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Proceedings of SPIE Volume 5634

Advanced Sensor Systems and Applications II
Editor(s): Yun-Jiang Rao; Osuk Y. Kwon; Gang-Ding Peng
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Volume Number: 5634
Date Published: 14 February 2005
Softcover: 112 papers (886) pages
ISBN: 9780819455895

Table of Contents
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Recent progress in long-period fiber grating sensors written by high–frequency CO<sub>2</sub> laser pulses
Author(s): Yun-Jiang Rao
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Bending characteristics analysis of novel LPFGs written by high-frequency CO<sub>2</sub> laser pulses
Author(s): Yong-Chang Niu; Yun-Jiang Rao; Ai-Zi Hu; Tao Zhu; You-Ju Mao
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A low-cost strain sensor system based on a long-period fiber grating written by high-frequency CO2 laser pulses
Author(s): Yun-Jiang Rao; Jing-Yi Li
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A low-cost multimode fiber Bragg grating sensor system
Author(s): Tongyu Liu; Daorui Wang; Rasool Raenaei; Xianfeng Chen; Lin Zhang; Ian Bennion
Fiber Bragg grating sensor for the measurement of elevated temperature
Author(s): Yage Zhan; Shiqing Xiang; Hong He; Rude Zhu; XiangZhao Wang
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Fiber Bragg grating sensors for structural and railway applications
Author(s): H. Y. Tam; S. Y. Liu; B. O. Guan; W. H. Chung; T. H.T. Chan; L. K. Cheng
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Quasi-static analysis of parachute textile with fiber optic sensors
Author(s): Min Li; Yulin Li
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Development of measurement simulation of the laser dew-point hygrometer using an optical fiber cable
Author(s): Shigeaki Matsumoto
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A simple strain sensor using polymer fiber Bragg grating and long-period fiber grating
Author(s): Hong Bo Liu; Hui Yong Liu; Trevor Whitbread; Yun-Jiang Rao; Gang-Ding Peng
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The effect of different medium in air holes on photonic crystal fiber
Author(s): Weihong Bi; Xuan Guo
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On the evanescent field fiber optic sensor for the detection of chlorine in drinking water
Author(s): Pankaj Kumar Choudhury; Toshihiko Yoshino
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A novel method for determination of aflatoxin B1 mediated by FCLA + BSA
Author(s): WenLi Chen; Da Xing
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Three-dimensional fluorescence spectra of mineral oil and extraction method of characteristic parameters
Author(s): Liping Shang; Xianyong Liu; Xiaoxuan Xu; Jingjun Xu
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Determination of spectrum and different temperature of spontaneous chemiluminescence in rice seeds during early imbibition
Author(s): WenLi Chen; Da Xing; Roeland Van Wijk
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Optimum design of 30-km long-distance distributed optical fiber Raman temperature sensor system
Author(s): Zaixuan Zhang; Honglin Liu; Jianfeng Wang; Xiangdong Yu; Yongxing Jin; Insoo S. Kim; Xiaobiao Wu
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A study on the cross-correlating demodulation of frequency division multiplexed optical fiber Fabry-Perot sensors
Author(s): Peng Zhang; Xiaohua Lei; Yong Zhu; Xiaochu Tang; WeiMin Chen
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Spectrally-coded multiplexing in a strain sensor system based on carrier-modulated fiber Bragg gratings
Author(s): Paul Childs; Trevor Whitbread; Gang-Ding Peng
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A coarse wavelength-division-multiplexed extrinsic fiber Fabry-Perot sensor system
Author(s): C. X. Zhou; Yun-Jiang Rao; Jian Jiang
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Advances in Brillouin-based distributed optical fiber temperature sensing
Author(s): Yongqian Li; Fucai Zhang; Yujun He; Zhi Yang; Toshihiko Yoshino
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Development of high-precision laser heterodyne metrology gauges
Author(s): Feng Zhao
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Distributed fiber optic white light interferometric strain sensors array with a 3×3 star coupler
Author(s): Libo Yuan; Jun Yang
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Athermal refractometer based on a Michelson interferometer
Author(s): Pieter L. Swart; Adriaan van Brakel
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Experimental study on a novel structure of fiber ring laser gyroscope
Author(s): Junjun Lu; Shufen Chen; Yang Bai
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Research on signal detection of re-entrant fiber optic gyroscope
Author(s): Xianhui Mao; Qian Tian; Liqun Sun; Yanshen Zhang; Xiaoming Wu; Jinjiang Liu
High performance super-fluorescent fiber source for FOG
Author(s): Yuanhong Yang; Weizeng Zheng; Yan Jia
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Bragg grating sensor for torsion and temperature measurements in rotating machinery
Author(s): Pieter L. Swart; Anatoli A. Chtcherbakov; A. J. van Wyk
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Optical fiber null coupler sensor for damage detection using ultrasonic
Author(s): HaiFeng Xuan; Yanbiao Liao; Ming Zhang; Shu Rong Lai
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Fiber thermometer based on the cross detection of the fluorescence lifetime of Cr3+:YAG crystal fiber and Plank’s blackbody radiation from cryogenic up to 1400&#8451;
Author(s): Linhua Ye; Yanqing Qiu; Yonghang Shen; Sailing He
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Flow-accelerated corrosion monitoring through advanced sensors
Author(s): Jung Taek Kim; Seung H. Seong; Cheol K. Lee; Sub Hur; Na Y. Lee; Sang J. Lee
Hybrid-integrated optical acceleration seismometer and its digital processing system
Author(s): De En; Caihe Chen; Yuming Cui; Donglin Tang; Zhengxi Liang; Hongyu Gao
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A singlechip-computer-controlled conductivity meter based on conductance-frequency transformation
Author(s): Wenxiang Chen; Baocai Hong
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A novel electric current sensor employing twisted optical fibers
Author(s): Mao-Hsiung Chen; Kang-Hsien Chiang; Yaw-Dong Wu; Wuu-Wen Lin; Tzu-Wei Wu
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Effect of the dispersion of the reflection-induced retardance upon the sensitivity of an optical current sensor
Author(s): Zheng Ping Wang; Qing Bo Li; Yi Qi; Zong Jun Huang; Jin Hui Shi
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Study on the birefringence of the circular-core side hole fiber
Author(s): Zhizhong Li; Chongfeng Sun; Yongming Hu; Huayong Yang; Xueliang Zhang
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Study and design of a liquid level meter based on fiber optic sensing technology
Author(s): Zhongdong Wang; Yutian Wang; Peiguo Hou; Yanju Wang
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The distributed acoustic wave vibration acceleration measurement based on optical wavelet filtering and FBG
Author(s): Zhi-quan Li; Dan-dan Zhu; Hai-fang Wang; Li-juan Yan; Ya-ping Li
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Optic-fiber sensor for steam quality measurement
Author(s): Pei Liang; Jianjun Yu; Guirong Zu; Xinjiang Li; Yang Shen; Lin Qian; Lixin Zou
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A novel method of temperature compensation for microvibration sensor with fiber gratings
Author(s): Xingfa Dong; Yonglin Huang; Bo Liu; Weigang Zhang; GuiYun Kai; Xiaoyi Dong
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A novel instrumentation of study cavitation maximum radii
Author(s): Rui Zhao; Rong-qing Xu; Xiao Chen; Zhonghua Shen; Jian Lu; Xiaowu Ni
Signal detection scheme for high-precision Sagnac temperature sensor
Author(s): Yuanhong Yang; Guangwei Meng; Yan Jia
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Investigation of fiber Bragg grating temperature sensors for applications in electric power systems
Author(s): Hyunwook Lee; Zhongxie Jin; Minho Song
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A wavelength tuning method for fiber Bragg grating based on bidrectional temperature control
Author(s): Qing Gao; Yong Zhu; Weimin Chen; Wen Zhang
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Error analysis and test study of fiber optic gyroscope north-finder
Author(s): Zhijun Zhang; Jiyu Sun; Keyong Wu
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Alteration in delayed fluorescence characterize the effect of heat stress on plants
Author(s): Lizhang Zeng; Da Xing
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Evaluation of UVA-induced oxidative stress using a highly sensitive chemiluminescence method
Author(s): Bo Gao; Da Xing; Debin Zhu
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The optical fiber monitoring system of environmental parameters using multiwavelength and differential absorption technology
Author(s): Kaihua Wu; Kuang Yan; Zuohua Huang; Ruirong Wang
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Study on photochromic properties of WO<sub>3</sub> thin films as optical sensors
Author(s): Y. K. Tang; J. Xu; W. L. Wang; Y. Fang; F. F. Yang
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Mobile on-line DOAS trace-gases monitoring system with fiber spectroscopy
Author(s): Meng Zhu; Wuqi Wen; Xin Ding; Peng Wang; Jianquan Yao
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Fluorescence spectra of mineral oil-water intermixture
Author(s): Liping Shang; Xiaoxuan Xu; Jingjun Xu; Daying Xia; Jinshan Shi
Study of single photon echo detection technology in underwater target ranging
Author(s): Xiao Lin Sui; Zheng Yu Zhang; Xiao Long Zhang; Fei Xuan; Ming Yu; Xiao Jun Tang; Shou Huan Zhou
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A novel active optical voltage transformer
Author(s): Xia Xiao; Zhongxue Zhang; Miaoyuan Ye; Jihong Ye; Zhirong He
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A novel laser ultrasonic sensor for testing thickness
Author(s): Rongqing Xu; Rui Zhao; Xiao Chen; Zhonghua Shen; Jian Lu; Xiaowu Ni
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Measurement of opaque film’s surface profile by broadband-light interference methods
Author(s): Yongkai Zhu; Yan Sun; Hong Zhao; Wang Zhao
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Self-mixing sensitivity dependence of dual-polarization microchip Nd:YAG lasers on the frequency difference of orthogonal polarizations
Author(s): Xinjun Wan; Shulian Zhang
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A novel optical and magnetic hybrid system for tracking flying insects
Author(s): Zhijian Cai; LiJiang Zeng
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Improved digital speckle correlation method and its application
Author(s): CanLin Zhou; YiLan Kang
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Research on omni-azimuth laser target identification and communication system
Author(s): Xiaoman Wang; Shuchang Liu; Linjia Gu; LiLi Miao
Theoretical analysis of effects of linear birefringence inside sensing head upon bulk glass current sensors’ performance
Author(s): Zheng Ping Wang; Qing Bo Li; Xiao Yu Liu; Feng Wang; Zong Jun Huang; Jin Hui Shi
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