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Remote Sensing Applications of the Global Positioning System
Editor(s): Michael Bevis; Yoshinori Shoji; Steven Businger

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Volume Number: 5661
Date Published: 22 December 2004

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The ROCSAT-3/COSMIC mission and applications of GPS radio occultation data to weather and climate
Author(s): Christian Rocken; Ying-Hwa Kuo; Sergey V. Sokolovskiy; Richard A. Anthes
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Toward new scientific observations from GPS occultations: advances in retrieval methods
Author(s): Anthony J. Mannucci; Chi-On Ao; George A. Hajj; Byron A. Iijima; Manuel de la Torre-Juarez; Thomas K. Meehan; Thomas Schroeder
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Data assimilation of Mt. Fuji observed GPS down-looking occultation data into the JMA mesoscale numerical weather prediction model
Author(s): Yoshinori Shoji; Takuya Kawabata; Yuichi Aoyama; Hiromu Seko; Toshitaka Tsuda; Masaru Kunii
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An evaluation of geodetic positioning error simulated using a mesocale nonhydrostatic model
Author(s): Ryuichi Ichikawa; Hiromu Seko; Michael Bevis
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Development of a cloud-resolving 4DVAR data assimilation system based on the JMA nonhydrostatic model
Author(s): Takuya Kawabata; Hiromu Seko; Tohru Kuroda; Yasutaka Wakatsuki; Yuki Honda; Kyuichiro Tamiya; Kazumasa Aonashi; Yoshinori Shoji; Kazuo Saito; Tadashi Tsuyuki
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Impacts of GPS-derived water vapor and radial wind of Doppler radar on numerical prediction of precipitation
Author(s): Hiromu Seko; Takuya Kawabata; Tadashi Tsuyuki
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Impact of GPS-derived precipitable water on simulating a mesoscale convective system over the Korean peninsula: application of MM5 4DVAR system
Author(s): Ha-Taek Kwon; Gyu-Ho Lim
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Photon-counting airborne laser swath mapping (PC-ALSM)
Author(s): William E. Carter; Ramesh L. Shrestha; Kenneth Clint Slatton
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Remote sensing using vehicular mounted sensors and GPS instrumentation
Author(s): Smriti Kansal; Gerald Cook
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Control methods for merging ALSM and ground-based laser point clouds acquired under forest canopies
Author(s): Kenneth Clint Slatton; Matt Coleman; William E. Carter; Ramesh L. Shrestha; Michael Sartori
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Monitoring wildfires using an autonomous aerial system (AAS)
Author(s): Joel S. Levine; Vincent Ambrosia; James A. Brass; Richard E. Davis; Charles W. Dull; Paul H. Greenfield; F. Wallace Harrison; Brian D. Killough; Edward H. Kist; Joseph P. Pinto; Gregory Stover; Nina D. Tappan; Steve S. Wegener
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Intelligent mission management for uninhabited aerial vehicles
Author(s): Don Sullivan; Joseph J. Totah; Steve S. Wegener; Francis Y. Enomoto; Chad R. Frost; John Kaneshige; Jeremy E. Frank
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Multidimensional analysis of autonomous aerial observation systems (AAOS) for scientific, civil, and defense applications
Author(s): Mark A. Hutchinson; Doris L. Hamill; F. Wallace Harrison; Jeffrey A. Yetter; Roland W. Lawrence; Edward A. Healy; Henry S. Wright
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Autonomous aerial observations to extend and complement the Earth Observing System: a science-driven systems-oriented approach
Author(s): Stephen P. Sandford; F. Wallace Harrison; John Langford; James W. Johnson; Garry Qualls; David Emmitt; W. Linwood Jones; Herman Hank Shugart Jr.
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Mission concept for the remote sensing of the cryosphere using autonomous aerial observation systems
Author(s): Roland W. Lawrence; Larry Hilliard
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Parametric study for increasing on-station duration via unconventional aircraft launch approach
Author(s): Christopher A. Kuhl; Robert W. Moses; Mark A. Croom; Stephen P. Sandford
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