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Proceedings of SPIE Volume 5650

Micro- and Nanotechnology: Materials, Processes, Packaging, and Systems II
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Volume Number: 5650
Date Published: 23 February 2005
Softcover: 64 papers (620) pages
ISBN: 9780819456106

Table of Contents
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Microshutter array development for the James Webb space telescope
Author(s): Mary J. Li; Nadine Acuna; Edward Amatucci; Michael Beamesderfer; Ray A. Boucarut; Sachi Babu; Sateesh Bajikar; Audrey J. Ewin; Rainer Fettig; David E. Franz; Larry Hess; Ron Hu; Murzy D. Jhabvala; Daniel Kelly; Todd T. King; Gunther Kletetschka; Carl A. Kotechi; Alexander Kutyrev; James P. Loughlin; Bernard A. Lynch; Harvey Moseley; Brent Mott; Bill Newell; Lance Oh; David A. Rapchun; Chris Ray; Carol Sappington; Eric Schulte; Scott Schwinger; Wayne Smith; Steve Snodgrass; Leroy M. Sparr; Rosalind Steptoe-Jackson; Liqin L. Wang; Yun Zheng; Chris A. Zincke
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Structures and light emission properties of ion beam synthesized FeSi2 in silicon
Author(s): C. F. Chow; Y. Gao; S. P. Wong; N. Ke; Q. Li; W. Y. Cheung; G. Shao; M. A. Lourenco; K. P. Homewood
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The causes and nature of diameter variations along optical fiber
Author(s): Susan H. Law; Geoffrey W. Barton; Thanh N. Phan
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Formation of carbon nanoclusters by implantation of keV carbon ions in fused silica followed by thermal annealing
Author(s): P. Olivero; J. L. Peng; A. Liu; P. Reichart; J. C. McCallum; J. Y. Sze; S. P. Lau; B. K. Tay; R. Kalish; S. Dhar; Leonard Feldman; David N. Jamieson; Steven Prawer
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Fast donor-based electron spin quantum computing
Author(s): C. D. Hill; Lloyd C. L. Hollenberg; Austin G. Fowler; Cameron J. Wellard; Andrew D. Greentree; H.-S. Goan
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Nanofabrication of charge-based Si:P quantum computer devices using single-ion implantation
Author(s): Mladen Mitic; Soren E. Andresen; Victor C. Chan; Tilo Markus Buehler; Andrew J. Ferguson; Eric Gauja; Fay E. Hudson; David J. Reilly; A. R. Hamilton; Andrew S. Dzurak; Robert G. Clark; Changyi Yang; Toby Hopf; Christopher I. Pakes; David N. Jamieson
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Optimization of single keV ion implantation for the construction of single P-donor devices
Author(s): Changyi Yang; David N. Jamieson; Toby Hopf; Soren E. Andresen; Sean M. Hearne; Fay E. Hudson; Christopher I. Pakes; Mladen Mitic; Eric Gauja; Grigori Tamanyan; Andrew S. Dzurak; Steven Prawer; Robert G. Clark
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Scaling of coherent tunneling adiabatic passage in solid-state coherent quantum systems
Author(s): Andrew D. Greentree; Jared H. Cole; A. R. Hamilton; Lloyd C. L. Hollenberg
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Development of NiFe micromagnet stripes for solid-state NMR quantum computing
Author(s): Atsushi Takahashi; Dong F. Wang; Yoshinori Matsumoto; Kohei M. Itoh
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Single-electron transistor coupled to a silicon nano-MOSFET
Author(s): Victor C. Chan; Tilo Markus Buehler; Dane R. McCamey; Andrew J. Ferguson; David J. Reilly; Changyi Yang; Toby Hopf; Andrew S. Dzurak; A. R. Hamilton; David N. Jamieson; Robert G. Clark
Exchange in phosphorus donor spin based quantum computers
Author(s): Cameron J. Wellard; Lloyd C. L. Hollenberg
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Micro/nano-scale fabrication of integrated polymer optical wire circuit arrays for optical printed circuit board (O-PCB) application
Author(s): El-Hang Lee; Seung Gol Lee; Se Geun Park; Kyong Heon Kim; Jin Ku Kang; In Joo Chin; Y. K. Kwon; Young Wan Choi
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Progress in InP-based MOEMS
Author(s): Martin Strassner; Sophie Bouchoule; Isabelle Sagnes
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Self-assembled GaAs micromirrors monolithically integrated with LEDs
Author(s): Nethaji Dharmarasu; Kazuyoshi Kubota; Shanmugam Saravanan; Pablo Oscar Vaccaro; Nobuo Saito
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Cure rate and dry etch patterning of thermoset polymers
Author(s): Maria-Jose Montoya; Darren Simon; Anthony Stephen Holland; Robert Shanks
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Polygon microlens array design and fabrication using thermal pressing in LIGA-like process
Author(s): Ruey Fang Shyu; Hsiharng Yang; Chi-Ting Ho; Wen-Hsiang Hsieh; Feng-Tsai Weng
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Fabrication of microstructures with different aspect ratios in a single layer
Author(s): Yao Fu; Erol C. Harvey; Muralidhar K. Ghantasala
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Selective adhesive bonding with SU-8 for zero-level-packaging
Author(s): Danny S. Reuter; Andreas Bertz; Gunther Schwenzer; Thomas Gessner
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STM characterization of phosphine adsorption on STM-patterned H:Si(001)surfaces
Author(s): Toby Hallam; Neil J. Curson; Lars Oberbeck; Michelle Y. Simmons
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Development of a microblood-typing system using assembly-free process based on virtual environment
Author(s): Seung-Jae Lee; Hyun-Wook Kang; Yonggoo Kim; Gyoo-Whung Lee; Geunbae Lim; Dong-Woo Cho
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Characterization of laser micromachining of metals
Author(s): Phillip J. McMahon; Richard F. Muscat; Peter Vincent; Christian Formica; Alan R. Wilson
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Control of MEMS-based actuator array for micro smart systems
Author(s): Yves-Andre Chapuis; Yamato Fukuta; Lingfei Zhou; Yoshio Mita; Hiroyuki Fujita
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Nanoimprint lithography: full wafer replication of nanometer features
Author(s): Rainer Pelzer; Cecile Gourgon; Stefan Landis; Paul Kettner
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Surface acoustic wave based ozone sensor with an InOx/Si3N4/36-degree YX LiTaO3 structure
Author(s): Alexandru C. Fechete; Samuel James Ippolito; Kourosh Kalantar-Zadeh; Wojtek Wlodarski; Anthony Stephen Holland
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Investigation of layered SAW sensors based on a WO3/ZnO/64° YX LiNbO3 structure with gold catalytic layer
Author(s): Vijay Prasad Sivan; Samuel James Ippolito; Sasikaran Kandasamy; Kourosh Kalantar-Zadeh; Wojtek Wlodarski; Anthony Stephen Holland
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100-nm-scale electroplated nickel stamper fabricated by e-beam lithography on chrome/quartz mask
Author(s): Doo-Sun Choi; Yeong-Eun Yoo; Young Ho Seo; Joon-Hyoung Lee; Tae-Jin Je; Kyung-Hyun Whang
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Theoretical and experimental comparison of splashing in deposition of copper and graphite thin films by PLD
Author(s): M. Khaleeq-ur-Rahman; Muhammad Shahbaz Anwar; M. Shahid Rafique; Hafza Faiz; Khurram Siraj
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Exploration of a new wafer-level hermetic sealing method by Cu/Sn isothermal solidification technique for MEMS/NEMS devices
Author(s): Maohua Du; Wei Xu; Le Luo
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Development of a MEMS-based micro combustor for a micro gas turbine engine
Author(s): Xue Chuan Shan; Yu Feng Jin; Zhen Feng Wang; Chee Khuen Wong; Y. Murakoshi; Ryutaro Maeda
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A centerless grinding unit used for precisely processing ferrules of optical fiber connector
Author(s): Yongbo Wu; Takahiro Kondo; Masana Kato
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Self-assembling iron silicide nanobars and structure on silicon wafer by microwave plasma method
Author(s): Bei-Xue Xu; Yang Zhang; He-Sun Zhu; De-Zhong Shen; JinLei Wu; Z. Q. Xue; Q. D. Wu
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Ge nanocrystals embedded in Hf-aluminate high-k gate dielectric for floating gate memory application
Author(s): Pui Fai Lee; Wei Li Liu; Zhi Tang Song; Ji Yan Dai
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Plasma-induced processing for microfabrication of transparent materials using a Q-switched Nd:YAG laser
Author(s): Z. Z. Zhang; Shui Jie Qin
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Ion beam lithography with single ions
Author(s): Andrew Alves; Sean M. Hearne; P. Reichart; Reiner Siegele; David N. Jamieson; Peter N. Johnston
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The characteristics of LTCC RF switch modules for GSM band
Author(s): In-Sung Kim; Jae-Sung Song; Bok-Ki Min; Young-Suk Suh
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Frequency dependency of the characteristics in spiral-type thin film inductors
Author(s): Bok-Ki Min; In-Sung Kim; Jae-Sung Song
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Topology optimization of the optical tweezers setup
Author(s): Sun-Uk Hwang; Yong-Gu Lee
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Plastic thermally controllable platform with integrated thin film microcomponents
Author(s): Dae-Sik Lee; Kwang-Hyo Chung; Haesik Yang; Se Ho Park; Sung-Jin Kim; Hyun-Bong Pyo
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Mechanical behavior of the precision component after synchronous vibratory joining
Author(s): Weite Wu
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Complex rare-earth-substituted lead titanate piezoceramics II
Author(s): Elena E. Dimitriu; Floriana Craciun; Rodica Ramer; Gabriel Prodan; Victor Ciupina
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Protein folding and unfolding by force microscopy: a novel inverse methodology
Author(s): Gregory Shaun Watson; Jolanta Anna Watson; Christopher L. Brown; Sverre Myhra
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Tip-induced nanoscale manipulation of Si and DLC surfaces: the state of the tip
Author(s): Sverre Myhra; Gregory Shaun Watson
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AFM-based micro/nanoscale lithography of poly(dimethylsiloxane): stick-slip on softpolymer
Author(s): Jolanta Anna Watson; Sverre Myhra; Christopher L. Brown; Gregory Shaun Watson
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Investigating the practical implementation of Shor's alagorithm
Author(s): Simon J. Devitt; Austin G. Fowler; Lloyd C. L. Hollenberg
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Calculation of the Exchange Coupling in Si:P Donor Systems
Author(s): Timothy R. Starling; Cameron J. Wellard; Harry M. Quiney; Wayne Haig; Lloyd C. L. Hollenberg
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Measuring decoherence properties of charge qubits using buried donor cellular automata
Author(s): Jared H. Cole; Andrew D. Greentree; Cameron J. Wellard; Lloyd C. L. Hollenberg; Steven Prawer
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Single-spin detection and read-out for the solid-state quantum computer via resonant techniques
Author(s): Matthew J. Testolin; Lloyd C. L. Hollenberg; Andrew D. Greentree; Cameron J. Wellard
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Optimizing single electron transistors as electrometers for high-precision electrometry of charge on quantum dots
Author(s): Vincent I. Conrad; Andrew D. Greentree; David N. Jamieson; Lloyd C. L. Hollenberg
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Synthesis of organic-inorganic hybrid nanocomposite material: alizarin-3-sulfonate in the lamella of zinc-aluminium-layered double hydroxide
Author(s): Mohd Zobir bin Hussein; Chan Woei Long; Zulkarnain Zainal; Asmah Hj Yahaya
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Constructing Steane code fault-tolerant gates
Author(s): Austin G. Fowler; Simon J. Devitt; Lloyd C. L. Hollenberg
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Microwave hydrothermal synthesis of nanosize Ta2O5 added Mg-Cu-Zn ferrites
Author(s): T. Krishnaveni; S. Ramana Murthy
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Devitrification theory and glass-forming phase diagrams of fluoride compositions
Author(s): Pamela McNamara; Robert H. Mair
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