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Videometrics VIII
Editor(s): J.-Angelo Beraldin; Sabry F. El-Hakim; Armin Gruen; James S. Walton
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Volume Details

Volume Number: 5665
Date Published: 17 January 2005
Softcover: 37 papers (384) pages
ISBN: 9780819456380

Table of Contents
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Novel pixel architecture with inherent background suppression for 3D time-of-flight imaging
Author(s): Thierry Oggier; Rolf Kaufmann; Michael Lehmann; Bernhard Buttgen; Simon Neukom; Michael Richter; Matthias Schweizer; Peter Metzler; Felix Lustenberger; Nicolas Blanc
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Surface orientation imager with excluding capability of non-Lambertian reflectance
Author(s): Toru Kurihara; Takaaki Shimizu; Nobutaka Ono; Shigeru Ando
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Photogrammetry for geological applications: automatic retrieval of discontinuity orientation in rock slopes
Author(s): Riccardo Roncella; Gianfranco Forlani; Fabio Remondino
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Boat's hull modeling with low-cost triangulation scanners
Author(s): Gabriele Guidi; Laura Loredana Micoli; Michele Russo
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Digital-image-correlation-based experimental stress analysis of reinforced concrete beams, strengthened using carbon composites
Author(s): Jeffrey Helm; Stephen Kurtz
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2D imaging and 3D sensing data acquisition and mutual registration for painting conservation
Author(s): Raffaella Fontana; Maria Chiara Gambino; Marinella Greco; Luciano Marras; Enrico M. Pampaloni; Anna Pelagotti; Luca Pezzati; Pasquale Poggi
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Topography reconstruction of specular surfaces
Author(s): Soren Kammel; Jan Horbach
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Evaluating the performance of close-range 3D active vision systems for industrial design applications
Author(s): J.-Angelo Beraldin; Marco Gaiani
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Capturing appearance
Author(s): Holly E. Rushmeier
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Stereoscopy application of spherical imaging
Author(s): Henrik G. A. Haggren
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Extended view interpolation by parallel use of the GPU and the CPU
Author(s): Indra Geys; Luc J. Van Gool
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Combining 3D technologies for cultural heritage interpretation and entertainment
Author(s): J.-Angelo Beraldin; Michel Picard; Sabry F. El-Hakim; Guy Godin; Virginia Valzano; Adriana Bandiera
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Virtualizing ancient Rome: 3D acquisition and modeling of a large plaster-of-Paris model of imperial Rome
Author(s): Gabriele Guidi; Bernard Frischer; Monica De Simone; Andrea Cioci; Alessandro Spinetti; Luca Carosso; Laura Loredana Micoli; Michele Russo; Tommaso Grasso
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Combined use of 2D images and 3D models for retrieving and browsing digital archive contents
Author(s): Rieko Kadobayashi; Ryo Furukawa
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Calibration and improvements of the high-resolution range-imaging camera SwissRanger
Author(s): Timo Kahlmann; Hilmar Ingensand
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New multiple-camera calibration method for a large number of cameras
Author(s): Yuuya Kojima; Toshiaki Fujii; Masayuki Tanimoto
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Influence of Bayer filters on the quality of photogrammetric measurement
Author(s): Mark Richard Shortis; James W. Seager; Euan S. Harvey; Stuart Robson
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Evaluation and correction of laser-scanned point clouds
Author(s): Christian Teutsch; Tobias Isenberg; Erik Trostmann; Michael Weber; Dirk Berndt; Thomas Strothotte
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A flexible mathematical model for matching of 3D surfaces and attributes
Author(s): Devrim Akca; Armin Gruen
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Improving accuracy and computation time of 3D reconstruction through an improved carving procedure
Author(s): Diego Ruiz; Benoit Macq
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Efficient corner detector for 3D point crowd data and application to 3D modeling of structures
Author(s): Hiroshi Yokoyama; Hirofumi Chikatsu
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3D modeling of close-range objects: photogrammetry or laser scanning?
Author(s): Fabio Remondino; Alberto Guarnieri; Antonio Vettore
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Model-based sparse 3D reconstruction for online body tracking
Author(s): Tobias Jaeggli; Thomas P. Koninckx; Luc J. Van Gool
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Three-dimensional measurement for small moving object
Author(s): Yoshitsugu Manabe; Yuuki Uranishi; Yoshihiro Yasumuro; Masataka Imura; Kunihiro Chihara
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Integration of videogrammetry and terrestrial laser scanning for dynamic surface modeling
Author(s): Shih-Yuan Lin; Jon P. Mills
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Digitization of the human body in the present-day economy
Author(s): Nicola D'Apuzzo
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Realistic body modeling out of video sequences: first application to body parts
Author(s): Gerhard Schrotter
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Conditions that influence the accuracy of anthropometric parameter estimation for human body segments using shape-from-silhouette
Author(s): Lars Mundermann; Annegret Mundermann; Ajit M. Chaudhari; Thomas P. Andriacchi
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Most favorable camera configuration for a shape-from-silhouette markerless motion capture system for biomechanical analysis
Author(s): Lars Mundermann; Stefano Corazza; Ajit M. Chaudhari; Eugene J. Alexander; Thomas P. Andriacchi
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Graph-based surface reconstruction from stereo pairs using image segmentation
Author(s): Michael Bleyer; Margrit Gelautz
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Line extraction for city modeling using least-median of squares method
Author(s): Yoichi Kunii; Hirofumi Chikatsu
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Photogrammetric bridging of GPS outages in mobile mapping
Author(s): Riccardo Roncella; Fabio Remondino; Gianfranco Forlani
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Three-dimensional model reconstruction for treasures of jadeite material from uncalibrated image sequences
Author(s): Chia-Ming Cheng; Shu-Fan Wang; Chin-Hung Teng; Po-Hao Huang; Yu-Chieh Chien; Shang-Hong Lai
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A practical method of stereo camera calibration
Author(s): Xiaojun Tan; Wei Shen; Zhihao Guo; Wei Liu
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Per-pixel camera calibration for 3D range scanning
Author(s): Jianning Wang; Olaf Hall-Holt; Petr Konecny; Arie E. Kaufman
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Linear camera calibration from a single view of two concentric semicircles for augmented reality applications
Author(s): Hanhoon Park; Jong-Il Park
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Motion data index structure: an efficient indexing for spatio-temporal data of moving objects
Author(s): Huanzhuo Ye; Hongxia Luo; Jianya Gong; Lu Zhang; Yan Wang
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