla; E. Franceschi; A. Verri
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A novel methodology for querying web images
Author(s): Rashmi Prabhakara; Ching Cheng Lee
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Toward complete performance characterization in content-based retrieval
Author(s): Nicu Sebe; Nies Huijsmans; Qi Tian; Theo Gevers
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A proposal for image indexing: keypics, plastic graphical metadata
Author(s): M. Ferri; P. Frosini
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Web-based hydrodynamics computing
Author(s): Alan Shimoide; Luping Lin; Tracie-Lynne Hong; Ilmi Yoon; Sergio Ramiro Aragon
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Why can't I manage my digital images like MP3s? The evolution and intent of multimedia metadata
Author(s): Abby Goodrum; James Howison
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Virtual mirror based on 3D-shape reconstruction and real-time face tracking
Author(s): Takao Makino; Toshiya Nakaguchi; Norimichi Tsumura; Yoichi Miyake
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Content filtering for broadcasting media
Author(s): Sung Ho Jin; Jun Ho Cho; Tae Meon Bae; Yong Man Ro; Kyeongok Kang
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Tri-dimensional face detection and localization
Author(s): Alessandro Colombo; Claudio Cusano; Raimondo Schettini
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Techniques and applications of content-based image retrieval on the Internet
Author(s): Dingyuan Xia; Shuyu Liu
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Multiple-description video coding based on balanced multiwavelet image transformation
Author(s): Wei Liu; Zhengming Ma; Xiaojun Tan
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Online system for managing watermarked-images database
Author(s): Gael Chareyron; Jerome Da Rugna; Hubert Konik; Alain Tremeau
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Dynamic key-frame extraction for video summarization
Author(s): Gianluigi Ciocca; Raimondo Schettini
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An event-description framework for video application using spatio-temporal relations
Author(s): Miyoung Cho; Dan Song; Juhyun Shin; Hanil Kim; Pankoo Kim
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