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Proceedings of SPIE Volume 5637

Electronic Imaging and Multimedia Technology IV
Editor(s): Chung-Sheng Li; Minerva M. Yeung
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Volume Details

Volume Number: 5637
Date Published: 8 February 2005
Softcover: 93 papers (724) pages
ISBN: 9780819455925

Table of Contents
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Upscaling method in space domain for ROI in JPEG2000
Author(s): Guixi Liu; Wenjin Chen
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Fusion of video encoding and image stabilization
Author(s): Wen-Hao Wang; Yu-Sheng Tsai; Chao-Lung Luo; Guan-Rong Chen
The real-time dual band image fusion system with improved gray modulating fusion algorithm
Author(s): Weixian Qian; Lianfa Bai; Guohua Gu; Baomin Zhang
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Identification and annotation of erotic film based on content analysis
Author(s): Donghui Wang; Miaoliang Zhu; Xin Yuan; Hui Qian
Aliasing noise processing of chrominance signals in video communication over the Internet
Author(s): Xue-fen Chi; Yi-ning Wang; Yan Zhao
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Iterative relaxation algorithm for noisy jacquard image segmentation
Author(s): Zhilin Feng; Jianwei Yin; Lingwu Wang; Gang Chen; Jinxiang Dong
Segmentation of moving object in complex environment
Author(s): Yang Yong; Jingru Wang; Qiheng Zhang
Super-resolution image restoration algorithms based on orthogonal discrete wavelet transform
Author(s): Yang-yang Liu; Wei-qi Jin
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A new tree-like fuzzy binary support vector machine for optical character recognition
Author(s): Guo-yun Zhang; Jing Zhang
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Real-time target detection against strong background under daytime conditions
Author(s): Zhenming Peng; Qiheng Zhang; Xianrong Peng; Junping Xu; Peng Yan
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A higher-order-statistics-based approach to face detection
Author(s): Chunming Li; Yushan Li; Ruihong Wu; Qiuming Li; Qingde Zhuang; Zhan Zhang
Automatic flame tracking technique for atrium fire from video images
Author(s): Jin Li; Puyi Lu; Naikong Fong; Wanki Chow; Lingtim Wong; Dianguo Xu
Motion estimation and compensation optimization on IA32 CPU
Author(s): Yihua Du; Chang Liu
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A binary image enhancement and recognition approach in crack detection using exploring agents
Author(s): Wei Wei; Mingli Ding; Qi Wang
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IP-based narrow-band videophone system
Author(s): Zhengbing Zhang; Dongmei Zhu; Liang Xue; Guangxi Zhu
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Rate allocation optimizing model for video streaming over network
Author(s): Hai-yan Dong; Qi-shan Zhang; Sheng-cai Li; Han-sheng Lu
IP-based video lab monitor system
Author(s): Zhengbing Zhang; Zhongnian Li; Zhenhua Xia; Guangxi Zhu
The application of image edge detection by using fuzzy technique
Author(s): Yinghua Li; Bingqi Liu; Bin Zhou
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Aerial image blurring caused by image motion and its restoration using wavelet transform
Author(s): Ming Liu; Gang Liu; Jihong Xiu; Haipeng Kuang; Linpei Zhai
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Multichannel CGI system based on PCs
Author(s): Runjie Wang; Jingquan Tian; Zhengguo Ni; Lei Chen
Real-time image matching in dual-band image color fusion
Author(s): Yi Zhang; Baomin Zhang; Lianfa Bai; Weixian Qian
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Optimal design of 2D digital filters based on neural networks
Author(s): Xiao-hua Wang; Yi-gang He; Zhe-zhao Zheng; Xu-hong Zhang
Design of a new human-computer interactive device for projection display
Author(s): Wei Xu; Xiangdong Liu; Xiao Meng
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A study on information hiding technology in image encoding
Author(s): Li Li; Zhihai Yao; Haitao Wu; Qiang Dai
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Lossy to lossless compressions of hyperspectral images using three-dimensional set partitioning algorithm
Author(s): Jiaji Wu; Zhensen Wu; Chengke Wu
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Methods of recognizing chip shape based on neural net
Author(s): Xianli Liu; Qiaoling Yuan; Liguo Zhang; Fugang Yan
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A novel image processing and measurement system applied to quantitative analysis of simulated tooth root canal shape
Author(s): Tao Yong; Wei Yong; Guofan Jin; Xuejun Gao
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Resins influence on the sensitivity of the CTP plate
Author(s): Cunlin Zhang; Jiadan Xue; Heling Zhang
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Forward-reverse motion influence on CCD detectors imaging quality
Author(s): Feng Zhao; Fengmei Cao
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Image compression using frequency-sensitive competitive neural network
Author(s): Choudhury A. Al Sayeed; Abul Bashar M. Ishteak Hossain
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Face detection based on color adaptation
Author(s): Jin Duan; Xiaoman Wang; Chunguang Zhou; Xiaohua Liu; Zhi Liu
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The application of multiscale morphological filter based on differential image in low-intense x-ray image system
Author(s): Tangren Dan; Jinquan Tan; Qingduo Duanmu; Guozheng Wang; Delong Jiang; Daiyan Wukui
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The selection of inherent channels of hyperspectral data with volume method
Author(s): Yanjun Gong; Jiaji Wu; Zhensen Wu; Xichang Wang; Dongcao Song; Wenying Yu
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An adaptive wavelet two-dimension watermarking algorithm for remote sensing image
Author(s): Xianmin Wang; Zequn Guan; Chenhan Wu
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Wavelet domain watermarking capacity analysis
Author(s): Hongbin Zhang
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Classification of emerald based on multispectral image and PCA
Author(s): Weiping Yang; Dazun Zhao; Qingmei Huang; Pengyuan Ren; Jie Feng; Xiaoyan Zhang
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A new weight factor spectrophotometric computer color matching
Author(s): Dongcao Song; Xichang Wang; Yanjun Gong; Shangming Yang; Fangying Liang
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A new method of view range evaluation for night view system
Author(s): Sheng-cai Li; Wei-qi Jin; Zong-ping Zhu; Hai-yan Dong
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A new method of ICCD imaging system MRC measurement
Author(s): Sheng-cai Li; Wei-qi Jin; Xia Wang; Wei-qiang Zhang; Hai-yan Dong

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