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Proceedings of SPIE Volume 5636

Holography, Diffractive Optics, and Applications II
Editor(s): Yunlong Sheng; Dahsiung Hsu; Chongxiu Yu; Byoungho Lee
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Volume Number: 5636
Date Published: 7 February 2005
Softcover: 118 papers (908) pages
ISBN: 9780819455918

Table of Contents
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Improving the Fourier modal method for crossed gratings with C3 symmetry by using a group-theoretic approach
Author(s): Benfeng Bai; Lifeng Li
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Perturbation approach for analyzing microstructures
Author(s): Tuomas Vallius
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Split of phase shifts in phase mask for proximity side-writing fiber Bragg gratings
Author(s): Yunlong Sheng; Joshua E. Rothenberg; Hongpu Li; Ying Wang
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Analysis of field of view of optical aperture synthesis imaging interferometry
Author(s): Dayong Wang; Xiyang Fu; Hongfeng Guo; Shiquan Tao; Bo Zhao; Yijia Zhen
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Optical networking by DLP-based switched blazed grating
Author(s): Hoang Yan Lin; Shuang-Chao Chung
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Design of DOE for beam shaping with highly NA focused cylindrical vector beam
Author(s): Yiqiong Zhao; Qiwen Zhan; Yong-Ping Li
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High-power LDA beam transformation using diffractive grating array
Author(s): Chongxi Zhou; Chunyan Zheng; Guoxing Zheng; Chunlei Du
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Theory and method of microstructure DOE as substitution for aspheric surface
Author(s): Tao Ma; Guoguang Yang; Jian Bai; Xiyun Hou; Yibing Shen
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Optimization methods of tilted multifocus Fresnel binary optical elements
Author(s): Weifeng Ling; Linsen Chen
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Study on the characteristics of multilayer dielectric grating mask profile by the RCW method
Author(s): Hua Wan; Xin-rong Chen; Jian-hong Wu
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Computer-generated holograms for 3D objects using the Fresnel zone plate
Author(s): Xiaojie Zhang; Xu Liu; Xiaoxi Chen
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Holographic apparatus for forming nanograting device
Author(s): Yung Hsin Chen; Wann Diing Tyan; Pong Lai; Ying Tsung Lu
Holographic diffractive optical element used for fabricating 3D photonic crystals
Author(s): Shou Liu; Xiangsu Zhang; Ying Liu
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Integration of micro-optical elements with top-end of fibers via focused ion beam direct fabrication
Author(s): Yongqi Fu; Ngoi Kok Ann Bryan
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In situ monitoring during ion-beam etching of multilayer dielectric gratings: simulation and experiment
Author(s): Hua Lin; Lifeng Li; Lijiang Zeng
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A new method of laser direct writing binary beam-shaping element
Author(s): Linsen Chen; Jie Shao; Guojun Wei; Jianfeng Xie; Yan Shen
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VUV and soft x-ray diffraction grating fabrication by holographic ion beam etching
Author(s): Xiangdong Xu; Yilin Hong; Shaojun Fu
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Micro-optical structure for wave aberration compensation of optical systems
Author(s): Chunlei Du; Xiaochun Dong; Chuankai Qiu; Hongtao Gao; Xuejun Rao; Yudong Zhang
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Transient gratings in thin films and bulk azo-dye-containing poly(methyl methacrylate) matrix
Author(s): Duanbin Luo; Wei Lu; Shuizhu Wu
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Study of photodamage of Mg:Er:LiNbO3 waveguide substrate
Author(s): Jiancong Bi; Bo Liu; Wei Zheng
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Digital holography and its application
Author(s): Yimo Zhang; Qieni Lu; Baozhen Ge; Huiying Zhao; Yuchen Sun
Numerical compensation in phase-shifting in-line lensless Fourier digital holographic microscopy
Author(s): Caojin Yuan; Liyun Zhong; Xiaoxu Lv; Yue Zhu
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Investigation of digital hologram watermarking with double binary phase encoding
Author(s): Xiaohong Zhou; Linsen Chen; Jie Shao
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Second-order nonlinearity of the material for recording holograms in the case when frequencies of object and reference waves are different
Author(s): Yuri N. Denisyuk; Dmitry I. Staselko
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True-color reflection holograms recorded in a single-layer panchromatic dichromated gelatin material
Author(s): Jianhua Zhu; Jianfeng Li; Li Chen; Lei Wan; Guangxing Dong
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Study on a method to make a cartoon holography
Author(s): Wen-qin Yang; Shang-yuan Feng; Jin-cai Chen; Kai-hua Weng; Shao-zhen Lv; Rong Chen
Diffraction properties of volume hologram gratings illuminated by an ultrashort-pulsed laser beam
Author(s): Weibo Pan; Changhe Zhou; Jie-peng Zhang
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All-optical switch based on photorefractive holography for WDM
Author(s): Xuntao Diao; Jifang Liu
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High-coupling effect of local nonvolatile holographic gratings in doubly doped LiNbO3 crystals and their applications for 3D optical integrations
Author(s): Liren Liu; De'an Liu; Zhu Luan; Yu Zhou; Aimin Yan
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Nonlinear spectral properties of volume hologram
Author(s): Qiuping Liu; Xingdao He
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Holographic properties of doubly doped lithium niobate crystals with indium
Author(s): Qingsheng He; Yunbo Guo; Yi Liao; Liangcai Cao; Guodong Liu; Guofan Jin
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Self-enhancement effect and optimal switching scheme for high fixed diffraction efficiency in LiNbO3:Ce:Cu crystals
Author(s): Liyong Ren; Liren Liu; Dean Liu; Baoli Yao; Neimule MenKe; Zhiwei Ren; Yongfa Kong
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The theoretical analysis and design of perfect shuffle interconnection using micro-optical array element
Author(s): Ping Xu; Junbo Yang; Haixuan Huang; Zelin Yan; Yeyong Zheng; Lili Wan
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Experimental Talbot effect with femtosecond laser illumination
Author(s): Wei Wang; Changhe Zhou
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Three-dimensional integral imaging for orthoscopic real image reconstruction
Author(s): Jae-Young Jang; Se-Hee Park; Sungdo Cha; Seung-Ho Shin
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Three-dimensional imaging system with holographic scanner and auxiliary reflectors
Author(s): Tongzhao Gu; Maohua Zhu; Shaojun Fang
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Angular dispersion analysis of DOE-WDM
Author(s): Yun-Liang Chen; Jing Ma; Liying Tan; Qi Wang
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Vector design of phase-only diffractive WDM element
Author(s): Yun-Liang Chen; Jing Ma; Liying Tan; Qi Wang
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Design and quantitative analysis of diffractive optical element to realize true beam smoothing on an inclined plane
Author(s): Qiaofeng Tan; Yingbai Yan; Guofan Jin
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A tunable cyclic encoder using photopolymer-based holographic grating for optical CDMA application
Author(s): Seunghwan Chung; Taesu Kim; Seunghoon Han; Byoungho Lee
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Virtual input device with diffractive optical element
Author(s): Ching Chin Wu; Chang Sheng Chu
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The analysis of a confocal fluorescent microscope with laser scanning microarray system
Author(s): Wu Yuan; Jun-Shan Ma; Dongxiang Fu; Linlin Hou; Jiabi Chen
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All-digital holography and application in digital image hiding
Author(s): Yajing Zhao; Jingang Zhong
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Optimization of holographic polymer-dispersed liquid crystals using siloxane-containing materials
Author(s): Yeong Hee Cho; Nam Kim; Yusuke Kawakami
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The fabrication model of Fresnel diffractive lens with transverse-adding technique
Author(s): Min Chen; Shenglin Yu; Yiqing Gao; Daxiang Yu; Xinmin Qi; Tingzheng Chen
The influence of wavefront of the writing beams on angle Bragg selectivity in volume holographic storage
Author(s): Wenqiang Lu; Yudong Li; Jingjun Xu; Qian Sun
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Study on photorefractive property of Mg:Fe:LiNbO3 crystal
Author(s): Zhaopeng Xu; Shiwen Xu; Yuheng Xu; Rui Wang
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Characterization of a real-time high-sensitivity photopolymer for holographic display and holographic interferometry
Author(s): Xiaowei Guo; Jianhua Zhu; Chuanqin Xia; Jianfeng Li; Li Chen
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Formation and characterization of transmission holographic gratings obtained using a novel siloxane-containing liquid crystal
Author(s): Man He; Yeong Hee Cho; Nam Kim; Yusuke Kawakami
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Reactive ion beam etching of HfO2 film using Ar/CHF3 gas chemistries
Author(s): Xudi Wang; Xiangdong Xu; Ying Liu; Yiling Hong; Shaojun Fu
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Long-term retrieving experiment on rewritable holographic memory with dynamic refreshment by mutual-pumped phase conjugator
Author(s): Hisatoshi Funakoshi; Atsushi Okamoto; Kunihiro Sato
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Influence of fabrication parameters on groove profile of blazed gratings made with two-step holographic technique
Author(s): Sensen Li; Shou Liu; Xiangsu Zhang; Ying Liu; Xuechang Ren
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Computer-generated hologram of asymmetry fractional Fourier transform
Author(s): Zhaoxuan Sheng; Hongxia Wang; Junfa He; Youjie Zhou; Jun Wang; Cairong Mao
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Water-resisting compound red-sensitive photopolymer: mechanism and optimization of components
Author(s): Xiaojing Hu; Heling Zhang; Guangyong Zhang; Yan Sheng; Yunzhi Wang; Ruiqu Zhao
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The growth and photorefractive effect of codoped Ce:Cu:BGO crystals
Author(s): Wei Zheng; Fengchun Wang; Yuheng Xu
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Compound sensitizing for improving exposure sensitivities of photopolymer system
Author(s): Yan Sheng; Heling Zhang; Xiaojing Hu; Ruiqu Zhao; Yunzhi Wang
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Deep-etched fused silica grating as a (de)multiplexer for DWDM application at the 1.55-µm wavelength
Author(s): Yanyan Zhang; Changhe Zhou; Huayi Ru; Shunquan Wang
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Microlens array for stacked laser diode beam collimation
Author(s): Qiling Deng; Chunlei Du; Changtao Wang; Chongxi Zhou; Xiaochun Dong; Yinghui Liu; Tao Zhou
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Showing display holograms in holography teaching
Author(s): Dahsiung Hsu; Youju Mao; Qi Zhang; Lei Liu
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Fabrication of holographic photonic crystal template with back incident interference beams
Author(s): Ying Liu; Shou Liu; Xiangsu Zhang; Sensen Li; Xuechang Ren
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All-optical interconnection with mutually pumped four-wave mixing and optimization for high-connection efficiency
Author(s): Satoshi Honma; Shinzo Muto; Atsushi Okamoto
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A theoretical and experimental study on the spectral secondary peak characteristics of holographic reflection gratings
Author(s): Xingdao He; Dahe Liu; Jing Zhou; Lihua Fang; Xiong Wang
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Laser scattering of a bubble in water
Author(s): Xiaolei Deng; Heqing Ye; Dan Tan; Xiaohui Zhang; Kecheng Yang; Qizhong Liu; Xianhua Lei; Long Yu; Min Xia; Wei Li
Study on mechanism and experiments of optical fixing of holograms on doubly doped Fe:Mn:LiNbO3 crystal
Author(s): Ruhai Guo; Hongyan Shi; Xiudong Sun
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High efficiency in beam splitters fabricated over thin film stacks
Author(s): Henna Elfstrom; Tuomas Vallius; Markku Kuittinen; Tina Clausnitzer; Ernst-Bernhard Kley
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Holographic polymer Bragg gratings for dense wavelength division multiplexing at 1550 nm
Author(s): Weibiao Wang; Mai Xu; Yuxue Xia; Ming Chen; Jingqiu Liang; Shaojie Ma
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Optimization design of tellurium dioxide acousto-optic tunable filters for WDM systems
Author(s): Wei Liu; Long Ban; Min Lv; Jianmin Cui; Fang Cui; Yunnan Sun
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Two-channel kinoform by micro-optical technique
Author(s): Renwang Mu; Xianming Ji; Liangkai Han; Chonggui Zhong
The performance of a novel multirate OCDMA system
Author(s): Qi Zhang; Youju Mao; Dahsiung Hsu; Chongxiu Yu; Zhuo Chen; Shouyuan Wang; Jingbo Wang
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Spectral efficiency of incoherent OCDMA systems
Author(s): Zhuo Chen; Chongxiu Yu; Qi Zhang; Zhihui Yu; Dahsiung Xu
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Holographic recording of superimposed gratings by angle multiplexing in photopolymers with light-induced changing of optical absorption
Author(s): Sergey N. Sharangovich; Vitaliy A. Kuznechov; Vladimir V. Shelkovnikov; Eugene F. Pen
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Long focal depth zone plate for optical coherence tomography
Author(s): Feng Gao; Jianli Liu; Boliang Luo; Xin Yao; Bo Liu; Yongkang Guo; Changtao Wang
Fabrication of apodized grating in photopolymer using SLM
Author(s): Duc-Dung Do; Junghoi Kim; Nam Kim; Sang-Keun Gil; Kwon-Yeon Lee; Mun Cheol Paek
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Study and design on a facilitated system of fiber grating sensor
Author(s): Zhiguo Zhang; Kuiru Wang; Chongxiu Yu; Xu Wang; Binbin Yan
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Properties of volume holograms recording in photopolymer films with various pulse exposures repetition frequencies
Author(s): Qingsheng He; Haoyun Wei; Shurong He; Guofan Jin; Minxian Wu
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A study on multispectral projection moiré measurement
Author(s): Nanyang Zhang; KunTao Yang
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