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Proceedings of SPIE Volume 5638

Optical Design and Testing II
Editor(s): Yongtian Wang; Zhicheng Weng; Shenghua Ye; Jose M. Sasian
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Volume Number: 5638
Date Published: 10 February 2005
Softcover: 140 papers (1088) pages
ISBN: 9780819455932

Table of Contents
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Optical instruments and imaging: the use of optics by 15th-century master painters
Author(s): David Hockney; Charles M Falco
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Distance-learning postgraduate education in optics and optical design
Author(s): John Macdonald
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Intensity distribution topography on pupil’s image in EPR
Author(s): Xiangning Li; Xiaoru Li; Hanwen Liu; Hongwei Ye; Jie Chen
Study on tolerance sensitivity reduction in lens optimization
Author(s): Xuemin Cheng; Yongtian Wang; Qun Hao
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Optical specifications for optical design, testing, and production
Author(s): W. Andrew Cheng
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Deformation analysis of a lightweight metal mirror
Author(s): Jianwei Zhou; Wumei Lin; Guoqing Liu; Tingwen Xing
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Noise tolerant illumination optimization applied to display devices
Author(s): William J. Cassarly; Bruce Irving
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Optical design of free-face reflective headlamps
Author(s): Zhao Feng Cen; Xiao Tong Li; Shi Tao Deng
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Computer-aided design and optimization of free-form reflectors
Author(s): Bo Yang; Yongtian Wang
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A novel LED illumination system used in hand-held projector
Author(s): Wei Lu; Peifu Gu; Mo Shen
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Studies on dynamic behavior of rotating mirrors
Author(s): Jingzhen Li; Fengshan Sun; Xiangdong Gong; Hongbin Huang; Jie Tian
Eye gazing direction inspection based on image processing technique
Author(s): Qun Hao; Yong Song
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Research and development of heterodyne dispersion meter
Author(s): Shu-Jen Liao; Shinn-Fwu Wang; Ming-Hung Chiu; Chih-Wen Lai; Rong-Seng Chang
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Improved straightness interferometer for nanometrology
Author(s): Chien-Ming Wu
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A radial-shearing interference system of testing laser-pulse wavefront distortion and the original wavefront reconstructing
Author(s): Yongying Yang; Yuanbiao Lu; Yangjie Chen; Yongmo Zhuo; Xiaoming Zhang; Bo Chen; Xinwu Qing
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Research of Doppler velocity interferometer system for laser-driven shock wave
Author(s): Yangjie Chen; Yongying Yang; Yongmo Zhuo; Limin Yang
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Low polarization sensitivity resolution of the new moderate-resolution imaging spectrometer
Author(s): Linghua Guo; Zhaojun Liu; Jun Gao; Shiping Chen; Ronggang Peng
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Spectrophotometer for measuring spectral transmittance and reflectance of large-aperture optical element
Author(s): Jun Liu; Haifeng Li; Xu Liu; Peifu Gu
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Self-focusing x-ray spectrometer using mica as the dispersive element
Author(s): Xiancai Xiong; Xianxin Zhong; Shali Xiao; Zhongwei Hu; Jiayu Qian
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A new kind of three anastigmatic mirrors system
Author(s): Jun Chang; Zhi-Cheng Weng; Hui-Ling Jiang; Yong-Tian Wang; Xiao-Jie Cong
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Subaperture approaches for asphere polishing and metrology
Author(s): Marc Tricard; Paul Dumas; Greg Forbes
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A novel aspheric surface testing method using part-compensating lens
Author(s): Huilan Liu; Qun Hao; Qiudong Zhu; Dingguo Sha; Chunxi Zhang
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The optical system for infrared dynamic scene simulation
Author(s): Yawei Zheng; Jiaobo Gao; Jun Wang; Huiling Chen
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Design of aspherical metal mirrors used in infrared thermal imaging systems
Author(s): Yinhua Cao; Lin Li; Guangjun Gao; Ying Zhang
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A novel high-speed optical scanning platform
Author(s): Yea-Chin Yeh; Jia-Yush Yen; Jyh-Fa Lee; Yung-Hao Peng
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The past, present, and future of head-mounted display designs
Author(s): Jannick P. Rolland; Ozan Cakmakci
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Polarization analysis of projection display system
Author(s): Wei Bin Chen; Pei Fu Gu; Zeng Rong Zheng; Wei Lu
Ultrahighly accurate 3D profilometer
Author(s): Hideki Tsutsumi; Keiichi Yoshizumi; Hiroyuki Takeuchi
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Real-time measurement of surface roughness based on dynamic speckles
Author(s): Lily Zhou; Xuezeng Zhao
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Real-time measurement of refractive index of solution during crystal growth by Michaelson interferometry
Author(s): Yi Wang; Qun Hao; Qiudong Zhu; Yongtian Wang
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Gauge block parameter measurement through static interferogram using virtual grating moiré technique
Author(s): Lei Chen; Yong He; Fei Liu; Junhong Su; Yan Yin
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Calculating Strehl ratio through radial shearing method
Author(s): Yuanbiao Lu; Yongying Yang; Yangjie Chen; Yongmo Zhuo
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The measurement of large workpiece diameter of axle with double-laser interferometer
Author(s): Zong Meng; Bin Liu; Guiping Dai
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Algorithm study of the measurement of the radius of curvature of fiber optic connector end faces
Author(s): Yongxiang Xu; Lei Chen; Rihong Zhu; Guowen Yao
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Research on the color 3D profilometry and parameter calibration technology
Author(s): Li Tao; Changku Sun; Li He; Shenghua Ye
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The algorithm comparison for solving eigen problems in open optical waveguides
Author(s): Jianxin Zhu; Shuyuan Tang
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Using spherical aberrations of a singlet lens to get a uniform LED illumination
Author(s): Guangjun Gao; Lin Li; Yifan Huang
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Diagnosis of the electron temperature in dielectric barrier discharge by optical emission spectroscopy
Author(s): Junxia Ran; Lifang Dong; Zhiguo Mao; Shuhua Liu
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High-speed measurement of an air transect’s temperature shift heated by laser beam
Author(s): WenYu Li; ZongFu Jiang; Fengjie Xi; Qiang Li; Wenke Xie
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LD pumped Nd:YAG/KTP intracavity frequency-doubled 1.2 W CW red laser
Author(s): Jianing Zhou; Wuqi Wen; Rui Zhou; Xin Ding; Zhiqiang Cai; Jianquan Yao
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Multiresolution 3D imaging with temporal sequential fringe projector
Author(s): Jindong Tian; Xiang Peng; Bin Yu; Bin Wu; Peng Zhang; Linbin Wei; Wenjie Qiu
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Hybrid diffractive-refractive optical system design of head-mounted display for augmented reality
Author(s): Huijuan Zhang
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Research on testing output signal-to-noise ratio of image intensifier
Author(s): Bingqi Liu; Bin Zhou; Zhiyun Gao; Wei Zhang
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New methods for determining optical constants of thin films from single measurements
Author(s): Xi-lin Yao; Nan-chun Tong; Chang-xin Xiong
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The rectifying device for optical axis of sighting devices
Author(s): RongGuo Fu; BenKang Chang; YunSheng Qian; QiHai Zhan; YaFeng Qiu
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Measuring research on the optical system’s resolution with the radial target
Author(s): Yan-xiong Niu; Dongsheng Wu; Yu-jie Sui
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Lens design for holographic data storage systems
Author(s): Ye Wang; Changjiang Liu; Yuhong Wan; Shiquan Tao
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Study on computer-aided alignment method
Author(s): Jianfeng Liu; Funian Long; Wei Zhang
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Fast Ronchi test base on a liquid crystal display
Author(s): Qingkui Xi; Lei Chen; Rihong Zhu; Yunchen Li; Xueliang Bai
Measurement of photoelectron behavior in K4Ru(CN)6-doped AgCl emulsion
Author(s): Xiuhong Dai; Xiaoli Jiang; Xiaowei Li; Guoyi Dong; Shaopeng Yang; Xian Zhou
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Sensitive time-resolved fluorometer
Author(s): Zhen Tian; Zhouyi Guo
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In situ observation of crystal growth and concentration variation by spatial filtering method
Author(s): Ya Chen; Qun Hao; Qiudong Zhu
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A novel interference fringes software counting method
Author(s): Yuanzhao Yang; Benyong Chen; Xiaowei Wu; Dacheng Li
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The design and fabrication of an inverted IR optical trap
Author(s): Tianchun Zhu; Xiuzhou Feng; Jianxing Fang
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Analysis of alignment error in asphere testing using a corrector
Author(s): Donglin Xue; Ligong Zheng; Xuejun Zhang
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An experimental research on measuring fracture toughness of high-temperature alloy by holographic moiré interferometry
Author(s): Yongqing Gong; Chaohua Yan; Lihua Fang; Min Chen; Daxiang Yu
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A new finding about the coupled fringes of off-plane displacement and slope in shadow moiré and its optical analysis
Author(s): Hai Yun; Dazhen Yun
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A method with exact phase-shifting values and its experimental techniques in shadow moiré topography
Author(s): Hai Yun; Dazhen Yun; Zhenkun Lei
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Fringe-locking phenomenon in a laser diode interferometer with optical feedback
Author(s): Yaqiong Bao; Hansong Su; Yong Yang
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Laser ultrasonic technology and its applications in nondestructive testing in solids
Author(s): Gang Li; Guoping Zhang
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Noncontact thickness measurement of metal foil by means of differential white light interferometry
Author(s): Yanli Du; Huimin Yan; Yong Wu; Xiaoqiang Yao; Yongjun Nie; Baixuan Shi
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A new model with the active-lap
Author(s): Yongjian Wan; Jiahu Yuan; Li Yang; Bin Fan; Yao Zhen; Zhige Zeng
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Holographic optical elements for correction of aberrated telescope primary mirrors
Author(s): Minxue Tang; Weiming Shen; Jianhong Wu; Zhengning Zang
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Interferometric pattern defects recognized by using wavelet transform with DSP
Author(s): Chuen-Lin Tien; Min-Chieh Lu; Wen-Fung Liu; Shung-Zeng Peng
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Optical design and illumination simulation of Fresnel lenses for marine signal lanterns
Author(s): Seung Nam Park; Chul Woung Park; Yong Wan Kim; Hyun Seok Cho; Jae Heung Jo; Jong Tae Kim
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Influence of edge error on MTF
Author(s): Chun-mei Xu; Wei Zhang; Gang Li; Chu Zhang
Optical testing and evaluating system for optical radiation safety for ophthalmic instruments
Author(s): Donghui Wang; Xin Yuan; Shangzhong Jing
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Simulation by Monte Carlo method of effect of lidar’s fields of view to echo signals
Author(s): Qizhong Liu; Kecheng Yang; Jinsong Liu; Dan Tan; Ying Gao; Long Yu
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Imaging quality analysis of KBA x-ray microscope working at grazing incidence
Author(s): Jiasheng Hu; Lingling Zhao; Xiang Li; Xu Wu; Yuhong Bai
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Image evaluation for optical synthetic aperture imaging system
Author(s): Zhile Wang; Wei Zhang; Jian Deng; Qihai Chen
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Color-sensitive characteristics of light source
Author(s): Xichang Wang; Dongcao Song; Yanjun Gong; Shangming Yang
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Annular subaperture interferometric testing technique for large aspheric surfaces
Author(s): Xi Hou; Fan Wu; Shibin Wu; Qiang Chen
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Research and application of virtual reality in optical measurement & control system
Author(s): Min Yu; Li Yang
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Modulation transfer function evaluation of charge-coupled-device camera system based on liquid-crystal display random targets
Author(s): Xusheng Zhang; Dingguo Sha
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ANN-based calibration model of FTIR used in transformer online monitoring
Author(s): Honglei Li; Xian-yong Liu; Fangjie Zhou; Kexiong Tan
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