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Proceedings of SPIE Volume 5655

Multispectral and Hyperspectral Remote Sensing Instruments and Applications II
Editor(s): Allen M. Larar; Makoto Suzuki; Qingxi Tong
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Volume Details

Volume Number: 5655
Date Published: 20 January 2005
Softcover: 60 papers (584) pages
ISBN: 9780819456168

Table of Contents
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Hyperspectral Environmental Suite (HES) formulation and implementation overview
Author(s): Gene Martin; Gus Comeyne; Ghassem Asrar; Granville Paules; Edward C. Grigsby; Marvin S. Maxwell; Joe Criscione; Monica M. Coakley; Sandra A. Cauffman; Martin A. Davis
Experimental study on atmospheric parameters using new atmospheric sounding instrument data
Author(s): Chaohua Dong; Deming Jiang; Chengli Qi; Peng Zhang
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Wedge-filter Imaging Sounder for Humidity (WISH): a practical NPOESS P3I and geostationary Earth orbit high-spatial resolution sensor
Author(s): Hung-Lung Allen Huang; Hal J. Bloom; Jeffery J. Puschell; Paul W. Menzel
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Highly accurate FTIR observations from the scanning HIS aircraft instrument
Author(s): Henry E. Revercomb; David C. Tobin; Robert O. Knuteson; Fred A. Best; William L. Smith; Paul F. W. van Delst; Daniel Darch LaPorte; Scott D. Ellington; Mark W. Werner; Ralph G. Dedecker; Raymond K. Garcia; Nick N. Ciganovich; Hugh Benjamin Howell; Erik R. Olson; Steven B. Dutcher; Joseph K. Taylor
The Geosynchronous Imaging Fourier Transform Spectrometer (GIFTS) on-board blackbody calibration system
Author(s): Fred A. Best; Henry E. Revercomb; Robert O. Knuteson; David C. Tobin; Scott D. Ellington; Mark W. Werner; Douglas P. Adler; Raymond K. Garcia; Joseph K. Taylor; Nick N. Ciganovich; William L. Smith; Gail E. Bingham; John D. Elwell; Deron K. Scott
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A principal component-based radiative transfer forward model (PCRTM) for hyperspectral instruments
Author(s): Xu Liu; William L. Smith; Daniel K. Zhou; Allen M. Larar
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CO<sub>2</sub> columnar amount retrieved from thermal infrared spectra observed by IMG/ADEOS
Author(s): Ryoichi Imasu; Yoshifumi Ota
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A method of channel compression for the trace gas remote sounder by using the empirical orthogonal functions
Author(s): Tadao Aoki
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Using MODIS with AIRS to develop an operational cloud-cleared radiance product
Author(s): Mitchell D. Goldberg; Thomas S. King; Walter W. Wolf; Chris Barnet; Heng Gu; Lihang Zhou
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Detection and identification of toxic air pollutants using airborne LWIR hyperspectral imaging
Author(s): David J. Williams; Barry L. Feldman; Tim J. Williams; Drew Pilant; Paul G. Lucey; L. Dorsey Worthy
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Tropospheric Trace Species Sensing FPI: program overview and measurement concept validation
Author(s): Allen M. Larar; William B. Cook; Carl S. Mills; Michael A. Flood; Jeffery J. Puschell; Wilbert R. Skinner
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TTSS-FPI: airborne prototype development and performance verification
Author(s): William B. Cook; Allen M. Larar; Carl S. Mills; Michael A. Flood; Jeffery J. Puschell; Wilbert R. Skinner
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Trace Tropospheric Species Sensing-Fabry-Perot Interferometer (TTSS-FPI): spaceborne sensor concept studies for measuring tropospheric ozone
Author(s): Jeffery J. Puschell; C. Thomas Hastings; Thomas Chrien; Allen M. Larar; William B. Cook; Carl S. Mills; Michael A. Flood; Wilbert R. Skinner
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Far-infrared Spectroscopy of the Troposphere (FIRST): sensor calibration performance
Author(s): Gail E. Bingham; Harri M. Latvakoski; Stanley J. Wellard; Martin G. Mlynczak; David G. Johnson; Wesley A. Traub; Kenneth W. Jucks
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Design and development considerations for SIRAS-G, the Spaceborne Infrared Atmospheric Sounder for Geosynchronous Earth Orbit
Author(s): Dan L. Michaels; Thomas U. Kampe; Paul Hendershott; Gary L. Mills; Grzegorz Miecznik; Peter Johnson
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Relationships of spectral vegetation indices for continuity and compatibility of satellite data products
Author(s): Hiroki Yoshioka; Tomoaki Miura; Hirokazu Yamamoto
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The initial evaluation of ADEOS-II/GLI land products for vegetation monitoring
Author(s): Hirokazu Yamamoto; Toshiaki Hashimoto; Mieko Seki; Naoki Yuda; Yasushi Mitomi; Hiroki Yoshioka; Yoshiaki Honda; Tamotsu Igarashi
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The use of new index for surface roughness of vegetation
Author(s): Asako Konda; Hirokazu Yamamoto; Koji Kajiwara; Yoshiaki Honda
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Using hyperspectral remote sensing for land cover classification
Author(s): Wendy W. Zhang; Shobha Sriharan
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Estimation of soil moisture with hyperspectral reflectance based on ground-based remote sensing
Author(s): Minzan Li; Peng Zhao; Xijie Zhang
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Mars exploration via thermal emission spectroscopy
Author(s): Carl F. Schueler; Karl R. Blasius; Philip Christensen; Steven Silverman; Steven Ruff; Michael Wyatt; Greg Mehall; Richard James Peralta; Duane Bates
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Water environmental management with the aid of remote sensing and GIS technology
Author(s): Xiaoling Chen; Zhongzhi Yuan; Yok-Sheung Li; Hong Song; Yingzi Hou; Zhanhua Xu; Honghua Liu; Onyx W.H. Wai
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Cross-track infrared sounder FPAA performance
Author(s): Stacy A. Masterjohn; Arvind I. D'Souza; Larry C. Dawson; Peter N. Dolan; Genae Jefferson; Maryn G. Stapelbroek; Richard W. Willis; Priyalal S. Wijewarnasuriya; Ellen Boehmer; John C. Ehlert; James E. Andrews
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Neuro-fuzzy logic application for hyperspectral remote sensing
Author(s): Vincent Michael Contarino; Pavlo A. Molchanov; Yulia Y. Podobna; Iryna M. Petrosyuk
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Extraction of canopy closures and stem diversities in winter wheat
Author(s): Wenjiang Huang; Jihua Wang; Liangyun Liu; Chunjiang Zhao; Xinyu Guo; Jindi Wang
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Agro-environment observation using near-infrared LCTF spectropolarimeter
Author(s): Kohzo Homma; Hirokimi Shingu; Hiromichi Yamamoto; Michio Shibayama; Kazuo Sugahara; Shiro Itano
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Long-wave infrared hyperspectral imagery of weathering trajectories on Hawaiian basaltic rock
Author(s): Orion Carlisle; Paul G. Lucey; Sarah B. Sherman
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Temperature and water vapor retrieval from IMG/ADEOS spectrum data
Author(s): Yoshifumi Ota; Ryoichi Imasu
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Flight evaluation of hyperspectral and multipolarizable imaging spectropolarimeter at JAXA
Author(s): Kohzo Homma; Hirokimi Shingu; Hiromichi Yamamoto; Michio Shibayama; Kazuo Sugahara
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Influence of leaf water status on leaf area index and leaf nitrogen concentration inversion of wheat canopy
Author(s): Chunjiang Zhao; Jihua Wang; Wenjiang Huang; Liangyun Liu
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Development of transmissometer system for evaluating molecular contamination effects and the preliminary results
Author(s): Nobunari Itoh; Masahiro Katoh; Nobuaki Okano
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Applications of principal component analysis (PCA) on AIRS data
Author(s): Mitchell D. Goldberg; Lihang Zhou; Walter W. Wolf; Chris Barnet; Murty G. Divakarla
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Seasonal methane content in atmosphere of the permafrost boundary zone in Western Siberia determined from IMG/ADEOS and AIRS/AQUA data
Author(s): Alexander Yu. Toptygin; Konstantin G. Gribanov; Ryoichi Imasu; W. Bleuten; Vyacheslav I. Zakharov
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Neural network retrieval of deuterium to hydrogen ratio in atmosphere from IMG/ADEOS spectra
Author(s): Konstantin G. Gribanov; Ryoichi Imasu; Gavin A. Schmidt; Alexander Yu. Toptygin; Vyacheslav I. Zakharov
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Variable-rate nitrogen application algorithm based on canopy reflected spectrum and its influence on wheat
Author(s): Hongxia Liang; Chunjiang Zhao; Wenjiang Huang; Liangyun Liu; Jihua Wang; Youhua Ma
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Estimating thermal infrared broadband emissivity of arid region using remote sensing
Author(s): Kenta Ogawa; Thomas J. Schmugge; Shuichi Rokugawa
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Regarding free energy net of the Earth and its monitoring from space concept
Author(s): Vyacheslav I. Zakharov; Ryoichi Imasu; Konstantin G. Gribanov
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