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Proceedings of SPIE Volume 5664

Stereoscopic Displays and Virtual Reality Systems XII
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Volume Number: 5664
Date Published: 22 March 2005
Softcover: 70 papers (682) pages
ISBN: 9780819456373

Table of Contents
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Stereoscopic 3D display with dynamic optical correction for recovering from asthenopia
Author(s): Takashi Shibata; Takashi Kawai; Masaki Otsuki; Nobuyuki Miyake; Yoshihiro Yoshihara; Tsuneto Iwasaki
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Creating a comfortable stereoscopic viewing experience: effects of viewing distance and field of view on fusional range
Author(s): Elaine W. Jin; Michael E. Miller; Serguei Endrikhovski; Cathleen D. Cerosaletti
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A fixed-viewpoint volumetric stereoscopic 3D display using adaptive optics
Author(s): Fergal Shevlin
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Natural 3D display with 128 directional images used for human-engineering evaluation
Author(s): Hiroshi Nakanuma; Hiroyuki Kamei; Yasuhiro Takaki
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Stereo-foveation for anaglyph imaging
Author(s): Arzu Coltekin
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Stereoscopic image rendering based on depth maps created from blur and edge information
Author(s): Wa James Tam; A. Soung Yee; J. Ferreira; S. Tariq; Filippo Speranza
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An extended H.264 CODEC for stereoscopic video coding
Author(s): Balamuralii Balasubramaniyam; Eran Edirisinghe; Helmut Bez
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Recovery of a missing color component in stereo images (or helping NASA find little green Martians)
Author(s): Serdar Ince; Janusz Konrad
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Autostereoscopic desktop display: an evolution of technology
Author(s): Joshua M. Cobb
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Time-multiplexed autostereoscopic flat panel display using an optical wedge
Author(s): Christian Moller; Adrian Travis
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Multi-view image integration system for glass-less 3D display
Author(s): Takahisa Ando; Ken Mashitani; Masahiro Higashino; Hideyuki Kanayama; Haruhiko Murata; Yasuo Funazou; Naohisa Sakamoto; Hiroshi Hazama; Yasuo Ebara; Koji Koyamada
Correction of aberrations in lens-based 3D displays
Author(s): Stephen Daniell
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Automatic video to stereoscopic video conversion
Author(s): Efrat Rotem; Karni Wolowelsky; David Pelz
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Interactive 2D to 3D stereoscopic image synthesis
Author(s): Mark H. Feldman; Lenny Lipton
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New version of HD stereoscopic camera and its picture quality assessment concerning the camera parameters
Author(s): Jun-Yong Lee; Seung-Jin Nam; Jae-Ho Lee; Chang-Seob Park; Petrov Dmitry; Yong-Gi Kim; Yong-Bum Lee
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Pre-rendered stereoscopic movies for commodity display systems
Author(s): John Moreland; Laura Arns; W. Scott Meador
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OpenGL hardware accelerated algorithms for autostereoscopic monitor pattern creation
Author(s): Michal Husak; Chris Ward
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Integral 3D imaging system using monocular 2D video and depth data
Author(s): Koya Suehiro; Hiroya Nakamura; Kunio Yamada; Shinji Nakamura; Takayuki Sugahara
Tri-stack 3D LCD monitor
Author(s): Andrew Loukianitsa; Andrew Yarovoy; Konstantin Kanashin
Low-loss filter for stereoscopic projection with LCD projectors
Author(s): Oliver Stefani; Matthias Bues; Roland Blach; Alex Bullinger
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Three-dimensional scene reconstruction using multiview images and depth camera
Author(s): Gi-Mun Um; Kang Yeon Kim; ChungHyun Ahn; Kwan Heng Lee
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Smoothing region boundaries in variable depth mapping for real-time stereoscopic images
Author(s): Nicolas Holliman
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Spatial 3D infrastructure: display-independent software framework, high-speed rendering electronics, and several new displays
Author(s): Won-Suk Chun; Joshua Napoli; Oliver S. Cossairt; Rick K. Dorval; Deirdre M. Hall; Thomas J. Purtell; James F. Schooler; Yigal Banker; Gregg E. Favalora
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Optical system which projects small volumetric images to very large size
Author(s): Jesse B. Eichenlaub
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Exploring interaction with 3D volumetric displays
Author(s): Tovi Grossman; Daniel Wigdor; Ravin Balakrishnan
Autostereoscopic liquid crystal display using mosaic color pixel arrangement
Author(s): Kazuki Taira; Rieko Fukushima; Tatsuo Saishu; Hitoshi Kobayashi; Yuzo Hirayama
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Long viewing distance autostereoscopic display
Author(s): Hongen Liao; Makoto Iwahara; Yoichi Katayama; Nobuhiko Hata; Takeyoshi Dohi
Effect of reduced stereoscopic camera separation on ring placement with a surgical telerobot
Author(s): Stephen R. Ellis; Jonathan M. Fishman; Christopher J. Hasser; John D. Stern
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Networked telepresence system using web browsers and omni-directional video streams
Author(s): Tomoya Ishikawa; Kazumasa Yamazawa; Tomokazu Sato; Sei Ikeda; Yutaka Nakamura; Kazutoshi Fujikawa; Hideki Sunahara; Naokazu Yokoya
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Fire training in a virtual-reality environment
Author(s): Eckhard Freund; Jurgen Rossmann; Arno Bucken
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Stereoscopy in orthopaedics
Author(s): S. L. E. Tan
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Passive method of eliminating accommodation/convergence disparity in stereoscopic head-mounted displays
Author(s): Jesse B. Eichenlaub
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Reusable methodology based on filters in order to define relevant tangible parts for a TUI
Author(s): Fabrice Depaulis; Nadine Couture; Jeremy Legardeur; Ludovic Garreau
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Localization of wearable users using invisible retro-reflective markers and an IR camera
Author(s): Yusuke Nakazato; Masayuki Kanbara; Naokazu Yokoya
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Toward natural fiducials for augmented reality
Author(s): Paul Kitchin; Kirk Martinez
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3D reconstruction of outdoor environments from omnidirectional range and color images
Author(s): Toshihiro Asai; Masayuki Kanbara; Naokazu Yokoya
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Large-format 3D interaction table
Author(s): Jonny Gustafsson; Christoffer Lindfors; Lars Mattsson; Torsten Kjellberg
Stereoscopic stimuli are not used in absolute distance evaluation to proximal objects in multicue virtual environment
Author(s): Damien Paille; Andras Kemeny; Alain Berthoz
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ShadowLight: an immersive environment for rapid prototyping and design
Author(s): Kalev H. Leetaru
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Quantitative comparison of interaction with shutter glasses and autostereoscopic displays
Author(s): Zahir Y. Alpaslan; Shih-Ching Yeh; Albert A. Rizzo; Alexander A. Sawchuk
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Experiments in interactive panoramic cinema
Author(s): Scott S. Fisher; Steve Anderson; Susana Ruiz; Michael Naimark; Perry Hoberman; Mark Bolas; Richard Weinberg
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Import and visualization of clinical medical imagery into multiuser VR environments
Author(s): Andreas H. Mehrle; Wolfgang Freysinger; Ron Kikinis; Andreas Gunkel; Florian Kral
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Stereoscopic player and stereoscopic multiplexer: a computer-based system for stereoscopic video playback and recording
Author(s): Peter Wimmer
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Thin-type natural three-dimensional display with 72 directional images
Author(s): Yasuhiro Takaki
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Block-wise MAP disparity estimation for intermediate view reconstruction
Author(s): Liang Zhang
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A new configuration of LCD-polarized stereoscopic projection system without light loss
Author(s): Seung-Cheol Kim; Dong-Kyu Kim; Dae-Heum Kim; Eun-Soo Kim
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Coding of full-parallax multiview images
Author(s): Torsten Palfner; Erika Muller
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An innovative beamsplitter-based stereoscopic/3D display design
Author(s): James L. Fergason; Scott D. Robinson; Charles W. McLaughlin; Blake Brown; Adi Abileah; Thomas E. Baker; Patrick J. Green
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McLiflet: multiple cameras for light field live with thousands of lenslets
Author(s): Masaru Kojima; Takeshi Naemura
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Accommodative load for stereoscopic displays
Author(s): Masako Omori; Shin'ya Ishihara; Satoshi Hasegawa; Hisao Ishigaki; Tomoyuki Watanabe; Masaru Miyao; Hiroshi Tahara
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Reduction of the distortion due to non-ideal lens alignment in lenticular 3D displays
Author(s): Yun-Gu Lee; Jong Beom Ra
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