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Proceedings of SPIE Volume 5640

Infrared Components and Their Applications
Editor(s): Haimei Gong; Yi Cai; Jean-Pierre Chatard
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Volume Number: 5640
Date Published: 10 January 2005
Softcover: 94 papers (726) pages
ISBN: 9780819455956

Table of Contents
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Low-frequency noise studies in SWIR HgCdTe photodiodes
Author(s): Yangcheng Huang; Dafu Liu; Yan Zhang; Haimei Gong
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Research and development of cadmium zinc telluride substrates for mercury cadmium telluride epitaxial films
Author(s): Hui Huang; Rui-min Wan; Zeng-lin Zhao; Quan-lin Yue; Rong-bin Ji; Shun-chen Pan
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The dark current mechanism of HgCdTe photovoltaic detector passivated by different structure
Author(s): Tao Sun; Yan Jin Li; Xing Guo Chen; Xiao Ning Hu; Li He
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Electrical shock effect on HgCdTe photoconductive detectors
Author(s): Dafu Liu; Guosen Xu; Yangcheng Huang; Xiangyang Li; Haimei Gong
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A preliminary study on MBE-grown HgCdTe two-color FPAs
Author(s): Zhenhua Ye; Jun Wu; Xiaoning Hu; Yan Wu; Qingjun Liao; Haiyan Zhang; Jianxin Wang; Ruijun Ding; Li He
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Compact and lightweight cooled IR detectors for high-resolution applications
Author(s): Philippe Tribolet; Alain Manissadjian; Elisabeth Brochier
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A feasible thermal-cycle screening system for cryogenic semiconductor components
Author(s): Ligang Wu; Dafu Liu; Yimin Huang; Sangen Zhu; Haimei Gong
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High-performance and low-thermal time constant amorphous silicon-based 320 x 240 uncooled microbolometer IRFPA
Author(s): Jean-Luc Tissot; Jean-Pierre Chatard; Bruno Fieque; Olivier Legras
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Advanced packaging development for very low cost uncooled IRFPA
Author(s): Astrid Astier; Agnes Arnaud; Jean-Louis Ouvrier-Buffet; Jean-Jacques Yon
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Realized multipoint method for real-time correction of nonuniformity of uncooled IRFPA
Author(s): Bing Zhou; Yongzhong Wang; Yuanlong Ye; Xiaorong Wu; Jiaju Ying
Real-time infrared image processing system based on DSP technology
Author(s): Hongyan Zhuo; Rong Zhang; Zai-Ming Li; Zhi-zhong Fu; Jian-tao Wu; Zheng-dong Li; Yingsong Song
Two-point nonuniformity correction based on LMS
Author(s): Su-xia Xing; Junju Zhang; Lianjun Sun; Ben-kang Chang; Yun-sheng Qian
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Signal processing of microbolometer infrared focal-plane arrays
Author(s): Junju Zhang; Yunsheng Qian; Benkang Chang; Suxia Xing; Lianjun Sun
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The software development for IR-simulation test system
Author(s): Bin Yang; Jiaobo Gao; Jun Wang; Ling Ma; Wenli Wu; Jing Wang; Weina Wang; Junhu Xie
Closed-loop tracking system of simulated moving target
Author(s): Cheng-liang Ge; Guo-bin Fan; Zheng Liang; Zhi-wei Huang; Zhi-qiang Liu; Zheng-dong Li; Jian-tao Wu
Dynamic IR scene projector using the digital micromirror device
Author(s): JiaoBo Gao; Jun Wang; Bin Yang; JiLong Wang; WeiNa Wang; JunHu Xie; Yu Hu
Test bench for infrared detectors
Author(s): Thierry Campos
Design of spectrum-dividing system for binary optic infrared imaging spectrometer
Author(s): Bin Yu; Xiang Peng
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FTIR analysis of transformer fault gases
Author(s): Xian-yong Liu; Li-ping Shang; Qiu-hai Zhong
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Effects of temperature on near-infrared spectroscopic measurement of water
Author(s): Dong Ding; Hongyu Luo; Hongyan Zhang; Yuguo Tang; Xuanguo Shen
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Spectral characteristics of dominant natural grasslands within growth period in the region around Qinghai Lake
Author(s): Fengli Zhang; Qiu Yin; Dingbo Kuang; Fengxia Li; Bingrong Zhou
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Novel temperature and displacement sensor with optical fiber
Author(s): Longjiang Zheng; Jiulong Wang; Yuhong Zhang
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Night vision in Thales Angenieux: custom solutions for hand-held devices
Author(s): Joel Rollin; Jean Louis Teszner
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Adaptation of existing infrared technologies to unanticipated applications
Author(s): Philip Peng
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Wide film detect system
Author(s): Jinjiang Wang; Wen-Yao Liu; Xu-tao Mo; Ming Liu; Bing-zhen Wang; Qin Wang; Li Ren
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Detection of a moving small target in IR cluttered background containing sea and sky areas
Author(s): YingHui Gao; Jicheng Li; Zhenkang Shen
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Detection of a small target in infrared images based on a multiband background model
Author(s): Xi Huang; Jian-qi Zhang
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Background clutter and detection algorithm-based staring IR seeker preformance evaluation
Author(s): Hong-hua Chang; Jian-qi Zhang; Xiao-rui Wang; Yong Li
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Object recognition of ladar with support vector machine
Author(s): Jian-Feng Sun; Qi Li; Qi Wang
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Scintillation characterization of multiple transmitters for ground-to-satellite laser communication
Author(s): Feng Pan; Jing Ma; Liying Tan; SiYuan Yu; Chong Gao
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Er3+-doped lutetium borosilicate glass for optical signal amplification at 1.5 μm
Author(s): Jiangting Sun; Jiahua Zhang; Shaozhe Lu; Xiaojun Wang
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A HWIL test facility of infrared imaging laser radar using direct signal injection
Author(s): Qian Wang; Wei Lu; Chunhui Wang; Qi Wang
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Adaptive dummy electric microscanning technique for IR FPA image pixels enhancing
Author(s): Guohua Gu; Guojin Feng; Qian Chen; Baomin Zhang
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Development of direct orthogonalization method in NIR spectral analysis
Author(s): LiJie Wang; Jianying Guo; KeXin Xu
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Infrared image vector quantization encoding based on wavelet transform
Author(s): Li-ping Wang; Qian Chen; Guohua Gu; Yi Zhang
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Watershed segmentation based on topological descriptor restriction of IR target
Author(s): Yanli Han
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A frequency offset locking system for the short-pulsed laser outdoors
Author(s): Wei Lu; Qi Wang; Tieliang Shang
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Infrared image segmentation based on two-dimensional maximum fuzzy entropy with genetic algorithm
Author(s): Jin Wu; Juan Li; Ya Qiu; Jian Liu; Jinwen Tian
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Image quality evaluation of infrared image
Author(s): Chun-mei Xu; Gang Li; Wengang Hu; Wei Zhang
Wavelength measurement of tunable TEA CO2 laser
Author(s): Yanchen Qu; Deming Ren; Xiaoyong Hu; Fengmei Liu; Lili Zhang; Chunyu Chen
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THz pulse spectroscopy of biological molecules
Author(s): Weiwei Yue; Weining Wang; Haitao Yan
Aircraft plume signature suppression and stealth
Author(s): Jun Wang; Jiaobo Gao; Weina Wang; Jilong Wang; Junhu Xie
Improving low-temperature performance of infrared thin-film interference filters utilizing temperature dependence of refractive index of Pb1-xGexTe
Author(s): Bin Li; Suying Zhang; Ping Xie; L. Zhang; Dingquan Liu; Fengshan Zhang
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Determination of multiple components in urine using FT-MIR, NIR, and FT-Raman spectroscopic technique
Author(s): Weiling Liu; Kexin Xu; Qilian Yu; Sixiang Zhang; Duogang Ran
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Establishment of CCD-camera-based laser-intensity stabilization system in the infrared region
Author(s): Murat Durak; Farhad Samedov
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Analysis of 1/f noise on LWIR HgCdTe photodiodes with different passivation
Author(s): Jinsui Liang; Tao Sun; Yanjin Li; Xiaoning Hu
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As-doping HgCdTe by MBE
Author(s): Jun Wu; Feifan Xu; Yan Wu; Lu Chen; Yuanzhang Wang; Meifang Yu; Yimin Qiao; Li He
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Factors affecting the accuracy of a NIR spectral system for measuring milk constituents
Author(s): LiJie Wang; Jianying Guo; KeXin Xu
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The infrared image simulation of warship target
Author(s): Shuli Lou; Xiaodong Zhou; Tongsheng Shen
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Molecular beam epitaxy growth of CdTe on Si(211)
Author(s): Lu Chen; Yuan Zhang Wang; Yan Wu; Jun Wu; Mei Fang Yu; Yi Min Qiao; Li He
Quantitative analysis of FTIR for detecting transformer faults
Author(s): Honglei Li; Xianyong Liu; Fangjie Zhou; Kexiong Tan
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HgCdTe photovoltaic arrays formed by B+ ion implantation
Author(s): Yan-Li Shi; Sheng-Qiong Lei; Yi Cai
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