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Proceedings of SPIE Volume 5629

Lasers in Material Processing and Manufacturing II
Editor(s): ShuShen Deng; Akira Matsunawa; Y. Lawrence Yao; Minlin Zhong
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Volume Number: 5629
Date Published: 13 January 2005
Softcover: 75 papers (580) pages
ISBN: 9780819455840

Table of Contents
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Microstructures and properties of ceramic particle-reinforced metal matrix composite layers produced by laser cladding
Author(s): Qingmao Zhang; Jingjiang He; Wenjin Liu; Minlin Zhong
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Influence of adding strong-carbide-formation elements multiply on particle-reinforced Fe-matrix composite layer produced by laser cladding
Author(s): Mingxing Ma; Wenjin Liu; Minlin Zhong; Hongjun Zhang; Weiming Zhang
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Surface modification of roll by pulsed Nd:YAG laser: bump formation caused by martensitic transformation
Author(s): Shenghua Wang; Dong Du; Baohua Chang; Li Wang; Yunfeng He
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Laser refabricating of expensive parts of the equipment in oil-field on the sea
Author(s): Xi-chen Yang; Yun-shan Wang; Jian-bo Lei; Hui-shan Li
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Research on laser strengthening rail steel and its wear and friction properties
Author(s): Xiaoli Li; Wenjin Liu; Minlin Zhong
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Laser rapid manufacturing of special pattern Inco 718 nickel-based alloy component
Author(s): Minlin Zhong; Lin Yang; Wenjin Liu; Ting Huang; Jingjiang He
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Development of CAD/CAM software used in laser direct manufacture
Author(s): Yun-shan Wang; Xi-chen Yang; Jian-jun Wang; Xiao-shu Jin
DPIV method of measurement of powder stream by co-axial feeding for laser manufacturing
Author(s): Xi-chen Yang; Hui-shan Li; Jian-bo Lei; Yun-shan Wang
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Penetration monitoring and control of CO2 laser welding with coaxial visual sensing system
Author(s): Wuzhu Chen; Xudong Zhang; Lei Jia; YiKang Pu
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Study on three-dimension synchrony high-speed photography of plasma during CO2 laser welding
Author(s): Jinhe Liu; Fusheng Zhang; Licai Ma; Danggang Lei
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Laser welding of Al-Mg alloy with the thin plate
Author(s): Kai Chen; Rongshi Xiao; Tiechuan Zuo; Quan Ji; Lingshu Wang
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Influence of shielded gas flow in CO2 laser welding of A5083 aluminum alloy
Author(s): Lei Hong; Wuzhu Cheng; Gang Wu; Guangming Song
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Effect of activating flux on plasma during CO2 laser welding
Author(s): Jinhe Liu; Licai Ma; Fusheng Zhang; Danggang Lei
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Microstructure and toughness of HAZ of 800MPa grade RPC steel by laser welding
Author(s): Lin Zhao; Xudong Zhang; Wuzhu Chen; Yun Peng; Zhiling Tian
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Three-dimension reconstruction research of plasma during laser welding
Author(s): Jinhe Liu; Danggang Lei; Licai Ma; Fusheng Zhang
A novel absorptive thin film design for laser welding in optoelectronic device capsulation
Author(s): Shaoji Jiang; Weiduo Li; Hezhou Wang
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The influence of laser head movement on 3D cutting
Author(s): Jimin Chen; Xubao Wang; Canfu Yue; Tiechuan Zuo
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Synthetic evaluation and neural-network prediction of laser cutting quality
Author(s): Yongqiang Zhang; Wuzhu Chen; Xudong Zhang; Yanhua Wu; Qi Yan
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Parameters optimization and control in precision laser scribing
Author(s): Qiu'e Zhang; Yongda Li; Yongzheng Li
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Silicon microstructuring using ultrashort laser pulses
Author(s): Jingtao Zhu; Wen Li; Ming Zhao; Gang Yin; Xiao Chen; Deying Chen; Li Zhao
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Ablation mechanism of fused silica under femtosecond laser pulse
Author(s): Shizhen Xu; Zhizhan Xu; Tianqing Jia; Haiyi Sun; Xiaoxi Li; Donghai Feng; Chengbin Li
Measuring of the surface characteristic parameters of the polyethylene terephthalate (PET) fabric irradiated by UV laser
Author(s): Guoxing He; Shaohua Liang
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Design of optical resonator of mechanical Q-switched pulse CO2 laser unit
Author(s): Lei Hong; Lijun Li; Gang Wu; Guangming Song
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Infrared femtosecond laser pulse-induced functional color centers and waveguide in alkali halide crystal
Author(s): Benxue Jiang; Zhiwei Zhao; Shoukui Pan; Jun Xu
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Biocompatibility enhancement of an inert ceramic using CO2 laser radiation
Author(s): Liang Hao; Jonathan Lawrence
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Enhanced binary image by computer in laser processing
Author(s): Yu Lu; Hongmin Chen; Guannan Chen; Rong Chen
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Laser-induced change of electrical resistivity of metals and its applications
Author(s): Ryszard Pawlak; Franciszek Kostrubiec; Mariusz Tomczyk; Maria Walczak
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Evolution of laser damage in indium antimonide(InSb) at 1.06-µm wavelength
Author(s): Amit Garg; K. N. Tripathi; Avinashi Kapoor; S. K. Bansal
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The temperature effect on non-degenerating four-wave mixing in Mn:Fe:LiNbO3 crystals
Author(s): Yijie Wang; Wei Zheng; Yuheng Xu
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Influence of the element silicon on laser processing
Author(s): Qi Yan
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Study of laser precise drilling technology of ceramic material
Author(s): Helai Yang; Jin Shi
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Research on theodolite detecting method of artillery duplicate-aim precision
Author(s): Qishun Dong; Zhenhui Li; Chengzhi Su
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Laser surface modification with powder feeding for vertical surfaces
Author(s): Jingjiang He; Minlin Zhong; FengSheng Li; Wenjin Liu; Yu Zhang
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Deal with three-dimension image in laser processing system
Author(s): Yu Lu; Guannan Chen; Hongmin Chen
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Study on attenuation of laser power by powder flow in coaxial laser cladding
Author(s): Jichang Liu; Lijun Li; Xiaozhu Xie; Xiangzhong Jin; Jiangang Lu
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All-solid-state laser controller design based on digital optical feedback
Author(s): Lin Liu; Jun-li Wang; Changyi Zhou; Wenqi Ge
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Laser spot center determination with multispectrum image processing
Author(s): Di Xu; Li Li; Hong Ma
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Finite element modeling of transient three-dimensional temperature field of workpiece with a sharp board in laser heat treatment
Author(s): Yunchang Fu; Junchang Li; Dongxiong Ling; Kun Ma; Martin Bruno
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Numerical simulation of the mechanical properties of 40Cr steel during laser quenching
Author(s): Ziliang Li; H. M. Cheng; Junruo Chen; Jingtao Wei; Xiawen Ge
High-density optical storage and the three-dimensional nesting microstructures in the side-chain azobenzene polymer system
Author(s): Wei Lu; Duanbin Luo; Xiaosheng Wang; Yongping Niu; Zhaoxi Liang
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Study on CCD measurement of temperature field in laser molten pool
Author(s): Jian-bo Lei; Xi-chen Yang; Yun-shan Wang; Hui-shan Li
A numerical simulation of movement powder flow and development of the carrier-gas powder feeder for laser repairing
Author(s): Hui-shan Li; Xi-chen Yang; Jian-bo Lei; Yun-shan Wang
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